How to Use Artificial Intelligence in Website Development

There is nothing constant but for the ‘incessant change’ in the world of information technology. Things are changing fast, and so is the way a website is designed. The focus is shifting from design visually appealing websites to providing a more personalized experience to users.

This makes a challenging job even for leading website development companies as the traditional approaches are no longer going to help them at all. It is time to use AI and related technologies to better the things.

What is AI (artificial intelligence)?

Techopedia defines artificial intelligence as: “Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science which emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.”

In simple words, it is a kind of technology that is meant to do the job just like humans do. AI can be used for:

· Speech recognition

· Learning

· Planning

· Problem solving

Today, it has become the inevitable part of the technology industry, and AI is also widely used in website design and development.

What Types Of Roles AI Plays In Building A Website?

The advent of artificial intelligence has hugely impacted the way businesses work. Organizations are increasingly applying AI and related technologies to boost their capability and have an edge over their competitors.

Implementing AI responsibly can yield hosts of advantages for business — right improved user experience that ultimately results in more loyal customers interested in your business.

If you are a web application development company, you can hugely benefit by AI in the process of web design and development.

AI is now transitioning to the mainstream, and helping people improve their lives. For a web development company that providing web development and design services, implementing AI can help:

1. Enhance the capabilities of individual application or products. AI technologies such as automation, bots and smart machines in combination with data can streamline processes at home or workplace.

2. Ensure the highest accuracy in coding. Deep neural networks a kind of AI technology increases accuracy based on the frequency of using them. AI technologies such as deep learning, image classification, and object recognition can now be used to find absolute accuracy.

3. Help to improve site performance and check how a website performs across different devices and operating systems.

4. Automate the development process to help developers to find the right solutions in no time. Use of AI reduces the time it takes to build a website using traditional methods.

5. Design to provide the personalized user experience. Web development companies can use artificial intelligence to create websites for clients for whom customer experience matters most.

Not only web development companies but also businesses particularly those who want to sell online can benefit in many ways by incorporating AI technologies in their website.

Why Businesses Looking To Build a Website Need to Consider AI

Just creating a website is not enough if you want to drive more traffic and build a larger audience base. You need to provide a far better experience to users in an improvised way. So creating personalized content and speed a website loads are a key to your business’s success online.

Here is how implementing AI in your website can help you reach a wider audience, engage with them and speed up conversion rates.

Make Search Even Faster

Customers do not have too much time; you should be fast enough to steal their attention and have them think of your business as a good solution to their needs. And that is why speed matters most here and the voice search is fast growing in popularity among people.

If you sell online you should consider how voice-based solutions such as Siri, Cortana etc work and find the right way for your virtual shopping assistant to take its advantages. Voice search is a key thing to consider when it comes to building an e-commerce website.

Make Interaction Even Better

Chatbots are widely used for digital marketing. They make the communication process more natural and interactive. Based on AI technology, they will understand human emotions. The best thing is there is no possibility of human error. So if you provide round the clock customer support, Chatbots would be a great choice for you. This option will remove all communication barriers and make the shopping process easier and more pleasant.

With AI, interaction using Chatbots seems more natural. It is a like talking with a real shopping consultant who understands human emotions when we talk about features, quality, and price of a product.

Indeed Relevant Customer Experience

Using AI technology you can build a website that best address to the users’ needs. The use of technologies such as real-time learning technology which evaluates customers’ mood and understands their preferences will add a great value to users’ experience.

This technology allows you to adjust your website based on the real information so you can best meet your customers’ requirements.

In addition, using real-time learning, you can also:

· Display on-the-fly goods recommendations

· Alter prices at optimal times

· Display personalized ads

· Serve tailored video content to stimulate sales

Personalized Store Experience

Online shopping has become an inevitable part of life today. People are increasingly shopping on websites. At the same, they like to shop from a website that provides a solution to their needs quickly. This means if you are planning to incorporate an online store in your website, you should leverage the power of AI to deliver personalized online store experience.

Just making it easy to navigate through the site should not be the goal of your website design. But you should focus on things that allow you to provide the customer with a perfect shopping environment wherein a person can easily get what he/she wants when he/she wants it.

Even more effective marketing

AI and Machine Learning add wings to e-commerce marketers, allowing them to make marketing predictions based on the customer behavior. You will know:

· The kind of goods customers will buy next

· Types of products that annoy customers

· Preferred device and channel they can use to get to your website

· Price threshold that is suitable for the user;

· The time when the customer is more likely to buy particular good etc.

Implementing AI in Your Website

Though there are numerous benefits of AI and related technologies, implementing them in a website is not easy. You should have the fundamental knowledge of AI and how it works along with hands-on the best practices of website design and development. If you are a business organization who looking to boost sales and expand customer base using technologies like AI, you should hire a web design and development services that use AI-based technologies to in website site development.