Men’s Sport Popularity Skyrockets Womens! Reasons?

Today when you are flipping through the sport channels looking for something to watch you hardly ever see a women’s sport being showed. Now you might be someone who really loves women’s sports or hate it. Or be someone who doesn’t even like sports or watch it and take the easy way out by using the Cognitive Shortcut.

Now a way you can approach the two genders when it comes to sports is using the ELM Model. For example, you can be a girl that turns on a girl sport and just totally get motivated to watch it and enjoy it or take the cognitive shortcut and make a quick decision by saying, “This sucks I’m not watching girls run 2 MPH up and down a court or field!” Which I find hilarious because so many people will relate to that.

A really popular and famous event occurs every 4 years for the Men and Women International Soccer Teams which is the, “World Cup” and right now the Womens Team is more successful then the Men’s Team but the Men’s get more attention. The Women have won 3 world cups (1991, 1999, and the most recent one in 2015). Now thats just crazy how this girls team didn’t get the attention that guys got when the guys haven’t been close to the same success the girls have had. This womens team had one of the most dominate World Cup finals finish ever. With the greatest goal scorer on the earth in womens soccer, Abby Wombach in her last World Cup game.

College Sports are a little bit different than professional sports. People find them to be more exciting than professional sports. Which I find to be weird and not agree with because professionals are the best in the world at what they do. The environments are different though. If watch a college womens basketball game, hardly any students show up to the game and cheer the way they do at a mens game. Is it because Men are more exciting? Do men feed off of the great energy the crowd gives them? Do girls not care about the attention they get? It all comes down to people’s opinions and most people prefer mens sports. Here is Video of what the Cameron Crazies look like before a Mens Basketball Game.

You can’t find any videos online of the Cameron Crazies getting pumped up before a girls game. It just doesn’t happen the same as the mens does. Men’s Sports dominate the globe in popularity because the excitement it brings to the table.

Is our Womens Sports in trouble? What do you think the future holds for Women’s sports? Do they change anything or just keep doing what they are doing? It would be sad to see a Women’s sport not showed on television anymore. Also to see events take place in a certain setting and people don’t show up. That’s scary to think about. According to ESPN there are only 42% percent of college atheltes that are female. With the other 58% being male. Women it’s time for you to make a change and step things up it looks like.