So what do you use Tinder for?

So are you going to swipe right and continue reading this article?

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Full disclosure, I have not participated in any dating applications so purely speculation in parts.

I have been learning about the uses and gratifications theory in my Media Theory and Criticism class this past week and this idea interested me. Uses and Gratifications (U&G) Theory is basically saying we have needs as humans and beings. We have certain, *cough cough* psychological needs. You have probably come across the pyramid that positions needs in order of completion. The name, Maslow, he created this position (pyramid of needs). (And his first name is Abraham, and that was not in his profile)

There are the needs. Whether Tinder meetings are on the bottom or sort of in the middle, studies about the U&G of online dating with Tinder.

Theses needs motivate us to find things that will satisfy them, whether it is a golfer who just won a competition and wants a shag or a dentist who uses Tinder because this is her form of social interaction in her busy work life. We use media, like mobile dating apps. to satisfy different things.

The board categories for uses are as follows. 
Cognitive: need for information, knowledge, and understanding
Affective: need for aesthetic, pleasure, and emotion
Integrative: need for credibility, confidence, stability and status 
Social: need for contact with others
Escape: need for relaxation, and tension release

While I believe there could be an argument for any of these being a main use for anyone on Tinder, there is probably a top one. I would pick Affective and Social tied together for the top spot. Reply down below for what you think would be on top!

I have read up on the reviews from Tinder and honestly they are entertaining in themselves, so if you have a free night, chill and laugh at some of the reviews. I read some on iTunes also to try and find some uses for Tinder from the people who surely know how to Netflix and chill.

Some of the reviews I found were actually to find friends. I know, a bit shocking. That would probably make Social a high use for Tinder. So I was halfway there in guessing a use for Tinder. Making friends could also be Affective in a way of being happy to have a friend. I did see that the description for Tinder on iTunes and Google Play was centered around making friends and not about the sexual promiscuity that surrounds the platform (maybe framing at work). I could also see the Uses and Dependency Theory in play here in sad, blue parts.

Whether you are in for the friendship, or maybe a one stand or maybe even a romantic relationship to fulfill one of the positions on Maslow, the uses and gratifications of Tinder and other mobile dating apps (ex. POL or others) would be interesting to consider as a future study. With a large amount of activity moving to the digital realm, why not move dating or other things to an online platform?

Reply down below with your weird Tinder stories and thoughts on the matter!

And here is a video of Dave Franco and Conan trying out Tinder. Enjoy!

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