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The Feast — January 22nd 2016

Pick of the Week

  • Concussions & Football — A high school football players journey with CTE and concussions — he knew he had CTE and documented his downfall as he struggled to deal with the symptoms

Top Reads

  1. Power!Why bad behavior is almost always good politics — Exploration of why politics and leadership positions in companies are mostly about getting and keeping power.
  2. Death & Dying — B.J. Miller’s impressive journey from multiple amputee to someone trying to change the way we die — making it more human.
  3. Cheap Livin8 places to live cheap across the world — NYC is not on the list.
  4. Lithium! — Can lithium decrease suicides?

Podcast of the Week

  • The four part series from Reply All (episodes #64–67) on a convicted prisoners attempt to overturn the truth — is he guilty or not?
  • Also check out this week’s episode of The Pitch, where a good friend Joshua Zloof pitched his startup Sudden Coffee to a group of investors

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