The Feast, Vol #18 — The best reads on the web

I read everything, so you don’t have to — April 16th, 2017

What to read this week:

1. Creativity! I reviewed some of the lessons I learned from Adam Grant’s book, Originals. If you haven’t read this book, it is a front runner for my favorite of 2017

2. Learning! An interview about why it is so hard to learn as an adult. One of my favorite hacks — teaching, explained:

“The other thing that’s particularly helpful about teaching other people is that you have to think about what is confusing about something, and how you’d explain that in a simpler way, and so that makes you shift the way that you’re thinking about a certain topic.”

3. Talent! How McKinsey’s “war for talent” launched in 1998 didn’t really do anything to make work better for anyone. This on leadership says it all:

“research suggests there’s a strong negative correlation between the amount of money spent on leadership development (which in the U.S. totals over $14 billion a year), and people’s confidence in their leaders”

4. Capitalism! James Allworth’s great article on the challenges of prioritizing “economics” over competition and what is actually good for the country. Also worth subscribing to his podcast where this topic is discussed in more depth.

5. Free Speech! William Deresiewicz describes the challenges of the politically correct movement on elite campuses and the hypocrisy around free speech:

My favorite two quotes:

“Once you start to ban offensive speech, there is no logical place to stop — or rather, where you stop will be determined by the relative positions of competing groups within the community.”


The test of your commitment to free speech as a general principle is whether you are willing to tolerate the speech of others, especially those with whom you most disagree

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