The Sunday Five, Vol #30— The best reads on the web

I read everything, so you don’t have to — July 16th, 2017

#1 Media Circus: Bryan Curtis writes a thoughtful article looking at how Trump has transformed the media and the individual personalities covering him

#2 Sandwiches: Good supportive post from The American Conservative of David Brooks “controversial” op-ed, who made the point that things like fancy sandwich names and elite cultural norms can hold people back just as effectively as other more formal structures. I completely relate to this after feeling like a fool for years (and still do sometimes) as I entered the young professional world of fancy international food, 100 different types of cheese and tasting notes of wines (three buck chuck still works for me, thanks!)

#3 Natural Order: This fascinating podcast from Sam Harris and Geoffrey West explores how many things in our world, including our cities and our bodies follow mostly predictable laws of nature that can be applied to ants, trees and other living things:

#4 Memories: Why we are much dumber than we really think, why we rely much less on facts than we think, why google is a good friend and why we are all living in alternate realities: “Thomas Landauer calculated that humans can only retain about 1 gigabyte of information” — that’s only about two movies downloaded from Netflix!

#5 Free Therapy: Skip the therapist and invest in some DIY “affect labeling” — I’ve tried this many times and it truly does seem to work

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