What’s Good? Our #6 Weekly Monk Report

The Thursday of the year that is October is about to end, and to cope with the reality of another year with unfulfilled promises, here’s another Monk Report. It’s not as good as ice-cream, but hey!

This week a lot has happened in the crazy world of AI. From the appointment of the first AI Minister in the UAE to Google’s Alpha Go Zero training to become the best without human help. YES. NO HUMANS INVOLVED.

Curated by our own futurist-jack-of-all-trades Edwin Rager, who shares with us his latest and coolest links

So, here we go!

1) Algorithmically Reprogrammed Cells

Last week we saw how an algorithm can nudge our musical taste. This however is in another league. Scientist in the University of Michigan have developed a theoretical way to reprogram the specialities cells have developed over time. Using data observed in the past, scientist developed an algorithm to make cells “become” any type they want. Or in simple english: your skin cells could theoretically become liver cells. Adios cancer.

2) New York City is hiring a futurist to forecast innovation

As part of their newly released program NYCx, New York is hiring a senior futurist to gather insights on possible cultural, economic and environmental changes ahead.The program itself invites entrepreneurs, technologists, and tech professionals to participate on challenges around growth, equity, sustainability, and resilience.

3) China will start rating its citizens by 2020

In what has to be definitely the most Black Mirror news of the week, China announced that it will launch its Social Credit System in 2020. What does this means? Basically that every transaction, interaction and any shared experience will be scored via an algorithm, which will pretty much determine the life of its citizens. George Orwell might be the only one that likes this.

4) Amazon Key

Adding to its inevitable conquest of the whole universe, Amazon managed to do what most brands only dream of: making people consensually open their doors. With its new service, Amazon Key, Amazon Prime members can get their orders delivered in-house. Talk about convenience.

5) First Robot with Citizenship?

Yeah, the robots are coming. Well, at least now they have citizenship. This week, the robot Sophia, after a parade of media appearances, got her citizenship granted in Saudi Arabia, and even made some jokes. C3PO, you’re probably next!


This time, a nice flashback to see the evolution of web design.

As always, have a great week while you enjoy your mystery music link of the week.

See ya!

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