What’s Good? Tune Into Our #2 Weekly Quick 5 Monk Report

As promised, every week our very own “futurist in development” (aka creative strategist) Edwin R will be sharing his musings on the weird and wonderful things he comes across on the web. A quick and easy overview, because he’s done all the deep digging for us.

1) Facebook’s Futuristic Smart Glasses

Zuckerberg has already called virtual and augmented reality the next major computing platform and his latest patent application only confirms that. Yes, the world just got a sneak peek at a feature that will make Facebook’s AR glasses a reality.

The predictions are nuts. “20 or 30 years from now, I predict that instead of carrying stylish smartphones everywhere, we’ll wear stylish glasses. Those glasses will offer VR, AR and everything in between and we’ll use them all day,” - FB’s Chief Scientist of Oculus Research.

Pssst @ Mark, this announcement still didn’t distract us from that super-weird laugh you did at the presentation of Spaces.

2) IDEO’s 19 Things To Redesign

From the immigration process to the razor, IDEO has come up with a list of 19 things they’d love to redesign (if only they had the chance). Super inspiring and a potential great resource for future pitches! Or, at least, to get those creative juices flowing.

3) Check Out Cubio; A Compact Laser Engraver

Think it’s fancy when your barista makes a swirly ❤ in your coffee? He better step it up. Because, soon, as this project on Kickstarter shows, it’s going to be all about the laser engraved cookie.

P.S If someone buys one at HQ, we could have personalised pancakes for life, pretty much paying itself!

4) It’s Official Elon Musk Hates Advertising

This week’s #LongRead is a piece on how Elon Musk influenced P&G to adopt a new take on advertising. While big budget, Super Bowl type advertising will always be a factor, Musk argues the consumer has abandoned the playing field. Lots of interesting insights on ch ch ch chaanges within marketing and the future of digital.

P.S The power of reviews and the new zeitgeist they generated is the main topic of a highly recommendable documentary: The Naked Brand. Well worth a watch.

5) The Anti Internet Manifesto

Don’t believe the hype! We thought we’d pair this week’s round up of what’s good on the web with the anti internet manifesto that can only be read if you’re in plane mode/offline. Go on…click it.

A playful resource for new ideas to come and very much, as confirmed by the almighty Aziz Ansari, on trend. If you missed Aziz’ GQ interview, in which he muses on the benefits of going analog and living, well, technologically speaking in 1999, it’s definitely worth the read.

To round up, as always, here’s the mystery music link of the week.

Also… big shout out to our very own Adrián Somoza ( Sr Designer Monk at Buenos Aires) who now has his own online course on design on Domestika, a leading creative learning platform. Kudos to you sir!

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