Release Notes: v0.2

Vojtech Rinik
Apr 4, 2017 · 2 min read

Today we are releasing the last version of our private beta. This will become our first public beta release later this week.

Here are some significant changes:

Merging charts

You can now select two charts and merge them. They will become one chart with multiple layers. Each layer gets a setting of axis side, so if you want to compare your traffic in thousands to your income in hundreds, you can — on one chart.

New styles

New types are supported: Line chart, stacked line chart, bar chart and stacked bar chart. We found these charts to be great for tasks like exploring what referrer acted in unusual way, or which country had spikes in number of users.

Exporting charts

It’s so easy. Now I’m typing in Medium, I just switch to Median and under sharing, drag item title “Retina”, to get a nicer resolution. The result is this:

New data sources

Median now supports:

  • Adsense/AdMob
  • Firebase Analytics (through BigQuery. Only DAU for now.)
  • GoSquared (their API is pretty limited, so only basic metrics and no breaking down for now. Working on this one.)
  • Google Analytics (UI shows only a few measures/dimensions, but we’ll be adding more. Be sure to send us feedback if you miss something!)
  • MixPanel (absolute counts for events)
  • MixPanel Retention (if you want to track retention over time)
  • Play Store (Same measures you’ll find in the UI)
  • Stripe (absolute amounts of your transactions. No MRR math for now. So if you )

Countless little fixes

I won’t go into detail, but there are small improvements, bug fixes and other little things to make Median greatest experience for data analysis.

How to get it

Update Median from inside the app. (Median → Check for updates.) We’ll be also sending an email to you very soon.

If you haven’t tried Median yet, just head over to and leave your email. We’ll send you link to beta right away.

Median Release Notes

What’s new with Median for Mac

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Median Release Notes

What’s new with Median for Mac