The Media Sifter White Paper

How we intend to change the rules of the media game

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Three months ago we introduced Media Sifter for the first time. In that post we explained our vision to build a decentralised community bringing evidence back to the news.

The centralisation of power on a few news outlets and broadcasters has brought dire consequences for the industry, transforming the current news landscape into one that is noisy, untrustworthy, and biased. This has been destructive for investigative journalism and the media’s duty to serve the public.

At Media Sifter, we want to give power back to the community by building a new breed of digital platform that includes and engages with the audience in a new democratic process.

Today, we are releasing the first draft of our public whitepaper. In it, you will find details on how we will make this vision a reality, bringing evidence back to the media and fighting against fake news, while rewarding investigation and trustworthiness.

The document has been reviewed by peers from the blockchain space, including the team, and by advisors from the news industry, but still has room for improvement from the community. This is why we are presenting it as an open document in which you can leave comments and suggestions…

White Paper — Abstract:

Media Sifter is the Fact-Based news platform on the blockchain. A decentralized community bringing evidence back to the media, to fight against fake news. Our aggregator gathers all the perspectives into one place, creating a transparent, impartial setting where people can make up their own mind. For authors, it is a fresh opportunity to earn rewards for investigation and accuracy. For readers, it is a trustworthy, ad-free space to get to the bottom of the story.

To power this platform we are developing the Sift Protocol — the evidence and validation layer for Ethereum. It is an open source, stand alone tool to bring transparency and accountability to the internet. In the long-term, the Sift Protocol will be deployed on any platform where the validation of information can be sourced and traded. The first application of this is through the SFT Token on our platform Media Sifter. To protect against attacks, censorship and manipulation we are developing a complementary on-chain, non-purchasable, non-tradable credibility score known as CRD.

At its core, Media Sifter re-aligns incentives, replacing the attention economy with the evidence economy, creating an environment where investigation takes precedence. Since the story does not end once it is live on a website or in print, we believe anyone should be given the opportunity to provide evidence to a story and be rewarded for doing so.

In this model, journalists can focus on their craft, earning rewards for the quality of their investigation, rather than writing for clicks or following fads. Their audiences can enjoy an inclusive space for validated facts on a platform that shifts the position and the register of post-publication engagement, creating an alternative to partisan and divisive comment threads.

Creating a revolutionary model like this, with the aim of challenging entrenched business models, while bringing evidence back into journalism, is not a simple task. We had to think beyond the established ways of working, the de-facto advertising and attention based business model, and think through an astonishing number of behavioural variations. The result is something we believe will fundamentally change the rules of the media game.

Read in full: Media Sifter White Paper

We are developing a platform that not only creates rewards for investors, authors and readers, but can make a real difference in a world where information has become difficult to trust. Fulfilling this vision is only possible with the collaboration of our community. We hope you join us to change the rules of the media game.

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