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Hello! This is MedIBloc team.

MediBloc’s Genesis Block creation.

As of 2019.07.31 14:00(UTC+9), MediBloc successfully created the genesis block of MediBloc blockchain’s mainnet, Panacea.

MediBloc team

MediBloc’s vision, business needs, and direction

The name of MediBloc’s mainnet is Panacea and it means “a remedy for all ills.” MediBloc is developing a blockchain based health information platform that provides [patient centric health information / reliable health information / personalized health information]. Panacea will retrieve the data sovereignty of the patients around the world and form a safe, sustainable, health information ecosystem.

Panacea is a core technology that will realize MediBloc’s vision and will make an ecosystem of patient centric health information collection, management, and utilization possible.

Panacea’s role

Through Panacea, data is managed by the data owners and the owners can safely update, send, utilize, and record the hash value of the health information. Many problems that patients face these days will be cured and improved through Panacea and patient’s healthcare experience will be reinvented.

  • All the activities on Panacea could be checked through transactions(In case of personal health information, only the hash value will be stored)
  • Supporting the collection of patients’ health information from websites, mobile applications, etc.
  • Receiving patients’ consents to utilize their health information
  • Empowering patients to have control over the collected health information
  • Allowing healthcare companies and medical institutions to trust patient managed data
  • Enabling the utilization of patient-consented data

Token Swap and an important announcement

As many of you know, the token swap of MED(QRC20) and MEDX(ERC20) are scheduled for the 4th quarter to ensure as many listings of these tokens as possible. This is our strategic decision to acquire liquidity and expandability. As always, we are trying our best to move up the token swap date. We will be sharing the exact timeline of the token swap along with MediBloc wallet release. Furthermore, we have a very important announcement to make in coming days and ask you to look out for this news in MediBloc channels.

Once again, please join us in celebrating the mainnet launch and please note that MediBloc development team will keep monitoring the network for stability. We will strive to expand the role and possibility of Panacea and invite more organizations to join MediBloc’s health information platform/ecosystem.

Thank you for your continued support in our project and making our passion to a reality.

MediBloc team.

(Caution) False SNS channels and phishing incidents regarding Token Swap, Airdrop, etc are increasing. Please check whether the information you receive are from the official MediBloc pages. MediBloc team never asks for the users’ private key.

[MediBloc official channel]
MediBloc Panacea Github :
MediBloc homepage :
MediBloc Blog :
MediBloc Official Telegram(Korean) :
MediBloc Official Telegram(English) :


Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem


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Personal Healthcare Information Ecosystem, built on blockchain



Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

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