[ANN] MediBloc X NIA on Healthcare Medical Big Data Center project

On August 31, 2018, MediBloc team attended the launching ceremony of Healthcare Medical Big Data Center project(“Big Data Center project”), a project sponsored by National Information Society Agency(NIA), a government organization under the Ministry of Science and ICT. MediBloc has been selected to participate in the project as the sole provider of blockchain technology.

At the launching ceremony of Big Data Center project, representatives of all participating parties, including the director of Catholic Medical Center, director of NIA, head of the Integrated New Industry department at the Ministry of Science and ICT, and chairman of Korean Global Healthcare Business Association gathered to share the vision of the Big Data Center.

With Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital as the supervising institution, Catholic University of Korea, PYEONGHWA IS, D2S, and SHIN&KIM law firm will be building the Big Data Center together with MediBloc. Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital is one of the big five medical institutions in Korea and has the largest medical network in the nation, including its eight affiliated hospitals.

MediBloc, Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital, and other participating parties of the Big Data Center project will establish a big data center for healthcare, build a distribution platform for high-quality PHR data, and create a big data ecosystem.

Dr. Eunsol Lee, co-founder and co-CEO of MediBloc, said, “We will establish a big data center for healthcare data with the help and support from the government organization, medical institution and other healthcare companies. The project will be a significant opportunity for our team to prove the feasibility of MediBloc mainnet, which we will officially launch at the end of this year.”

The duration of the project is three years and will be utilizing MediBloc’s mainnet to build a PHR data distribution system.

MediBloc has signed strategic partnership agreements with various medical institutions including Hanyang University Medical Center, Kyunghee University Dental Hospital, and Bestian Foundation, and has been closely working with them on the technical level. In July, the team was selected as the sole provider of the blockchain technology for another NIA project — KOREN network-based medical data trading research using blockchain technology and the composition of the medical network research consortium. Please continue to support MediBloc as we build a truly patient-centric healthcare platform and innovate the healthcare industry!

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MediBloc is a team of medical professionals, data architects and blockchain experts. Both founders are computer scientists, but prior to establishing the team, they had worked in the medical industry as certified physician and dental surgeon. As a team, MediBloc aims to tackle the problems entrenched in PHR market and return the ownership of personal health information to individual patients using blockchain technology.