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[ANN] Message from MediBloc

MediBloc team would like to share an official message to address problems and issues raised within MediBloc communities.

To all who are supporting and interested in MediBloc,

Hello! This is MediBloc team.
In this rapidly changing blockchain industry and cryptocurrency market, you all must be eagerly looking forward to the world changed by blockchain technology. Today, MediBloc team would like to share an official message to address problems and issues raised within MediBloc communities. Specifically, we would like to share our official response to the various rumors mentioned in the communities such as Telegram chat rooms and explanation to the questions regarding exchange listings; moreover, we would like to share our view on current ambience of all the blockchain communities that are sensitively reacting to the cryptocurrency price and explain our project’s vision once again.

As you all know, because of the prolonged recession in cryptocurrency market, all blockchain communities are currently flooded with opinions regarding cryptocurrency price. In parallel with this phenomenon, we have noticed that negative rumors on MediBloc have been surging. Through this message, we would like to elucidate some of them.

While monitoring our communities, we have found claims arguing that MediBloc is not progressing as promised and is idle in communicating with its supporters. We believe there are some aspects of these arguments to that we should carefully listen. However, we want resist reacting to cryptocurrency investors blindly blaming MediBloc for the decline in price of MED tokens. This kind of blind accusation will demoralize the blockchain projects and people in the industry that are smoothly making steady progress(except for scams). Currently, MediBloc team is operating official communities such as Telegram and Kakaotalk chat rooms so that we can maintain continuous and organic communication with our communities. Although we would like to answer everyone’s questions 24/7, since we are currently focusing more on product development and institutional partnerships, we are experiencing hardship in answering every questions in the communities; hence, we are constantly deliberating a more effective communication method. Through this message, we would like to ask your understanding on the current situation and our effort for better communication.

We have also closely examined the claims arguing MediBloc’s weaknesses compared to other companies/projects. After a closer look at similar projects, we have confirmed that many of these comparisons are not entirely based on technical aspects but rather mostly based on marketing aspects and token prices. MediBloc is currently not pursuing an aggressive marketing strategy on purpose. As we are not at the stage of core product launch, we have concluded that focusing heavily on marketing now could be poisonous to all of us in the long run while it could create a short term hike in token price. What we are currently focusing on is developing a personal healthcare information platform that we have promised in our white paper and attracting various institutional partnerships for building an ecosystem on top of it. We should all be mindful of the current situation where none of the competitors have yet to put out any product. With regards to this, one of our competitors have made a false claims on their technological superiority over MediBloc to a cryptomedia during their ICO preparation. The media asked for our stance on these claims and we have answered the media as attached. For those who are interested, please follow the contents in the link below.(

We think the comments regarding our listing on exchanges were validly raised. We have consistently reviewed our listing on additional exchanges but it has been pending as we gauged that there were risks associated with listing given many government policies on cryptocurrency. Additionally, we were careful in our approach for the listing for two reasons along with the regulatory risk. Even though it is important for us to make more and wider touch points with contributors through listing, we believe credibility and liquidity of an exchange are also important for us and for all who are supporting MediBloc. Listing process vary across exchanges and the decision to list takes into account more elements than the communities might know. The process also incurs considerable cost, and thus, we need to be careful in allocating our resources for smooth progress of our project. With all these into consideration, we have recently listed MED on Bibox, an exchange that consistently ranks as one of the top 20 exchanges by trading volume, and are constantly discussing with other exchanges about listing.

While monitoring various communities, we have witnessed a common reaction to price drops. It is not too much to say that current cryptocurrency market is in an overall downtrend and we believe the price drop in MED token is majorly driven by this downtrend and not by the value of MediBloc. We think MED tokens should reflect the value of MediBloc platform developed by MediBloc team. Our team’s first priority is to make Personal Healthcare Record(PHR) system a “new norm” by the value of MediBloc platform come to realization. In other words, our goal is to revolutionize the healthcare industry and help the society by resolving the discomfort of patients, doctors, and all who are in the healthcare industry through PHR platform on blockchain. MediBloc team is working arduously believing that all contributors participated in the token sale and all MED token holders are the people who appreciated our goal and vision.

We are diligently running. Our project cannot be completed overnight. It requires capital, human resources, time, and effort. For this reason, we have recruited many new talents who can be found on our webpage. MediBloc team is on course with developing the project and engaging in PoCs with few institutions. We seek your understanding on our decision to not release the full details of the progress as we think premature uncasing could be obstructive in our product development. We promise that we will release the details of the development without hesitation once we arrive at a releasable stage through our blog postings.

We understand that all of you who support and pay attention to MediBloc have no choice but to be sensitive about the token price fluctuation as you have contributed your valuable assets. However, as mentioned before, MediBloc team does not and will not blindly act in order to generate short term price increase as a countermeasure. Instead, we will relentlessly work on the platform to solve the problems raised by current healthcare industry and will focus on annunciating the true value of MediBloc. As we know that many people have showed big support and contributed their important assets on MediBloc and its value, the whole team is doing its best with a strong sense of duty. We will persistently strive for excellence and interact through various communications.

Thank you for your continued interest and support for the MediBloc team.

<MediBloc team>



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