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[ANN] Participation Instructions for the Main Sale using QTUM

Main Sale begins on Nov. 27th 2017 13:00(UTC+9)

0. Before participate in Main-Sale, you need to transfer QTUM from Wallet on Exchange to QTUM Core Wallet.

You can find your Qtum wallet’s receiving address in Qtum Core Wallet. Click ‘File’ Button and get the list of Receiving Address. And transfer QTUM to make the transaction on that address.

1. Log into the MediBloc website (

Click “Contribute” and begin your Main Sale process by reading the instructions clicking “Next”.

2. Choose to participate with QTUM.

*You may re-participate with multiple currencies.

3. A window will pop up where you can input your Qtum wallet’s receiving address.

We are requesting users to input Qtum wallet’s receiving address to identify contributors and distribute MED. Please copy and paste your Qtum address, “Check” if it is a valid address and click “Next”.

4. Hit “submit” button under MediBloc homepage’s receiving address input window.

You will then see below screen and refer to 1) if you are using QTUM Core Wallet.

5. After you confirmed that your receiving address and sender address are the same, pop-up window will appear.

Then, you can just “submit”. Please read the
Make sure that you can also go back and edit or add your receiving address after your submission.

6. Go to “Sender Address” at the bottom of your Qtum Core Wallet.

You MUST choose the same address that you used as the Qtum Wallet’s receiving address above. This receiving address will be shown on the MediBloc page.

7. When you click “Next” on MediBloc page, you will see Main-sale contract address.

Copy and paste this address into Qtum Core Wallet’s “Contract Address”.

8. Go to Qtum Core Wallet to make the smart contract.

Input Qtum amount that you wish to transfer from your Qtum Core Wallet.

9. Input your Qtum Core Wallet passphrase and click “OK” button.

Your Qtum transfer is now completed.

10. Click on “Confirm” button, and you will then see Dashboard page as below.

You can confirm Qtum wallet receiving address and KYC process results on Dashboard page. In order for you to receive MED token, KYC submission and review process need to be completed. The KYC review process will be updated in the order of submission.

11. If you would like to participate with any other cryptocurrencies besides QTUM, please go to the Dashboard and continue.

In order to receive MED, you must complete and have KYC verified. This process will be updated accordingly so please be patient. :)



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