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Announcing Full Support for MED Token Swap and Burn

Greetings from

the MediBloc team!

We have received continuous requests from holders who failed to proceed with the token swap within the target period which ended in Jan 2020, and so we have decided to support the swap for them indefinitely. While MED coins that have not been swapped have been already burned, for holders who have yet to swap their coins, the MediBloc team will still permit doing so by buying swap volume directly from the market. As always, we’d like to thank all of our holders for their ongoing support. Please be sure to check the swap schedule for the swap, and also be sure to fill out the questionnaire below to apply.

The MediBloc team will continue to do its very best to help ensure a smooth token swap for everyone, and we will keep you posted so no one misses out on the swap. If you have any questions about the swap or need to report any potential scams, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the support email below.

Thank you.

MediBloc team

QRC/ERC MED Token swap schedule

🔗 Swap schedule : On June 1 and December 1 every year.

🔗 How to apply : Individual applications through applications

🔗 Token swap application link : Click here

🔗 Check the official MediBloc QRC/ERC MED address for Token Swap. Please make sure that it is the same as the address below when you send the token.

MediBloc QRC MED Address :

MediBloc ERC MEDX Address : 0xAF2782fc1f46aD9ceEe13dcEBdb470e89375b153

🔗 Guide for MediBloc token swap

⚠ The token swap ratio will be 1 : 0.5. (1 MED, QRC20 token or 1 MEDX, ERC20 token : 0.5 MED Mainnet Coin)

⚠ MED (QRC20) and MEDX (ERC20) tokens that are swapped will be burned (locked) and will no longer be used.

⚠ Mainnet MED coins can only be stored in MediBloc wallets and can no longer be stored in QTUM- or ETH-based wallets anymore.

⚠ Final swap rate and burning amount : Click here


Q. Qtum core wallet is showing the error message “Sender address does not have any unspent outputs (code -3)” or “Insufficient funds (code -6)”

A. This error message occurs when the address does not hold any Qtum or when it does not have enough Qtum to use for the transaction fee. In order to solve this problem, please top off the wallet to have sufficient Qtum for a transaction.

Q. I do have Qtum in Qtum core wallet but can’t send the QRC MED.

A: It is highly likely that your Qtum core wallet is not up to date. The QTUM mainnet hard fork activated at block 466,600. If your wallet’s version is pre-0.18.1, the wallet is separated from the chain and cannot be traded or cannot stake through the QTUM main chain. Please follow the below guideline to upgrade the wallet and please have your wallet active until the sync is completed after the upgrade.

How to upgrade Qtum core wallet



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