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Check your inoculation history with Medipass!

Hello, this is the Medipass team.

During April, Medipass opened an inoculation history service which allows you to check on the vaccination history of patients. It is a vaccination records service linked to Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with a pass for identity verification for a simple process which can make it possible to easily retrieve all the details of his vaccination service. It is also a service excluding the evidence function from the previously planned ‘Vaccination Pass’ service. Although the details of the coronavirus vaccine have yet to be viewed, we expect it to be shown in a natural way when it is integrated with other vaccinations as the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s site is progressively updated in the future.

Although the coronavirus certification service through direct connection with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was not introduced this time around, the quality and volume of personal health information accessible is continuously expanding. In addition, MediBloc’s DID is being implemented in various ways, such as the usage of medical institutions, and you will be able to experience it more closely in day-to-day life soon, so please look forward to it!

Recently, the Medipass team has focused on upgrading technology and linking both PHR and EHR systems in order to make it easier for Medipass users to inquire about medical data and claim real loss insurance. Using MediBloc’s strengths and technology, we will construct MediBloc’s integrated healthcare platform as one that is distinct from other services.

During the second half of this year, Dr. Palette, a solution for medical institutions integrated with Medipas, will be commercialized. There will also be the recruiting of a Panacea Validator and developing smart contact, centered around a focus on securing interlocking institutions following commercialization. We expect that securing an institution will enable the distribution of diverse medical data to patients in more various locales.

Our team would like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone involved, and we will continue to develop the best patient-centered healthcare platform!


The MediBloc Team



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