[DEV ANN] MediBloc testnet version 0.4 upgrade

Greetings from MediBloc team!

As you all remember, we have successfully launched our testnet in August, and since then we have been refining the platform based on lots of feedback and support you’ve given us. We ask for your continued support as we fine-tune the testnet and release our long-awaited MediBloc mainnet!
*You can always check our development progress on GitHub.

Our upgraded testnet is in full operation and you can expect an official rollout of our mainnet at the end of December. Major update to the current version is BP(Block Producer), which you can check on testnet wallet.

To read about testnet wallet, click here.
Testnet wallet is a PC wallet and the available currency is MED testnet coin.

You cannot transfer MED(QRC20 token) or MEDX(ERC20 token) on the testnet.
To try out our testnet, please create your testnet wallet account and request for MED testnet coin.

Block Producer’s role is to achieve consensus when a new block is created and changes need to be made to the chain. 21 BPs will be elected through vote, who will then operate the blockchain and sync blocks in the most efficient way.

BP Policy?
1. Every 21 blocks, 21 accounts with the most votes will be elected as block produer.
2. Elected block producers will then create blocks in the given order.
3. Your Voting Power will be determined in proportion to the amount of MED you stake.

To read about testnet block explorer, click here.

Block explorer allows you to search for blocks, transaction status, and other relevant information on MediBloc blockchain.

Updates and changes are all made public on MediBloc GitHub so don’t forget to check us out every now and then! Last but not least, official rollout of our mainnet is scheduled at the end of this year.

Stay tuned, people!

👉🏻MediBloc testnet wallet : https://testnet-wallet.medibloc.org
👉🏻MediBloc testnet explorer : https://testnet-explorer.medibloc.org
👉🏻MediBloc Official Website: https://medibloc.org
👉🏻MediBloc Official Telegram (ENG): https://t.me/medibloc