[EVENT] MediBloc Limited successfully completes 2022 Next Block Expo Berlin🖌

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3 min readDec 8, 2022


Greetings from the MediBloc team!

MediBloc Limited participated in the Next Block Expo, a blockchain technology event held in Berlin, Germany, for two days from November 23rd to November 24th. More than 100 sponsors and 5,000 participants, including various blockchain project teams and investors, participated in this event. The MediBloc Limited team got a chance to introduce Data Exchange Protocol (DEP) globally. DEP is an ecosystem that enables data providers and data consumers (pharmaceutical companies, research firms, insurance firms, CROs, etc.) to trade data securely based on blockchain Panacea.

Various companies that participated in the Next Block Expo event covered various topics such as NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse under the big theme of Web3, and among them, MediBloc Limited attracted a lot of visitors’ attention that it applied blockchain to the actual use case. In addition, many people agreed with the patient-centered medical information platform pursued by MediBloc Limited, saying that the medical system in each country is still insufficient.

On the first day of the event, Young-joon Lee, a team leader of the blockchain team, held a workshop under the theme of “Beyond Data Ownership : Verifiable Private Data Exchange” at the Workshop Stage. The 45-minute workshop was well received for explaining in detail the process of solving problems in order.

On the same day, TJ Yoon, Product Owner of the blockchain team, held a presentation on “Patient Centric Health Data Exchange with Blockchain” at Main Stage. The presentation, even though it was relatively limited in terms of time, was well received in that it explained many of the things MediBloc Limited wants to do. This gave us a meaningful opportunity to discuss and share the vision and development direction of MediBloc Limited.

Young-Joon Lee, Team Lead of the blockchain team, said, “It was a meaningful time to introduce the MediBloc Limited’s blockchain Panacea and DEP at an influential event that shares a vision for Web3.” He also said, “We’re really thankful about participants’ interest in the patient-centered medical ecosystem that MediBloc Limited aims for.”

MediBloc Limited will continue to work hard to complete a patient-centered medical ecosystem. DEP is currently under development and aims to release it on testnet by 2022 Q4 and public version to everyone by Q1 2023. Please refer to the video below for a brief introduction of Panacea and DEP.