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[EVENT] MediBloc successfully completes the KIMES 2022

Hello, this is MediBloc, a global healthcare platform.

MediBloc successfully contributed to the International Medical Device & Hospital Facility Exhibition KIMES 2022 for four days from Thursday, March 10 th to Sunday, March 13th. KIMES is Korea’s largest exhibition specialized in medical devices and hospital facilities, having grown steadily with the development of the Korean medical industry. MediBloc operated a booth where people can experience medical informaiton platform services. At KIMES 2022, we introduced the Cloud EMR Dr.palette and the easy-to-use insurance claim app Medipass to medical institutions, industry workers, and any other participants.

Those who visited the booth, which was organized into two sections- an information zone and an experience zone, were able to use a medical platform that integrated MediBloc’s products. In particular, Dr.palette, Mobile Dr.palette, and Medipass received a lot of attention from over 2,000 visitors and related organizations.

Dr. Wookyun Kho, one of the founders of MediBloc, was pleased with the event’s outcome, stating, “Following the K-Hospital Fair, many visitors and officials visited our booth, so we were able to successfully contribute to KIMES 2022. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who has been interested in MediBloc booth. “ “It was even more meaningful to be able to show participants the link between Dr.palette and Medipass and the more advanced Ecosystem,” he added.

In addition, ‘The Present and Future of Healthcare that IT Development will Bring’ seminar was held by MediBloc on march 11. Yoon-seop Choi, CEO of DHP, and Kyung-chul Kim, a chief of director of well care clinic, and Nak-joon Lee , Chang-yoon Woo of Dr.Friends youtube, and Seung-hwan Kim, Yong-jin Jung, and Han-sol Lee of medibloc team held six sessions. The three-hour seminar covered the direction of digital healthcare and medical information industry, the future of cloud EMR and PHR, and the overall healthcare development called by IT, including the future of WEB3 and medical data.

Dr. Eunsol Lee, another founder of MediBloc, said, “I am happy that so many people stuck with us from the beginning to the end. I think the medical information industry is growing, and I hope that this seminar will allow us to continue having good discussions in the future as we exchanged opinions with experts from various fields.”

KIMES 2022 is the Korea’s largest medical-related fair, held annually, and attracts a lot of attention from medical institutions and medical participants. We will continue to do our best to share MediBloc’s products and visions in the medical information industry.

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