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Expansion of mobile certificate issuance service hospital!

On April 5, Medipass opened “mobile certificate issuance” service with the Samsung Medical Center.

With this service, patients of the Samsung Medical Center can receive certificates such as medical expenses payment certificates, medical expenses receipts, and medical expenses details free of charge through Medipass. They are also able to download various certificates directly into PDF files using the app without the inconvenience of visiting the hospital in person.

MediBloc and the Samsung Medical Center are long-standing partners that have continued to cooperate since the launch of Medipass in November 2019 all through to the expansion of the current mobile certificate issuance service.

Wookyun Kho, co-founder of MediBloc, said, “We are happy to successfully lead the expansion of new Medipass services to the Samsung Medical Center, with which we have enjoyed a fruitful partnership. It is expected that the Samsung Medical Center will be able to protect medical staff and patients and enhance convenience in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era. All patients using the Samsung Medical Center will be able to use the Medipass app, which is more convenient than ever before, with pass claims and certificate issuance services that can be claimed without documents”

MediBloc will further accelerate the expansion of linked organizations and new services to build a patient-centered platform. Please give a lot of attention and support to MediBloc, which will continue to grow and develop.

Medipass is currently operating a pass claim that allows users to immediately retrieve their medical details from the linked hospital and claim loss insurance without documents. If you select simple identity authentication and treatment details on the Medipass app, you can claim loss insurance from 39 domestic loss and life insurance companies for free without submitting documents. Pass Billing Plus sends the data needed for the claim directly to the insurance company without mailing or faxing a copy of the medical records or taking pictures, making it quick and easy to process the claim. Find Medipass on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Galaxy Store now.



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