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Expansion of serviced hospitals in medipass, Severance Hospital is available through medipass!

Hello, this is MediBloc team.

MediBloc has expanded the simple claims service based on MediPass, a medical data blockchain platform, to Severance Hospital patients! On April 2, 2020, MediBloc successfully completed the linkage between Medipass and Severance Hospital, after 10 months of business agreement with Severance Hospital. If you visit Severance Hospital in the future, you can easily retrieve your medical history data using Medipass, and you can make insurance claim more conveniently.

On June 17, 2019, MediBloc signed a MOU with Severance Hospital, Korea’s representative general hospital, to build a ‘blockchain-based integrated medical information platform’. MediBloc has continued to discuss platform construction with Severance Hospital since its signing, while focusing on upgrading the medical information platform for medical data exchange and stabilizing blockchain and networks. In addition, MediBloc developed a easy insurance claim process that enables Severance Hospital patients to experience simpler and more secure insurance claims, and has succeeded in building a medical data forgery detection system using blockchain.

MediPass is a medical data blockchain platform that can use digitally generated medical data. After a simple ID verification at Medipass, you can view and download all the medical history of the last 3 years at the linked hospital. Using this downloaded medical history, we provide a service that can make a claim for insurance in just 10 seconds with 5 touches.

“We are pleased to be able to successfully complete the linkage with Severance Hospital,” said WooKyun Kho, CEO of MediBloc and continued that“We will secure a healthy MediBloc medical information network with all insurance companies and medical institutions that are striving to build a patient-centric platform, and through this, we will be able to provide patients with more convenient insurance billing services. We plan to create a good example of InsureTech that combines blockchain authentication and medical information network technology by expanding the scope of our business to be able to safely manage and utilize medical information. ”

MediBloc will continue to focus on building a patient-centric platform and increasing linkages with various insurance companies and medical institutions. We will do our best to build the medical ecosystem that MediBloc dreams of. We ask for your interest and support.

MediBloc team.

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