Four Years of Groundbreaking MediBloc in Korea’s Achievements

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3 min readApr 26, 2021


Hello! This is the MediBloc team.

It has already been four years since MediBloc in Korea was founded on April 26, 2017, with the dream of building a patient-centered medical information platform.

Thank you so much for believing in our vision and values all along. To remember what we have achieved together, let’s look back at the steps MediBloc in Korea has made and then look forward to the future yet to come.

MediBloc in Korea’s original goal was to complete the integrated healthcare platform and provide solutions at each point of contact for healthcare services, including providing new experiences.

We have since secured partnerships with more than 20 domestic and international medical interests and have been proving the value of partnership with several key achievements, including winning two medical-related awards and attracting 4 billion won in Series A investment.

Furthermore, Medipass, a platform that allows individuals to easily utilize their patient information, has been actively expanded and adopted by several large hospitals and insurance companies, and we have also completed preparations for the first blockchain-based DID vaccine certificate service in South Korea.

The next generation of EHR solutions, Dr. Palette, can now directly utilize hospital-generated healthcare data. It has been prepared for the purpose of extending the medical period focusing on pediatric adolescents, and its value has been recognized by near-perfect scores in clinical satisfaction surveys.

And finally, over the past four years, MediBloc in Korea has completed the medical data generated in hospitals, including patient health data, while blockchain technology of MediBloc Limited, the foundation that keeps everything connected, has reached the commercialization stage of the integrated health platform.

The year 2020 was far more startling than any other year.

Unexpected changes in the external COVID-19 environment caused several changes in business progress, and some changes were made to the plan to compensate for them. Also, internal and external changes were made continuously to establish a system for MediBloc that could overcome situations more quickly, including the introduction of telecommuting, strengthening in-house quarantine procedures, ongoing staffing, and securing internal and external partners.

Our team would like to express our sincere gratitude to each of you and every MediBloc member for your continued support despite all the challenges that have presented themselves.

Our top goal for 2021 is to actively promote MediBloc’s integrated medical platform commercialization while also recruiting talented individuals who can help expand MediBloc’s values and vision.

We are always seeking new partners who can benefit from MediBloc. Please focus on recruiting talent, and I hope that you will continue to work with MediBloc as we seek each day to develop the best patient-centered healthcare platform possible.

Thank you!



MediBloc in Korea

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