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Greetings and vision sharing for the 5th anniversary of MediBloc

Hello, we’re the MediBloc team.

It has already been five years since the foundation of MediBloc in 2017. Thank you to everyone who watched the growth of MediBloc and have shown generous support. Today, we’d like to look back at the journey of MediBloc over the past year and talk about its future plans.

Major business achievements of MediBloc in 2021

On April 26, 2021, on its 4th Anniversary, we told you that MediBloc’s goal for 2021 is to actively promote projects to commercialize its integrated healthcare platform and to recruit talented people. A year later, it has succeeded in recruiting 30 members that increased to about 60, and has completed an active project to commercialize an integrated healthcare platform with competent members from various occupations — and our family is still growing.

Now it’s our 5th Anniversary and we want to show you more clearly than ever, the patient-centric healthcare platform and future that MediBloc is building.

The Growth of the MediBloc Platform

Since its foundation in 2017, MediBloc has tried to create an integrated healthcare platform for individuals to become the subject of healthcare information with a blockchain in its background. The MEDIBLOC Foundation, which is in charge of building a blockchain-based medical information platform, initially constructed one based on qtum, but felt the limitations of scalability and interoperability. Therefore, in 2018, the MediBloc Foundation built its own mainnet, Panacea, optimized for medical information so that various third-party services can create and utilize healthcare information within the ecosystem. In 2022, services such as Medipass and Dr.palette will be upgraded, and the blueprint of the ecosystem drawn by MediBloc is advancing in such a fast pace.

Advanced MediBloc Services and Their Purpose

The Cloud EMR Dr.palette has been rapidly adopted by several medical institutions after first showcase, and expanding the service through linking Medipass. The mobile app Medipass is configured to allow users to access and own medical information from clinic or hospitals, including medical check-ups and vaccination data. In addition, Medipass recently launched a walking service which can collect part of life-log data and coin rewards, and is currently upgrading to allow more than 300,000 different users to easily access and experience daily healthcare services.

MediBloc collects fragmented data to address the challenges that can arise in the creation-management-utilization of healthcare data. Dr. palette creates and manages hospital diagnosis data, and Medipass integrates this data with personal life log data to provide services to individuals to manage and utilize their own data, and actively manage health.

What is the value of integrated healthcare data?

Fragmented data is hard to get value. However, it can gain sufficient value when hospital diagnosis data and personal life log data are integrated. In addition, when an individual has sovereignty over those data, utilization becomes more extensive. As we said earlier, MediBloc has created Dr. palette and Medipass to allow individuals to access medical and life-log data, which integrates fragmented data into individual health data. This can be utilized in the Data Exchange Protocol that operates on Panacea.

There will be many kinds of data pools in the Data Exchange Protocol, and organizations and companies that need them will become their buyers. Individuals can identify who will use their data, what organization, and what purpose they want to use it for, and receive and be rewarded for what they can provide. The transparent data exchange protocol that will be configured this way will allow individual data to be identified with true rights and values.

Announcing the Panacea Roadmap

To drive this Data Exchange Protocol, Panacea will be applying the latest technologies, including credentials and proof of knowledge that follow the standards defined by the W3C. In addition, if the data seller agrees, a voucher can be issued to NFT to access the pool and view the data. This will make it easier for more diverse data buyers to participate. In the future, the protocol is designed to be managed by DAO, so all DAO participants can change the parameters and develop new features to improve the protocol.

The Data Exchange Protocol will be configured on Testnet in Q3 2022 and will be directly available on Mainnet in Q4 2022. Initially, based on the early participation of certified partners, we will expand the healthy ecosystem by encouraging more and more diverse institutions, businesses, and individuals to join.

In 2023, the Data Exchange Protocol is expected to become further advanced and will form an ecosystem where various institutions and companies can participate through linkage with various third-party services, including Medipass and Dr.palette which are operated by MediBloc. You can find a detailed Panacea roadmap here.

Thank you again for supporting MediBloc for a long period of five years. MediBloc will continue to make efforts to create a patient-centric health data platform. The platform, which we featured a little dimly in the beginning, is now being constructed in a more distinct form, and each service and platform is being completed with a single goal. MediBloc’s goal of “building a patient-centric health data platform” is being realized more clearly and in more detail. These are exciting times ahead so please continue to stay updated and support the health data ecosystem that will be completed through Medipass, Panacea, Dr.palette, and the Data Exchange Protocol. Good day and take care!



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