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Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance is Joining the Medipass Service

Greetings from the MediBloc Team!

MediBloc has expanded its simple insurance claims service to Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance customers via Medipass, the medical data blockchain platform. Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance joins Samsung Fire, Shinhan Life, and KB Insurance as the fourth “pass-claim” insurance company. Anyone with an insurance policy with Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance will soon be able to file claims easily after visiting any hospital affiliated with MediBloc.

Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance is a representative insurance company of the Republic of Korea, having entered the insurance business as a marine insurance company all the way back in 1955.

Additionally, in October 2020 Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance was selected as the number one company in the Korean Sustainability Index property insurance sector under the supervision of the Korea Standards Association. It is one of the nation’s top companies, receiving excellent domestic and international evaluations, including being ranked first in automobile insurance, direct automobile insurance, and long-term insurance by the 2020 Global Customer Satisfaction (GCSI).

Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho, a co-founder of MediBloc, said, “We are pleased to successfully complete the integration with Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance, which is loved by global customers. We will continue discussing the terms to establish this patient-centric platform, and MediBloc will strive to create an ideal case for the medical information ecosystem by expanding its business and helping patients safely manage and utilize their medical data.”

MediBloc will continue building its patient-centric platform by increasing its collaborations with various insurance companies and medical institutions nationwide.

Thank you

MediBloc Team

Medipass is a blockchain-based healthcare data platform that allows patients to manage digital medical data without changing any data formats. Patients can inquire about and download all their medical details for the last three years at any hospital connected to Medipass through simple identification. In this way, patients can use their medical history to file insurance claims in as little as just 10 seconds and with five simple touches. Patients, insurers, and hospitals can make safer and more convenient medical insurance claims, as the claims submitted by the patient via Medipass.




Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

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