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I Will Take MediBloc!

The True Meaning of Medi-Point (MP)

III. A World Imagined by MediBloc

4) The Temperature of Information. Medi-Point

Kim feels the chilliness of the winter approaching and feels a cold coming. So he visits his local hospital.

At the register, Kim tells the nurse at the counter,

I will take MediBloc.

Kim opens the MediBloc app on his smartphone and shows the QR code to the nurse. The nurse checks Mr. Kim’s previous records and adds the basic information (weight, blood pressure, etc.), all using the QR code reader. Through this simple process, the check up Mr. Kim had today will be recorded on both the hospital’s EMR and on the blockchain based MediBloc System.

Before Kim is called to the doctor’s office, the Dr. Lee confirms that Kim has granted access to use the MediBloc application- keep in mind that no one can view medical data without the consent of the patient. Kim gets his examination by the doctor and the doctor records the data and prescription information on MediBloc.

Both Kim and Dr. Lee will acquire MP (MediPoint) for utilising MediBloc. Since using MediBloc, Kim has accumulated a lot of MPs. Recently, Kim has transferred the 200 MP to 100 MED Tokens. (This conversion rate is subject to change. These numbers were used to arbitrarily set this specific incident.)

The doctor is able to get a hold of more MP in other ways.

In the example above, Dr. Lee examined his patient, Kim and acquired MP. Therefore, the more a doctor uses the MediBloc program, the more MP he/she will have.

Dr. Lee has always supported giving medical information to the public on the Internet, but he always felt a little bit skeptical about providing medical advice. There is lack of reliable information on the web and there is no compensation for the effort he puts in.

However, this skepticism has shifted for Dr. Lee since using MediBloc. He is now able to give much more professional feedback more quickly and accurately to those within the MediBloc platform, specifically patients who have given consent to share their medical information. Before, he was only able to give open ended answers online because he could not take responsibility for those who are not under his actual care. On the MediBloc platform, he could give advice as a verified practitioner and provide a second professional opinion to patients in desperate need of help.

In addition, when he provided his professional expertise, he could acquire MP or MED. Dr. Lee was rewarded for actively participating in the MediBloc platform and felt like his expertise was even more valued.

We want to provide a platform where sharing of professional expertise comes with the appropriate compensation, this will be a great motivation for doctors to use the MediBloc platform regularly.

Adding on, distribution of MP are offered at various levels.

We have only touched on MP distribution to individuals, but MP can be acquired at an institutional level, which means that the the hospital that Mr. Lee is affiliated with can receive more MP through frequent use of the MediBloc platform.

MP converted to MED token can be used in various ways. MED can be used for research purposes or purchase medical information on the MediBloc platform.

With more interests towards MediBloc, we created a simple simulation of how the MediBloc platform will be used in real life. We hope our example of Kim and Dr. Lee was helpful and interesting.

The MediBloc team tries to consider the all the different medical environments and communities of various countries and attempts to come up with a solution that will benefit the most people. We will continue to connect with diverse occupations to make this happen.

The growth and success of MediBloc does not depend on a single user or one institution. It truly depends on participation by a diverse group of people in the medical spectrum- patients, doctors, nurses, and anyone with a job related in the medical field.

Lastly, it also highly depends on our readers. So we thank you for your interest and hope your support in MediBloc will continue.

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MediBloc is a team of medical professionals, data architects and blockchain technologists. Both founders are computer scientists turned to medicine, turned entrepreneurs.



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