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[Inside MediBloc] “I am a developer at MediBloc.”

The introduction of members of MediBloc’s development team

“After investing in Cryptocurrency, I got interested in the blockchain technology. Of course, there are many difficulties and limitations in the rapidly changing blockchain industry, but those who jumped into the blockchain industry are trying to get through it. I was eager to experience it firsthand rather than wondering how they would overcome all the problems and limitations.”

Additionally, he said,

“It is much more interesting to try new technology because it is like pioneering the unimagined world.”

“Don’t you feel pressured as a developer?”

“Of course, there is a lot of pressure, but I actually like it. I think that adapting myself to a changed environment is a process of growth because it involves learning new things.”

With his great experience from Naver and initial involvements as an advisor, we are looking forward to MinKyu SSAM’s footsteps in the MediBloc.

“Mechanical engineering does not mean ‘machine only’ and ‘no programming’! “

“At the time, I was looking for a business that could actively use the blockchain technology, and MediBloc caught this point well. So, I joined the MediBloc team as I was convinced that developing blockchain platform in this team will be a very meaningful experience.”

“Like many other people, I started investing in Bitcoin in June, 2017. Then I looked into the blockchain technology, and thought that it would be very interesting if it could be applied to the real life applications.”

Kwangho has lots of curiosity on everything, so he always suggests a variety of new ideas. He learns fast, is passionate, and has great ambitions.

“At MediBloc, I would like to keep learning new ideas and skills while utilizing the current skill sets I have and become a big pillar in developing the MediBloc platform. Ultimately, I would like to be the developer that the team could trust and lean on and become the developer that could lead the team. Well, I still have a lot to cover..(smile)”

“I searched for it myself. At the beginning of last December, I looked at the job announcements on MediBloc website and asked via email about an open position.”

“With various members from different backgrounds and personalities, I can feel that I am growing since the diversity makes me learn what I lack from others and share what I know ot others. I believe I will grow with MediBloc because I believe, at MediBloc, one is able to achieve numerous things if one is willing to do so.”

“I wanted to work in an organization that could make me feel free, create culture together, and feel responsible as much as I contribute. In this sense, MediBloc is the one that I dreamed of.”

“I would like to become a leader with a technical insight. I would like to be a leader who understands and touches the members’ mind and give a direction to team members.”

“What kind of people would you like to work with in the development team?”

“As MediBloc team is expanding, we are constantly recruiting developers as well but we do it very carefully. Technical capability is one thing but since we share each one’s knowledge through communication, we see how the applicant expresses and delivers his or her thoughts in his or her words with what kind of attitudes.

“I am 100% satisfied with the current members. The members give me inspiration and help me push myself further. ”

Thank you all five member for their time in interviewing while busy developing. We will keep updating the news on development team on our official blog. So please look forward to it! Thank you.



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