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Hello, we’re the Medipass team.

Medipass is a mobile medical information platform that has been used by more than 600,000 patients in 14 large hospitals since its launch in 2017. Medipass directly linked the hospital, proved that the medical details were not manipulated or distorted through a blockchain, and implemented a solution that gives patients access to their own medical details. Medipass also has a variety of services that make life more convenient for users, making it easier to file insurance claims, make health check-up inquiries and issue certificates.

In other words, Medipass is an app that easily connects patients’ medical information to one place. Medipass has reorganized the app’s home screen design so you can check your health information that was hidden behind the app icon at a glance and implemented a dashboard for health information management services. In addition, we have added functions such as family management so you can check and manage your health and your family’s health.

Evolve from a simple insurance claim app to a medical super app!

Medipass has the ambition to become a medical super app through these innovations. Until now, Medipass has been a convenient service to make insurance claims easier, but it will evolve into a platform that can integrate various healthcare services and medical information.

Please use Medipass like this from now on!

#Check medical history and claim hospital expenses

On the home screen, press the ‘Inquiry of medical history and claim hospital expenses’ button. You can quickly retrieve medical details from the hospital linked to Medipass and check on medical details that can be claimed. Once you select the details you want to claim, the insurance claim will start.

The claims include the type of claim, date of the outbreak, and the account to receive insurance money. For example, if you have been in the hospital due to a disease, selecting “Disease” in the claim type will import some of the contents entered by the doctor at the time of treatment. However, please note that ‘Injury’ and ‘Car Accident’ must be entered directly to claim.

#Coinwalk that follows my footsteps

The W2E service allows you to measure your steps and receive MED coins as rewards! Get MED coins by measuring your daily steps with the mobile phone you already carry.

Coinwalk users can also receive bonus rewards by performing missions such as “pass claim”, “medical details inquiry”, and “health checkup results inquiry.”.

#Medical checkup results including the trend of checkup results

You can check the results of any medical checkup provided by the Korea Insurance Corporation at a glance with simple mobile authentication (Payco, Kakao Talk, Pass, and KB Mobile certificate). Try pressing the ‘Search Details’ button. Select the simple authentication method and then authenticate to complete!

Medipass shows all the health checkup users have received in graphs by year and item, making them easy to compare. Health checkup results include body weight and obesity, blood pressure, diabetes, liver levels, anemia, fat/cholesterol, kidney function, etc. Please note that the results of each medical checkup must be updated by the hospital where the checkup was conducted before they can be sent to the Insurance Corporation.

Start Medipass by installing Medipass in-store today! If you are already using Medipass, please proceed with the update. The Medipass team will continue to do our best to expand and provide you with more diverse medical information services.

Thank you