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Introducing a New Corporate Validator, DPLANEX

Greetings from the MediBloc team!

Kyobo Group’s DPLANEX has newly joined as a corporate validator of Panacea.

What is a Corporate Validator?

Panacea is a blockchain platform optimized for health data and developed by MediBloc to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem for patients to regain sovereignty over their health data. Panacea’s corporate validators are responsible for major decision-making and the consensus node operations of Panacea’s technology and business based on blockchain governance.

Introducing DPLANEX

DPLANEX is a subsidiary of Kyobo Information & Communication Co., Ltd., which collects data from inside and outside of Kyobo Life Insurance Co., Ltd. to build an integrated data lake, and provides the latest technology-based data analysis services using AI and machine learning. Based on Kyobo Life Insurance’s accumulated insurance industry know-how, DPLANEX is pioneering new business areas in the digital field by incorporating fresh perspectives.

Expected Benefits

By joining Panacea’s corporate validators, DPLANEX is expected to present various directions for the expansion of the Panacea ecosystem which constitutes a data platform based on reliable digital healthcare data. DPLANEX also has the manpower and analytics skills to build data infrastructure and governance that is expected to operate and expand the health ecosystem of Panacea.

Panacea will operate transparently and healthily through the activation of the corporate validator. Following the Mainnet upgrade, which activated validator participation, several leading companies representing the healthcare and IT industries have expressed their intention to participate in this venture. MediBloc is also accelerating the composition and expansion of the ecosystem via internal procedures. In this way, MediBloc will continue to make efforts to secure the high scalability of the Panacea ecosystem through various collaborations.



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