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Introducing, New Professional Validator of Panacea

Greetings from the MediBloc team! has newly joined as a professional validator of Panacea.

What is a Professional Validator?

Panacea is a blockchain platform optimized for health data and developed by MediBloc to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem for patients to regain sovereignty over their health data. Panacea’s professional validators are responsible for major decision-making and consensus node operations of Panacea’s technology and business based on blockchain governance.

Introducing, which has joined as a professional validator, is a subsidiary of Persistence, a security-specialized company that operates interoperability protocols developed to promote the creation of next-generation blockchain financial products. has been delegated more than $300 million in assets as a validator and is expanding its networks and communities to further accelerate the adoption of WEB3 and distributed technologies. In addition, data centers are formed across regions with selected cloud infrastructure providers to prevent DDoS attacks and manage nodes to operate without problems using real-time alerts and monitoring solutions.

Expected Benefits is one of the largest validator operating nodes among more than 20 major blockchains, including Cosmos, Polygon, Solana, and Terra. Through the participation of’s professional validator specialized in audit functions, it is expected that decisions concerning various businesses determined through voting at Panacea will be safer and more reliable.

Panacea will operate transparently and healthily through the activation of the professional validator. Following the Mainnet upgrade, which has activated validator participation, leading companies representing the healthcare and IT industries have expressed their intention to participate in this venture. In addition, MediBloc is accelerating the composition and expansion of the ecosystem via internal procedures. In this way, MediBloc will continue to make efforts to secure the high scalability of the Panacea ecosystem through various collaborations.



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