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Introducing Cloud EMR, Dr.palette

Cloud EMR where everyone draws, Dr. Palette 2.0 is released.

On September 30th, meet the new Dr.Palette. Finally, the long-awaited cloud EMR, Dr.Palette, is being revealed.

Meet Dr.Palette 2.0, featuring a level of speed, design, and usability which you have never seen before. Dr.Palette allows you to configure a flexible work environment regardless of time and place. You can easily check charts with a mobile EMR that are linked to the medical chart in real time, take pictures of a patient’s affected area, and upload them through Dr.Palette immediately.

Dr.Palette is fast and is never blocked. Dr.Palette does not have to build a separate web-based server, nor does it have to waste time with being downloaded or upgraded. We will create a medical environment which can provide the best medical service for patients both more conveniently and more rapidly for all medical staff.

Dr.Palette thinks of both medical staff and patients.

We have created the unprecedented Cloud EMR Dr.Palette 2.0 so that we can fully focus on caring for our patients and getting closer to them. Ours is a solution that maximizes treatment efficiency by arranging functions according to the flow of work from the critical perspective of medical personnel.

Experience Dr.Palette for yourself.

You can experience Dr.Palette during the K-HOSPITAL FAIR 2021, the largest international hospital medical industry fair in Korea, from September 30th to October 2nd.

At the fair, MediBloc will showcase a differentiated booth where you will be able to experience both Dr.Palette and Medipass through the largest booth ever. In addition to providing each service experience at the MediBloc booth, you can also preview upgraded services in the form of a combination of the medical staff-only EMR program “Dr.Palette” as well as the patient-centered app “Medipass.” In addition, MediBloc will hold a large-scale seminar for up to 150 medical officials on October 2nd, the last day of the fair, to hold five sessions under the theme of “Healthcare Present and Future and what IT Development Will Bring.”

Meet the new Dr.Palette now :




Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

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