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Introducing MaeKyung Media Group, New Corporate Validator of Panacea

Greetings from the MediBloc team!

MaeKyung Media Group has newly joined as a Corporate Validator of Panacea.

What is a Corporate Validator?

Panacea is a blockchain platform optimized for health data and developed by MediBloc to form a safe and sustainable ecosystem for patients to regain sovereignty over their health data. Panacea’s corporate validators are responsible for major decision-making and consensus node operations of Panacea’s technology and business based on the blockchain governance.

Introducing MaeKyung Media Group

Maekyung Media Group is a total media group that has secured high popularity with various media platforms including newspapers, broadcasting, and the Internet. Besides, in 2019, the group launched the ‘KDX Korea Data Exchange’ to be leaders of the big data era, driving the global data-AI ecosystem based on Korean IT infrastructure.

MaeKyung Media Group is also pioneering the new media market through various tests and approaches in a rapidly changing digital environment. In particular, through the WKF (World Knowledge Forum), various experiments such as the Metaverse ecosystem, NFT, and virtual currency have been conducted. It is the first Korean media company to issue an independent participatory NFT and it is seeking digital innovation by making efforts to form an NFT service.

Expected Benefits

MaeKyung Media Group will strategically participate as a corporate validator to take decisions to plan major business directions and build various digital services. In particular, it will use the Panacea ecosystem to promote public blockchain-based businesses and create high-quality content based on reliable digital healthcare data.

In addition, we will establish cooperation with the MaeKyung Media Group’s KDX Korea Data Exchange to promote the data ecosystem and build health data exchange that is gathered at Panacea.

Panacea will operate transparently and healthily through the activation of the Corporate Validator. Since the Mainnet upgrade, which has activated validator participation, leading companies representing healthcare and IT industries have expressed their intention to participate in this venture. In addition, MediBloc is accelerating the composition and expansion of the ecosystem through internal procedures. MediBloc will continue to make efforts to secure the high scalability of the Panacea ecosystem through various collaborations.



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