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Nov 21, 2019 · 5 min read

“How do I use ‘medipass’?🤔”

There are many solutions for easily making your insurance claims. These days, it is much easier than before when you had to go to the agency office or fax every documents. But still, it requires a lot of effort as all the solutions out there require you to get all the documents from the hospital, take photos of those documents to upload them using the app, etc. In other words, these methods require digital data(in the database) from the hospitals to be converted to analog data(paper) and converted once again to digital data for making the claims.

We focused on this unnecessary format conversion from digital to analogue to digital. We wanted to solve the inefficiency in this process. Using blockchain technology, our solution can guarantee the integrity of the medical billing data and only allow the right individual to the data.

Simply put, medipass is a medical data blockchain platform that allows utilization of the data in the digital format.

Our newly launched medipass creates below benefits.

  1. Minimizes insurance policy holders’ time, cost, and efforts for making insurance claims.
  2. Reduces hospitals’ overheads required for document issuances and patients’ waiting time.
  3. Cuts down Insurance companies’ costs for data entry and conversion and enables higher efficiency and automation.

For those of you who chose medipass, we would like to guide you on how to use medipass. Follow the instruction and you will find yourself already done with making your insurance claims without any documents.

*medipass service is available for age 14 and above. Only available in South Korea.

Let’s begin! medipass A to Z!

1. Download medipass App.

‘medipass’ is only available for Android for now. You can easily find it and download it from Google Playstore.

Q. I am using iPhone. When can I use it from my phone?
A. We are developing the iOS version as we speak. Unfortunately, it would take us some more time in bringing out the iOS version.

2. Launch medipass App.

When the installation is finished, please launch the App by clicking the app icon.

3. First, we need personal identification through mobile verification.

In order to use medipass, first you need to agree to the terms and conditions and go through personal identification by completing a mobile verification using your name, birthdate, cellular service provider, cell phone number and the verification number.

4. Set Pin.

After the identification, you need to set 6 digit pin. This pin will be used for your logging in, using easy claims service, changing your information, etc.

5. Enter your resident registration number to look up your medical billing breakdowns.

The registration number need to be entered once in the beginning and the number will be stored only in your mobile device.

6. Link hospital with medipass to download your medical billing breakdowns.

Once you click “Link” button, you will be able to download your data from the hospital. You do not require “authorized certificate” or another step of identification. It will support more hospitals soon!

Let’s learn how to use insurance claims service of medipass.

1. Click on the billing record you want to make the claim

You can find your billing history when you check the insurance claims tab. Click on the record that you would like to make the insurance claim and enter in the details. The details include claims type, occurrence date, reason for claims, etc

2. Enter in the bank account to receive the insurance

For initial use, it may take some time to link with insurance companies. Give it some time!

After the first time, you won’t need to enter in the bank account unless you want to change it.

3. Making the claim, Done!

Click claims history tab to check your claimed records

Q. When can I receive my insurance?
A. It depends on the insurance comapnies; in average it will take about 3 days. In case where the companies require further information, it might take up to 1 week or so.

So! That was the basic instructions for signing up, setting up the password, registering your bank account, making insurance claims on medipass. Should you have more questions, please ask us anytime using medipass Kakaotalk, comments in the blog or e-mails.

Start your 10 seconds easy claims service without any documents through medipass !

Start your insurance claims with medipass!

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