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Introducing the MediBloc Welcome Kit!

“Welcome Aboard!”

When you first join MediBloc, you will receive the welcome kit shown below.

We hope that with this kit you will feel like a part of the MediBloc team.

So, allow us to introduce the MediBloc Welcome Kit!

As the size of MediBloc has expanded more and more, many new members have joined us. During our transition from a small team to what we have now, we decided to create a welcome kit that could help new team members come on board more easily, share a sense of purpose with their teammates, and feel a greater sense of friendship and loyalty. And so, in line with the rebranding of MediBloc, the design and marketing teams have worked together to create this wonderful kit tailored to the characteristics of the MediBloc crew.

MediBloc’s welcome kits are available with a range of contents, including a T-shirt, a sports bag, slippers, an eyeglass cleaning cloth, an A-to-Z guide for a better on-boarding process, and a coupon for meals with MediBloc’s co-founders.

Let’s take a look at the items one by one.


In order to adapt quickly to a new company, it is important to catch up with how things work, how its systems run, and what its culture is. Of course, you’ll get used to it over time, too, but it’s great to have a guide to help you adapt, right? That’s why MediBloc has prepared “The MediBloc Guidebook” with Notion, a business groupware tool. And now new employees, as well as existing ones, can find answers they need about the company and its members.

You can access the boarding instructions directly through the QR code on the welcome card. Are you curious? Then get on board!

<Meal Coupon with MediBloc’s Co-founders>

With this meal coupon you can request a meal at any time with MediBloc’s co-founders. This might be very handy if you have a problem in the future!

<Sticker Pack>

For office workers, stickers are a fun and easy means of self-expression. If you are curious about the MediBloc logo, please read the following article:

A new start for MediBloc


This T-shirt, sporting MediBloc’s logo, is a real no-brainer! You can save a lot of time thinking about what to wear every morning.


MediBloc offers slippers with the MediBloc logo to all employees. Slip them on as soon as you get to work and spend your time in the office all cozy and comfy.

<Sports Bag>

As you know, MediBloc is a healthcare company. That’s why we strongly encourage our employees to pursue some kind of sport as a hobby. MediBloc really values the improvement of health through regular physical activity. Plus, team sports help strengthen unity among coworkers and relieve stress. This sports bag is one of the key gifts in the welcome kit. You can put your shoes or sportswear in it, and it was designed so that you can easily carry it around from day to day.

<Eyeglass cleaning cloth>

If you wear glasses, now you can be more smudge-free. If not, well, the same applies to your laptop or smartphone screen!


A simple, stylish silicone wristband.

<Goods for the perfect onboarding>

From the left: Business cards for the marketing, design, business development, and development departments.

MediBloc wants to make the employment transition as easy as possible for new team members, and we want to cultivate a shared sense of goals and purpose among our older members. It’s all about people and relationships. To be treated like an old pal on the first day we meet, feel free to knock on MediBloc’s door at any time. We always welcome anyone with passion and vision in any field!

So, anyway, one more time: Welcome aboard!



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