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Introducing the SHINE App Developed by MediBloc!

MediBloc-KT-Gates Foundation Launches the SHINE App!

MediBloc and KT, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have launched Study of Health Information for Next Epidemic, a new app also simply known as SHINE.

SHINE provides users with information about the current status of infectious diseases and also helps identify infections by assessing conditions such as fever, headache, and cough. All app data is safely stored through the use of MediBloc’s Panacea blockchain. With their assent, users can contribute their data to research projects addressing the spread of infectious diseases.

In May 2020, MediBloc teamed up with KT and the Gates Foundation Research Consortium for Infectious Diseases Response. We concentrated on designing and building a medical data exchange system, and we are now also promoting a more advanced PHR system by using a dynamic consent system. We’re moving forward with the stabilization of networks, including blockchain networks, so that vast volumes of medical data can be shared more freely and efficiently among individuals such as researchers and public healthcare experts.

Andrew Trister, deputy director of the Gates Foundation’s Digital Health Innovation Bureau, said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of countries and regions with the ability to quickly identify and track the spread of pathogens as a means to effectively manage public health interventions,”

adding, “We hope to increase the preparedness and responsiveness of infectious diseases by providing the contents learned through KT’s state-of-the-art solution to low-income families.”

Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho, co-founder of MediBloc, said, “The SHINE app that was co-developed with KT and other institutions is the first step in responding to infectious diseases such as COVID-19. As the current pandemic has lasted over a year so far, many medical staff and companies around the world are working together to end this situation, and I think it’s fortunate that the MediBloc team can be part of it.” Dr. Kho continued, “MediBloc ‘s Panacea blockchain will safely store data in the SHINE app and allow its use in research on infectious diseases only for users who have expressed their intention to participate in the research. We will do our best to develop and operate Panacea to contribute to global health.”

Our team will continue to expand our business globally and accelerate the commercialization of the MediBloc platform. We appreciate everyone’s continued support!



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