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MediBloc A to Z Staking/LP Bonding Guide

Hello, we’re Medibloc team.

After the mainnet upgrade, MediBloc single staking opened. Validators and delegators contributed to block creation and received rewards, which included 11.96% of MED that was bonded for staking with the participation of countless people. Moreover, after the pass of on-chain governance to relay IBC, MediBloc listed MED on Osmosis Dex, and as a result, the Incentive Pool was activated, which allowed for the ability to supply liquidity and receive compensation.

However, even though we provided the right guide for each, we saw many users experience difficulties, due to various forms of information that was distributed in several announcements. Therefore, we have now prepared the contents that were further reinforced than the previously released guides in an integrated form. The contents that are included in the guide are as follows.

  • MediBloc Wallet Generation Guide (Cosmostation, Keplr)
  • MediBloc Single Staking Guide via Cosmostation
  • Osmosis DEX’s liquidity supply guide via Keplr
  • Osmosis DEX’s liquidity supply guide via Cosmostation
  • Various precautions such as Impermanent loss.

I hope thise guide can be of great help, and we also hope for your continuous interest and active participation.

Thank you.

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