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MediBloc Acquires ISO 27001 Certification from ISO

In April 2020, MediBloc acquired ISO 27001 certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

ISO 27001 is the most authoritative international standard for information security. The governing bodies suggest requirements for security systems, including an information security policy and risk management system, along with 114 controls in 14 areas that can be used to reduce information security risks. The ISO 27001 certification is awarded only to companies that pass strict screening by chartered examiners. By being certified, MediBloc is now obliged and eager to continuously improve our business processes and services, thereby further limiting information security risks to every extent possible. The standard is used both internally and externally to assess whether MediBloc complies with legislation and regulations in addition to other proprietary criteria for information security. This ISO 27001 certification was last updated and published in 2013, though its standards have been strengthened to keep in line with modern security systems and protocols. ISO 27001 is the international best practice standard for an information security management system. It focuses on the security of all organizational digital data by continuously reducing risks in the field of information security.

Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho, co-founder of MediBloc, said, “We’ve received a good evaluation for our systematic and stable management of the security system to protect user information and employ an advanced plan to strengthen the security level. Healthcare data is the most sensitive of personal information, so protecting key information assets from cyber-attacks is absolutely vital. I’m very pleased that MediBloc has acquired an objective verification of its information security management system and that it meets international standards. MediBloc will continue making greater efforts to become the safest and easiest healthcare data platform available.”

MediBloc is a healthcare data platform based on blockchain technology and aims to promote the development of the medical industry and further improve the quality of human life. MediBloc has conducted agreements and PoCs with leading domestic and foreign medical institutions, including Woorisoa Children’s Hospital, Hanyang University Medical Center, Kyunghee University Dental Hospital, and Seoul National University Hospital. In addition, the company was selected for 2019 My Data Business and the 2019 Health Care related Government Tasks supported by the Korea Information Service Agency, a quasi-governmental organization within the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication, and released its blockchain-based real-loss insurance claim app MediPass in November 2019.




Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

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