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MediBloc — Osmosis DEX Incentivized Pool Open!

Greetings from the MediBloc team!

The proposal was approved and the Incentivized Pool of MED-OSMO (Pool #586) and MED-ATOM (Pool #587) were opened in Osmosis DEX. MED holders can now receive OSMO as compensation by providing liquidity to the pool.

When supplying liquidity to the incentivized pool, the APR varies depending on the unbonding period. You can choose between a day, 7 days, and 14 days for the unbonding period. The longer the unbonding period, the higher the APR. When applying for unbonding, the LP token will be frozen and a withdrawal will be possible only after the selected unbonding period has elapsed. The incentives continue to accrue even during the unbonding period. In addition, OSMO, which is a reward for the Incentivized Pool, will automatically accumulate once a day, which can be found directly under the ‘Assets’ menu.

Please check the following guide which will show you how to create MED-OSMO and MED-ATOM LP tokens, and how to bond LP tokens to the integrated pool.


MediBloc will activate the External Incentive Pool soon. Please check the above image for the timeline. Even if you deposit LP tokens in advance in the Incentivized Pool, the existing pool will be upgraded into the External Incentive Pool and MED and OSMO can be compensated at the same time without any additional action on your part.

Thank you.



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