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MediBloc selected by KHIDI for its 2023 Overseas Expansion Project for the Medical Industry

Greetings from the MediBloc team.

On February 2, 2023, MediBloc was selected for the 2023 Overseas Expansion Project supported by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute.

The 2023 Overseas Expansion Project is among the International medical system export supports organized by the Ministry of Health and welfare of Korea and carried out by the KHIDI (Korea Health Industry Development Institute). MediBloc formed a consortium with Krismas Plastic Surgery and K-DOC, a platform for overseas expansion, and embodied a model for the overseas expansion of Korean hospitals which can be operated based on Dr.palette, a cloud EMR.

The MediBloc-Krismas Plastic Surgery-KDOC Consortium will enter Indonesia, the only G20 country in Southeast Asia featuring high growth potential. In particular, Korean-style medical institutions will be established and operated in cooperation with local medical beauty groups in Indonesia’s first special medical and wellness economic zone, the Sanur SEZ (Special Economic Zone), created in Bali. Throughout this project, MediBloc will provide Dr.palette, a cloud EMR, to Korean-style medical institutions in Indonesia, will localize and upgrade to suit the local situation, and work on the overall construction of a Korean-style platform hospital model.

Eun-sol Lee, CEO of MediBloc, said, “By taking advantage of cloud EMR, which can be used anytime, anywhere, Dr.palette can be used in Indonesia. Through this International entry, we will construct a future platform hospital with our experience and upgrade it for various medical institutions not only in Korea, but also abroad.”

MediBloc is Healthcare data platform based on blockchain technology which aims to promote the development of the medical industry and further improve the quality of human life. MediBloc enables the smooth sharing of healthcare data through individuals, and continues to promote EMR advancement for standardized data exchange and network stabilization, including blockchain implementation. MediBloc will continue to do its best to ensure that a patient-centered healthcare platforms will be widely used.



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