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MediBloc signed MOU with Wellcare Clinic

On April 12, MediBloc and the Wellcare Clinic signed a Memorandum of Understanding for “Linking Blockchain-based Integrated Simple Insurance Claiming Services.” Key figures from both companies, including Kim Kyung-chul, director of the Wellcare Clinic, Ko Woo-kyun, and Lee Eun-sol, CEO of MediBloc, attended the business agreement ceremony at the Wellcare Clinic.

Under the terms of the agreement, MediBloc and Wellcare Clinic will actively collaborate on a project to construct a personalized medical information platform. In addition, the experience and technological prowess of both institutions will be fully harnessed to introduce and promote patient-centered medical information platforms.

The Wellcare Clinic is the first medical institution in Korea to provide personalized and highly advanced preventive medical treatments, such as anti-aging functional medicine, genetic precision medicine, and digital healthcare. Kim Kyung-chul, CEO of the Wellcare Clinic, has conducted about 10,000 gene prescriptions and consultations over the past 10 years, and is famous for highly accurate holgenomic testing in long-term research and data.

Kim Kyung-chul remarked, “We are trying to predict and actively prevent future diseases as lifespans reach towards the age of 100,” adding, “We expect to open a new medical era with personalized preventive medicine, working with MediBloc to provide the best medical data technology.”

Lee Eun-sol, CEO of MediBloc, said, “I’m very happy to partner with the Wellcare Clinic, with its abundant personalized preventive medical experience. Such individual medical information will achieve efficient prevention of future diseases through MediBloc’s platform.”

We hope you will be happy with this expansion of the MediBloc ecosystem, and MediBloc will continue to actively attract cooperative medical institutions and companies, to expand the platform still further.



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