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MediBloc Submits the Proposal to Activate External Incentive Pool of Osmosis DEX

Hello, we’re MediBloc team.

We have submitted a proposal to activate the existing Osmosis DEX’s MED-OSMO (Pool #586) and MED-ATOM (Pool #587) as an External Incentive Pool. In addition to the OSMO that can be received through the existing pool by supplying liquidity, this pool is a time-limited pool to receive MED as a bonus. Please refer to the following information about the External Incentive Pool which is written in the proposal.

External Incentive Pool Operating Plan

Applicable Pool : MED-OSMO (Pool #586), MED-ATOM (Pool #587)

External Incentive Pool period: 90 days after activation of the External Incentive Pool.

Total bonus: 12,222,720 MED

Pool allocation bonus quantity: Daily 67,904 MEDs are allocated as incentives to each pool for 90 days.

Bonus quantity according to LP bonding period:

  • 1-day Bonding = 8,488 MED/day
  • 7-day Bonding = 25,465 MED/day
  • 14-day Bonding = 33,952 MED/day

The External Incentive Pool will be activated as soon as the proposal is passed. Even if the LP is deposited in the existing pool in advance, the pool automatically switches it as soon as the proposal is passed, so no additional work is required. The expected opening time of the External Incentive Pool is December 10, 2021. Please refer to the following link for the Osmosis DEX usage and liquidity supply guide.

[Keplr Wallet / Osmosis DEX User Guide]

[Liquitidy Supply Guide]

Thank you



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