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We’ll be posting our news and updates every other Tuesday so stay tuned! This is what we’ve been up to from week 5 of March to week 1 of April.

[Community Updates]

1) MediBloc at Promoters’ Convention of Blockchain Industry Association (March 28)

Wookyun Kho, co-founder of MediBloc, attended a Promoters’ Convention of Blockchain Industry Association. Promoters of the association include MediBloc, SKT, Kakao, Shinhan Bank, Microsoft Korea and IBM Korea. The association was established to invigorate the ecosystem of blockchain industry, provide enterprises with development infrastructure and business consultation, and facilitate effective communication between the government and enterprises. Through these activities, the association will build a solid foundation for Korea to become a world-class blockchain technology leader. At the event, Sehyun Oh, executive director of SKT, was appointed as the leader of the association. The official name of the association and president will be selected at its general meeting on April 27th.

2) MediBloc at Blockchain · Cryptocurrency 2018 Conference (March 29)

Eunsol Lee, co-founder of MediBloc, gave a keynote speech on “PHR, Blockchain, and MediBloc” at Blockchain · Cryptocurrency 2018 Conference. The conference focused on the existing service models in blockchain industry. During his speech, Eunsol Lee introduced MediBloc’s service model and how the team plans to develop a patient-centric healthcare information platform using blockchain technology.

3) MediBloc at Blockchain into Real World Conference (March 30)

Eunsol Lee gave a keynote speech on ‘Blockchain Medical care, and PHR Platform’ at Blockchain into Real World Conference hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Speakers from various industries including finance, insurance, and logistics shared how they incorporated blockchain technology in their business. Eunsol shared his own experience in the medical industry and how MediBloc team is tackling the obstacles of the industry through blockchain technology. Other speakers including Shinhan Financial Group, Kyobo Life Insurance, and Korea Securities Depository head office introduced their blockchain-based projects and how they utilized the technology for their business.

4) MediBloc team mentoring at 3-day blockchain boot camp (March 29–31)

MediBloc team participated in ‘Block Party’ as a mentor, a 3-day blockchain technology boot camp held from March 29 to 31. Block Party, the first blockchain technology boot camp in Korea, was hosted by Bluepoint Partners, an accelerator for technology-based startups. The 3-day program was led by Eric Chung, the founder of ‘UCLA Blockchain Lab’ and ‘DApperNetwork’, joined by blockchain experts from MediBloc, Fr8 Network, Hashed, AdChain, and Sentinel Protocol. These mentors represent some of the most advanced blockchain-based teams and projects and are known for their extensive experience and knowledge of the technology.

5) MediBloc team at Tokyo Blockchain Meetup (April 2)

Wookyun Kho participated in a discussion as a panel at Tokyo Blockchain-Inspire vol.14 hosted by BitBiteCoin. The meetup was composed of two discussions, the first focusing on the current tasks and obstacles to be overcome in the medical industry and the latter on how blockchain technology could reform the medical industry. The panel comprised experts of security and medical industry including Dr. Kho from MediBloc, Yamadera Jun (CCO of Eyes Japan), Marat Vyshegorodtsev(Security expert, software engineer), Masato Tsumamoto(President and CEO of CellSource Corp.), and Hiro Shinohara(Co-founder and CEO of Hotaru Inc.). The discussions were moderated by Mai Fujimoto, widely known as Miss Bitcoin, and Kuniyoshi Mabuchi, senior VP/partner of Fleischmann Hillard Japan.

6) MediBloc team at Beyond Blocks (April 4, 5)

MediBloc team attended Beyond Blocks in Tokyo. Beyond Blocks is an online and offline platform for blockchain enthusiasts to network, gather information and share insights of the industry. Beyond Blocks event was sponsored by Wanchain, AllSpark, Gamebank. UTour and Mold. Some of the topics of the panel discussions were the state of Japan, governance in Asian markets, blockchain in education, blockchain based payments, challenges and future of blockchain, and decentralized exchanges. Wookyun Kho, CEO of MediBloc, was interviewed by Beyond Blocks on the first day of the event and had the opportunity to share what MediBloc project is about and how decentralized healthcare information platform could reinvent the medical industry.

7) MediBloc team in a meeting with the Ministry of Science and ICT (April 6)

Eunsol Lee attended a meeting hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT. Entrepreneurs of businesses that utilize digital data have gathered to share the obstacles they face in the field and what they expect from the government to invigorate the ecosystem. Youngmin Yoo, the Minister of Science and ICT, emphasized he would strengthen the protection of private information of citizens while establishing the foundation for enterprises to utilize big data for their business. Minister Yoo added that Korean government believes now is the time to mitigate regulations and nurture industries, and will continue to communicate with enterprises regarding effective policies.

During the meeting, Eunsol stated that the paperless society is a prerequisite for the fourth industrial revolution. In the U.S. and other countries, governments provide their healthcare institutions with various incentives and require them to provide personal health records to individuals in digital format when requested. This laid the foundation for solid digital healthcare infrastructure for the countries. In Korea, however, personal health records are mostly written in paper or stored in compact disc which delays the advancement of digital healthcare service. Eunsol emphasized that personal health records should be both created and stored digitally and explained how the digital transformation and invigoration of digital healthcare service would advance the medical industry.

(photo courtesy of the Ministry of Science and ICT)

[MediBloc in the Media]

1) Meeting with Youngmin Yoo, the Minister of Science and ICT by Boan News

During the meeting, Minister Yoo encouraged the enterprises to keep working towards the goal of making Korea one of the leading countries of the fourth industrial revolution and promised that the ministry would support the data utilization for enterprises.


2) How did ‘MediBloc’ project start? by KINEWS

Wookyun explained that he and his co-founder developed a blockchain-based PHR platform to integrate and utilize fragmented medical data.


3) Promoters’ Convention of Blockchain Industry Association by KINEWS

Promoters of the association include SKT, Kakao, Shinhan Bank, Microsoft Korea, IBM Korea and MediBloc. Sehyun Oh, executive director of SKT, was appointed as the leader of the association.


👉🏻MediBloc Official Website:

MediBloc is a team of medical professionals, data architects and blockchain experts. Both founders are computer scientists, but prior to establishing the team, they had worked in medical industry as certified physician and dental surgeon. As a team, MediBloc aims to tackle the problems entrenched in PHR market and return the ownership of personal health information to individual patients using blockchain technology.




Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

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