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[MEDIBLOC TIMES] week 1–2, March

News and updates from MediBloc

[Community Updates]

MediBloc team had busy weeks meeting potential partners and supporters.

1) Blockchain, now stands as an industry Hosted by. SPRi (2/27)

Eunsol Lee, CEO of MediBloc, gave a presentation on Personal Healthcare Information Platform based on Public Blockchain at a forum, “Blockchain, now stands as an industry.” hosted by Software Policy & Research Institute(SPRi).

At this forum, Ryan Uhr, from CoinPlug, SaeYeol Park form IBM Korea, and Joongyup Lee from SPRi discussed the current landscape of Blockchain Industry and its future direction.

2) MediBloc, a company that dreams of healthcare innovation through blockchain technology (2/28)

RIDI Books, the leading publisher of e-books in Korea, has published an e-book describing the insights of MediBloc, which is establishing a new crypto economy based on blockchain technology. Through this e-book, RIDI Books explains the vision and value of the healthcare information platform, MediBloc, through an interview with Wookyun Kho, co-founder of MediBloc.

We hope this publication of RIDI Books could help the prospective entrepreneurs that are planning new services based on blockchain, and anyone who wants to apply the blockchain technology to his current business.

3) Founders of MediBloc Participated in the Torch Relay for PyeongChang Paralympic Games (3/5)

Wookyun Kho and Eunsol Lee, the founders of MediBloc, participated in the Torch Relay for PyeongChang Paralympic Games as torchbearers. 800 selected torchbearers run 80 kilometers for 8-days during this Torch Relay. MediBloc founders were selected to run as torchbearers for their endeavor in bringing innovation to healthcare IT system.

4) MediBloc at QTUM Dapps Seoul Meetup (3/9)

Wookyun Kho, CEO from MediBloc presented MediBloc’s vision and current progress at QTUM Dapps Seoul Meetup. In this Meetup, Founders from QTUM, INK Chain, Qbao, Space Chain and Venywhere discussed the current landscape of Korean Blockchain Industry.

[MediBloc in the Press]

  1. S. Korean Healthcare Companies Launch ICO Abroad by. BusinessKorea

Business Korea, one of the most influential economic media, featured MediBloc.
“Healthcare is considered one of sectors that can bring about most innovations through the blockchain technology. And MediBloc will reveal “blockchain-based personal medical information management app” that enables to manage scattered personal healthcare information in encrypted files on smartphones in the second half of this year.”

*Link :

2) IBM’s “Blockchain+Medical” 9 Investment Directions by. 搜狐网

In an interview with one of influential Chinese medias, 搜狐网, IBM introduced 9 investment guidelines for “Medical+Blockchain”. In this interview, IBM predicted that by 2020 more than half of hospitals in the world will use blockchain technology.

MediBloc was mentioned as a company building promising healthcare information platform on blockchain, along with IBM, Google, and Phillips, that are currently pursuing the healthcare blockchain.

*Link :

3) SBS Special analyzed the issues about the future of blockchain

“SBS Special”, a representative documentary of SBS that thoroughly explores hot topics, showed and analyzed the future of blockchain technology in depth. The program not only introduced the basics of blockchain technology but also introduced current use cases of blockchain technology in healthcare industry of Estonia and Miss Bitcoin Mai, who is an advisor of MediBloc and has a great influence in the Japanese crypto-currency communities.

Especially, through the introduction of Estonia’s healthcare system where it uses blockchain technology to identify the patient’s medical history in emergency situation for emergency treatment, the program let us take a sneak peak at the future of the healthcare industry that MediBloc strives to achieve.

*Link :

4) ICO success story of MediBloc through Personal Healthcare Information Sharing Model by. Maekyung Economy

Maekyung Economy, one of the most influential Korean Economy medias, introduced MediBloc and its successful ICO as a healthcare information blockchain.

Maekyung Economy highlighted that MediBloc was successful in its ICO as its business model dealing with sensitive personal health information is suitable for blockchain’s excellence in security in this time when many so-called “don’t ask” ICOs with inappropriate business models for blockchain technology are arising.

*Link :

👉🏻MediBloc Official Website:

MediBloc is a team of medical professionals, data architects and blockchain technologists. Both founders are computer scientists turned to medicine, turned entrepreneurs. MediBloc addresses the problems entrenched in PHR market and aims to give back the control of personal health info to the patients themselves using blockchain technology.



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