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[Community Updates]

This is what we’ve been up to the past two weeks!

1) TV Chosun Forum at Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry (March 14)

Eunsol Lee, CEO of MediBloc, gave a keynote speech on personal healthcare information system on blockchain technology at TV Chosun Forum. At this forum, John Henry Clippinger(MIT Media Lab Professor), Evan Caron(Executive Director of Swytch), and Kenneth Courtis(Former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asia) discussed the international financial markets upheaval and the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

2) Ask Me Anything(AMA) session with Dr. Allen Wookyun Kho (March 15)

We held an AMA session with Dr. Kho in our official Telegram chat. For those who missed the session, read the summary here.

3) Medigate News Special Seminar for Medical Professionals at KIMES 2018 (March 18)

Eunsol Lee gave a keynote speech on ‘Medical Professional to Entrepreneur’ at KIMES 2018. Numerous medical students and professionals certified by Medigate, the largest physician community in Korea, attended the seminar and shared their thoughts on their professional career. Lee shared the limitations he experienced in the medical industry, and what triggered him to become an entrepreneur and reinvent the industry.

4) MediBloc at Token2049 (March 20–21)

MediBloc team attended Token2049 in Hong Kong. Token2049, the largest digital asset event in Asia, took place in Hong Kong on March 20–21, 2018. Attendees from all around the globe explored the growing crypto ecosystem and discussed the trends in the market as a group. The team had the opportunity to interact with many people who were interested in the disruption that blockchain is bringing to the world.

5) MediBloc in a debate on business potential of blockchain technology (March 22)

Wookyun Kho and Eunsol Lee, co-founders of MediBloc, participated in a debate on business opportunities of blockchain technology. The debate was moderated by Kyungpil Nam, the governor of Gyeonggi Province, who has been a strong advocate of the technology. MediBloc team was joined by other blockchain companies and leaders including Hajin Jhun, the committee president of Korean Blockchain Association and former member of the National Assembly.

[MediBloc in the Media]

1) MediBloc, ‘Noteworthy IT Platform in Korea’ by DailyMedi

DailyMedi addressed the rising interest in medical cloud platform and the global trends in medical industry in its latest post. Major hospitals are looking for ways to share de-identified health information through cloud system for research purposes, and companies including Apple, Amazon, and JP Morgan are preparing for M&A to integrate health information and planning its own health information management platform. During his interview at KIMES 2018, Minhwa Lee, chairman of Korea Digital Hospital Export Agency, mentioned that similar efforts are being made in Korea as well, and picked MediBloc as a noteworthy IT platform.


2) CEO Interview by IT Chosun

In its interview, IT Chosun discusses why MediBloc was established, why it implemented blockchain technology, and the unique service model which has drawn a great deal of public attention. When asked what the main difference was from its similar services, Eunsol Lee stressed that the core differentiation of MediBloc comes from the approach the team is taking to create the platform, and reassured that the team will successfully complete the on-going project with major university hospitals.


👉🏻MediBloc Official Website:
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MediBloc is a team of medical professionals, data architects and blockchain experts. Both founders are computer scientists, but prior to establishing the team, they had worked in medical industry as certified physician and dental surgeon. As a team, MediBloc aims to tackle the problems entrenched in PHR market and return the ownership of personal health information to individual patients using blockchain technology.




Blockchain based Healthcare Information Ecosystem

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Personal Healthcare Information Ecosystem, built on blockchain

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