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MediBloc Wallet Guide- how to restore and send to Cosmostation wallet

Greetings from MediBloc team.

The MediBloc Mainnet upgrade will begin on August 11. After mainnet upgrade, MediBloc Coin (MED) will be staked and rewarded through Cosmostation App Wallet. So for the holder who have MED in MediBloc web wallet here’s a guide to send MED to Cosmostation wallet.

How to send MED from MediBloc wallet

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the amount of MED to transfer from the SEND section on the right side of the wallet. MediBloc wallet transaction fee is 1 MED.
  3. Copy and paste your Receiving address from Cosmo Station MediBloc [My Wallet] into the Recipient.
  4. Check the information you entered again and press SEND to start the remittance.

How to Create Cosmostation MediBloc Wallet

  1. Download Cosmostation from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
    Google Playstore. Apple App Store
  2. Launch the app, click [Create Wallet], and click [MediBloc Mainnet]. You can check the wallet address that starts with ‘panacea’ and check the mnemonic words by setting the password.
  3. Make a safe note of the mnemonic word and click [Create Wallet].
  4. MED deposits can be made to the address starting with ‘panacea’, which is shown on the top [My Address].
    *Old tokens, QRC20 MED and ERC20 MEDX cannot be deposited into Cosmostation Mainnet wallet.

If you have any questions regarding MediBloc web wallet please contact

Thank you

What if I lost your password or the Account Label I set up?

How to restore MediBloc wallet

There are two ways to restore MediBloc wallet. First, by entering the mnemonic(24 words) and second, by uploading the keyfile.

  1. Choose the restore method you are going to use.

2. From mnemonic words, locate your mnemonic words in orders
*You must keep your wallet mnemonic words safe, because anyone who knows your wallet words can steal your MED coins.

3.From keyfile, upload your wallet keyfile. The Panacea keyfile is .txt file that starts with ‘panacea’.



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