[NEWS] Oracle Medical Group Partners with MediBloc

Oracle Medical Group X MediBloc

Oracle Medical Group will officially employ MediBloc platform so that its patients can upload and download their health record through MediBloc service. MediBloc’s proposed service feature will fully be utilized to give benefits to Oracle’s patients, Oracle’s physicians themselves, and other participants coming onboard to MediBloc platform. Even payments for Oracle’s dermatology and cosmetic surgery service will be made through Medi Token (MED). MED will thus be a global payment solution for any Oracle service.

Through this agreement, MediBloc has acquired a case to expand its business in the future.

Oracle is world-renowned enterprise of dermatology and cosmetic surgery clinics with more than 70 branches throughout the world. There are 42 branches in Korea as of now. Starting international branch from Dalian in 2010, Oracle now has more than 25 branches in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. (http://www.oraclemedicalgroup.com/)

Oracle and MediBloc Signs a Partnership Contract

*Highlights of Oracle Medical Group X MediBloc partnership

  1. Oracle has global presence in Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Japan with more than 70 branches
  2. Oracle patients can securely collect and transfer their health record through MediBloc
  3. Oracle physicians can remotely consult their patients abroad through MediBloc
  4. Oracle patients can use Medi Token (MED) to make payments

As a global healthcare information platform, MediBloc is confident that we will lead the disruption in healthcare industry. Stay tuned and follow our progress!

Oracle Medical Group :http://www.oraclemedicalgroup.com/

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