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Osmosis DEX MED External Incentive Pool Open!

Greetings from the MediBloc team!

The proposal has passed and the External Incentive Pool has been activated on the Osmosis DEX. This pool is a time-limited pool which can receive not only OSMO, but also MED as a bonus through supplying liquidity to the Pool. The External Incentive was applied to the MED-OSMO Pool(#586) and the MED-ATOM Pool(#587). You can find upgraded pools under [Pools] > [External Incentive Pool] of the Osmosis DEX. The External Incentive Pool runs for 90 days from the time of activation. For more information, please refer to the following content.

Details of the External Incentive Pool

Applicable Pool : MED-OSMO (Pool #586), MED-ATOM (Pool #587)

External Incentive Pool period: 90 days following activation of the External Incentive Pool.

Total bonus: 12,222,720 MED

Pool allocation bonus quantity: Daily 67,904 MEDs are allocated as incentives to each pool for a period of 90 days.

Bonus quantity according to LP bonding period:

  • 1-day Bonding = 8,488 MED/day
  • 7-days Bonding = 25,465 MED/day
  • 14-days Bonding = 33,952 MED/day

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does “epochs” mean in the ‘Bonus bonding reward’ description?

A: ‘Epochs’ refers to the unit of time. In Osmosis, one epoch is one day. For example, ‘This pool bonding over N days will earn additional bonding incentives for 85 epochs’ indicates that there are 85 days left to receive the External Incentive Pool incentives. (Total = 90 epochs)

Q: I have deposited in advance in the previously opened Incentivized Pool, but should I move it to the External Incentive Pool?

A: Since the bonus is additionally applied to the existing pool, there is no need to take additional action if the deposit is made in advance.

Q: How is the APR of each pool determined?

A : The biggest factor in terms of APR change is TVL. The level of incentives distributed to each pool is constant. The higher the TVL, that is, the more liquidity is supplied, and thus the less each individual’s APR is because they share limited OSMO incentives with additional individuals. The higher the TVL, the more limited OSMO incentives shared with more people, so the individual’s APR decreases. However, the level of incentives distributed to the pool is not perpetually constant. Currently, Osmosis readjusts the intrinsic distribution rate once a week. 45% of OSMOs newly issued through block creation are used as incentives for LPs in all pools. At this time, distribution is made according to the maturity of each pool, not simply equally distributed to each pool. There are various factors which determine maturity, but the most representative is the number of swaps. In other words, the more swaps occur due to popularity, the more OSMO incentives are distributed, and the LPs in that pool are therefore assigned higher APRs.

Q: How can I participate in the External Incentive Pool?

A : After generating your Keplr wallet, connect to the Osmos DEX to provide liquidity. Please refer to the guide link below for more information.

🔗 [Keplr wallet creation/ Osmosis DEX deposit guide]

🔗 [Osmosis DEX Liquidity Supply Guide]



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