[ANN] Pre-Sale Participation Guideline

Oct 24, 2017 · 3 min read

Updated on 10/23/2017

10,000,000,000 MED
5,000,000,000 MED
QTUM only in Pre-Sale. ETH and BTC are also available in Main Sale
1 QTUM = 2,000 MED

  1. 1) Term: Nov. 13, 13:00 (UTC+9) ~ Nov.19, 24:00 (UTC+9)
    2) Cap: 1,000,000,000 MED
    3) Minimum Contribution: 3,000 QTUM or more
    4) Benefit: 10% Bonus will be provided

  2. 1) Term: Nov. 20, 13:00 (UTC+9) ~ Nov. 26, 24:00 (UTC+9)
    2) Cap: Within the total token sale supply
    3) Minimum Contribution: N/A
    4) Benefit: 5% Bonus will be provided

  3. 1) Term: Nov. 27, 13:00 (UTC+9) ~ Dec. 15, 24:00 (UTC+9)
    2) Condition: N/A
    3) Benefit: N/A

* This post shows participation guideline. Main Sale participation guideline will be announced on MediBloc official channel.

  1. Sign up and Log in to MediBloc Website
  2. Click “Contribute” button
  3. Agree to Terms and Conditions
  4. Submit government-issued identity information (KYC)
  5. Enter personal QTUM wallet address which will receive MED token
  6. Confirm ‘Wallet Deposit Address & Personal Data’
  7. Transfer QTUM
  8. Participation complete

Distributed with MED (QRC20) tokens within one month after all token sale is closed.

  1. USA/China nationalities cannot participate
  2. Must make the transaction from a personal QTUM wallet. (You can only participate through a wallet with a Private key. You cannot use a cryptocurrency exchange wallet.)
  3. Only one contribution is accepted per each round of Token sale per each QTUM wallet address.
  4. MUST double check DATA value designated to you. If you enter the wrong DATA, you will not get tokens until further verification is completed by MediBloc team.
  5. Token Sale participation is ONLY allowed during the stated sale periods.

● MediBloc does not hire any agencies and is not affiliated with any agencies for Token Sale. Do not participate in token sale through another person or an agency/group. ICO participation through an affiliated exchange can be allowed upon announcement.

● MediBloc will only use communication channels specified in our website to make any official announcements.

○ Official website: https://medibloc.org

○ Official support email: info@medibloc.org

● Unique token sale address will be issued separately for Pre-Sale Round One, Round Two, and Main Sale per each MediBloc account. Please verify your token sale address by logging into MediBloc’s official website.

● Please report to info@medibloc.org if there is any suspicious activity

● MediBloc does not make any representations or warranties related to the token sale, and all responsibility for the token sale is the sole responsibility of the token sale participant.

● Medibloc is conducting token sales in accordance with Gibraltar law, and token sale participants participate in token sale with all procedures and qualifications to participate in this token sale in accordance with the law of their nationality. Any consequences that arise from failure to follow the laws applicable to the procedure and qualifications of the participant’s jurisdiction will be borne by the token sale participant.

● Medibloc does not guarantee token sale participants any profits, including the investment principal, with respect to MED tokens and does not grant any other rights.

The token sale participant acknowledges that the participant fully understands the contents of the white papers provided by MediBloc and is participating in this token sale with the intention of fully accepting the risk of the failure of the project. The participant also acknowledges that the participant fully understands that MED tokens do not constitute any form of currency or security.


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