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USDT/MED on Bittrex Global Exchange

Greetings from MediBloc team!

On July 9, MED, our coin of MediBloc, was additionally listed on the Bittrex Global USDT Market, the world’s largest digital asset exchange. Now there are 2 markets that support MED coins with additional listing, the MED/BTC and MED/USDT markets.

MediBloc was listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange in 2018. Bittrex Global Exchange is one of the exchanges that supported MediBloc’s mainnet tokenswap. Bittrex Global is one of the longest-serving and most trusted digital asset exchanges, established in the US and headquartered in Liechtenstein, Europe.

Built on cutting-edge trading technology, Bittrex Global provides users with a secure platform on which to trade MED coins, with fast deposits and withdrawals, transparent reporting, and a custom-built trading engine.

It is expected that MED will trade more conveniently and more global cryptocurrency users will be informed of it through its additional listing on Bittrex Global. MediBloc is considering listing MED on various exchanges so that MED coin holders can trade MED more safely and conveniently. The MediBloc team will continue to expand its market presence for the convenience of our coin holders.

Thank you.

MediBloc Team

If you want to trade MED through Bittrex Global, please refer to the link below.

Click here to explore Bittrex Global



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