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Welcome Hyosung City Hospital!

Hello, this is the Medipass team. Medipass Insurance’s simple claim service will be expanded to patients at the Hyosung City Hospital.

In December 20, Medipass and Hyosung City Hospital successfully completed the linkage. In the future, all patients at Hyosung City Hospital can retrieve their medical treatment details data once they complete their identification with Medipass and can easily claim loss insurance. Hyosung City Hospital, which is linked to this Medipass, is an orthopedic hospital located in Haeundae-gu, Busan. Hyosung City Hospital, which has 11 departments and 148 beds, has been responsible for revitalizing local medical care for the past 20 years and is leading the advancement of the local medical environment by establishing 24-hour emergency medical services and digital medical information systems and providing cutting-edge medical services, such as artificial joint surgery and two-way spinal surgery.

Dr. Ohyoung Kwon, director of Hyosung City Hospital, said, “Starting with this link with Medipass, we will do our best to help patients at Hyosung City Hospital experience more diverse digital medical services. Through cooperation with MediBloc, we will be able to establish an integrated medical information system and provide personalized medicine to patients”

Dr. Eunsol Lee, CEO of MediBloc, said, “I am happy to successfully link Hyosung City Hospital and Medipass.” MediBloc will continue to have a healthy network with all insurers and medical institutions working to build a patient-centered platform. “We plan to create a good example of a medical platform by expanding the scope of our business so that patients can safely manage and utilize medical information.” Medipass is a blockchain-based healthcare service that allows patients to safely manage and utilize healthcare data generated through medical institutions and individuals. Immediately after installation, Medipass can check, through simple self-certification, the medical history of 11 large hospitals, including Samsung Medical Center, Seoul National University Hospital, and Severance Hospital. After treatment is complete, it takes only about 10 seconds to easily claim insurance. Medipass is a highly satisfactory service for users as it supports not only large hospitals but also hospital fees, pharmacy prescriptions, and family claims. Moving forward, we will actively attract Medipass and cooperative medical institutions and companies, as well as strive to expand the Medipass platform. So, please continue to show a lot of interest and support.

Thank you.

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