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Open Letter to Vice President Mike Pence RE: US COVID-19 Response

March 13, 2020


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To: Vice President Mike Pence

Re: The COVID-19 Outbreak in the United States — Medical Community Recommendations for Immediate Action

Vice President Pence,

We have lost our chance to contain this pandemic and are now facing an unmitigated medical disaster. This administration’s response has actively undermined our ability to care for patients by perpetuating misinformation and downplaying the looming threat this infection poses to the public. Ensuring health security is the fundamental duty and responsibility of government at all levels and we implore you to prioritize protecting our people over political and economic considerations.

We see ourselves making decisions in the next weeks and months on who will live, and who will die because we don’t have resources sufficient to care for them. We have heard the stories second- and farther-hand from China and Italy and have no reason to think the United States won’t suffer the same fate. We must flatten the curve of this pandemic to save lives.

Here are our recommendations:

1. Establish and empower, with true autonomy to act on medical decisions, a full-time, multidisciplinary team of public health and medical experts (Infectious Disease, Emergency Medicine, Fire/paramedic, Critical Care needed) who staff a central nation-wide command center to direct a coordinated national response. This must include:

  • A national call center that receives twice-daily or more updates from current or newly-established state-wide transfer call centers. The purpose of these call centers is to have a centralized place where front-line care providers in each state can call to coordinate transfers of patients to areas with higher levels or greater capacity for delivering care.
  • There should be an ethics team writing recommended guidelines for how to allocate resources when they become limited that is made public. First-come, first-serve cannot be the answer. It will need to be utilitarian in nature.
  • A healthcare information line for front-line care providers with written, recorded and video updates that are meticulously kept up to date.
  • Expansion of the CDC information for all to find the latest updates — with up to date national recommendations with translational services keeping all information immediately updated when changes are made. This is the information people need to know how to stay safe and where to go as things get worse.

2. Pass a nationwide stimulus package now to support families who will miss work and school. We will need our communities to pool resources and staff childcare centers in schools that aren’t necessarily licensed. People should have ways to collaborate on childcare sharing in their homes where there are no elderly/at risk individuals. This is an important call to action for the community that will help keep low-income families supported. This will NOT be perfect and it will be better than if we don’t do anything. Priority needs to be given in school-based care centers to children of essential workers including healthcare workers, environmental service workers, essential service providers, and first-responders.

3. Close schools proactively, with the intent to slow the spread (ie. “flatten the curve”) so as not to overwhelm the healthcare system. When and how to do this should be determined at the local and state levels. A priority is to keep food, childcare and shelter options in place for students who depend on them. We must temporarily lift the current restrictions limiting where school-based food programs may distribute food. Recommendation #2 will need to be in place concurrently to allow workers to find options for childcare.

4. Expansive, safely executed, reliable testing is needed immediately. We need to identify emergency replacements for every step of the supply chain for these tests, corroborate their accuracy, and distribute them rapidly and equitably. In the meantime, we need clear allocation plans so we can identify infected individuals to care for them and take steps to decrease risk to others. Mobile, drive through testing must be instituted and preferably self-testing at-home kits (similar to kits in Seattle supported by The Gates Foundation). Testing needs to happen outside of the ER and hospitals as much as possible.

5. Eliminate all evictions and mortgage foreclosures until COVID-19 has been contained.

6. Establish paid leave support for all vulnerable families.

7. Maximize production of masks, mechanical ventilators, hand sanitizer, viral testing swabs, test reagents, etc. to maintain the supply chain in what will be an unprecedented need. Other medical supplies (intravenous fluids, oxygen masks/tubing, supportive medications including antibiotics and resuscitation medications) will need to have increased production to maintain supplies to treat this infection. We need tactical and massive increased production of all these resources.

8. Waive patient costs for care given in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

9. Enable virtual medicine to be used in all venues, decreasing face-to-face transmission within care delivery. This would require lifting Medicare restrictions on non-rural virtual medicine visits [addendum: this is already in process].

10. Establish COVID-19 positive and negative shelters for our houseless populations in as many metropolitan regions as possible. Expand housing options through hotels and mobile homes as necessary.

11. Establish clear and data-driven social isolation recommendations. No one should leave their homes in impacted regions except for medical care, essential supplies, essential work services and compelling other reasons that are clearly defined. Virtual work options should be encouraged for all businesses, whenever possible.

12. Hospitals must be able to test outpatients, inpatients, and emergency room patients commercially, rather than transporting tests and running them centrally. If private labs are being used for COVID-19 testing, they must be required to report the outcomes of all tests to local health authorities and the CDC.

13. A tracking method at the state level for people self quarantined must be instituted for public health surveillance and follow up.

14. We need guidelines for nursing, retirement and group homes, including optimized social isolation and sanitation processes, separation of COVID-19 positive patients into units or even separate nursing homes to minimize transmission.

15. Healthcare workers, including first-responders, are at high risk for infection and death according to China’s experience. We immediately need sufficient and appropriate personal protective attire/equipment and comprehensive testing availability for all at-risk healthcare workers.

16. Maximize oxygen supplies by stockpiling/making oxygen as rapidly as possible. Hospitals in impacted areas have run out, and this will be a core life-sustaining support. [addendum: we understand getting approval for home oxygen through distributors must also be liberated as this has been limited by billing issues in some areas]

17. Each state should make and maintain a record of all available ventilators with the capability to transport them to the areas with the greatest need. Anesthesia ventilators can be used in the ICUs if the ORs aren’t being used. Firefighter transfer vents may also be used.

18. We should strive to have available hand sanitizer and masks available at the entrance to all open businesses. Priority for these resources must go to medical care delivery.

19. Temporary ventilators of new designs that may be urgently manufactured, preferably with built-in oxygen concentration if possible, will be needed in the near future — we should contract with innovators to create these now.

20. Medical workforce expansion plans need to be created and implemented.

21. State medical boards must work together for emergent and free licensing for medical personal so medical providers can cross states lines for patient care.

22. Xenophobia is fomenting racist language and behavior against patients and providers. All leaders, at every level, should speak out against it so that it does not lead to violence and compromise.

[additions after 1017 signers had already signed]

23. We need to protect our incarcerated populations in all detention facilities, ideally separating COVID-19 positive individuals from negative. Comprehensive infection control will be nearly impossible, and consideration should be given for allowing appropriate detainees/inmates to leave facilities.

24. Enact consumer protections for all necessary goods and services immediately, especially those to deliver healthcare. ALL prices for medications, supplies and insurance costs should be frozen at the prices as of March 13, 2020 or earlier.

You and this administration must take action now. Our country has overcome adversity before. We need the tools to do it again. We need the tools to save lives.

If you are a medical professional and would like to add your name, CLICK HERE.

*DISCLAIMER: All persons listed below are signing as individuals, their opinions as stated are their own and do not represent the position of their organization or employers.*

**Due to the need to update names manually, names will be updated at least three times daily. Thank you for your patience and support**


  1. Maxine Dexter, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Portland, OR
  2. Smitha R. Chadaga, MD; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  3. Esther Choo, MD MPH; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  4. Vesna Jovanovic, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  5. T. Domi Le, MD; Gastroenterology; Portland, OR
  6. Sharon Meieran, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  7. Lisa Reynolds, MD; Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  8. Naureen Attiullah, MD; Psychiatry; Sharon, MA
  9. Navneet Dhillon , MD ; Hematology Oncology; Woodstock GA
  10. Emily Coombes, DO; Hospital Medicine, Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  11. Jessica Hill, MD; Emergency Medicine; San Diego, CA
  12. Ann Snyder, MD; Family Medicine; McKinney,TX
  13. Alissa Baker, MD; Pediatric Oncology; New York, NY
  14. Natalie Spicyn, MD, MHS; Internal Medicine & Pediatrics; Baltimore, MD
  15. Lauren K. Shawn, MD; Emergency Medicine; Chappaqua, NY
  16. Krupali Tejura , MD; Radiation Oncology ; Los Angeles, CA
  17. Elizabeth Blain, DO; Internal Medicine; York, PA
  18. Adriane D Latz, MD; Pediatric Otolaryngology; Kansas City MO
  19. Mona LaBar, MD; Pathology; Portland, OR
  20. Michele McElroy, MD; Pathology; Portland, OR
  21. Timmi Claveria, MD; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Beaverton, OR
  22. Kavitha Conti, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Pittsburgh, PA
  23. Natasha R Minnaert, DO; Family Medicine; Galesville WI
  24. Dr. Michelle Love, MD; Family Medicine; New York, NY
  25. Ahou Meydani-Korb, MD; Dermatology; Boston, MA
  26. Jennifer Brady, MD; Internal Medicine ; Portland OR
  27. Natalie Robiou , MD; Pediatrics; Glendale, CA
  28. Jennifer Hronkin, MD; Family Medicine; Denver CO
  29. Joshua Yoder, RN BSN; Staff Nurse/Nurse Educator; Albany, OR
  30. Minal Shah, MD; Internal Medicine Hospitalist; Colorado Springs, CO
  31. Sarah Pickel, MD; Pediatrics; Round Rock, Texas
  32. Neha Majmudar, MD; Internal Medicine; Sinking Spring
  33. Jennifer Cowart, MD, FHM; Hospital Internal Medicine; Jacksonville, FL
  34. Karen Hanna, M.D. MD, General Surgery; Vista, Caa
  35. Toral Kamdar, MD; Allergy/Immunology Berkeley, CA
  36. Allison J Allen, MD; Maternal-Fetal Medicine/Genetics; Portland, OR
  37. Lindsay Tarr, MD; Pediatrics, Urgent Care; Seattle, WA
  38. Robyn Hubbard , MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology ; Grand Rapids, MI
  39. Christine Cha, MD; Radiation Oncology: Portland, OR
  40. Melaura Wittemyer, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  41. Alec Ziemann, 3rd year Medical Student; Lakewood, WA
  42. Dr. Anita Gaind , MD, MPH, FACP Internal Medicine; Pleasant Hill, CA
  43. Star Tiko, MD, MPH; General Surgery; Philadelphia, PA
  44. Lindsay Stanley, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  45. Julie Dostal, MD; Family Medicine; Zionsville PA
  46. Kristina Haley, DO, MCR; Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; Portland, OR
  47. Emmanuelle Pare, MD; Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Portland, OR
  48. Laura Sinai, MD; Pediatrics; Charlotte, NC
  49. Faith Galderisi , DO; Pediatric Hematology Oncology; Portland, OR
  50. Jaekyoung A. Hong. mD; Interventional Cardiology; Medford, OR
  51. Eiko Browning, MD; Hematology Oncology; Denver CO
  52. Wendy Hasson, MD; Pediatric Critical Care; Portland, OR
  53. Srividya Bhadriraju, MD, MBA; Internal Medicine, Pediatrics; New York, NY
  54. Esther Vorovich, MD MSCE; Advanced Heart Failure/Transplant; Wilmette
  55. Jeffrey Stanley, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  56. Jill Miller, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, Oregon
  57. Arian Nachat, MD; Emergency Med / Hospice & Palliative Med; Portland
  58. Jennifer Stromberg, MD; Family Medicine; Raleigh, NC
  59. Leilazkhan, MD; Endocrine; Cleveland, Ohio
  60. Lydia McNeary, MD; PM&R; Roanoke, VA
  61. Amanda Holland-Yang, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  62. Josephine Reece, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Morgantown, WV
  63. Crystal Sparling, MD, MPH; Pediatrics; Blanchard, OK
  64. Alexandra Butler, MD; Pediatrics; Portland OR
  65. Kate O’Mara, DO; Diagnostic Radiology; Burlington, WI
  66. Tracy G Sanson, MD; Emergency Medicine; Lutz, Fl
  67. Trevor Phillips, MD; Emergency Medicine; Salem, Oregon
  68. Shannon Reynolds, MD; Pediatrics; Cambridge
  69. Lennox McNeary, MD Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Roanoke, VA
  70. Amanda Holland-Yang, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  71. Josephine Reece, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Morgantown, WV
  72. Crystal Sparling, MD, MPH; Pediatrics; Blanchard, OK
  73. Alexandra Butler, MD, Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  74. Kate O’Mara, DO; Diagnostic Radiology; Burlington, WI
  75. Tracy G Sanson MD, FACEP
  76. Trevor Phillips, MD; Emergency Medicine; Salem, OR
  77. Shannon Reynolds, MD; Pediatrics; Cambridge MA
  78. Michelle Gonsalves, DO; Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine; Naples, FL
  79. Sharon Nichols, DO, Cardiology, Orlando, FL
  80. Marium Holland, MD, MPH&TM; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Walnut Creek, CA
  81. Gabriela Rosas-Garcia MD, Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, NYC-NY
  82. Archana Jayakumar, MD, Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, South San Francisco, CA
  83. Jessica Schemm, MD; psychiatry; Salem, OR
  84. Cindy S. Anderson, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Arlington, VA
  85. Adrienne B Neithardt, REI, Delaware
  86. Lindsay Field FNP Student Health; Portland OR
  87. Chau Le, DO; Family Medicine; Vancouver, WA
  88. Darshana Shanbhag MD Internal Medicine Bellevue Washington
  89. Rachel Rackow MD MPH; Palliative Medicine; Portland OR
  90. Jenny Hung, MD; Pediatrics; Los Angeles, CA
  91. Robin Telerant, MD, Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Portland, OR
  92. Rachael Wojtovich, MD; Pediatrics; Rochester, NY
  93. Lauren Nentwich, MD, Emergency Medicine, Boston, MA
  94. Hannah Janeway, MD Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  95. Trang Moore, MD; Internal Medicine; Salem, OR
  96. Jody Robinson, MD, Psychiatry; Denver, CO
  97. Emily Grigsby, MD, Emergency Medicine, Orange, CA
  98. Huy Hoang, PharmD; Assistant Professor; Hillsboro, OR
  99. April Crofut, MD; Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  100. Deborah Alexander, MD, FACP; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  101. Anna Powell, MD Family and Obesity Medicine Gainesville, GA
  102. Lauren Damle, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology
  103. Jori Fleisher, MD MSCE; Movement Disorders, Neurology; Chicago, IL
  104. Ashley de Padua, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehab; Cleveland, OH
  105. Cynthia Herrick, MD, MPHS; Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism; St. Louis, MO
  106. Anu French MD Pediatrics St Louis MO
  107. Isadora Roth, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  108. MelInda B. Balarbar, MD; Family Medicine; DFW, TX
  109. Rachel Friedman, MD; Family Medicine; Santa Rosa,, CA
  110. Elizabeth McGuire, MD, Child and adolescent psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA.
  111. Molly M. Herr, MD; Pediatric Anesthesiology; Rochester, MN
  112. Jenifer Butler, MD; Hospitalist; Santa Cruz, CA
  113. Michael Fox, DO; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  114. Heather Fox, MD hospitalist Portland, OR
  115. Lauren Champion, DO; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  116. Andrew Prussack, MD; Anesthesiology; Ann Arbor, MI
  117. James C. Fletcher, MD; Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine; Greenville, NC
  118. Leigh Hedrick, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  119. Su Liu, MD; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  120. Jill Christensen MD, MPH; Family Medicine; Milwaukie, OR
  121. Yvonne Kleypas MSN RN CIC (Infection Preventionist)
  122. Cristi Egenolf, MD; Family Medicine; Derry, NH
  123. Joanna Olsen, MD, PhD; Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Portland, OR
  124. Emily Huber, MD; Hospice and Palliative Medicine; Portland, OR
  125. Ronda Keller D.O. Internal medicine. Portland Oregon
  126. Shirin Doratotaj, MD; Pediatric Hematology & Oncology; Portland, OR
  127. Mini Varughese, Internal medicine, Texas
  128. Carrie Sopata, MD MPH, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Charlottesville, VA
  129. Angela Verardo, MD; Pediatric Endocrinology; Norwalk, CT
  130. Colleen McCormick, MD MPH; Gynecologic Oncology; Portland, OR
  131. Andrea Matsumura, MD; Sleep Medicine/Internal Medicine; Portland , OR
  132. Heather Bentley Offenstein, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Medicine, Hospitalist; Lincoln City, OR
  133. Rolla Jaber, MD; Dermatology; Manassas, VA
  134. Payal Shah, MD, Emergency Medicine, Portland, OR
  135. Sherry L. Cavanagh; VascularSurgery; Grand Blanc, MI
  136. Ameet Jhooty, MD, Internal Medicine Hospitalist, PORTLAND, OR
  137. Lisa Luu, D.O., Pediatrics, Alhambra, CA
  138. Nicole Post, DO Family Practice
  139. Marilyn L Replogle, Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Portland, OR
  140. Karin Ljungquist, MD; Orthopaedic Surgery; Portland, OR
  141. Lisa Duhon, MD; Internal Medicine; Oklahoma City, OK
  142. Leela Sirotkin, MD; Emergency Medicine; Orlando, FL
  143. Vaji Dharmasena M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology, San Jose, CA
  144. Anna Slattery, DO; General Pediatrics; Lenexa, KS
  145. Chantelle Baldwin, DO ND; Integrative Medicine and Primary Care; Eugene, OR
  146. Anna Schroeder, MD; Emergency Medicine; Dallas, Texas
  147. Melissa L. Suarez, DO; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Mullica Hill, NJ
  148. Allen Zeitlin, MD; Anesthesiology; Portland OR
  149. Allison K Davis, MD FACS St. Louis, MO
  150. Melissa Freeman MD, Neurology, Washington
  151. Sarah Harnois, MD; Internal medicine; Portland, ME
  152. Zheyan Chen, MD PhD; Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine; Portland, OR
  153. Matthew Gibson, MD; Family Medicine & Psychiatry; Sacramento, CA
  154. Lauren Sanlorenzo MD MPH; Neonatology, Nashville TN
  155. Eryn McClutchey, DO, Family Medicine, Des Moines, IA
  156. Carrie Ball MD
  157. Sandra Barton MD, SNF And Home Health MD, Portland, OR
  158. Joan Nelson PA-C; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  159. Jarrad Maiers, MD; Emergency Medicine; Farmington, NM
  160. Luisa Massari,MD; Family Medice, Baltimore,Md.
  161. Laura Adler, MD, Psychiatry, El Paso, Texas
  162. Shital Patel, MD; Anesthesiology; Cincinnati, OH
  163. Sejal Hathi, MD, Internal Medicine; Boston, MA
  164. Amy Hardy, BSN RN; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Portland, OR
  165. Kimberly Shields, DO; Family Medicine; Portland, O
  166. Namita Singh, MD, Oakland, CA
  167. Jill Edminster DO, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist Portland, OR
  168. Sameer Bakhda, MD, Emergency Medicine, Monterey, CA
  169. Vanessa Chan, DO; Geriatric and Family Medicine; Los Angeles, CA
  170. William Janes, Lac; Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  171. Pratiksha Yalakkishettar MD, Worcester, MA
  172. Kathryn Hughes, MD, General Surgery, Falmouth, MA
  173. Elaine Hannah MSN ACNP Charlottesville Va
  174. Rana Rand, DO; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Berkeley, CA
  175. Heidi Friesen Wutzke, BSN; gastroenterology; Portland, OR
  176. Jennifer Aye, DO, Ophthalmology, Detroit, Michigan
  177. Thomas Cooney, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  178. Mercie DiGangi, DO; pediatrician; Downey, CA
  179. Kelly Heape, MD, Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine, Carson City, NV
  180. Iris Mandell MD, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, New York, NY
  181. Emi Ponce de Souza, MD; Neonatology; Seattle, WA
  182. Suzanne Gayton, MD; Emergency Medicine; Myrtle Beach, SC
  183. Mary Kay Ness MD; Family Medicine; Rochester, NY
  184. Erin Bushell, MD, Anesthesiologist, Seattle, WA
  185. Karli Edholm, MD, FACP; Internal Medicine Hospitalist; Bozeman, MT
  186. Christine Chen, MD; Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  187. Heidi H Ewen, PhD, Director MS in Healthcare Management
  188. Alison Downes, MD; Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics; Philadelphia, PA
  189. Saadia Ilyas MD, Family Medicine, Marietta, GA
  190. Sarah Copeland, MD, PhD, Pediatric Neurology, Portland, OR
  191. Vandna Jerath, MD, FACOG, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Parker, Colorad
  192. Morgan Leafe, MD, MHA; Pediatrician; Santa Barbara, CA
  193. Chantelle Baldwin, DO ND; Integrative Medicine and Primary Care; Eugene, OR
  194. Catherine Burdett, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  195. Margaret George, MD; Geriatric and Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  196. Jennifer Bennett, MD Anesthesiologist, Billings, MT
  197. Jessica Malone, MD, Internal Medicine, Las Vegas, NV
  198. Margaret George, MD; Geriatric and Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  199. Sara Aghamohammadi, MD; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine; Sacramento, CA
  200. Laura Hase, MD. Family Medicine. Two Harbors, M
  201. Jennifer LeTourneau, DO; Critical Care Medicine, Portland, OR
  202. Maria Sturchler, MD EdD, Emergency Medicine, San Diego CA
  203. Lilibeth Sanchez, DO, MPH; General Surgery; Albuquerque, NM
  204. Brooke Howitt, MD, Pathology, Stanford, CA
  205. Casey Ferguson, MD; Addiction Medicine; Portland, OR
  206. Veronica Vittone, MD; Internal Medicine; Houston, TX
  207. Kira Fraser, MD; Anesthesia; Colorado Springs, CO
  208. Sarah Bull, MD; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Denver, CO
  209. Naomi Whalen, MD; Emergency Medicine; Rock Island, IL
  210. Humza Ilyas, MD; Dermatology; Atlanta, GA
  211. Sheila Woodford DAOM, DiplOm, LAc, Los Angeles, CA
  212. Sarah Mermelstein, MD; Pediatrics; St. Louis, MO
  213. SIsira Reddy, MD. Atlanta, Ga
  214. Reema Sethi, MD, Emergency Medicine; Livonia, MI
  215. Diana Tiganus MD, Vancouver-WA, Primary Care
  216. Matthew A. Gutierrez, MD; Hospitalist, Internal Medicine; Martinez, CA
  217. Amanda Schuck-Phan, DO; Pediatric Gastro; Houston, TX
  218. Jennifer Kay, M.D. ; Family Medicine; Omaha , NE
  219. Sarah Nelson-Taylor, MD PhD, Pediatrics, Denver, CO
  220. Stephanie Tutak, MD; Internal Medicine; Bronx, NY
  221. Christine Wolski, MD pediatric Hospital Medicine, Cincinnati OH
  222. Michael Duran, MD; Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  223. Lakshmana Swamy, MD MBA, Pulmonary & Critical Care, Boston, MA
  224. Gordon Chen, MD; Anesthesiology; Sacramento, CA
  225. Amy Collins MD, Emergency Medicine, Framingham, MA
  226. Mari Kai, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  227. Anika Denali Luengo, MD; OB/GYN; Portland, OR
  228. Amy M Guzek, M.D.; Pediatrics; Chandler, Az
  229. Leah Newman, MD, Harrisburg,NC
  230. Julie Tillman, MD; Ob/Gyn Hospitalist; Indianapolis, I
  231. Crystal Wong, MD; Neurology; Pittsburgh, PA
  232. Christy Meade Olivier MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Portland OR
  233. Nisha Pinto, MD; pediatric anesthesia, Chicago, IL
  234. Allison Mullarney, DO Internal Medicine Hospitalist. Trenton, NJ
  235. Nicole Drezner, MD; Pediatric Oncology; Owings, MD
  236. Qian Liya Leng, MD, MPH — Hospital Medicine, Portland, OR
  237. Sarah Russell, M.D. Family Medicine, Napa, CA
  238. Shelby Elenburg, MD, Allergy & Immunology, Washington DC
  239. Aoife O’Sullivan, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  240. Emily Kelley, MS, CGC; Genetic Counselor; Boston, MA
  241. Michelle Thompson, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  242. Jamie Brown-Shpigel; Anesthesiology; Saint Louis, MO
  243. Diana Mahar, MD, Pediatrics, Pinole, CA
  244. Diana Gill, MD, OB/GYN, Portland, OR
  245. Nevena Willcox, MD; Hospital Medicine; Texas
  246. Amy Garcia, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Portland, OR
  247. Kimberly Mason, MD, MPH, IM Hospitalist, Woodstock, GA
  248. Mandilin Hudson, DO, Psychiatry, Corvallis, OR
  249. Sarah Dyckman, PA-C; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Salem, OR
  250. Lise Hauser, DNP, APRN; Obstetrics, Chicago, IL
  251. Brady Thomas, MD, Neonatology, Iowa City, IA
  252. Lindsey Geiger MA LMFT, Evergreen, CO
  253. Will Jang, MD; Anesthesiology; Portland, OR
  254. ASHFAQ Assadi MD, Anesthesiology, Dallas,TX
  255. Rob Mayer, NP; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  256. Kathrin Meyers, DO; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  257. Connie Jan, MD; Pediatrics; Houston, TX
  258. Priya Farooq, MD; Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Cincinnati, OH
  259. Joseph Chuan, MD; Anesthesiology; Houston , TX
  260. Cinthia Gallegos, MD Infectious Disease Medicine, Bedford, Tx
  261. David Young, MD Emergency Medicine, Bridgeport, Connecticut
  262. Jennifer Ellen Bishop, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  263. Amanda Butler, PA-C, Primary Care/Family Medicine in Underserved area, Independence, OR
  264. Lucy Pontrelli, MD; Pediatrics; Brooklyn, NY
  265. Rachel Sidwell, MD; Pediatrics; Dayton, OH
  266. Ashton Nottebart, Pediatric RN, Houston, TX
  267. Reuben Maggard md nephrology jacksonville fl
  268. Elizabeth Dei Rossi, MD; Emergency Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  269. Deborah Carritte, MD; Anesthesiologist, Loma Linda, CA
  270. Angie Reynolds MD, Family Medicine Vancouver, Washington
  271. Karen Lytle-Glover, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Newark, DE
  272. Judith Ann (Jan) Bays, MD; Pediatrician, Portland, OR
  273. Lara Hodel, MD; Family Medicine with Obstetrics; Seattle, WA
  274. Kelly Perlewitz, MD, Medical Oncology, Newberg OR
  275. Erica Delgado, MD Internal medicine; Portland OR
  276. MaryAnn Curl, MD MS Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
  277. Nazia Raja-Khan, MD, Endocrinology, Hershey, PA
  278. Victoria Yang MD; Pediatric Hospital Medicine; Dallas TX
  279. Seema Dewani ,MD psychiatry. Portland. Oregon
  280. Beena Mathai-Jose, MD, MPH;New Hyde Park, NY
  281. Karla Hennebold, MD Pediatrics; Hillsboro, Oregon
  282. Lourdes Travieso, MD; Pediatrics; Miami, FL
  283. Pradnya Mhatre M.D.
  284. Lisa Fuller, PharmD; Solid Organ Transplant; Dallas, TX
  285. Amy Hale, MD; Family Medicine; Columbus, IN
  286. Saskia Hostetler Lippy, MD: Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  287. Alicia Zysman Cromwell, MD, Family Medicine, Rochester, NY
  288. Patricia Buker, MD; Dermatology, Lexington, Kentucky
  289. Heather Dryden, MD;Internal Medicine;St. Helens,OR
  290. Alison Matthews, MD, Pediatrics, Cleveland, Ohio
  291. Fara Shikoh, MD; Radiology; Lexington, KY
  292. Cynthia Worden, DO; Family Medicine; Gladstone, OR
  293. Donna Perlin, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Nashville,TN
  294. Mimi Zieman MD, GYN, Atlanta GA
  295. Juliann Kury, MD; Family Medicine; Durham, NC
  296. Josie Boyle, DNP/FNP
  297. Joseph V. Surdacki, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Plano, TX
  298. Traci Kurtzer, MD, OBGYN, Chicago IL
  299. Namieta Janssen MD Rheumatology Houston Texas
  300. Sarah Holstein, MD, PhD; Hematology/Oncology; Omaha, NE
  301. Karissa Merritt, DO, Family Medicine, Springfield, MO
  302. Dawn N. Stuckwisch, MD; Emergency and Urgent Care Medicine; greenwood, IN
  303. P Vellozo, MD; Internal Medicine; Jonesboro, AR
  304. Jodi Mayfield, MD; Pediatric Oncology; Albuquerque, NM
  305. Jewell Henley, MD; Hospital and Family Medicine. Naperville, IL
  306. Alison L. Toback, DO, MPH; Pediatrics; Allentown, PA
  307. Laura Owens, MD; Pediatrics/Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Wilmington, DE
  308. Jennifer Zhan, MD; Emergency Medicine; Los Angeles, CA
  309. Samara Laynor, MD; Cardiology; Tacoma, WA
  310. April Anderson, MD, Emergency Medicine, Boynton Beach, FL
  311. Ioannis Zouzias, M.D.; Orthopaedic Surgery; Garden City, New York
  312. Kersha Pennicott, MD; Pediatric Hospital Medicine; Miami, FL
  313. Megan Butler, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Little Rock, AR
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  319. Marissa olegario-nebel MD PMR Modesto California
  320. Barbara Goldstein, MD; Dermatology; Parkland, FL
  321. Vicky Wang, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland,OR
  322. Kanchsn Mishra, MD, Neonatal-Perinatal medicine, Broward, FL
  323. Jennifer Vazquez-Bryan, MD, family medicine, Olympia, WA
  324. Sarah Hellmann, DO OB/Gyn
  325. Jill Speaker, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Vancouver, WA
  326. Shannon Boustead MD; Family Medicine; Bellingham, WA
  327. Jillan Rowbotham, DO; Internal Medicine; New Jersey
  328. Catherine McGuinn MD
  329. Eric Maur, MD; Emergency Medicine; Hickory, NC
  330. Darby Sider, MD, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics; Parkland, FL
  331. Nicholas Dalessandro, Internal Medicine, Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  332. John Rich, RN, BSN, Faith Community Nurse, Evansville, IN
  333. Barbara Denianke, MD; general pediatrics
  334. Jennie Champion, MD; Pediatric Critical Care; Portland, OR
  335. Margarita Cantir, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hoboken, NJ
  336. Rokshana R.Thanadar, MD; Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, Suffolk,VA
  337. Ray Blum. M.D. Infectious Disease, Denver, CO
  338. Elizabeth Picologlou, MD; Internal medicine — Hospitalist; Portland, OR
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  340. Sadia Ali, MD, Miami, FL
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  348. Sophie snow md emergency medicine Portland Oregon.
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  369. Susan Lipson, MD, Family Medicine, PA
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  407. Caitlin BSN pediatric emergency. PORTLAND, OR
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  426. Christian Wolff, MA, Psychologist Associate (Oregon, Inactive); Red Cross Disaster Action Team member, Fort Wayne, IN
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  477. Alina Geller, DO; OB/GYN; Portland, OR
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  479. Sean Bhatia, MD; Internal Medicine
  480. Sarah Green, MD, pediatric hospitalist, Portland, Oregon
  481. Monica Clifton, RN Anacortes, WA
  482. Emily H Othus-Allred, Physical Therapy Assistant (retired) Portland, Oregon
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  495. Urmee Hossain, MD, Hospitalist. Portland,OR
  496. Anita Shah, DO; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Chicago, IL
  497. Menchu Manahan, RN, NY
  498. Taejin Min, MD PhD; Diagnostic Radiology, Atlanta, GA
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  503. Stephanie Hsu, MD; pediatric endocrinology, Aurora, CO
  504. Christine Johnson, MD; Hematology / Medical Oncology; Portland, OR
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  508. Rob Carter, RN, BSN, Nursing Supervisor, Nashville, TN
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  510. Mahesh Krishnamurthy MD; Internal Medicine; Easton, PA
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  513. Marina Tilich, MD; Urgent Care Medicine; Lancaster, PA
  514. Virginia, RN, MPH
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  527. Alessa Crossan, MD; ophthalmology, washington DC
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  529. Pamela Day, Retired RN, Anacortes, Wa
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  540. Lina E Aguirre, MD, Endocrinology, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  541. Simona A Parau , MD , Hospitalist, Portland , OR
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  547. Ria Battaglino, MD, FAPA, Psychiatry, Cary, NC
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  550. Victoria Danhakl, MD; anesthesiology, Los Angeles, CA
  551. Punam Hugo, DO; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  552. Gloria Tumbaga M.D
  553. Jennifer Adair, M.D.; Emergency medicine; Charleston, South Carolina
  554. Sharon Butcher, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Memphis, TN
  555. Robert Dexter, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland OR
  556. MaryBeth Miotto, MD,MPH; Pediatrics; Worcester, MA
  557. Michael Wang, MD; Infectious Diseases; St. Joseph, MI
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  560. Sid Hugo, DO; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
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  562. Regan Duffy, MD MPH; Medical Oncology; Portland, OR
  563. Dan Seitz, MD; Emergency Medicine; Indianapolis, IN
  564. Erika Maria Moseson, MD, MA; Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine; Portland, OR
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  567. Courtney Clifton, MD; Anesthesiology; Champaign, IL
  568. Meera Jain; Internal Medicine and Medical Education; Portland, OR
  569. Samudyatha Kumar, MD; Internal Medicine & Geriatric Medicine; Portland OR
  570. Anna Cheng, MD; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Rowland Heights, C
  571. Tiffany Liu, MD; Adult General Neurology; Lafayette, LA
  572. Carlos O’Bryan MD; Family Medicine; Oxnard,CA
  573. Maryam Eskandari, MD; Psychiatry; San Francisco, CA
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  575. Martina Jelley, MD, Internal Medicine, Tulsa,OK
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  577. Haleh Saadat, MD , Anesthesiologist , Bridgeport, CT
  578. Joseph Grover, MD; OBGYN; Wynnewood, PA
  579. Zenovia Kondolios, MD; Pediatrics; Warren, OH
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  581. Geoffrey Chin, MD; Endocrinology; Bethesda, MD
  582. Anne Weinsoft; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  583. Britni Hebert, MD, Internal Medicine & Geriatrics, Lafayette, LA
  584. Isis M Duran, MD, Neurocritical Care, Chicago, IL
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  586. Heidi Classen RN BSN CRN
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  590. Marissa Maier, MD; Infectious Diseases; Portland, OR
  591. Lakshmi Mudambi, MD; Pulmonary; Portland, OR
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  596. Shannon Weinstein, D.O.; Emergency Medicine; Fort Lauderdale, FL
  597. Lindita Hobdari, M.D Family Medicine, Naples,Florida
  598. James Marroquin, MD Internal Medicine , Austin, TX
  599. Anna P Peter MD — Internal Medicine Portland OR
  600. Anna Agnew, MD; Pediatric Hospitalist; Portland, OR
  601. Erik Lesko, FNP-BC, Pediatrics, Dallas, TX
  602. Susan Porter,MD; Anesthesiology(retired2019); Kansas City, MO
  603. Quan Bui, MD; Cardiology; San Diego, CA
  604. Heather Mackey-Fowler, MD; Family Medicine; Wakefield, RI
  605. Tabitha Moe
  606. Sabina Rybak, MD; Anesthesiology; Chicago, IL
  607. Lana Voronin,MD,Pediatrics,Brooklyn,NY
  608. Sahar Burns, MD; Pediatrics; Austin, TX
  609. Lauren Kendall, MD, Family Medicine, WA
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  611. Hillary Chang, MD; Pediatrics; Cincinnati, OH
  612. Veronica D Kim, MD. Internal Medicine, St. Louis, MO
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  616. Sarah Kiani MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling , LPCC, Hastings. Mn
  617. Shylashree C Edalur MD Pathology Longview Texas
  618. Kathleen Schroeder, MD; Family Medicine; Wheaton, IL
  619. Nicole Learned, MD; Pediatrics; Berkeley, CA
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  622. Jessica Kraker, MD; Neurology; New Orleans LA
  623. Kate Willingham, MD, Internal Medicine, Topeka, KS
  624. Dians londoño md. Urology Los Angeles CA
  625. Mayes DuBose, MD; Geriatric Medicine; Sumter, SC
  626. Andrea Chiavarini, MD; OB/GYN and Addiction Medicine; Vancouver, WA
  627. Iminder Saran, MD;Psychiatry;Minneapolis,MN
  628. Kat Chang, MD; Anesthesiology; Los Angeles,CA
  629. Laura Gaff, MD, Family Practice, Portland, OR
  630. Lauren Becton, MD; Pediatrics; Seattle, WA
  631. Maggie Wells, MD MPP; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  632. Kristen Wendorf, MD; Pediatrics; Oakland, CA
  633. Patricia Engle, MD, Internal Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  634. Sophia Airhart MD; Transplant Cardiologist, Tucson, Arizona
  635. Dora Lam-Himlin, MD; Pathology; Scottsdale, AZ
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  637. Elizabeth Manning; Cardiovascular ICU; San Antonio, Texas
  638. Veronica Figueroa, MD, FACOG; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kissimmee, FL
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  640. Ursula Nawab MD, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Philadelphia PA
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  642. Marty Muntz, MD, General Internal Medicine, Milwaukee, WI
  643. Kayli Reece, MD; General Pediatrics; Sioux Falls, SD
  644. Sumena Thongrod, DO, Anesthesiology; Hackensack, NJ
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  648. Juliana Robles, MD; Pediatrics; San Antonio, TX
  649. Michelle Patel, MD, Ophthalmology, Winston Salem, NC
  650. Lourdes Eco
  651. Kar-yee Wu, MD; Family Medicine; Lake Oswego, OR
  652. Laraine Kiser, PA-C; Primary Care Medicine; Sanford, NC
  653. Christine Contreras, MD; General Practice; San Antonio, Texas
  654. Andrea Richards, MD; Pediatric Neurology; Mountainside, NJ
  655. Allyson McKenney, MD; Internal Medicine-Pediatrics; Houston, TX
  656. Grace Ku, DO; Hospitalist; Seattle, WA
  657. Robyn Zehr DO; Family Medicine; Estes Park, CO
  658. Dorothy Lowe, MD, Internal Medicine, Beverly Hills, CA
  659. Jessica M Pastoriza, MD
  660. Bahareh Keith DO, MHSc Public Health, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Portland Or
  661. Chit Su Wai, MD: Internal Medicine, Fountain Valley, CA
  662. Jessica So, MD, Dermatology, Anaheim, CA
  663. Sarah Ray, MD, Pediatrics, Brooklyn Park, MN
  664. Alicia Manly, MD, Pediatrics, Akron, OH
  665. Jessica Wilson, MD, Pediatrics (Emergency Medicine), Columbus, OH
  666. Josh Martin,DO; Emergency Medicine; Boise, ID
  667. Elena Metcalf, MD; Psychiatry; Duluth, MN
  668. Christine McBurney, Rheumatology, Portland, OR
  669. Ehrine DeLoriea, MD, MPH; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  670. Bhavna vaidya MD family practice Raleigh NC
  671. Ryan Pettit, MD; Emergency Medicine; Huntsville, AL
  672. Katie Skelton, MD; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, New Braunfels, TX
  673. Jeffrey Brauer, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  674. Tamim M. Nazif, MD; Cardiology, New York, NY
  675. Addi Rizvi, MD Vascular Surgery, Spokane,WA
  676. Liviya Thoreson, DO; Internal Medicine/Hospitalist; Everett, WA
  677. Theresa Sevilis, DO Neurology; Durham, NC
  678. Heather Orman-Lubell, MD; Pediatrics, Yardley, PA
  679. Julie Phillips, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Spokane, WA
  680. Amy Patel, MD Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Andover, MA
  681. YiJia Chu, MD, Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Medicine, Grand Rapids, MI
  682. Latha Urs MD, Pathology, Powell, OH
  683. Shikta Gupta, MD; Geriatric Medicine, Bronx NY
  684. Parul Gupta, MD, ob/gyn, Chicago, Illinois
  685. Kathleen Mayor-Lynn, MD, MS-CI; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Nashville, TN
  686. Sharada Gowda, MD;Neonatology; Houston, Texas
  687. Jenny Tran, DO, OB/GYN, Fremont, CA
  688. Linda Chambers CNA, Denver, Colorado
  689. Laura Houser, MD; Pediatrics; Madison , WI
  690. Victoria Fox-Behrle, MD, MPH; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Maui, HI
  691. Adnybel Rosario-Ortiz, MD; Pediatrics; Waukegan, IL
  692. Shezi Kirmani, MD; Internal Medicine ; Houston, TX
  693. Amanda Kim, MD; Neonatal Perinatal Medicine; Portland, OR
  694. Laurie Bond, CRNP; Family Medicine/Urgent Care; Annapolis, MD
  695. Erin McNulty MD; OBGYN; Denver, CO
  696. Ann Marie Paulsen, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  697. Nick Gorton, MD; Emergency Medicine; Davis, CA
  698. Briana Riemer, MD; Psychiatry; Baltimore, MD
  699. Sean Williams EMT Brick NJ
  700. Eileen Barrett, MD, MPH; internal medicine; Albuquerque, NM
  701. Jennifer Lin-Nguyen, MD; Pediatrics; Torrance, CA
  702. Vineet Arora MD MAPP, Internal Medicine, Chicago, IL
  703. Rinku Mehra,MD pediatric
  704. Erin R Compton, MD; Emergency Medicine; Franklin, NC
  705. Anna K Hunter, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Eugene OR
  706. Talar Tejirian, MD; General Surgery, Los Angeles, CA
  707. Deepa Rangachari, MD; Hematology/Oncology; Boston, MA
  708. Kathryn Blachly-Pennicooke, ANP-C; Legacy Internal Medicine Service; Portland, OR
  709. Anne-Marie McCoy, MD; Family Medicine; Lake Oswego, OR
  710. Elaine Pagés, MD Anesthesiology, New Orleans, LA
  711. Rina jaffe MD pediatrician Oceanside NY
  712. Anna Kate Wstmoreland, MD; Internal medicine and palliative care; Portland, OR
  713. Gail Miller, MD; Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Denver, CO
  714. Cid Pennicooke, RN; Legacy Critical Care; Portland, OR
  715. Betsy Kendis, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Canton, OH
  716. Gabrielle Mayer, MS4, NY NY
  717. Shanna Rogness, RN/BSN, Labor and Delivery, Bend, OR
  718. Kelly Shaffer, MD; Family Medicine; Lexington, KY
  719. Laurie Glasser, MD, Sports Medicine, Wall, NJ
  720. Tracy Das, MD; Psychiatry; Atlanta, GA
  721. Jennifer Isham MD; Pediatrics; Kansas City, MO
  722. Lorena Del Pilar Bonilla, MD
  723. Valerie Thertus ,MD; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry;New York, NY
  724. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, MD; Psychiatry; San Antonio, TX
  725. Jane M Robertson, MD FAAP, Pediatrics, Suffolk , Virginia
  726. Kelly Gajewski, MD; Pediatric Cardiology; New Orleans, LA
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  1130. Laura Bennack, MD , Emergency Medicine ,San Antonio,Texas
  1131. J Ann Lentini, MD; retired GP; North Carolina
  1132. Tejas Sinha, MD; Internal Medicine, Columbus, OH
  1133. Maria Pimentel, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clearwater,,FL
  1134. Archana Srinivas MD; Rheumatology; Greenville, SC
  1135. Laura Armstrong, RN, ACM-RN; Nurse Case Manager; Erie, PA
  1136. VJ. Cutler, MD; Psychiatry; New York, NY
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  1148. Rita Chapman, RN, New Orleans, LA
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  1151. Rui Chang MD, Neurology, New York, N
  1152. Ryan Quarles, MD; Hospitalist; Springfield, MA
  1153. Kristi Whitenton, D.O., Pediatric Urgent Care, Austin, TX
  1154. Melissa Rayhill, MD; Neurology; Buffalo, NY
  1155. Rachel Quaney, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Columbus, OH
  1156. Carrie Brown, MD; Otolaryngology; Portland, OR
  1157. Gunilla Carlsson Thorn, MD; Dermatology; St. Charles, IL
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  1159. Catherine C Ferguson, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Milwaukee, WI
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  1161. Rebecca Hanson, DO; Internal Medicine; Taylors Falls, MN
  1162. Patti A. States, MD; Family Medicine; Billings, MT
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  1164. Dana Siperstein, MD, Psychiatry, East Greenwich, RI
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  1171. Lesha D. Shah; Psychiatry; New York, NY
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  1185. Pablo Buitron MD; Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine; Boston, MA
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  1189. Kristina A. Matkowskyj, MD, PhD; Pathology and Laboratory Medicine; Madison, WI
  1190. Matthew Reinhardt MD, Emergency Medicine, Souther Pines, NC
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  1200. Suzanne Huberty, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; Denver, CO
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  1204. Rajagopal V Chadaga MD; Hospitslist; St. Lout, MO
  1205. Iram Qureshi, DO, Internal Medicine, Fort Worth, TX
  1206. Elizabeth Zhou, MD; Anesthesiology and Critical Care; Philadelphia, PA
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  1210. Laura dominici, General Surgery, Boston, MA
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  1212. Victoria Williams, MD; Dermatology; Philadelphia, PA
  1213. Denise Knudson, MD; Pediatrics; Fresno, CA
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  1215. Sarah Dalrymple, MD; Family Medicine; Charlottesville, VA
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  1217. Melissa Kline, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Grand Rapids, MI
  1218. Philip Houser, MD; Anesthesiology; New Braunfels, Tx
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  1220. Peggy Simpson, MD; internal medicine. WI
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  1225. Jessica Montalvo, MD; hospital medicine; Chicago, IL
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  1231. Laurie Johnson, pediatric emergency medicine, Cincinnati OH
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  1233. Charmee Mehta, MD; General Surgery; Charleston, SC
  1234. Steven M Hochman MD; Emergency Medicine, Paterson NJ
  1235. Elizabeth Blixt, MD, Dermatology, St. Cloud, MN
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  1238. Aarti Asnani, MD; Cardiology; Boston, MA
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  1241. Payton Kapp, RN BSN; St. Louis, MO
  1242. Jennifer McLellan, MD; General Surgery; Estes Park, CO
  1243. Annie Mack, MD ; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  1244. Leighanne Houserman,MD; Emergency Medicine; Lisbon, ND
  1245. Tamara Whittle, MSN, RN, CCRN; Nurse Educator; Monmouth, OR
  1246. Kasha Benton, Neurology, Epilepsy, Huntsville, Alabama
  1247. Veena Mysore, MD, Family Medicine, Suitland, MD
  1248. Charleen Balcer Rowekamp, DO, Psychiatry, Superior, WI
  1249. Jerri Alley Alexiou MD; Dermatology; Harrisonburg, VA
  1250. Geetha Ramesh, MD, internal medicine . Wichita, KS
  1251. Iris E. Rodríguez-Delgado,MD;Adult,Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist;San Juan, PR
  1252. Rachel Jordan MD; Emergency Medicine; Concord NH
  1253. Mayralis De Jesus, MD, MPH; Family and Obesity Medicine; San Antonio, TX
  1254. Swati Gobhil, MD, Hospitalist, Springfield, OR
  1255. Harrison Kalodimos, MD, Family Medicine, Seattle, WA
  1256. Anne Sayre, MD; Obstetrics-Gynecology; Des Moines, IA
  1257. Bruce Campbell, MD FACS; Otolaryngology- Head & Neck Surgery; Milwaukee, WI
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  1259. Bonnie Palzer RN, Medical-Surgical, Portland, Oregon
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  1261. Milton A. Matteson, PA-C; Primary Care; Española, NM
  1262. Evelyn Curioso, MD; Neurology; Portland, OR
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  1266. Suzanne Richman MD; Pediatrics, Spotsylvania, VA
  1267. Robert Clare, MD, emergency medicine, Virginia Beach, Va
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  1269. Josette McMichael, MD; Dermatology; Moultrie, GA
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  1271. Juliette Erickson MD Family Practice Aberdeen WA
  1272. Shakib Hassan, MD, Lone Tree CO
  1273. Kathy Cohen, MSN, FNP-C; Family Practice Medicine ; Pulaski, TN
  1274. Ryan Boente, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Indianapolis, IN
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  1279. Anne Schlimgen; Internal Medicine; Milwaukee, WI
  1280. Audra Derry, PharmD, BCPS; Fort Collins, CO
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  1283. Rebecca Kirsch DO emergency med, weiser, idaho
  1284. Jennifer Rupert, MD, OBGYN, Clackamas, OR
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  1288. Megan Danish, FNP. Immune Deficiency and Cystic Fibrosis. Portland, OR
  1289. Lauren Cerullo, MD, FAAD; Dermatology; Valparaiso, IN
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  1291. Hamza Alshami, MD, Pulmonary/CC, Kansas City, MO
  1292. Jennifer Sokol, DO, MPH; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; Blue Bell, PA
  1293. Mike Bassart, PA-C,; Family Medicine; Anacortes, WA
  1294. Donna J Lohmann, MD, psychiatry, Seattle, WA
  1295. Ginger Ruddy, MD, Seattle, WA
  1296. Bianca Vankust, MD Pediatrics Westchester, NY
  1297. Haritha Maramreddy, MD Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Dallas, TX
  1298. Lynda Tang, DO, Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Vancouver, WA
  1299. Ross Weisman, PA-C, Family Practice, Holden, MA
  1300. Rebecca Sieg-Potucek, RN Kindred Hospice Kansas City, MO
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  1303. B R Swartz, MD, Pediatrician, MI
  1304. Amy Wu, MD; Internal Medicine; Los Angeles, CA
  1305. Hilary Kern, M.D.; physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; New York, NY
  1306. Brett Longlais, MD; Anesthesiology; Green Bay, WI
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  1308. Marie DeWitt, MD; Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry; Danville, IL
  1309. Gloria Alexander MD Salem Oregon
  1310. Gwyneth Bryant, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Chicago, IL
  1311. Marcela Azevedo, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Indianapolis, IN
  1312. Kerry Wilkins, MD; Adult & Child Psychiatry; Millbury, MA
  1313. Rob Aldwinckle BMBS, FRCA; Anesthesiologist; Sacramento,CA
  1314. Scott Walter, MD, Dermatology, Denver, CO
  1315. Jared Meeker, DO; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Indianapolis, IN
  1316. Paul O’Rourke, MD MPH; Internal Medicine; Baltimore, Maryland
  1317. Laura O’Hern, PA-C; Endocrinology; Little Rock, AR
  1318. Claudia William, MD; Family Medicine & Lifestyle Medicine; Florida
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  1322. Bindi Patel, DO; Neurology; New Brunswick, NJ
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  1328. Karen Dyer MD; Pediatric Hospitalist; Rockford Illinois
  1329. Hamid Ehsani-Nia, D.O., Emergency Medicine, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  1330. Bindi Patel, DO; Neurology; New Brunswick, NJ
  1331. Malvika Varma MD, Internal Medicine, Tucson, AZ
  1332. Erin Bumgardner RN BSN; Analyst; Columbus, OH
  1333. Darcy Weidemann, MD, Pediatric Nephrology, Kansas City MO
  1334. Barbara Hessel, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, New York, NY
  1335. Amy Cantor, MD MPH, Portland Oregon
  1336. Ricardo Correa, MD, EdD, Endocrinology, Phoenix, AZ
  1337. Deborah Wolfson MD, hospital medicine, Newberg, OR
  1338. Pamela Davis MD Family Medicine Program Director , Northridge, CA
  1339. Holly MacKenna, MD; Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine; New Orleans, LA
  1340. Elizabeth Shih, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  1341. Samir P Patel, DO; Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine; Oro Valley, AZ
  1342. Laura Mendez, APRN, WHNP; Women’s Health; Houston, Texas
  1343. Etsegenet Tizazu, MD; Neurologist; Philadelphia, PA
  1344. Lisa Hill APRN MS Nephrology Omaha NE
  1345. Nick Lawyer, PA-C; Family Medicine; Plains, MT
  1346. Benjamin Martel, MD,MPH; internal Medicine Hospitalist; Nashville, Tn
  1347. Kathleen Howard, MD, Pediatrics, Grand Rapids, MI
  1348. Faith Quenzer, DO; Emergency Medicine; San Diego, CA
  1349. Amy Chow , Endocrine , CA
  1350. Lisa Reaves, MD; Pediatric Hematology/Oncology; Colorado Springs, CO
  1351. Christina Trevino MD, Psychiatry, Portland OR
  1352. Raechel Percy DO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Buffalo, NY
  1353. Tabassum Hanif. MD. Pulmonary Critical Care. Chicago. IL
  1354. Richard Kremsdorf, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine;, San Diego CA
  1355. William R. Greene, M.D.,OB-GYN , Portland, OR (ret’d)
  1356. Claudia Ostermeyer, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland OR
  1357. Tina Sundaram, MD; Emergency Medicine; Chicago, IL
  1358. Cigdem Toroslu, MD. Pediatrics, Portland, Oregon.
  1359. Harry Bray, MD; Gastroenterologist; Portland OR
  1360. Jaclyn Anderson, MD; Pediatrics; Cincinnati, OH
  1361. Meghan Finn, RN; Operating Room; Portland, OR
  1362. Linda Keyes, MD, FACEP; Emergency Medicine; Boulder, CO
  1363. Jenna Miller, MD, Pediatric Critical Care, Kansas City, MO
  1364. Shikha Arun, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  1365. Sarah Cassell, MD, Rheumatology, Eugene, OR
  1366. Jacquia De La Cruz, MD; Urogynecologist; Portland, OR
  1367. Susan Hingle MD Internal Medicine Springfield IL
  1368. Sandra Rood, MD Pediatrics, Salem Oregon
  1369. Shauna Meyer, MD; Family Medicine, Madison, WI
  1370. Jennifer Kirby, MD-PhD; Endocrinology; Charlottesvile, VA
  1371. Allison Bianchi, MPH, RN, Neurology, Portland, OR
  1372. Indira Gurubhagavatula, MD; Sleep Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  1373. Farah Raqib, MD, Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  1374. Pamela Ávila, FNP, Portland OR
  1375. Julie Tillman, MD; Ob/Gyn Hospitalist; Indianapolis, IN
  1376. Julie Tillman, MD; Ob/Gyn Hospitalist; Indianapolis, IN
  1377. Trixy Syu, DO, physical medicine and rehabilitation, Riverside, CA
  1378. Lucinda Griffith, MD; Family Medicine; Beaverton, OR
  1379. Julie Tillman, MD; Ob/Gyn Hospitalist; Indianapolis, IN
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  1381. Emily Wessler, MD; Pediatric Cardiology; Palo Alto, CA
  1382. Christopher Kramer MD, Cardiology, Charlottesville, VA
  1383. Hetal Choxi, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  1384. Natalie Lull, RN BSN; Gilbert, AZ
  1385. Sandhya Mehla, MD, Neurology, Hartford, CT
  1386. Laura I Wharry, MD, FACS; General Surgery; TOLEDO, OH
  1387. Bonni Tromello, NP-C; Family Nurse Practitioner; Newbury Park, California
  1388. Susan M. Szabo M.D., Pediatrician, Oshkosh, Wi.
  1389. Angeliki Vgontzas, MD, Neurology, Boston, MA
  1390. Weili Zhang, DO, Family Medicine, Macomb, IL
  1391. Kerri Ellis, FNP-C, Family Practice Primary Care Provider, Beggs, OK
  1392. Eiko Tubridy, MD; Family Medicine; Seattle, WA
  1393. Mark Mingos, MD, Radiology, Ithaca, NY
  1394. Diana Wagner, MD, Endocrinology, Vernon, CT
  1395. Nataliya Giagou, MD; Psychiatry; Modesto, CA
  1396. Amanda L Clark MD MCR NCMP FACOG, Urogynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Portland, OR
  1397. Michael J Sampson, DO FAOASM Family/Sports Medicine Atlanta, GA
  1398. Jan Hallock, DO; Family Medicine; Klamath Falls, OR
  1399. Lawrence Liang, MD, Anesthesiology, Dallas, TX
  1400. Martin C. Johnson II MD, Pulmonary/Critical Care, Salem, Oregon
  1401. Carmen Simas, RN; Research; San Antonio, TX
  1402. Kira Talo RN BSN; Portland, OR
  1403. Amanda Medina BSN Portland ,Oregon
  1404. Chris Bolander, DO; Family Medicine; Stanwood, WA
  1405. Heather Maune, MD; OB/Gyn; Nashville, TN
  1406. Sarah Smith, DO, Family Medicine, Tampa, FL
  1407. Sara Love, ND, Naturopathic Medicine, Portland, OR
  1408. Marsha Chenoweth, MD; Pediatrics; Bellevue, WA
  1409. Clare Reinhardt, MD, Family Medicine/Wound Care, Pinehurst, NC
  1410. Harris Cohen, MD, Family Medicine, Hatboro, PA
  1411. Stephanie Shah, MD, Child Psychiatry, Columbia, SC
  1412. Dr Wendy Satmary MD LOS Angeles, CA
  1413. Martha Kaempfe, CNM Ret; Ob/Gyn; Spring Green, WI
  1414. Timothy C. Hutcherson, PharmD; Drug Information; Buffalo, NY
  1415. Maura White, DNP CRNA APNP; Anesthesiology; Green Bay, WI
  1416. Judith Ulibarri RN: Portland OR
  1417. Grant Taylor MD; Family Medicine and Geriatrics; Seattle, WA
  1418. Alice Chang,MD. Nephrologist; Seattle, WA
  1419. Marianne Parshley MD FACP Internal Medicine
  1420. Heather Walsh, MD, PhD; Rural Ob/Gyn, Mineral Wells, TX
  1421. Arjun Kanwal, MD; Internal Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  1422. Bonnie Anderson, MPAS, PA-C Seattle WA
  1423. Catherine Godin RN, CEN Emergency Oregon
  1424. Nicole Nedella, DO, Family Medicine, Avondale, AZ
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  1426. Carol M Lilly MD MPH, Pediatrics, Tampa, Florida
  1427. Emily Kitchin, MD; Rheumatology; Chicago, IL
  1428. Angel Moreno, NP; Headache Neurology; Los Angeles, CA
  1429. Julia Close, MD; Hematology and Oncology; Gainesville, FL
  1430. Mercedes Schultz, M.D. ObGyn, Port Lavaca, Tx
  1431. Nicole Weddell DDS, Pediatric Dentist, Indianapolis IN
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  1433. Merry Jennifer Markham, MD, FACP; Hematology and Oncology; Gainesville, FL
  1434. Erin Haraway MD. EM/UnderseaMed Austin TX
  1435. Martina Murphy, MD; Hematology/Oncology; Gainesville, FL
  1436. Vignesh Shettar, MD, Endocrinology, Chicago, IL
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  1440. Julia Christopher, DO; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Las Vegas, NV
  1441. Katherine Johnson, MD; OB/GYN; Seattle, WA
  1442. Stephanie Hartman, MD Internal Medicine, Omaha, NE
  1443. Audrey Crist, MD; Family Physician; Portland,OR
  1444. Julie Nicole, MD OBGYN Fresno CA
  1445. Yumi Ando, MD, Internal Medicine, Los Altos, CA
  1446. Katherine Au, MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Portland, OR
  1447. P. Joseph Resignato, MD; Psychiatry; Philadelphia, PA
  1448. Janet Cooper, RT(R), Emergency Room Trauma level II, Southaven, MS and Memphis, TN
  1449. Cassandra Heaps, RN; Transition of care; Portland, OR
  1450. Sarah Calnan DO, psychiatry, Webster MA
  1451. Amara Callahan, VA Optometrist, Portland, OR
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  1453. Sabeeha Haque, MD; Pediatrics; Danville, IL
  1454. Ilene Rosen, MD; Sleep and Pulmonary Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  1455. Melanie Glenn, MD; Neurology; Mission, KS
  1456. Steve L Yang, MD; Diagnostic Radiology; Seattle, WA
  1457. Soo Mee Pak, MD; Ophthalmology ; New City, NY
  1458. Andrea Karl MD PMR portland OR
  1459. Katherine Kerchner, MD; Dermatology and Mohs Surgery; Oak Ridge, TN
  1460. Patricia Sadler, MD, HMDC, FACP; Internal Medicine and Palliative Medicine; Clinton, SC
  1461. Lindsay Hang, MD; internal medicine & pediatrics; Milwaukee, WI
  1462. Jessica Vaughn MD; Anesthesiology; Los Angeles, CA
  1463. Monica Gilbert, MD; Pediatrician; Dublin, Ohio
  1464. Marina Martin, MD,MPH;Geriatric Medicine, Stanford, CA
  1465. Nicholas Mischel, MDPhD, Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Detroit, MI
  1466. Ambar Faridi, MD; Ophthalmology; Portland, OR
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  1469. Victoria Dorr. MD. Hospital Medicine, Raleigh. NC
  1470. Erin Harte RDMS, Sonographer, Orinda, CA
  1471. Ronald J Gebhart, MD Infectious Diseases and Internal Medicine, Park City, Utah
  1472. Jennifer Schubert, DO Coralville, IA 52241
  1473. Kimberly Wolf, DO; Pediatrics; Vallejo, CA
  1474. Kelli Dempsey , home health RN , California
  1475. Shirley Huang, MD, MBA; Geriatric Medicine; Boulder, CO
  1476. Nadeem Husain; Cardiovascular Disease; Tempe, AZ
  1477. Mitchell Nohner, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  1478. Marie Botte, FNP; Endocrinology; Boston, MA
  1479. Amy C. Wilson, MD, Pediatric Nephrology, Indianapolis, IN
  1480. Allison Ashford, MD; Internal Medicine- Pediatrics; Omaha, NE
  1481. Alecia DeRoo, RN; Home Health; Gladstone, OR
  1482. Julia Birnbaum, MD; Radiology; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  1483. Maureen E Welsh, BSN, R.N retired Geriatric Case Management Portland OR
  1484. Sarah Barry, CNS; Hospitalist, Eugene, OR
  1485. RASHEEDA MONROE, MD. Cary, NC. Pediatrics
  1486. Brad Anderson, M.D.. Family Medicine, Lafayette, Colorado
  1487. Kenneth Chao MD Neurology New Hyde Park NY
  1488. Karen R Stefonek, MPH, BSN; Nurse Epidemiologist Retired; Corbett, OR
  1489. Cheryl Johnson CNS FNP Medicine, Lafayette CO
  1490. Kristie Bonner, PA-C; Dermatology; Detroit, MI
  1491. Beverly Nazarian, MD, Pediatrics, Worcester, MA
  1492. Aline Coonrod, MD; AAFP; Brush, CO
  1493. Bassam Bader , MD internal medicine Loma Linda CA
  1494. Mary Lee Tobin-Anderson, M.D.; Family Medicine; Marquette, MI
  1495. Kimberly Keniry, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Duluth, MN
  1496. Stacia Kagie, DO; Family Medicine; Mesa, AZ
  1497. Jacquelyn McArdle,MD Ret. GETTYSBURG Pa
  1498. Elizabeth Nelsen DO ACOFP, Urgent Care, Portland OR
  1499. Monica McHenry Svets, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology and Women’s Health,; Cleveland Clinic; Cleveland, OH
  1500. Tonya Wright, RN, Geriatric, SLC, UT
  1501. Neil S. Abidi, D.O. M.S., Psychiatry, Los Angeles, CA
  1502. Kari Cochran RN Emergency/Trauma Omaha NE
  1503. Aarti Batavia , RDN , Novi, MI
  1504. Warren Sparks, MD; emergency medicine; Kalaheo, HI
  1505. Jason Bell, MD; Emergency Medicine, Portland, OR
  1506. Mica Metz, DO; Family Medicine; Fortville, IN
  1507. Jamie Johnson,LVN San Francisco, CA
  1508. Carolyn Heberlein RN, BSN, IBCLC; Retired Public Health Nurse; Hillsboro, OR
  1509. Pamela Farnsworth CRNA BA MSN
  1510. Uzoma Owunna, MD, Obgyn, East Brunswick, NJ
  1511. Pamela Farnsworth CRNA, BA, MSN Florida
  1512. Leslie Sanchez-Goettler, MD; Internal Medicine Hospitalist; Portland, OR
  1513. Susan Guo,MD; Radiation Oncology; Albuquerque, NM
  1514. Kathryn Tegeder MD, Pediatrics, Cleveland, OH
  1515. Stefanie Magee MMS, PA-C, Urgent Care, Boise, Idaho
  1516. Jessica Jacobs, MD; Pediatrics; Littleton, NH
  1517. Lisa Taylor,FNP;Rural Family Medicine, Siletz OR
  1518. Amelia Baker, MD/PhD, Family Medicine, Portland, OR
  1519. Lynda Chick, RN; Nehalem, OR
  1520. Megan McGreevy, DO, emergency medicine, Longview, Texas
  1521. Alice Tang, MD Internal Medicine; New York, NY
  1522. Ellen Schwern, MPH, IBCLC, Lactation Consultant, Berkeley, CA
  1523. Amanda Gosman MD Plastic Surgery San Diego CA
  1524. Mary Joan Simon RN,BSN Seal Rock OregonNeeuroRetired
  1525. Michael Mikolaj, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; Chattanooga, TN
  1526. Jody Tate, MD; pulmonary, critical care, sleep medicine; Portland, OR
  1527. Huma Sheikh, MD Neurology, NYC, NY
  1528. Rochelle Neisius, MSN, RN-C, FNP, Prairie du Chien, WI
  1529. D Jackson; MD; Psychiatry and Behavioral Health; Chicago, IL
  1530. Edita Newton, MD PhD, Dermatology, Little Rock, AR
  1531. Katherine Poole, CRNA, Portland, OR
  1532. Victoria Bassingthwaite, PA-C; Family Practice; Toledo, OR
  1533. Meghan Seeley FNP-C; family nurse practitioner; center for women’s health, OHSU Portland Oregon
  1534. Stephanie Gilliam, RN; Hospital Operations; Portland, OR
  1535. Héctor R Fuentes-Colon M.D. ; Emergency Medicine,Tampa,Flpa,FL
  1536. Erin McGuire, RN, Critical Care, Columbia, MO
  1537. Joseph Fields-Johnson, DO, Family Medicine, Richmond, VA
  1538. Laura Schaben, MD; Neurology; Bend, OR
  1539. Andrew Shih, MD; Diagnostic Radiology; Norwalk, CT
  1540. Erin Wallace, MD; Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  1541. Taylor Nichols, MD; Emergency Medicine; Sacramento, CA and Hermiston, OR. Formerly Portland, OR.
  1542. Gabrielle McGrew, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  1543. Christina Bricker, PhD, APRN; Family Health; Tampa,FL
  1544. Kimberly Larsen, MD; Psychiatry; Elk Grove, CA
  1545. Jessica Edwards MD; OBGYN, Winchester VA
  1546. Laura Pennavaria, MD; Family Medicine; Bend, OR
  1547. Marcia Schneider MSN, CPNP, Vancouver WA
  1548. Samantha Reiter, MD, Internal Medicine, Sequim, WA
  1549. Kathleen Allen MD, Interventional Cardiology, ALbuquerque, NM
  1550. Fatima Hassan, MD Pediatrics; Monroe MI
  1551. Michelle Prince, MD; Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery; Peoria, IL
  1552. Beth Simati, MD. Family Physician. Murrieta, CA
  1553. Kyle Hampton, DO Family Practice, Fort Collins, CO
  1554. Marie Lewis, MD Hospital Medicine Indianapolis, IN
  1555. Padma Narasimhan,MD. Internal medicine, hematology and oncology CA
  1556. Petra Adams, ACNP; pulmonary and critical care; Dallas, Tx
  1557. Jessica Mendelsohn, MD; Family Medicine, Fort Mill, SC
  1558. Heather Tadayon, DO; IM-Hospitalist; Las Vegas, NV
  1559. Danna Ogden, DO, Hospice and Palliative Medicine
  1560. Emily Selvidge, CPNP, Well Baby Nurse Practitioner, SF, CA
  1561. Jennifer Suarez BSN RN; Emergency Department; Gresham, Oregon
  1562. Gulrukh Rizvi MD Eugene OR
  1563. Jennifer Lavin, MD, MS; Otolaryngology; Chicago, IL
  1564. Alan G. Golston, MD, Cardiology, Tacoma, WA
  1565. Danielle Erb, MD; PM&R; Portland, OR
  1566. Kathryn Stahl, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Silver Spring MD
  1567. Kelly Rhone, MD FACEP;Emergency Medicine, Sioux Falls, SD
  1568. Nissa Perez, M.D.; Psychiatry; San Jose, CA
  1569. Kristen Nebel, DO, Geriatrician, LANCASTER, PA
  1570. William W. Quick, MD, FACP, FACE; endocrinology; Charleston, SC
  1571. Amanda Ruxton, DO; Family Practice; Emporia, KS
  1572. Lisha Barré, MD; Physiatry and Addiction Medicine; Boulder, CO
  1573. Michael D. Reep, MD Dermatology, Westlake, OH
  1574. Rebecca Burch, MD. Neurology, Boston, MA
  1575. Carrie Puckett DO; Heart Failure Cardiologist; Portland, Oregon
  1576. Kissi Blackwell, MD; Family Medicine; Wichita Falls, TX
  1577. Gina Graham, RN, Lexington, IN
  1578. Gilbert Vazquez, Psychiatry, San Antonio TX
  1579. Orson Rodriguez, MD, Family Medicine, Edmond, OK
  1580. Kathryn Majcher, PA-C/Emergency Medicine/Brunswick ME
  1581. Dr.Inna Riva DO, primary care, Jersey City NJ
  1582. Shari Hogan MD, Pediatrics. Watertown, NY
  1583. Negar Daniels, MD, Hospitalist Medicine; Nashville, TN
  1584. Jacquline Perry MD; MHA;Family Medicine
  1585. Dr Rebecca Gallagher MD, Family Medicine, Delafield, WI
  1586. John P. Dwyer, Ph.D., Emergency Medical Tech, Naples, FL
  1587. Erin Madriago, MD, Pediatric Cardiology, Portland OR
  1588. Monika Safford, MD; Internal Medicine; New York, NY
  1589. Supriya Sehgal MD, Rheumatology, Texas
  1590. Teri A Mills MS, RN, CNE Tualatin, Oregon
  1591. Joanna Gunn, MD: Internal Medicine, San Diego, Ca
  1592. Christine Degnon, MD, MPH, Family Medicine, Lewes, DE
  1593. Christine M Zirafi MD; Cardiology; Bay Village,Ohio
  1594. Christina Mutch, DO; Family Medicine, Williamsburg, VA
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  1596. Mark Musicant MD; Occupational Medicine CA
  1597. Jennifer Mills MD, Internal Medicine, Bellevue WA
  1598. Daniel Pomerantz, MD MPH, Internal Medicine/Hospice and Palliative Medicine, New Rochelle, NY
  1599. Rebecca Low, primary care, Beaverton, OR
  1600. Stephanie Philippides MD; OB Hospitalist; Clearwater, FL
  1601. Wendy Meyers, MD, Hospital based Internal Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  1602. Kendra von der Embse, DO; Family Medicine; Dayton, OH
  1603. Yekaterina Gordon, IM, Brooklyn, NY
  1604. Kiran Arora, MD, MPH; Santa Clara County, CA
  1605. Ayesha M. Taj, DO; General Pediatrics; Canton, MI
  1606. Rekha Nair, MD; Internal Medicine; Shrewsbury MA
  1607. Chinazo Cunningham, MD, MS, Internal Medicine & Addiction Medicine, Bronx, NY
  1608. Emily Bronec, MD, Pediatrics, Portland, OR
  1609. Kristen Cain, MD; Reproductive Endocrinology; Charlotte, NC
  1610. Marsha Taylor, MD; Family Medicine; Ruckersville, Virginia
  1611. Elizabeth Matuk, FNP, retired, Fox Island, WA
  1612. Shanda McLain, MA PLMHP; Family therapy; Grand Island, NE
  1613. Lea Grace R Famularcano, MD Family Medicine WV
  1614. Poonam Chhibber, MD, Family Medicine, Portland, OR
  1615. Uzma Hasan, MD Pediatric Infectious Diseases Livingston NJ
  1616. Julienne Angeles, MD MPH; Family Medicine; Tracy, CA
  1617. Khalid Kamal, MD; Pediatric Hospitalist; Dearborn, MI
  1618. Salma Elfaki MD. Pediatrics. Orlando, FL
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  1620. Judith Guzman-Cottrill, DO; Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Portland, OR
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  1622. Kathryn Glassberg, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  1623. Heidi Andersen, MD, Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Cincinnati, OH
  1624. Lara Easterwood APRN-CNP, Geriatrics, Texas
  1625. Michael Graveley, MD; Family Medicine, Exton,PA
  1626. Elana Grier D.O. Emergency medicine, Orlando , FL
  1627. Jennifer Tujo RN, BSN, MSN, MPA volunteer at CVIM Oregon City, OR
  1628. Traci Thoureen, MD, Emergency Medicine, Durham, NC
  1629. Shannon Tapia MD Geriatrician in LTC Denver, CO
  1630. Sheira Schlair MD MS internal medicine Bronx NY
  1631. Sbah Sindhu RN Colonie, NY
  1632. Laila Khalid MD MPH, Internal Medicine, NYC, NY
  1633. Erin Kallock, MD
  1634. Jillian Schroeder, MD; Family Medicine; Bend, OR
  1635. Taslim Rasheed Registered Nurse Albany NY
  1636. Elizabeth L. Winter, MD, Internal Medicine, Lake Oswego, OR
  1637. Rebecca Saunders, MD,Family practice, previously Renton WA
  1638. Matthew Kingsbauer, DO; Family Practice Medicine; Eugene, OR
  1639. Samuel E Victoria Jr, MD RPVI; Vascular Surgery; Atlanta, GA
  1640. Jan Stahl, MD; Ophthalmologist; Denver, CO
  1641. Sehee Kim, DO; Hospitalist; Harrisburg, PA
  1642. Hemali Desai, MD, Neuroradiology, Jersey City, NJ.
  1643. Patricia Larios, MD Internal Medicine/Geriatric Medicine; Dallas, TX
  1644. Deborah Alexander, MD, FACP; Hospital Medicine; Portland, OR
  1645. Michael Rasansky, D.O., Ophthalmology, Taylor, MI
  1646. Ben Touré, MD; Anesthesiology; New York, NY
  1647. Susmita Parashar, MD; Cardiology; Atlanta, GA
  1648. Rowan Casey-Ford, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  1649. Shahrzad Rafiee, MD; Emergency Medicine, Long Beach CA
  1650. David Rubin, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  1651. Rachael Brashears DO, MBA. Interventional Pain Management, Minneapolis, MN
  1652. Edward Lim, MD; Psychiatry; Sacramento, CA
  1653. Kelsey Brody, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  1654. Sarah Watson, DO; Emergency Medicine, Miami, FL
  1655. Rebecca Kowalski, MD, general surgery, New York, NY
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  1657. Christian Devaux, DO; Internal Medicine; Salem, OR
  1658. Megan Kelly, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  1659. Sarah Renze, MD; Family Medicine and Hospice and Palliative Medicine; Ames, IA
  1660. Jacqueline Ruppert,RN, BSN, CSN; Pennsylvania
  1661. Noble Anderson, MD, Family Medicine Hospitalist, Juneau, AK
  1662. Tracy Havnaer, RN, BSN, oncology, Portland, OR.
  1663. Neha Bangia MD Internal Medicine NJ
  1664. Patricia Bowe DNP, MS, RN; Community/Public Health; Philadelphia, PA
  1665. Hina hussaini, MD, Michigan
  1666. Rachel Hendershot BSN, RN, OCN ;Oncology ;Portland ,OR
  1667. Arwen Bassler, MD; Family Medicine, Indiana PA
  1668. Marissa Nichols RN; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  1669. Deborah Sutcliffe, MD; Family Medicine; RedBluff, CA
  1670. Alissa Conklin, MD; OB/GYN; St Joseph, MI
  1671. Richard Kaner, MD; Internal Medicine; Bellevue, WA
  1672. Jami Rice, PA-C; Family Medicine, Vancouver, WA
  1673. Patricia Yates MSN, RN — Oncology Clinical Trials Research; Portland, OR
  1674. Michael R. Hudson, MD; Family Medicine; Bend, Oregon
  1675. Elizabeth Vassallo-DeLuca, MD; Internal Medicine; Oakland, CA
  1676. Christie Peeper, PA-C; Direct Primary Care; Enid, OK
  1677. Tariq Awan, DO; Primary Care Sports Medicine; Ann Arbor, MI
  1678. Sarah Laiosa, DO; Family Medicine; Burns, OR
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  1682. Mary Tanski MD MBA. Emergency Medicine, Portland OR
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  1684. Hillary Hopkins MD, Family Medicine, Prairie Village Kansas
  1685. Priya Carden, MD, Internal Medicine, Eugene, OR
  1686. Minto K. Porter, MD; Allergy, Asthma, Immunology; Pediatrics; Brainerd, MN
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  1689. Tu Mai, MD, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Houston, TX
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  1691. Cassandra Dishman, DO; Family Medicine; Charlottesville, VA
  1692. Young May Cha, Anesthesiology, Denver, CO
  1693. Manijeh Berenji MD, MPH; Occupational Medicine; Boston, MA
  1694. Jean Abbott, MD; Emergency Medicine & Ethics, Aurora, CO
  1695. Cigal Shaham, MD, Pediatrician, Los Angeles, CA
  1696. Henry williams MD, internal medicine, geriatrics, bellevue, WA
  1697. Angelica Motta, Cardiologist, Las Cruces, NM
  1698. Himani Gupta, MD; Internal Medicine; Memphis,TN
  1699. Osama Intikhab, MD; Diagnostic Radiology; Detroit, MI
  1700. Molly Grover, M.D, Family Medicine, Virginia
  1701. Kelly Tyler, MD; Dermatology; Columbus, OH
  1702. Jeanne Plumb, MD, Family Medicine, Tahoe City, CA
  1703. Christine Freeman, MD; Anesthesiology, Mineola, NY
  1704. Faisal Tawwab MD, Family Medicine , Orlando, FL
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  1706. Sara Bartos MD; Internal Medicine; Taylor Tx
  1707. Kelly Reuell, NP; Occupational Medicine; Cambridge, MA
  1708. Gordon B. Fink, M.D. Pathology, Penn Valley, PA
  1709. RITU SURI MD, CMD. Geriatrics, Hospice & Palliative Medicine. Englewood, NJ
  1710. Alexandra Leader, MD, MPH, VA
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  1712. Teresa Tracy, MD; Child Psychiatry, Overland Park, KS
  1713. Kiran Pandey,MD Cardiology,LA, CA
  1714. Sushitha Surendran, MD, pediatric cardiology, Memphis, TN
  1715. Leslie Saltzman, DO, Internal Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  1716. Shandra Greig, MD; Family Medicine; Silverton,OR
  1717. Aline Coonrod, MD; AAFP; Brush, CO
  1718. Ravinder kaur Machra MD , Internal Medicine, Dyersburg TN
  1719. Wendy Precious Regan, MD; Family Medicine; Middletown, RI,
  1720. Erin Grady, MD, Nuclear Medicine, Atlanta, GA
  1721. Caroline King-Widdall, MD; Family Medicine, Salem, OR.
  1722. Andre Barkhuizen, MD; Rheumatologist; Portland, OR
  1723. Yee Chang, MD; Urgent Care; Beaverton, OR
  1724. Kendra Karner DO; OB/Gyn Indianapolis IN
  1725. Rawshan Malik MD, Anesthesiologist, Mclean VA
  1726. Jonathan A Rettmann MD; Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine; Portland,OR
  1727. Wendy Wicke, PA-C, Emergency Medicine, Sonora, CA
  1728. Oscar C Torres Jr. MD, Family Medicine, Burkburnett,TX
  1729. Karen Rattini CRNA, MSN OH
  1730. Judy Panek, MD; Internal Medicine; Overland Park, KS
  1731. Vinita Speir MD Obstetrics and Gynecology Newport Beach, CA
  1732. Robert Chamberlain, RN; Operating Room, Portland,OR
  1733. Kinsey Mattison, SLP, Acute Care Rehabilitation Services, Bemidji, MN
  1734. Meagan King, MD, Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesiology, Cincinnati, OH
  1735. Alicia Hidalgo, MD, Hospital Medicine, Portland OR
  1736. Alison Edelman, MD,MPH; Obstetrics&Gynecology; Portland,OR
  1737. Afreen Pappa, MD Family Medicine; Houston, TX
  1738. Amy Hatter RN Neuro Clackamas, OR
  1739. Serene Perkins, MD; Chief Medical Officer; The Dalles, OR
  1740. Laura Sanderson MD, Pediatrician, Eugene, OR
  1741. Autumn Polidor, MD; Family Medicine; Medford, OR
  1742. Lisa Bayer, MD MPH, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Portland, OR
  1743. Chelsea Craven, BSN,Portland, Oregon
  1744. Michelle Berlin, MD, MPH; OBGYN and Public Health; Portland, OR
  1745. Margaret Bannerman, MD; Anesthesiology, San Francisco, CA
  1746. Richard Hempel,MD; Geriatric and Family Medicine;Danville,KY
  1747. Sara Kerley, MD, Family Medicine, Medford NJ
  1748. Robert A. Lowe, MD, MPH; Emergency Medicine and Public Health; Portland, OR
  1749. Jeanette Richardson, NP, Internal Medicine, Woburn, MA
  1750. Catherine Doty, M.D.; Pediatrics and PM&R; St. Louis, MO
  1751. A.Siddiqui MD, MPH;Med/Peds;Boston, MA
  1752. A. Jade Ireland, MD; Family Medicine, Colorado City, TX
  1753. Tetsoma Tonwe Family Medicine Lewes, Delaware
  1754. Jillian Scherer, MD, Fam Med, Olney, IL
  1755. Shaalini Ramanadhan, MD; OBGYN; Portland OR
  1756. Keli Donnelly, DO; family medicine/sports medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  1757. Avinish Reddy, MD; Internal Medicine; Crown Point, IN
  1758. Meg O’Reilly, MD MPH; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Portland, OR
  1759. Lily Hargrove, MD; Family and Integrative Medicine; Charlottesville, VA
  1760. Rachel Patterson, MD, Emergency Medicine, PA
  1761. Karen Orr RN, Portland, OR, retired
  1762. Katherine Burke, PT; MA
  1763. Elizabeth Pinsky, MD, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Child Psychiatry, Boston, MA
  1764. Mona Sharifi, MD, MPH, Pediatrics, Guilford, CT
  1765. Amanda Flynn, Mental Health Case Manager, Saugus, MA
  1766. Mara Rabin, MD, Family Physician, Salt Lake City, Utah
  1767. Rakhee Toraskar, Internal medicine hospitalist, Annapolis, MD
  1768. Matthew Fackner, DPT, physical therapist, Doylestown, PA
  1769. Sarah Welch, DO, PM&R, Nashville, TN
  1770. Carol Stampfer FNP, PMHNP outpatient psychiatric care Portland Oregon
  1771. Kim Winkley, NP; Orthopaedic Surgery; Kansas City, MO
  1772. Marcy Byrns MD; internal medicine; Baxter, MN
  1773. Katherine DeVries, MD; Family Medicine; Toano, VA
  1774. Jenifer Haynes, DO; Pediatrics; Tampa, FL
  1775. Katherine Lavender, MD, Pediatrics, Park City, Utah
  1776. Kathleen Wood Hedberg, APRN; Family Medicine; Plymouth, NH
  1777. Kathy Jorda, MD; OBGYN; Portland, OR
  1778. Inderpal Biring, DO; Internal Medicine; Sacramento, CA
  1779. Nathan Cloar, DO; Emergency Medicine; San Bernardino, CA
  1780. Holly Hunter, RN Emergency Department; Juneau, AK
  1781. Jafar W. Siddiqui, MD FAAPMR DABPM. interventional Spine. Buffalo, NY
  1782. Jennifer Twito RN Emergency medicine AK
  1783. Margaret FItzpatrick DPT Physical Therapist PA
  1784. Amrita Samra, MD; Hospitalist; Sacramento, CA
  1785. Emily E Smith, MD; Anesthesiology; Visalia, CA
  1786. Darian Curns, RN BSN, Adult Mental Health, Clackamas, OR
  1787. Chadwick R Johr, MD; Rheumatology; Philadelphia, PA
  1788. Linnea Wittick Roy, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Portland, OR
  1789. Amber McPherson, DO, Emergency Medicine, Tigard, OR
  1790. Amanda Sherak APN FNP-BC Freehold NJ
  1791. Shayna Sauer, RN; Med Surg; Clackamas, OR
  1792. Christa Chandy MD MPH Sacramento Ca
  1793. Giang Hoang, RN; Oncology; Portland, OR
  1794. Kelli Thielke RN; Specialty Care,Portland Oregon
  1795. Jessica Schaefer DO; Rheumatology, TX
  1796. Daniel Garrison, MD, Emergency Medicine, Bloomington, IN
  1797. Heather Lindquist, RN Medical/Surgical; Clackamas, OR
  1798. Wafaa Alrashid MD Internal Med, Pasadena, CA
  1799. Marla Bolt, RN; Primary Care; Portland, OR
  1800. Kandace Kibler, RN; Ambulatory Surgery Center; Salem, OR
  1801. Courtney Dedda PT, DPT, Willow Grove, PA
  1802. Sima Jain, Md, Dermatology, Orlando, Florida
  1803. Andre Ettinger, MD; Internal Medicine; Pasadena, CA
  1804. Lori Gluck, MD Family Medicine ; Portland, OR
  1805. Judeth McGann MD; Pediatrics; Woodland, CA
  1806. Anne Haneman, PT Willow Grove Physical Therapy; Hatboro, PA
  1807. Dean Laochamroonvorapongse, MD, MPH; Anesthesiology; Portland, OR
  1808. Joanna Hatfield, MD, Portland, Oregon
  1809. Julie Sergio, MSPT, cert MDT physical therapist Horsham, PA
  1810. Farah Khan, MD; Family Medicine, Bettendorf, IA
  1811. Erin Kilkenny, PT, DPT, PA
  1812. Kyle Kammerle, PT, DPT; Physical Therapy; Willow Grove, PA
  1813. Heather Chamberlain, RN BSN; Post Anesthesia Care; Portland, OR
  1814. Rachael Morton, MD pediatrics, indianapolis, IN
  1815. Dana Rajchel, DPT, ATC, Cert MDT; Oupatient Physical Therapy; Willow Grove, PA
  1816. Anita Lindell, MD, family medicine, obstetrics, Seattle/Melbourne
  1817. Jessica Brandt, BSN; ICU; Tigard, OR
  1818. Amy Bock, DPT; orthopedic and vestibular therapy, Willow Grove, PA
  1819. Steven Stewart, ASPT, Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Juneau, Alaska
  1820. Amolika Mangat MD Internal Medicine MD Bakersfield CA
  1821. Titinia Howell New Augustus BSN, SANE, TCRN,RN GA
  1822. Jacqueline Pedersen, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Hatboro, PA
  1823. Courtney Smith, RN; Medical Surgical and Critical Care; Camas, Washington
  1824. Rachel Villegas, DO; internal medicine; Fort Worth, TX
  1825. Marissa Karpoff, MD; Rheumatology; Camden, New Jersey
  1826. Amber Osborn, BSN, PMHNP student; Psychiatry, Beaverton, OR
  1827. Robin Martinez, MD MHA; Pediatrics; Amarillo, TX
  1828. Kamal Heyer, MD; Emergency Medicine; Chicago, IL
  1829. Heidi Davis, RN; Asthma, Allergy and Immunology; Portland, OR
  1830. Alvaro F. Manrique G arcia, MD, Electrophysiology, Monroe LA
  1831. Askia Dunnon, MS, MD; Durham, NC
  1832. Laura Hagen, BSN, RN, CCM; Primary Care; Portland, OR
  1833. Melissa Hale, RN, BSN, Medical-Surgical, Apple Valley, CA
  1834. Jocelyn Early, PA-C; Thoracic Surgery; Portland, OR
  1835. Shaw Henderson, MD. Pulm/CCM; Asheville, NC
  1836. Darlene LeFrancois, MD Internal Medicine, Bronx NY
  1837. Beth Zeeman MD Urgent Care Waltham, MA
  1838. Keenan Yanit, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; PORTLAND, OR
  1839. Nova Espinosa,RN; Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center Oncology; Portland, OR
  1840. Ronia Chackanad, MD; Internal Medicine — Hospitalist; Austin, TX
  1841. Prashant Singri MD, Dermatology, Schaumburg IL
  1842. Katie Deming, MD Radiation Oncology, Portland, OR
  1843. Lindsay Maggio, MD, MPH; Maternal-Fetal Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  1844. Claudia Dakkouri, MD; Hospitalist for Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Denver, CO
  1845. KAY H Yanit, RN, BSN ; case Manager : McKenzie-Willamette Médical Center. Springfield,OR
  1846. Valerie Danielson, MD, Family Medicine, Bedford, NH
  1847. Tamara Nelson, MD; Rheumatology; Indianapolis, IN
  1848. Karen Weese Bell, MD; Family Medicine; Fort Collins, CO
  1849. Mary Bienemann, MD, Family Medicine, Union Grove, Wisconsin
  1850. J. Adam Graham, MD, Critical Care, Asheville, NC
  1851. Penney Stringer, MD Family Medicine; Richland, WA
  1852. Rhonda Eubanks, MD; Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine ; Evansville,IN
  1853. Jenifer Butler, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Kansas City, MO
  1854. Tricia Pancoast MD; Anesthesiologist, Portland OR
  1855. Maike Undurraga Perl, CCU RN, Juneau, AK
  1856. Lana Kondratsky, RN; CLACKAMAS, OR
  1857. Stella Safo, MD MPH, HIV Primary Care, Internal Medicine, NYC
  1858. Aradhana Kaushal Rad Oncology, KY
  1859. Rhonda Westmoreland, RN, MSN, Adult Medical Surgical, Hayward, CA
  1860. Jocelyn Seitz-Keough, FNP-BC; Emergency Medicine; Loma Linda, CA
  1861. Kristin Postlethwaite, RN; Women and Newborn Care; Clackamas, OR
  1862. Maddiha Payami, DO; Family Medicine; Brentwood, CA
  1863. J.T. Boyd, MD; Internal Medicine.Portland, OR
  1864. Alicia Powell, MD; Psychiatry; Boston, MA
  1865. Tara Peddicord, staff RN CVICU NE
  1866. Olga Charnaya, MD, Pediatric Nephrology, Baltimore, MD
  1867. Elizabeth Brennan, M.D. ; Pediatrics; St. Petersburg, FL
  1868. Margaret Miller MD; Pediatrics; Akron Ohio
  1869. Ursula Barrus, RN, Medical Procedures Unit, Portland, Oregon
  1870. Lauren Weissmann, MD; OBGYN , NJ
  1871. Catherine Miles, MD;Pathology;Portland Oregon
  1872. Melissa Klinksiek, RN Occupational Health Akron, Ohio
  1873. Melinda Zirkle, MSN, RN; Carson WA
  1874. Rita Shapiro, DO, Internal Medicine-Geriatrics and Neurology, Chicago, IL
  1875. Joel Goldstein, PhD, Research Psychologist, Laguna Woods, CA
  1876. Ruchira Singh, MD Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, Jacksonville, FL
  1877. Marvin Wang, MD; Pediatrics; Boston, MA
  1878. Rizwana Fareeduddin, MD Maternal Fetal Medicine; Gainesville, FL
  1879. Sanjeev K Sriram, MD, MPH; Pediatrician; Washington, DC
  1880. Laura Heyneman, MD; Diagnostic Radiology; Durham NC
  1881. Paige S. Gutheil, D.O.; Family Medicine; Columbus, Ohio
  1882. Cara L. Eckhardt, PhD, MPH; Epidemiology;Portland, OR
  1883. Jennifer McCabe Lentz, MD; Family medicine; Fort Collins, CO
  1884. Madisyn Gray PA-C; Breast Surgery MI
  1885. Jacqueline Berube, MSN, Nurse Practitioner; Emergency Medicine; Worcester, MA
  1886. Kathleen Walker, RN BSN; Pediatrics; Vancouver, WA
  1887. Sharon Tucker MD; Family Physician; Mesquite Texas
  1888. Jodi Barschow, DNP, MSN, RN; Primary Care; Clackamas, OR
  1889. Jaya Singh MD, internal medicine Sacramento, California
  1890. Brian Greenberg, NP, Emergency Medicine, Worcester, MA
  1891. Christy Vorderstrasse, RN; Newborn Care; Clackamas, OR
  1892. Ali Khan, MD, MPP; Internal Medicine; Chicago, IL
  1893. Emily Schnurr D.O. child & adolescent psychiatry, East Lansing, MI
  1894. Aneil Dosanjh, MD; Internal Medicine, Sacramento, CA
  1895. Wendy Domreis, RN, CPNP Neurosurgery Portland, OR
  1896. Jeannette Rack, Registered Nurse, Portland, Oregon
  1897. Maureen Baldwin, MD, MPH; Ob/Gyn; Portland, OR
  1898. Boyu Wang, Do Hospitalist physician, Sacramento, CA
  1899. Rachel Sielbach, RN, BSN; Critical Care Nurse; Juneau, AK
  1900. Rahim Hosseini-Dehkordi MD, Urgent care and Primary Care Physician MN
  1901. Wendy Marquina, Hospitalist, Miami, FL
  1902. Teresa Chambers, RN Portland, OR
  1903. Ellen Cooke, MD, Radiation Oncology; Wichita, KS
  1904. Meneah Haworth, FNP-C, Freeport, ME
  1905. Sarah Baron, MD, MS; Hospital Medicine; New York, NY
  1906. Molly Dority, RN, Specialty Care; Portland OR
  1907. Dawna Hauseman, RN, BSN, labor and delivery
  1908. Kristina Weinz, RN; Emergency Department; Hillsboro, OR
  1909. Kimberly Murchie, NP Emergency Medicine, Worcester, MA
  1910. Nicole Morgan, MD; Neurology; New York, NY
  1911. Ellen Borst, DO, Hospitalist, Wichita, KS
  1912. Natasha Diaz, MD Family Medicine Chicago, IL
  1913. Raeeda Gheewala MD. Nephrology Austin, Texa
  1914. Stacey Searson MD; Family Medicine; Charlotte, NC
  1915. Analiesse Carter, MD; Family Medicine; Silverton, OR
  1916. Holly Hahn MD OH
  1917. Monica Makhija, MD, Neurology, Boston,MA
  1918. Carlin Hauck, MD; Radiation Oncology; Sacramento, CA
  1919. Candice North, MD; Family Medicine Hospitalist; Sacramento, CA
  1920. Rachina Ping, RN OR
  1921. Melissa Ozmore RN, BSN-BC OR
  1922. Tamara Goodman, MD NM
  1923. Harsha Sharma MD; OBGYN , Camden, New Jersey
  1924. Neena S Jain, MD MSTPH DTM&H, Emergency Medicine, CO
  1925. Lisa Meyer-Jones RN, Pediatrics Lactation, Fremont, CA
  1926. Rebeca Fazilat, MD Pediatrics, Los Gatos, CA
  1927. Suki Subramanian, M.D.; Gastroenterology; Washington, D.C.
  1928. Tan Trinh, MD; Anesthesiology; Austin, TX
  1929. Sara Schroder, MD, Pediatrics, Columbus, Ohio
  1930. Marcy Byrns MD; Internal Medicine; Baxter, MN
  1931. Elizabeth Ernst, RN; Cath Lab; Portland, OR
  1932. Margaret Crain, RN; Oncology; Chicago, IL
  1933. Carey Rafferty RN Denver,CO
  1934. Allison Friedenberg MD; pulmonary and critical care; San Francisco, CA
  1935. Keshini Parbhu, MD; Ophthalmology; Orlando, FL
  1936. Chandni Merchant, MD INTERNAL MEDICINE, OR
  1937. Madison Block, PharmD, BCPS; Emergency Medicine; Vancouver,WA
  1938. Rakesh Jotwani, MD; Hospital Medicine/Internal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  1939. Paige Lawson, MD, Internal Medicine, Heber Springs, AR
  1940. Amanda Wallace, RN, BSN, IBCLC Portland, Oregon
  1941. Jennifer Marsh, RN; Neonatology; Portland, OR
  1942. Chris Manion, MD Orthopedic Surgery Anchorage, AK
  1943. Sunita D Nasta MD Hematology Oncology Philadelphia PA
  1944. David Klein, MD , Interventional Radiology, Norwalk CT
  1945. Alexander Raines, MD, PhD, Hillsborough, NC
  1946. Leonel Toledo MD, General Pediatrics, Philadelphia PA
  1947. Caitlin Low, RNC, BSN, IBCLC; Maternal Child Women’s Health; Hillsboro, OR
  1948. Elaine Baiardi RN Psychiatric Nursing Professor CA
  1949. Nalini Misir MD, Psychiatrist, Buffalo, NY
  1950. Katherine Van Zandt, ACNP; Emergency Medicine; Worcester, MA
  1951. Johannes Brechtken, MD, Cardiology, St. Paul, MN
  1952. Judith Tinkelenberg CNM Axis Community Health CA
  1953. Anne Nelson, RN; Emergancy department; Juneau, AK
  1954. Sonia Trzmielina, Family Medicine, Tampa, Fl
  1955. Leah Carlson, MD; Radiolgoy; Traverse City, MI
  1956. Melanie Bozard, MD; Internal Medicine; Kokomo, IN
  1957. Jacey Ditto, MA, Neurosurgery, Boise, ID
  1958. Amy Trecartin, MD Neurology Boston MA
  1959. Cherie Faulkner, RN, BSN IBCLC FL
  1960. Heather Warm, MD, Psychiatry, San Francisco CA
  1961. Justin Nowlin MD; Family Practice; Monett, MO
  1962. Nisha Desai, MD; Dermatolgy; Portland, OR
  1963. WanYin Chan, MD; Allergy/Immunology; Orange, CA
  1964. Carrie Mahowald MD Hospitalist Brooklyn NY
  1965. Rhonda Fleming MD, Infectious Diseases, El Paso, TX
  1966. Alice Chen, DO, Internal Medicine, Plano, TX
  1967. Catherine Moffitt, DO TX
  1968. Anna Hilts RN Medical Surgical, Mcminnville, OR
  1969. Johanna Macaulay, RN, IBCLC, Neonatal Intensive Care, Portland, OR
  1970. Anne Jacobson, MD, MPH, Family Medicine, Chicago, IL
  1971. Lynne Cosgriff RN OR
  1972. Caroline Sebley, DO MBA, internal medicine hospitalist, Colorado Springs CO
  1973. Joanne Knight, DO; Hospital Medicine; Corpus Christi, TX
  1974. Heath Jolliff, DO, Emergency Medicine, Columbus, OH
  1975. Michelle Herrick, RN; neonatal intensive care unit; Clackamas, OR
  1976. Deanna M. Wagner, MD; Dermatology; Macomb, MI
  1977. Katrin lalezarzadeh D.O.Jyothi kadambi, MI
  1978. Virginia Carracino, Pediatric RN, Richmond VA
  1979. Elizabeth Bullard, MD, Psychiatry, Chapel Hill, NC
  1980. Amber Ratliff, DO; pediatrics and Neonatal Intensivist, Columbia, MO
  1981. Rebecca Leeman, CNM Nurse Midwifery; Albuquerque, NM
  1982. Jade M Hachem, RN Intensive Care/Emergency, Travel Nurse
  1983. Michael Sinha, MD, JD, MPH; Health Law and Policy; Boston, MA
  1984. Temple Hewett, RN, Oncology, ONC, Clackamas, OR
  1985. Sonya Narla, DO; Family Medicine Primary Care; Phoenix, AZ
  1986. Janna Friedly, MD; Rehabilitation Medicine; Seattle, WA
  1987. Sandra E. Nussey, MD; Anesthesiology (resident); Oklahoma City, OK
  1988. Bronwyn Baz, MD, FAAP, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  1989. Deniece Romaniello RN CVPR nurse Portland, Or
  1990. Mary Diana Davis, DO, Internal Medicine, Allison Park, PA
  1991. Heidi Huppert, ARNP ; Neurology; Spokane ,WA
  1992. Marie-Anne Smit MD, CA
  1993. Stephanie Flick, CRNA; Memorial Hospital & Health Care Center; Jasper, IN
  1994. Galit Sacajiu MD MPH CA
  1995. Erika Steffe MD. Infectious Diseases Santa Rosa Ca
  1996. Meghann Hennelly, MD; Chicago, IL
  1997. Linda J Faulkner RN 46 yrs Portland Oregon
  1998. Jeanne Palmer, MD, Hematology/Oncology, Scottsdale, AZ
  1999. Tracy Wilson RN IBCLC OR
  2000. Michael Ferguson, PT, DPT, Outpatient Physical Therapy, Asheville, NC
  2001. Sara E. Ortiz-Romero, MD; Diagnostic Radiology; San Antonio, TX
  2002. Heather Savas, BSN, RN, Med/Surg PCU, Clackamas, OR
  2003. May Karr R.N. CEN Holmes Pa.
  2004. Michelle Quirk, MD; Pediatric Hospitalist; Philadelphia, PA
  2005. Alexandria Piedmont, MD; Anesthesiology; Glens Falls, NY
  2006. Young Ju Lee, MD; Internal Medicine PGY-2; Rochester, NY
  2007. Tala Salem, MD; Internal medicine resident; Rochester, NY
  2008. Ilona Shternfeld, MD Ophthalmologist CT
  2009. Rosie Brinsek, RN, holistic nursing
  2010. Amanda Floyd, RNC-MNN; Portland, OR
  2011. Sarah Zaheer, MD; Endocrinology; Durham, NC
  2012. Michelle Davis MD, Family Medicine, Kentwood, MI
  2013. Mahmoud Khreis, MD, Internal medicine, Lexington, KY
  2014. Elizabeth Nichols RN,BSN. Indianola,WA
  2015. Ann Scott RN, Pediatrics, Portland OR
  2016. Ciera Lembke, RN, BS, Primary Care, Vancouver, WA
  2017. Maihgan Kavanagh, MD, MPH, Surgical Oncology, Santa Clara, CA
  2018. Marjorie Murphy, MD; Neuro-ophthalmology; Providence, RI
  2019. Hussam Alhasson MD — internal medicine, Rochester NY
  2020. Aeshita Dwivedi, MD NY
  2021. Garrett Soldati, NRP; Fire Lieutenant, Sioux City, IA
  2022. Amy Blake FNP-BC. Rehab/long term care DE
  2023. Jennie Johnson, RN, BSN, Acute care, Clackamas, OR
  2024. Jamie Weisman M.D. dermatology, Atlanta, GA
  2025. Ann Lyles, MD, Psychiatry, Sequim, WA
  2026. Nathan Johnson, PMHNP-BC, Salem, Oregon
  2027. Megan McClean, MD, Dermatology, Salt Lake City, Utah
  2028. Chris Nebesio, MD, Dermatology, Indianapolis, IN
  2029. Tesalia Renteria, DO; Urgent Care; Burlington WI
  2030. Stephanie Rohde, Labor and Delivery, Portland, Oregon
  2031. Monica Hamburgh, MD; pediatrics; Orlando, FL
  2032. Jennifer Tanguay, CRNA; Anesthesiology, Bainbridge Island WA
  2033. Mehdi Radhighi, MD, Dermatology; Worcester, MA
  2034. Ting-Lin Yang, MD, PhD; Dermatology; Saint Louis, Missouri
  2035. Nolene Fergudon DNP Emergency Medicine , Worcester MA
  2036. Karin Lunn, BSN, RN, Vascular Access, Sioux Falls, SD
  2037. Jennifer Kaley, RN, CCRN; Critical Care; Portland, OR
  2038. Ashley Eastman, RN; orthopedic care coordinator; Portland, OR
  2039. Lisa B. Glenn, MD ; Family Medicine; Austin, Texas
  2040. Shannon Lizer APRN, Lanark, Illinois
  2041. Patricia Oyetakin, MD; Dermatology; York, PA
  2042. Carrie Oldright, RN. Reedsport, Oregon
  2043. Sydney Lynott, MSW; Heart Transplant Social Worker; Portland, OR
  2044. Bradley Goldberg, MD; Hematology and Oncology; Lake Success, NY
  2045. Rachna Kaul, MD Family Medicine, Ridgewood, NJ
  2046. Rachelle Kaspar-Cope, MD, Family Medicine, Cambridge, NE
  2047. Sabeen Ahmed MD IM Montclair NJ
  2048. Maile Daly, M.A.; Family Practice; Sonoma, CA
  2049. Apurva Subbaswamy MD; Med-peds primary care; Lexington, KY
  2050. Jennifer B. Cohen MD, Palliative care, San Jose, CA
  2051. Dafina Allen, MD; Family and Obesity Medicine MI
  2052. Susana C. Tapia, MD, Internal Medicine, Montclair, NJ
  2053. Michael Anderson, MD Emergency Medicine. Ridgway, CO
  2054. Christina Shenko, MD; Family Medicine; Middletown, CT
  2055. Ron Lee, MD, Radiology, Norwalk, CT
  2056. Beth Anne Algie, RN, BS; Critical Care, Infection Control, Tallahassee, FL
  2057. Hollee Kennedy, RN, MSN, IMCU, Portland, OR
  2058. Nicole Strickland, MD; Anesthesiology, Tacoma, WA
  2059. Keeona Vance, BSN RN, Urgent Care, Portland, OR
  2060. Shaili Felton, MD, endocrinology, Lubbock, TX
  2061. Lillian Schapiro, MD: Gynecologist, Atlanta, GA
  2062. Tanya Blanch, MD; Internal Medicine; Teaneck, NJ
  2063. Theresa Stickney, RN Narberth PA
  2064. Lisa Glass, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Washington, DC
  2065. Gurdeep Kaur ,MD ;IM / HPM , Livonia , MI
  2066. Julia McEniry, RN, Primary Care, Beaverton, Oregon
  2067. Brandi Bowman, RN, Clackamas, OR
  2068. Bo Pang, DO, Otolaryngology, Detroit, MI
  2069. Elise Legere, RN-BSN; hematology/oncology; Burlington, VT
  2070. Svetlana Krasnokutsky, MD; Rheumatology; Purchase,NY
  2071. Carrie M Davino MD; Non-Occupation Disability; Portland, OR
  2072. Daniela Ghetie, MD; Rheumatology;Portland,OR
  2073. Spencer Gorsline, md; family medicine; buffalo, NY
  2074. Judith Pinto, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Ridgewood, NJ
  2075. Willeatha Taylor, MD NY
  2076. Heather Shafi, MD, Pediatrics, Fair Lawn, NJ
  2077. Deepa Reddy,MD, Ophthalmology, Lancaster, Ohio
  2078. Cristian Ghetie,MD; Hospitalist; Portland,OR
  2079. Eileen Zhivago, MD; General, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry; Westfield, NJ
  2080. Susie Morris, MD, MA; Forensic Psychiatry; Los Angeles, CA
  2081. Laura Bishop, MD; Internal Medicine & Pediatric Hospitalist; Louisville, KY
  2082. Sharon Grayson, MD, Family Medicine, Seattle, Wa
  2083. Eileen Cernese Klein, MD; Internal Medicine; Livingston, NJ
  2084. Jeffery Show, MD; Emergency Medicine; South Bend, IN
  2085. Poyee Tung MD. Cardiology Houston Tx
  2086. Paul Young PA-C, MMSc, emergency medicine, Goodland, KS
  2087. Arshiya Ahuja, MD; Pediatric Hospital Medicine,; Livingston, NJ
  2088. Kimberly Florio,BA,RCS cardiovascular imaging, Albuquerque, N.M.
  2089. Mi Na Son, MD Internal Medicine, Maryland
  2090. Helen Davis, RN; Emergency Medicine; Minneapolis, MN
  2091. Lisa Davis, MD, Family Medicine, Houston, TX
  2092. Suki Rayne, RN, Portland, Oregon
  2093. Christian Molstrom, MD; emergency medicine; portland, Oregon
  2094. Tovah Bass Tripp, MD; Internal Medicine; Providence, RI
  2095. Linda Ekert, NP/OBGYN, Smithtown, NY
  2096. Vishnupriya Nair, MD, Internal Medicine, Palm Harbor, Fl
  2097. Kimberly Slonaker, MD; Pediatrics; Longmont, CO
  2098. Melissa Hart, MD, Internal Medicine, Monterey CA
  2099. Judith Koppen, RN, QRC Minnesota
  2100. Pamela Sheridan, DO, Dermatology, Vacaville, CA
  2101. Eric Shamas, MD, Emergency Medicine, St. Petersburg, FL
  2102. Yvette M. Cua, MD; Internal Medicine; Louisville, KY
  2103. Lela Miloseska PA-C NJ
  2104. Amy Weil, MD, General Internal Medicine, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  2105. Emily Whitesel, MD; Neonatology; Boston, MA
  2106. Jessica Miller, MD; Family Medicine; Oakland, CA
  2107. Natalie Nasser, MD, Dermatology, Riverside, CA
  2108. Michele Beaman MD, pediatric emergency medicine, Portland, OR
  2109. Leisa Hodges, DO; Dermatology; Dallas, TX
  2110. Irene Blanco, MD, Rheumatology; Bronx, NY
  2111. Teresa Lindsell BSN,MSN,CHFN,RN Cardiology, Vancouver,WA
  2112. Matthew Mueller, DO, MPH; Emergency Medicine; Detroit, MI
  2113. Janelle Jones, RN; CVICU; Portland, OR
  2114. Melissa Heberlein, LCSW, medical social worker, Wynnewood, PA
  2115. Paula Swanson, RN, Operating Room Nurse, Tacoma, WA
  2116. Keisha Bell, MD; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine; Washington, DC
  2117. Amy Gerhardt, MD, OB/GYN, Ridgewood, NJ
  2118. Yuan Zhang, IM, Edmond, OK
  2119. Natalie Carson, CRNA; Spring, TX
  2120. Ruth Cockley, MD; Nocturnist; Spokane, WA
  2121. Harmanjeet Dhaliwal MD ;Anesthesiologist; Sacramento CA
  2122. Elizabeth Hensley, ARNP, FNP, Madison County Hospital, Winterset iA
  2123. Jennifer Bogdanovitch, MD; Internal Medicine; Boston, MA
  2124. Sushee Gadde, MD Cardiology GA
  2125. Mamta Padey, MD MPH; Emergency Medicine
  2126. Leslie Greenwell, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Louisville, KY
  2127. Rachel Bier MD NJ
  2128. Layla Luther, RN PACU, Portland, OR
  2129. Ameliya Abero, RN BSN; Medical Surgical; Portland, OR
  2130. Marianna Shimelfarb, MD; Integrative Family Medicine; Montclair, NJ
  2131. Holly Spitzer, RN, BSN, CCRN; Cath/Angio Lab; Portland, OR
  2132. Yana Galatyn, Registered Nurse; Med Surge; Astoria, New York
  2133. Timothy Duenas, MD; Emergency Medicine; Salem, OR
  2134. Kemoy Harris, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Orlando, FL
  2135. Mehvish Ahmed DO , Emergency Medicine ,Voorhees NJ ,
  2136. Kaitlyn E. Olson, PharmD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  2137. Alauna Curry, MD. Trauma psychiatry. Houston, TX
  2138. Annola Dildy, MD; Internal Medicine; NASHVILLE, TN
  2139. Danielle Johnson, MD; Psychiatry; Mason, OH
  2140. Tammy Fouse, DO; General Surgery; Blackfoot,ID
  2141. Erica Cavallo-Olivo, MD; Emergency medicine, White Plains, NY
  2142. Claudia A. Clarke, DO; Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, Providence, RI
  2143. Hillary Barrett, RN-C; Labor & Delivery; Tacoma, WA
  2144. Sarah Axness, MSN, RN Portland, OR
  2145. Kim Odell,MD Family Medicine and faculty, brick,NJ
  2146. P. Kaye Brundidge, MD; Anesthesiology ; Redmond, WA
  2147. Awilda Pena, M.D ; Internal Medicine ; Florida.
  2148. Jenny Fish, MD. Santa Rosa, CA
  2149. Deidra Allen, MD; Family Medicine; Houston, TX
  2150. Ram Seshadri MD FACS; Hepatobiliary Surgery, Winston Salem, NC
  2151. Roseanne Cousins,MD; Internal Medicine, Maryland
  2152. Judith Sabah; MD, PhD, MBA; Ophthalmology; Eugene, OR
  2153. Stephanie Orr, MD; Dermatology, San Diego, CA
  2154. Rebecca Porter, RN; Nursing Supervisor; Winterset, IA
  2155. Nathan Johnson, APRN, Psychiatry, Salem, OR
  2156. Christopher Duncan, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Salt Lake City, UT
  2157. George C Skandamis, MD; Dermatology; Columbus OH
  2158. Debra Nippert RN MSN; Primary Care; Silverton, OR
  2159. Tamara Barstow, MD, pediatrics, Eugene, OR
  2160. Rachel Hall, RN, BSN; NICU AZ
  2161. Kris Zickert BSN, RN; Care Management; Portland, OR
  2162. Angel Schindler, MSPT, Orlanfo, FL
  2163. Richard Smith, MD; Internal Medicine; New Haven, VY
  2164. Elizabeth Homan, MD, MPH; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; Iowa City, IA
  2165. Judith A Fardig, MSN, retired CNM Portland, OR
  2166. Christina McClory, RN; Phone triage and advice nurse; Eugene, OR.
  2167. Kelly Mason, DO; Family Medicine; Pontiac MI
  2168. Beatrice Whitaker M.D. Ophthalmologist, Brooklyn, NY
  2169. Carrie Schultz, RN; Oncology; Portland, OR
  2170. Maria Diaz, MD; Neurology; New York, NY
  2171. Dina Costa, emergency medicine, Worcester MA
  2172. Riikka Mohorn, MD; General/Trauma Surgery, Virginia Beach, VA
  2173. Safiyya Karolia md , internal medicine , California
  2174. Kirsten Regalia, MD; Gastroenterology; Walnut Creek, CA
  2175. Tracey Mee, RN, labor and delivery, Los Angeles, Ca
  2176. Jonathan Meyers, MD; Anesthesiology; American Fork, UT
  2177. Florence Celzo-Vista MD, Endocrinolgy; Middletown NY
  2178. Brianna Slatnick, MD; General Surgery; Boston, MA
  2179. Anita Chiu, MD FACS, General Surgery, Walnut Creek CA
  2180. Nora N. Allen, RN BSN Retired; Beaverton, OR
  2181. Laura Fruchter, MD MPH; Family Medicine; Wilmington, DE
  2182. Tobey Wu-Kuo, MD; Dermatology, Brea, CA
  2183. Mirela Karic, RN; Neurosurgery ; Portland, Oregon
  2184. Nicole Lederman, MD; Psychiatry, Pleasanton, CA
  2185. Elissa Bookner, MD; Emergency Medicine;Bronx, NY
  2186. Richard McFarland, WFR, Wilderness Medicine, McCloud, CA
  2187. Andrew Lai, MD, MPH; Hospital Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  2188. Jacquelyn Collura, MD; Pediatrician and Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist; Portland, OR
  2189. Rachael Moore MD, Dermatologist, Los Angeles, CA
  2190. Kenneth Taylor MD, FACC, FACP, FASE, FHFSA Cardiology. Atlanta Ga
  2191. Elizabeth Schepker, MD; family medicine; New York City
  2192. Andrea Dean MD; Hematology Oncology; Chicago, IL
  2193. Amy Beck, MD; Pediatrics; San Francisco, CA
  2194. Andrew Robinson, MD; Palliative Medicine; Denver, CO
  2195. Amie Leaverton, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Portland, OR
  2196. Eva Poon, MD; Internal Medicine; Pasadena, CA
  2197. Rhonda Fuller, RN surgery Portland Oregon
  2198. Claudia m perez Sandhu, adult family medicine,Martinez, CA
  2199. Claudia T. Rizo, RN, BSN, PHN; Endocrinology & Oncology
  2200. Preet Patel, MD; Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine; New Brunswick, NJ
  2201. Gladys Ho, DO; Internal medicine, Hospitalist; Portland, OR
  2202. Praveena Sarma MD infectious Diseases, Tracy , Ca 95376
  2203. Lyn Newell BSN RN Portland OR
  2204. David Rosenberg, MD; Emergency Medicine; Denver, CO
  2205. Daniel Shapiro, MD; reproductive endocrinology and infertility ; Atlanta Ga
  2206. Patricia Ames, RN Tualatin, OR
  2207. Pamela Silverman MD, Pediatrics, Los Gatos Ca
  2208. Lauren S Campbell, MD Dermatology, Texas
  2209. Hannah Russell, Neuroradiology, Goodyear, Arizona
  2210. A. Gail Lee, MD Internal Medicine Silver Spring, MD
  2211. Joseph Bergerson, MD; Hospitalist; Phoenix, AZ
  2212. Omer Jamal, D.O. Family and Emergency Medicine, Dallas, TX
  2213. Mary Olson DO; Pediatrics; Portland, Oar
  2214. Kelly Sanders, MD, Pediatrics, Palo Alto, California
  2215. Katherine Ching, PMHNP, Psychiatry, San Francisco
  2216. Leslie Finkel, MD; Pediatric Neurology; Chicago, IL
  2217. The Huang, DDS, Riverside, CA
  2218. Lauren Stafford, MD; pediatric anesthesia; Oakland, CA
  2219. Claudine Johnson, MD; Internal Medicine; Houston, TX
  2220. Veena Ahuja, MD; Child Psychiatry; Cleveland, OH
  2221. Nicole Vetere, MD; Emergency Medicine; Rockville, MD
  2222. Linda Nguyen, BSN, ED, Portland, OR
  2223. Cindy Cedillo, MD; Family Medicine/Rural ER; Houston, TX
  2224. Neha Bahadur, MD; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry; La Jolla, CA
  2225. Robert Ruvkun, PA-C, Family Medicine, Seattle, WA
  2226. Jamie Vogl, CRNA; Anesthesia; Portland, OR
  2228. JT Anoushiravani, Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic, Lake Oswego OR
  2229. Trevor Jensen. MD. Hospitalist. San Francisco CA
  2230. Karen Kogel, MD, heme/onc, Denver CO
  2231. Stephanie Dulian Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist; Caledonia, IL
  2232. Victoria Leytin, MD. Emergency Medicine. Providence, RI
  2233. Eva Myers, RN CCRN, Critical Care, Sandy, OR
  2234. Jesse Gonzaga NP Cardiology Union City, CA
  2235. Darbi Seely, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  2236. Barry Schlansky, MD MPH, Hepatology, Portland, OR
  2237. Yvonne Funcke-Sandweiss, M.D. Pediatrician, Phoenix, AZ
  2238. Cynthia Gonzalez, DO; Internal Medicine / Hospitalist; VIrginia Beach, VA
  2239. Laurie Montano, MD, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics; Anchorage, AK
  2240. Shayna Tisdall. PA; Critical Care and Pulmonary; Denver CO
  2241. David Sterken, MD; Hospital Medicine; Madison, WI.
  2242. Julie Henny BSN RN; Urgent Care; Beaverton, Oregon
  2243. Jenn Moore, RN, Oncology, Portland, OR
  2244. Anh-Thu Nguyen, MD; Internal Medicine, Endocrinology; Pueblo, CO
  2245. Faye Chan, MD, MPH; Internal Medicine; SF, CA
  2246. Erica Metz, MD; Internal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  2247. Marina Aghababyan, MD; Hospital Medicine; Austin, TX
  2248. Danielle Desjardins, MD, PhD; Anesthesiology and critical care medicine resident; Portland, OR
  2249. Aleta Simmons, MD, Dermatology, Nashville, TN
  2250. Nancy Jones, RN, PACU, retired, Redding, CA
  2251. George Morris, RN, BSN, OCN; Oncology Research; Portland, OR
  2252. Alpa Vora MD, Hospital Medicine; Burlingame, CA
  2253. Gina Howey, MD CA
  2254. Aleksandra Dain, MD; Pediatrics; San Francisco, CA
  2255. Sarah Kureshi, MD, MPH DC
  2256. Liliana Rueda, MD Family Medicine, Houston, TX
  2257. Therese Miller RN OCN Portland Oregon
  2258. Nandana Mapakshi, MD ; Nephrologist,Plano,Tx
  2259. Lara Bickford, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  2260. Brooke Sateesh, MD; Dermatology; San Diego, CA
  2261. Karen Sokolov, MD, Radiation Oncology, Los Angeles, Ca
  2262. Adam Obley, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  2263. Caitlin M Cooper, BSN, RN, Emergency Room Nurse, Boston, MA
  2264. Tanuja Karunakar, DO; Emergency Medicine, Oakland, CA
  2265. Stephen Smith, MD Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Hilo, HI
  2266. Kavita Palmore, RN BSN CCM; High Risk Case Management; Portland, OR
  2267. Wassef Karrowni, MD; Cardiology; Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  2268. Chitra Chandran, MD, Internal Medicine, Oakland, CA
  2269. Sheryl Goldyn, MD MOH; pulmonary/critical care medicine; palliative care medicine; San Francisco, CA
  2270. Courtney Summers-Day, MD; Family Medicine; San Diego, CA
  2271. Thomas Wynne MD, Radiation Oncology, Portland, OR
  2272. Sherita Holmes, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Atlanta, GA
  2273. Whitney Jones, RN, BSN; Portland, OR
  2274. Meredith Kan, MD, Anesthesiology; Menlo Park, CA
  2275. Dr.Deepa Nandyal, MD, Cardiology, Bakersfield, CA
  2276. K Moffatt DO Pediatrics SoCal
  2277. Claudia Laufer, DAOM, L.Ac., Los Angeles, CA
  2278. Dulce Innocenzi, MD; Family Medicine, San Diego, CA
  2279. Brian Tully, MD; Anesthesiology; Portland, OR
  2280. Elina Shustef, DO Surgical Pathologist & Dermatopathologist; Scripps Clinic; San Diego, CA
  2281. Kristen Nguyen, DO; Family Medicine; Garden Grove CA
  2282. Elizabeth Rocco M.D. Family Practice Lawrence, Massachusetts
  2283. Elizabeth Lassen, DO; Psychiatry; Chicago, IL
  2284. Ellen L. Singer, MD; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  2285. Reema Batra, MD; Hem/Onc; La Mesa, CA
  2286. Zafia anklesaria , MD, Pulmonary and Critical care, California
  2287. Ellen Carlos, DNP, RN, nurse educator, Portland, OR
  2288. Nicole Webber, FNP; primary care, public health; Portland, OR
  2289. Marjorie M. Beebe MD FACS ; General Surgery; Topeka, KS
  2290. Jessica Warner-Grant, MD, PhD; Pediatrics; Seattle, WA
  2291. Sophia Rahman, MD; Radiation Oncology; Pleasant Hill, CA
  2292. Alexandra Haraldsson, PA-C; Cardiac Surgery; Barrington, IL
  2293. Jami Anderson RN NICU & Childrens day surgery
  2294. Jeikell Suguitan, RN BSN ; Medical- Surgical Floor Nurse; Portland, OR
  2295. Omar M Lattouf MD PHD, Cardiac Surgeon, Atlanta Ga
  2296. Elizabeth Withnall CNM Albuquerque NM
  2297. Hailee Van, MD, Family Medicine, Santa Ana, CA
  2298. Nancy Berkheiser, M.D.; Emergency Medicine; Orofino Idaho
  2299. Shamci Stanton, RN; NICU; Clakamas, OR
  2300. Paula Scoglio, RN; Hospice Medicine, Santa Cruz. CA
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  2305. Dara Berk, MPT, Home Health, Pacific Grove, CA
  2306. Marilee Mallory, RN BSN; Inpatient Care Management; Vancouver, WA
  2307. Jasmine Gordon, DO; Hospitalist internal medicine; Kansas City, MO.
  2308. Robin Beard LCSW-R Formerly Senior Counselor Center For Comprehensive Health Practice; New York City, NY
  2309. Kripa Kavasseri, MD; Urology; Seattle WA
  2310. Sarah Feenstra, DO; Psychiatry; Maui, HI
  2311. Katrina Walling,RN; Medical Dermatology; Portland, OR
  2312. Dawn Hagan, MD, Anesthesiology, San Diego, CA
  2313. B. Balkhaa, MD; Hospital Medicine; Mountain View , CA
  2314. Catherine Cox, MD — Ophthalmology — San Rafael, CA
  2315. Elisa Engbretson, FNP; Family Practice; Portland, OR
  2316. Paras Shah, MD; PM&R and Interventional Pain Physician; Overland Park, KS
  2317. Aya Eguchi, MD; general internal medicine; Redlands, CA
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  2319. Kelly Stets, Orthopaedic Surgery, CA
  2320. Jenni Haan, PA, Hospital Medicine, Council Bluffs, Iowa
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  2324. Andrew Ashcroft MD; Family Medicine; Belvedere, CA
  2325. Marisa Torres, RN; Intensive Care; Portland, OR
  2326. Joy Tsai-Li, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; San Diego, CA
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  2332. Maureen Smith, RN; Community Health, Portland, OR
  2333. Jo Fernandez, RN Operating Room, San Diego, CA
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  2356. Jessica Heacock, RN BSN; Labor and Delivery; Portland, OR
  2357. Julie John, Critical Care Medicine, West Orange, NJ
  2358. Carolyn Mann, L Ac, Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Austin, TX
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  2362. Brandy DiPietro RN; Emergency Department; Gresham, OR
  2363. Ahmad Oussama Rifai, MD — Nephrology-Dialysis and critical care hospital medicine FL
  2364. Jennifer Vineyard, DO; Internal Medicine; Ventura CA
  2365. Will McKleroy, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, San Francisco, CA
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  2370. Elizabeth Robinson, LCPC, Addictions, Mental Health, MedStar Montgemery, Olney, MD
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  2399. Robin Cogan, MEd, RN, NCSN — School Nurse; Camden, NJ
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  2404. Donna Lyman, MS, RN, NCSN; School Nurse, Maryland
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  2417. Vanya Grover, DO; Internal Medicine & Nephrology
  2418. Michael Swirsky DDS, Dentistry, Larchmont, NY
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  2420. Monica Petrisko, NP; Neurology; New York, NY
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  2434. Melissa Jimenez; School Nurse, RN ; Springfield MA
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  2437. Katharine Dickson MD, Psychiatry, Chicago, IL
  2438. Meghan Tozzi, MD; Pediatric Cardiology; Hackensack, NJ
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  2450. Raghu Loganathan, MD; Pulmonary & Critical Care, Portland, OR
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  2455. Sudhamshi Toom , MD; hematology and oncology; Brooklyn , New York
  2456. Juliette Fromm Spelman, MD. Internal medicine and primary care. Yale University School of Medicine. Fairfield, CT
  2457. Indu Menon MD, internal medicine , Bradenton, Fl
  2458. Jessica Hurlbert, ATC, Barre VT
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  2467. Angela Musa, Ohio Certified Dialysis Technician ,Columbus, Ohio
  2468. Sherri Tutkus RN BSN , Community Health Nurse, Boston Mass
  2469. Sharon Conway, RN, MSN, Medford, NJ
  2470. Inna YaskinVinaya Simha, MD MN
  2471. Allison Vargus, BSN RN, school nurse Salem, MA
  2472. Jennifer Ryan, BSN, RN, School Nurse, Boston, MA
  2473. Karen Sue Jenkins APRN Immediate Care Center, Elizabethtown Ky and Clarksville IN
  2474. Amit Singh Tibb, MD, FCCP
  2475. Vonda Lee Crouse, MD Pediatric Oncology Valley Children’s Healthcare Madera, CA
  2476. Lisa Talati, DO, family medicine, Vernon, CT
  2477. Jason Shatkin, MD, pulmonary and critical care, Paramus NJ
  2478. Dr. Sarika Sanghvi DO, internal medicine, East Windsor, NJ
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  2486. Patricia Stelz RN, Critical Care;Clackamas, Or.
  2487. Alexander Davidson, MPH; Infectious Disease Epidemiology: New York, NY
  2488. Leslie Hayes, MD; Family Medicine; Espanola, NM
  2489. Adrienne Salomon, Neurology, Middletown NY
  2490. Abbie Youkilis MD, Internal Medicine, Cincinnati OH
  2491. Russell Hattig, Registered Nurse, Adult Intensive Care/Rapid Response team, San Francisco, California
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  2506. Maria Blum, RN, School Nurse, Las Cruces NM
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  2509. Ynhi Thomas, MD TX
  2510. Elizabeth Flohr, CRNP York, PA
  2511. Valerie Galvan Turner, MD Gynecologic Oncology
  2512. Nicole Petchenik, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Atlanta, GA
  2513. Jamie Gancayco, M.D., Internal Medicine and Pediatrics, Crystal Lake, Illinois
  2514. David R Dies MD; Emergency Medicine, Tx
  2515. Beth Foreman, DO; Cardiovascular Medicine; Columbus, OH
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  2517. Avinash S Ghimire, MD ; Nephrology; Lewiston, ME
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  2519. Amy Piperato, MD; Internal Medicine; Stony Point, NY
  2520. Scott J. Melton, MD PhD Infectious Diseases, New Orleans LA
  2521. Carla Weisman, MD; Ob/Gyn, Baltimore, MD
  2522. Matthew Ehrlich MD MPH, neurology and epidemiology, Durham, NC
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  2526. Pamela Gordon, MD; Family Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  2527. Barbara Merrill, DO; Family Medicine; Lansing, MI
  2528. Annemieke Atema, MD; Emergency Medicine; Boston, MA
  2529. Ann Swan, CRNA, New Paltz, NY
  2530. D’Angela Pitts, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Ann Arbor, MI
  2531. Courtney Sick, MD; Ob/Gyn; Conway, AR
  2532. Pamela Gordon, MD; Family Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  2533. Diane Topolski, MD; Hospital Medicine; Omaha, NE
  2534. Amber Torres, BSN, RN; School Nurse/Medical Surgical Nurse; Allen, TX
  2535. Cristina Fox, MD, Urology; Hackensack, NJ
  2536. Asfia Fatima. MD Family Medicine, Inpatient Medicine, Round Rock, TX
  2537. Marcy Fitzgerald, APRN-CNP, Family Practice, Cincinnati, OH
  2538. Hallie French, MD emergency medicine, Salt Lake City, UT
  2539. Megan Gruber, DO; Cardiology; Canton, Ohio
  2540. Brandon Palermo, MD, MPH;Infectious Diseases; Philadelphia, PA
  2541. Allison Blair, PA-C; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (inpatient); Chicago, IL
  2542. Aviva Weinberg, MD; Urology; Redwood City, California
  2543. Lora Alkhawam, MD; Emergency Medicine; Durham, NC
  2544. Crystal McCrary, APRN, FP, Orlando, FL
  2545. Heather Nicholson, MSN PMHNP, Psychiatry, Jasper, Indiana
  2546. Michelle Tajchman, RN; School Nurse; Olathe, KS
  2547. Daniel Callahan, PA-C; Family Medicine; Peachtree City, GA
  2548. Jean Charles. PTA, Baldwin NY
  2549. David Capital, MD; Orthopaedic Surgery, New York, NY
  2550. Stephanie Younts, PharmD, MPH; Pharmacy; San Antonio, TX
  2551. Kimberly Fischer, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; St Paul, Minnesota
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  2553. Diana Anderson, PA-C, Emergency Medicine, Ardmore, OK
  2554. Pamela Kasenetz, MD, Internal Medicine, VA
  2555. Gloria Marlowe, MD. General Surgery. Salem, Oregon
  2556. Susan Smolen, MD; Family Medicine; Oviedo, FL
  2557. Mehdi Manzari, MD, Internal Medicine, Malibu, CA
  2558. Stephen Colon, M.D., Psychiatric Physician, Ann Arbor, MI
  2559. Karen Vidal, BS, RN; Pediatric nurse, Philadelphia PA
  2560. Erik Antonsen, MD PhD; Emergency Medicine; Texas
  2561. Meg Jack MD Nevada
  2562. Lisa Richman, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Denver, CO
  2563. Patricia Luzquinos, PA-C; Family Medicine; Plantation, FL
  2564. Amanda Barile, PA-C; Rheumatology; Stow, OH
  2565. Mehdi Manzari, MD, Internal Medicine, Malibu, CA
  2566. Lilia Sugarman, MD; Internal Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  2567. Charissa N. Manley, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Atlanta, GA
  2568. Mark v Barrow sr M.D. Cardiology Gainesville ,Fl.
  2569. Emily S. Miller, MD, Emergency Medicine; Boston, MA
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  2571. Debra Tetreault, MD; Pediatrics; Clayton NC
  2572. Neil Golden RN, MSN; Critical Care; Tulsa, OK
  2573. Courtney Huneycutt, APRN; Pediatrics; Hot Springs Arkansas
  2574. Beth Milbourne RN, pediatric emergency, SC
  2575. Amity L. Bates, RN, MSN-FNP; Outpatient Gastroenterology and Family Practice, Riverview, MI
  2576. Angela Leach, MS, CRNA; Anesthesia; Tulsa, OK
  2577. SUSAN Hagen Morrison, MD infectious Diseases NJ
  2578. Ruchita Patel, DO, Endocrinology, Oak Lawn, IL
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  2580. Judy Brangman, MD; Internal Medicine; Raleigh, NC
  2581. Luis Chug, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Houston, TX
  2582. Kimberly McMinn MPH LAc Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Austin TX
  2583. Sarah Dittmer, M3. Lexington, Kentucky
  2584. Lauren Swartz, RN, Overland Park Regional medical center MA
  2585. Chiaki Jutabha, MD; General Pediatrics; Los Angeles, CA
  2586. Kara C Burton, APRN, CRNA;Anesthesia;Hazard, KY
  2587. Ekta patel, MD; pediatrician at Stonybrook hospital, NY
  2588. Melanie Prince, MD; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Little Rock, AR
  2589. Ann Patel, DO; Family Practice; Little Rock, AR
  2590. Nancy McCarthey, PNP (ret) Brielle NJ
  2591. Anna Joong, MD; Pediatric Cardiology; Chicago, IL
  2592. Amy Romashko, MD, Pediatrics, Milwaukee, WI
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  2594. Laura Willson, MD MN
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  2597. Kathleen A. Brady, MD, Infectious Diseases, Philadelphia, PA
  2598. Jill, RNC-MNN;Mother/Baby,GA
  2599. Eimaneh Mostofian, MD; OBGYN, San Diego, CA
  2600. Janine Grayson MD MPH, Emergency medicine; Rahway NJ
  2601. Kate Louise Moreng Mangona MD RADIOLOGIST, Dallas, TX
  2602. Dayna Jaynstein, PA-C, EM Denver, CO
  2603. Linda V. Spencer, MD, Dermatology Crawfordsville, IN
  2604. Sheela Moorthy MD, Neotonatology, York, PA
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  2606. Jordan Tate MD; MPH PM&R/Pain; Canton, GA
  2607. Meredith Stern, MD; Pediatrics; Pittsburgh, PA
  2608. John R. Fisk, MD, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Springfield, Illinois
  2609. Ethan J. Ciment, DPM; Podiatric Medicine & Surgery; New York, NY
  2610. Gregory Burg, MD; Pediatric Pulmonology and Lung Transplant; Pittsburgh, PA
  2611. Mary Eckerle, MD, IM/Peds, Indiana
  2612. Krista Kawaguchi, MD; Neurology; Renton, WA
  2613. Tannaz Modaresi, DC; Injury & Wellness Specialists of Georgia; Norcross, GA
  2614. Stefanie Egler; occupational therapists; Pittsburgh PA
  2615. Jamie Strause, APN-C, Neurology, Mt Holly, NJ
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  2617. Tejal Shah, MD; Endocrinology; Chicago, IL
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  2619. Sakina F. Dinani, DO; Internal Medicine; River Vale, NJ
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  2621. Heather James, PA-C; Cardiology; Manitowoc, WI
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  2623. Christine O’Neill, PA-C; Acute Care; South Burlington, VT
  2624. Milla J Kviatkovsky, DO; Internal Medicine; San Diego, CA
  2625. Kristina Johnson, MD, Family Medicine, Charlottesville, VA
  2626. Hetal Hosalkar MD CA
  2627. Nina Ross, MD, Psychiatry, Pittsburgh PA
  2628. Tarina Parpia, MD; Infectious Diseases; Charlottesville, VA
  2629. Ben Collins-Hamel, DO, Internal Medicine, Warren, MI
  2630. Sara Young, RN, MSN FNP Dearborn Michigan
  2631. Charity Reynolds, MD; Family Medicine; Cloquet, MN
  2632. Gemma C. L. Bornick MD, FACEP; Emergency Medicine; Green Bay, WI.
  2633. Janelle Grizzle, PA-C; primary care; Hamden CT
  2634. Ji Rhee, Pulmonary Critical care, Baltimore, MD
  2635. Warren Womack PT, DPT; Physical Therapy; Anacortes, WA
  2636. Pamela Williams, D.O., Obstetrics and Gynecology, Anchorage, Alaska
  2637. Anne Herdman Royal, MD, Pathology, Tulsa, OK
  2638. Aruna Shah , MD, Family Medicine, Murfreesboro,TN
  2639. Colleen Lail, MD; Pediatrician, LCDR, USN; Jacksonville, NC
  2640. Francesca Turner DO; OBGYN; Des Moines IA
  2641. Tatiana Catanzarite, MD, MAS; Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery; San Diego, CA
  2642. Ashlie Arthur, DO; pulmonary and critical care medicine; Atlanta, GA
  2643. Mili Khandheria MD child psychiatry Dallas, TX
  2644. Julie Gomez, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Cincinnati, OH
  2645. Carl Brueggemeyer, MD; HTN, Nephrology & IM; Jacksonville Beach, FL
  2646. Alexandra Davis, PA-C; Dermatology and Emergency medicine; Henderson, NV
  2647. Katy Siddons, MACCC-SLP, San Diego, CA
  2648. Satya Narisety; Allergy and Immunology; Livingston, NJ
  2649. Katie Swain, RN, COHN-S; Occupational Health; Spokane , WA
  2650. Riley Paris, PA-C; Neurosurgery; Billings, MT
  2651. Diana Miller MD, Pediatric Endocrinology, Charlotte NC
  2652. Lauren Heagy, MD; Family Medicine; Shrewsbury, PA
  2653. Quinn Harmon, PA-C; Family Medicine; Bloomington, IN
  2654. Anne Dudley, DO, Pediatrics, Stevensville, MI
  2655. Joshua Cooper, MD. Neonatologist. Columbia, SC
  2656. Joanna Sussman, RN; Emergency Medicine; Detroit, MI
  2657. Rebecca Solomon, APRN, neurology, East Moline, IL
  2658. Anneliese Wilhelm, FNP; Reproductive Health, La Crosse, WI
  2659. Natalie Sykuta, APRN; Acute care nurse practitioner; Avon OH
  2660. Ileana Maldonado-Gonzalez, MD Anesthesiologist, Philadelphia, PA
  2661. Geetha Pillai MD Internal Medicine Leesburg VA
  2662. Angela Smith, DO; Anesthesiologist; Farmington, CT
  2663. Mark Snyder, MD; Psychiatry; Butner, NC
  2664. Tonya Wilkinson MSN, RN, PNP- UVM Medical Center- Neurology
  2665. Steven V. Ball, CRNA, APRN, Anesthesia, Plymouth, NH
  2666. Brenda L Schell MSN, APRN, FNP; YOUNGSTOWN OH
  2667. April Frater, MD; family medicine resident; Tuscaloosa, AL
  2668. Ivy Rosen MD anesthesia New York NY
  2669. Anna Kalbfell, MD; OBGYN; Wilson, NC
  2670. Ellen R. Wald, MD, Pediatric Infectious Disease, Madison Wisconsin
  2671. Trupti Gokani MD IL
  2672. Teresa Nehls, MSN, ICU, Seattle, WA
  2673. Isra James, PharmD. Internal medicine; Augusta, GA
  2674. Lori Fender APN CNM Illinois
  2675. Melissa Jordan, MD, Internal Medicine, Lexington, KY
  2676. Chathruckan Rajendra, Pediatric Gastroenterology, San Francisco, CA
  2677. Onelys Carrasquillo, MD; Ophthalmology; New York, NY
  2678. Allison Lang, MSN, CRNP. Philadelphia, PA
  2679. Paul Jones, PhD; Pediatric Psychologist; Philadelphia, PA
  2680. Elisabeth Dean, M.S. PA-C; Urgent Care; Port Orchard, WA
  2681. Erin Crowley, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Indianapolis, IN
  2682. Vanessa Vergara , FNP-BC, Family practice, Westminster, CO
  2683. Chathruckan Rajendra, Pediatric Gastroenterology, San Francisco, CA
  2684. Fathima Chowdhury, PA-C; Psychiatry; Dallas, TX
  2685. Kunal Malik, MD; Dermatology; New York, NY
  2686. Prem Sagar MD, FRCP hospitalist; Plainview, NY
  2687. Virginia McCord, MD; Pediatrician; Fayetteville, AR
  2688. Alexandra Taylor, MD; Anesthesiology Resident; Detroit, MI
  2689. Brittany Kerkar, MD; Pediatrics, Bridgeport, CT
  2690. Vivienne Leyco-Policarpio, MD; Endocrinology; Katy, Texas
  2691. Lenisson Carneiro, DPT, Geriatric Physical Therapist, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  2692. Yinka Oyelese, MD. ObGyn/Maternal Fetal Medicine NJ
  2693. Natalie Sgarlata MD; Outpatient Pediatrics; Chicago, IL
  2694. Mario Trabulsy, MD, Emergency Medicine, Burlington VT
  2695. Jeanie Ling, MD, Ophthalmology, Houston, TX
  2696. Bria Schurke, PA-C; Emergency Medicine; Duluth, MN
  2697. Marcia Kluck APRN CRNA; Anesthesiology; Rochester, Mn
  2698. SUZAN NOFFSINGER, PAC; Internal Medicine, Grand Rapids, MI
  2699. Angela Eakin, MD; Family Medicine; Spokane WA
  2700. Sandra Dayaratna MD, OB-GYN, Philadelphia, PA
  2701. Tuyet-Nga Vu, DO, Family Medicine/Urgent Care, Lititz, PA
  2702. Jessica Beavers MD. Pediatrics. Little Rock. AR
  2703. Francis Nguyen MD, Anesthesiology Corona, CA
  2704. Laura Giusto, MD; Urology; Baltimore, MD
  2705. Terese Tatum, NP, Primary Care, San Francisco, CA
  2706. Charley Brown, PA-C, General Surgery, Sugarland, TX
  2707. Wendy Hill, MD; Pediatrics, Neenah, WI
  2708. Sarah Prescher RN PHN Chaska, MN
  2709. Soo Kim, MD; Urology; New York, NY
  2710. Emily Mueseler, PA-C; Hematology and Oncology; Pittsburgh, PA
  2711. Donald Higgins, MD, Family Medicine, Lake Charles, Louisiana
  2712. S. Fages, M.S, Lic-A,CCC-A ,Clinical Audiologist in ENT Atlanta,GA
  2713. Dana Dougherty Evans; Family Medicine; Louisville, KY
  2714. Scharlotte Spencer DNP, APRN, FNP-C, ACHPN; Palliative care and Hospice; Spring, Texas
  2715. Srividya Venkataraman, MD; Family Medicine; Long Beach, CA
  2716. Christy Park, MD; Rheumatology; Knoxville, TN
  2717. Carolyn Connelly, MS, CRNA; Anesthesiology; Washington, DC
  2718. Angela Iannitti-Hulse DO; Urgent Care NY
  2719. Tim Jelsema, MD, MPH; Sports Medicine; Detroit, MI
  2720. Lauren Shannon CNP; Pediatrics; Cincinnati, OH
  2721. Kaitlyn Ryan, MD, PhD; Psychiatry; Ann Arbor, MI
  2722. Samuel Limbong, MD, Hospitalist, Loma Linda, CA
  2723. Maureen Weaver, MSN; Nurse Educator; Creston Iowa
  2724. Tina Jackson MS RN ACNS-BC, LVAMC, Lebanon, PA
  2725. Renee M. Miranda, MD, Family Medicine and Emergency Medicine
  2726. Sid Sharma DPM Podiatrist New York NY
  2727. Scharlotte Spencer DNP, APRN, FNP-C, ACHPN; Palliative Care and Hospice; Spring, Texas
  2728. Tina Jackson MS RN ACNS-BC, LVAMC, Lebanon, PA
  2729. Roberta Wall, CRNP, family practice, Wilkesboro NC
  2730. Tina Jackson MS RN ACNS-BC, LVAMC, Lebanon, PA
  2731. Michael J. Sanley, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Omaha, NE
  2732. Ryan Sportel, CRNA, Hayward, WI
  2733. Alison Fitzgerald, MD. Nephrology. Burlington, Vermont.
  2734. Alicia Brooks, MD; Family Medicine; Winston Salem, NC
  2735. Payton Heilman, MSN, APRN, FNP-C; Adult Leukemia, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX
  2736. Rachell Davis DNP, FNP-C ; Adult Urgent Care; Albuquerque NM
  2737. Thomas J Azxolini, DPM, DABFAS,DABPM, Chief of Podiatry Hoboken University Medical Center, Director Podiatry Medical Surgical Residency, Hoboken, NJ
  2738. Frank I. Scott, MD MSCE; Gastroenterology; Denver, CO
  2739. Jackie Klinkner, CRNA; Anesthesiology; Minneapolis, MN
  2740. Sean Rooney, MD, PhD, Ophthalmology, Marquette, MI
  2741. Julie Mayo, PA-C; Pediatrics; Mansfield, TX
  2742. Jamie Butterworth, ARNP, women’s health; Des Moines, IA
  2743. Nicole Jaikaran, MD; Psychiatry; Houston, TX
  2744. Jasmine Tan-Kim, MD MAS; Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery; San Diego, CA
  2745. Andrea Gardner, CNMT, Nuclear Medicine, Hanover, MD
  2746. Daniel Levi, MS4, Monmouth County, NJ
  2747. Rabeeya Nusrat, MD, IM. Oklahoma City, OK
  2748. Jasmine Tan-Kim, MD MAS; Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery; San Diego, CA
  2749. Manav Shah, MD; Internal Medicine; Baldwin Park, CA
  2750. Christine Anderegg, MD, emergency medicine, Layton, UT
  2751. Barry Schapiro, MD; Orthopedic Surgery, Hollywood, FL
  2752. Elizabeth L Maher, MD, Family Medicine, North River NY
  2753. Emily Wilson, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Ann Arbor, MI
  2754. Agnieszka Dendura Doctor of Nursing Practice, Milwaukee WI
  2755. Meredith Kasbohm, MD; OB/GYN; Minneapolis, MN
  2756. Megan Kane, DO; Family Practice; Neenah, WI
  2757. Miranda Harris-Glocker, MD OBGYN Rochester, NY
  2758. Catherine DeLorey, RN, DrPH Women’s Health Institute, Boston, MA
  2759. Michael Israel, MD; Family Practice; Lincoln, NE
  2760. Mohina GuptaMD , Internal Med , Libertyville Il
  2761. Dhaval Patel, MD; Critical Care Medicine; Gainesville, GA
  2762. Michael Bubis D.O. TX
  2763. Tami Davis, DNP, CNM Chicago, IL
  2764. Amy Barrett, PA-C; Outpatient Pediatrics; Pottsville, PA
  2765. Lynna Toy, APRN, Family Nurse Practitioner; Wichita, KS
  2766. Sushil Sagar, MD; NEPHROLOGY, Bethpage, NY
  2767. Fatima Chawdry, MD Internal Medicine/ Geriatrics; Columbus,Ohio
  2768. Carol Daniel, MS, APRN, CRNA, Saint Cloud, MN
  2769. Craig Copelin, MS, CRNA, Salida, CO
  2770. Rachel Goldstein, MD, Pediatrics, Palo Alto,CA
  2771. Ashley Preyer LPN Addiction Treatment, OTP Decatur GA
  2772. Mary C Wilhelm, PA-C Transplant Surgery, Philadelphia, PA
  2773. Jeremy Skiechs, MS, PA; Family Medicine; New Hartford, NY
  2774. Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD, Ophthalmology, Oculoplastic Surgery, Los Angeles, CA
  2775. Johanna Beck, MD; psychiatry; philadelphia, PA
  2776. Christine Soran, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine CA
  2777. Jennifer MacEwan, MD; Otolaryngology; San Diego, CA
  2778. Anthony Young CRNA, Anesthesiology, Ronan MT
  2779. Stacey Whitaker, PA-C, Behavioral Medicine; Montgomery, AL
  2780. Claudia Vargas, BSN, RN; School Nurse; Modesto, CA
  2781. Kassidy Chen, MPAS; Family Practice; Norwalk, IA
  2782. Carla Brown, MD, Pediatrics, Little Rock, Arkansas
  2783. Anaïs Shannin, MD; Family Medicine; San Diego, CA
  2784. Alison Sandberg MD Radiology Denver CO
  2785. Joan L Carrellas MD; Family and Emergency Medicine, Lamy, NM
  2786. Jacquelyn Gonka-Griffo MD, Urology, buffalo, NY
  2787. Roberta Wall, CRNP, family practice, Wilkesboro NC
  2788. Meredith Talbot, MD; Internal Medicine; Boston, MA
  2789. Monika Lammi, Gastroenterology, New Orleans, La
  2790. Chris Fitzgerald, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Los Angeles, CA
  2791. Karan Chugh, MD Pulmonary Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
  2792. Dr. Audrey Longson DO— Psychiatry in Ponte Vedra Beach Florida
  2793. Bradley Williamson, RN, BSN; Emergency Room; Portland, OR
  2794. Lisa S. Neisler, NP-C, Internal Medicine, Macon, GA
  2795. Tuere Coulter, MD; Family Practice; Pearland, TX
  2796. Sandra Tiemann,RN; School Nurse; Seguin, TX
  2797. Hannah Williams, MD; psychiatry, Little Rock, AR
  2798. Sara Willard, RN; MSICU; Clearwater, FL
  2799. Susan Rammage ,school nurse, Olathe ,KS
  2800. Deborah Sambucci, DO; Cardiology; Haddon Heights, NJ
  2801. Abigail Eastman, BSN, OB, Colorado Springs, CO
  2802. MariMeg clairwood, MD, Dermatology, Cheshire, CT
  2803. Veronica Romero, PA-C; Wound Care; Asheville, NC
  2804. Aviva Zyskind, MD; Family Medicine; Washington, DC
  2805. Laura E. Munkel MD, Family Physician, Elkhart, Indiana
  2806. Lori McCormick MSN, Emergency medicine, Denver Co
  2807. Sabina Sheikh, MD; Pediatrics; Lantana, FL
  2808. Marion Leary RN MSN MPH Philadelphia PA
  2809. Jennifer Black, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Brattleboro, VT
  2810. Dawn Colvin, MPT,, Patient Safety Officer, Reno NV
  2811. Sara Anderson , BSN, RN School Nurse, Olathe, KS
  2812. John Mahoney, MD, orthopedic surgery, Peoria, IL
  2813. Oksana Zakharova, RNMariam Fayek MD
  2814. Erika Kahan, MD; Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine; Chicago, IL
  2815. Yong He, MD; Dermatology; Sacramento, CA
  2816. Terry Noyes, PA-C; Internal Medicine; Spokane, WA
  2817. Ashley Fedan, MS, CRNA, ARNP, Anesthesiology, Seattle, WA
  2818. Jessica Bertalan, PA-C; Pain Management; Muskegon, MI
  2819. Joan C Abele MD, Anestiologist. Salt Lake City, UT
  2820. Kristyna Landt, MD, Anesthesiology, Atlanta, GA
  2821. Sharron Mason, MD; Addiction; Hot Springs, Arkansas
  2822. Abbie Jungermann, MSN, CRNA, Newburgh, NY
  2823. Nathaniel Branzuela, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Roseville, CA
  2824. Patricia A. Smith, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Alexandria, VA
  2825. Jerry Soucy, RN, CHPN; Hospice and Palliative Nursing; Boston,MA
  2826. Marcy Emmons, PA-C; Urgent Care; Anna, IL
  2827. Christiane Bernal, MEd, BSN, RN; Director of Health Services, Houston, TX
  2828. Susan Rojas, MD; Family Medicine; Miami FL
  2829. Stacy Shanahan, PA-C; Family Medicine, NY, NY
  2830. Samuel Alperin, MD; Pediatric Neurology; Cincinnati, OH
  2831. Darcy Putz MD, Endocrinology, Dubuque, Iowa
  2832. Tarannum Qureshi, PharmD; AAHIVP; Chicago, IL
  2833. Katherine Cox, MD, Anesthesiology, New Orleans, Louisiana
  2834. Tori Vinsant, MD Pediatrician Columbus, OH
  2835. Lisa Walker, MD, Radiology, Grand Rapids, MI
  2836. Sam Bullick, DO; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Portland, OR
  2837. Francia Rojas, MD; Cardiology; Houston, TX
  2838. Julie Hong, MD; Allergy and Immunology; Portland, OR
  2839. Russell Miller, MD Family Medicine/Geriatrics South Bend , IN
  2840. Michelle Cardinal PA-C, Orthopedics, Plano, TX
  2841. Jose L Ruiz, MD, Family Practice. Miami, FL
  2842. Christine Jensen, RN, PA-C; Family Medicine; Mauston, WI
  2843. Zarry Tavakkol, MD. Dermatology, Kirkland WA
  2844. Sowmya Kallur, MD Pediatric Critical Care, Temple, TX
  2845. Josephine H Park, MD, General Pediatric, Fayetteville, AR
  2846. Militza Ausmanas, MD, Family Medicine, Sequim, WA.
  2847. Jordan Coauette, MD OB/gyn; Fargo, ND
  2848. Shannyn Ward, Au.D.; Audiology; Cleveland, OH
  2849. Erin Wiater, CRNA; Gaithersburg, MF
  2850. Viviana Martínez-Bianchi, MD Family Medicine, Durham NC
  2851. Amber Scholl, LPN, School Nurse, Jefferson City, MO
  2852. Elizabeth Buchen, MD; Public Health / Preventive Medicine; Albuquerque, NM
  2853. Michelle Don, MD, pathology, San Diego, CA
  2854. Brandi Raycheck, Au.D. Audiology, Cincinnati, Ohio
  2855. Michele Jiu, MD, Family Medicine and Urgent Care, San Diego, CA
  2856. Elizabeth Stewart, MD; Internal Medicine Hospitalist; Berkeley, CA
  2857. Elizabeth Harrel, MD; Urology; Shreveport, LA
  2858. Arieh Kurinsky, RN; LTC, GreenfieldMA
  2859. Meredith Rowley, RN, BSN, labor & delivery, Maple Grove MN
  2860. Angela Hubanks, PA-C, Internal Medicine, Dubuque, IA
  2861. Christina Lackner PA-C; Hospitalist Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  2862. Christine Doan, PA-C; Urogynecology; San Diego, CA
  2863. Bennett J. Ezekiel, MD, MPH, PM&R/Pain, Austin,TX
  2864. Amanda Fadden, AuD, Audiology, Florida
  2865. Jill Bergson, MD, Radiology, Riverhead, NY
  2866. Kevin Jamison, MD; Neurology; Portland, OR
  2867. Jennifer Cole, APRN, Family Nurse Practitioner; Carrollton, KY
  2868. Asna Amin, MD; Colorectal and General Surgery, Poughkeepsie, NY
  2869. Cynthia Hughes, RN, BSN; NURSING; Silver Springs NY
  2870. Lindsay Coughlin PA-C; emergency medicine, Hartford CT
  2871. Yeni Yim, CNM, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  2872. Christina Mitsdarffer RN, NP-C Hospitalist Medicine Kankakee Illinois
  2873. Meghan Hulver, MD; Pediatrics VA
  2874. Suzanne Gutierrez Teissonniere, MD; PM&R; New York, NY
  2875. Lauren McBride, RN; Homecare, New Haven, CT
  2876. NatSha Maharaj, CRNA; Atlanta, GA
  2877. Margaret Maxi, MD; Dermatology; New Orleans, LA
  2878. Elena Russell RN, BSN , Dresher, PA
  2879. Kristen Hughes, PA-C; Neurosurgery, IL
  2880. Binita Pass PharmD, Fort Collins CO
  2881. Mayka Rambo DNP, CRNA New London, WI
  2882. Elyse Julian, DO, dermatology, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  2883. Tracy Scott, PA-C; Neurology; Salem/Roanoke, VA
  2884. Kate Maetzold R.T.(R)(CT)(BD) Whitefish, Montana
  2885. Trisha Jordan, MD; Pediatrics; Newark, DE
  2886. Suman Deep Matiana, MD; Family Medicine and Hospitalist; Alexandria, VA
  2887. Ruth Williams, RN HIV nurse coordinator, Chicago, IL
  2888. Vincent Giannotti, MD; Emergency Medicine; Wilkes Barre, PA
  2889. Laura Matheson, MPH, Public Hospital Provider Outreach, Seattle WA
  2890. Chiara Ghetti, MD, OBGYN, Sr. Louis, MO
  2891. Jessica Beavers MD. Pediatrics. Little Rock. AR
  2892. Jennifer Fedoroff, MD, Pediatrics, Scottsbluff NE
  2893. Robert Fogerty, MD, MPH. Hospital Medicine; New Haven, CT
  2894. Anna Filshtinsky MD, Hospitalist, Springfield, MA
  2895. Rachel Giannotti, MD; pediatrics, Scranton, PA
  2896. Wing Leong, DO; Emergency Medicine, MPH Tropical Medicine, San Diego, CA
  2897. Nikki Ehn, MD; Family Medicine; Webster City, IA
  2898. Joan Pokluda Kay, MD. Pediatrics Irving, TX
  2899. Catie Kopischke , PA-C. St Paul, MN
  2900. Keren Lerner, MD/MPH; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Los Angeles, CA
  2901. Elizabeth Tucker, DNP, CRNA; Anesthesia; Atlanta, GA
  2902. Jeanna Panosh, ARNP; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Des Moines, IA
  2903. Todd Samter, MD; Anesthesiologist; Roslyn, NY
  2904. Beth Kelly, PA; Thoracic Surgery, Abington, PA
  2905. Christopher Gouveia, MD, Otolaryngology, Santa Clara, CA
  2906. Patrice Swiontek RD,LDN PEDIATRICS Chicago, IL
  2907. Alexander Burlij, LPN, Pediatrics, Durham, NC
  2908. Lauren Fletcher-Morehouse, DO pediatric Ophthalmology Grand Rapids, MI
  2909. Sanghamitra Misra, MD; Pediatrics; Houston, TX
  2910. Daron Smith, RPh, AAHIVP; virology trained specialty pharmacist: St Louis, MO
  2911. Stephanie Johannes, MD; pediatrics; Durham, NC
  2912. Jessica Dhillon; RN; NYP Cornell; New York, NY
  2913. Jessica Ahmann, DNP, Heme/Onc, Bismarck, ND
  2914. Erin Kish, MD; Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine; Westwood, MA
  2915. Alyssa Wood, DO, MBA; Child and adolescent psychiatry; Iowa City, IA
  2916. Jonathan Fischer, MD; Emergency Medicine; Wynnewood, PA
  2917. Sara Franklin, DO, Family Medicine, Wound Care, Hyperbaric Medicine
  2918. Sheila Goodman,MD; St. Paul, MN
  2919. Kristin Nelson, MD; Internal Medicine; Dubuque, IA
  2920. Russell Purdy, EMT/EMD; Wooster, OH
  2921. Nilda Maria Williams, MD; Diagnostic Radiologist; Jackson, MS
  2922. Maggie Grady, CRNA; Atlanta, GA
  2923. Alisha Parad, MD; General Internal Medicine; Albuquerque, NM
  2924. John D. Edwards MD Otolaryngology San Antonio TX
  2925. David Dowell, MD, Psychiatry, Madison, WI
  2926. Ilaina Moyer, PA-C; Surgery; Phildelphia,PA
  2927. Sarah K. Dyal, RNC; Women’s Health Care; Portland, OR
  2928. Julia Garcia, MD, MPH; Occupational Medicine; Salt Lake City, UT
  2929. Karin Adelman, MD, Family Medicine, NH License
  2930. Sarah Haller, DPM, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Hoboken NJ
  2931. Chad Purnell, MD; Surgery; Chicago, IL
  2932. Subathra Selvaraj MD woodinville WA
  2933. Alicia Milan-Flanigan, MD Family Physician Chicago, IL
  2934. Meredith Kasbohm, MD; OB/GYN; Minneapolis, MN
  2935. Sarah McAuliffe, RN, OBGYN, Rochester, NY
  2936. Brookelyn Kruger, DNP; Surgery; La Crosse, WI
  2937. Casey Gilbert, FNP. Family medicine. Lincolnton, NC
  2938. Janice Contreras, MD; Houston, TX
  2939. Kinnari Khorana, PharmD; Infectious Diseases; Chicago, IL
  2940. Elise Ciarlo, RRT. Respiratory Therapist. Hockessin, DE
  2941. Sandra Ventura, FNP, CS, Pediatrics, Westwood, MA
  2942. Kristen Haddon, DO; pediatrics, Waltham, MA
  2943. Stacey L Vallejo MD; pulm/ccc; nashville, TN
  2944. Brittany Sisson, FNP-BC; Pediatric Primary Care; Buffalo, NY
  2945. Jocelyne Dove, RN, Elwood, IN
  2946. Jemma Fiorentini, MD; Pediatrics; Princeton, NJ
  2947. Wendi Lucero: MSPT: Outpatient Physical Therapy; Portland, OR
  2948. Krista Enns, PA-C; Family Medicine; Wheat Ridge, CO
  2949. Mary McCulley, RN, MS, ACPNP, Pain Medicine, children’s Hospital Los Angeles, CA
  2950. Rupal Parikh, MD, Interventional Radiology, Philadelphia, PA
  2951. Caroline Schreiber, MD, Family Medicine, CA
  2952. Ellen Newman, MSN, WHNP, Urogyn, Nashville, TN
  2953. Martha McMurry, RN; Emergency Medicine; Vero Beach, Florida
  2954. Krista Enns, PA-C; Family Medicine; Wheat Ridge, CO
  2955. Michelle Nguyen, MD; Gastroenterology; Los Gatos, CA
  2956. Agnieszka Vay, MD, Gynecologic Oncology, Oakland, CA
  2957. Joan Sanders RN, Mill Creek, WA
  2958. Casey Gilbert, FNP. Family medicine. Lincolnton, NC
  2959. Kristin MacGregor, PhD, hospital-based health psychologist; Worcester, MA
  2960. Amy Becker, M.S.PA-C, Oncology Ft. Collins Colorado
  2961. Irum Ziauddin, PA-C Cardiology/ICU; Milwaukee, WI
  2962. John Del Monte, DPM Podiatrist Jersey City, NJ
  2963. Christopher Lucas, MD Internal Medicine/ Hospitalist, Seattle, WA
  2964. Jennifer Binstock-Rieske, RN; Emergency Room; Denver, CO
  2965. Yan Epelboym, MD, MPH, Interventional Radiology, Boston, MA
  2966. Melissa A Clark MD; Family Medicine at an FQHC; Silver Spring, MD
  2967. Jerry Lowder, MD OBGYN, St Louis, MO
  2968. Stephen Allison, MD; Inpatient Psychiatry; Greenbrae, CA
  2969. Katie Allender, RN; Pediatric Oncology; Portland, OR
  2970. Joshu Raiten, MD, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Albuquerque, NM
  2971. Garrett Peterson DNP, CRNA, APRN. Anesthesia, Minneapolis, MN
  2972. Elba Gerena, MD, PM&R, Miami, FL
  2973. Shannon Offerman, MD Radiation Oncology, Milwaukee, WI
  2974. Bethany Golden, Certified Nurse Midwife, San Francisco, CA
  2975. Leslie Fitzgibbons MD Emergency Medicine Roseville CA
  2976. Gail A Miller, BSN, RN,CEN,CCRN, Nurse Case Manager ( Formerly 18+ER/Trauma) Hagerstown ,MD
  2977. Carla Picardo, MD, MPH — Ob-Gyn & Prevetive Medicine & Public Health, Erie, PA
  2978. Tarshree Sawyer, MD; General Pediatrics; Raleigh, NC
  2979. Sherry Bosley MD Anes. MD
  2980. Aral Sezginis, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Phoenix, AZ
  2981. Linette Pho, PharmD, AAHIVP, Chicago, IL
  2982. Peter Yeh, MD; Family Medicine, Long Beach, CA
  2983. Rebecca Shatsky, MD, Hematology-Oncology, San Diego, CA
  2984. Chompunut AsavaAree, MD, internal medicine and vascular medicine board certified/ North Carolina
  2985. Jessica Stevenson, PA-C; Primary Care; Hickory, NC
  2986. Ni-Cheng Liang, MD, Pulmonary, San Diego, Ca
  2987. Nazineh Huff, MD; Psychiatry; Mill Valley, CA
  2988. Brittney Dautremont, DO, MPH; Ophthalmology; Salinas, CA
  2989. Jason Lukas, MD/PhD; hematology oncology; Seattle, WA
  2990. Ashlyn Yannitello, PA-C, Hospitalist, Annapolis, MD
  2991. J Lazar MD MPH Emergency Medicine NY NY
  2992. Graham Bloyed, Pharmacist, Tulsa, OK
  2993. Emma Clifford, RN; Home health care; New Haven, CT
  2994. Kristina Lehman MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Columbus, OH
  2995. Tiffany Rhodes, MD, OBGYN. Salida, Colorado
  2996. Diane Whitaker-Worth MD. Dermatology. Uconn health
  2997. Deepal Shah-Zamora, MD; Neurology; Durham, NC
  2998. Amy Husmann, RN, Population and advice, Seattle, WA
  2999. Carmen Fotso, MD family Medicine; West Dundee IL
  3000. Michael Ruebusch, CRNA, Nurse Anesthesiologist, Cincinnati, Ohio
  3001. Sara Weber PMHNP; Portland OR
  3002. Shabnum Chaudhery, MD Pathology LA
  3003. Alexis R. Nadler, AuD; Audiologist; Lima,OH
  3004. Amanda Bell, MD, Family Medicine, Dayton, OH
  3005. Paul J Coleman, PA-C; Family Medicine, Franklin County, NC
  3006. Susan Martin FNP. Portland, Me
  3007. Katherine Adler MD, hospital medicine (subspecialty of Internal Medicine), Seattle, WA
  3008. Jennifer Slocum Teague, PharmD; ID; Schwenksville, PA
  3009. Salvador Cevallos, MD; Psychiatry; Port Orange, FL.
  3010. Naomi Grobstein, MD; Family Medicine; Montclair, NJ
  3011. Michele Hargreaves, MD, Otolaryngology, Jacksonville, FL
  3012. Gregory Burcham, MD FACEP; Emergency Medicine; Highlands Ranch CO
  3013. Anuja Jindal, MD MPH; Pediatric Neurology; San Diego, CA
  3014. Christa R. Fistler, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Newark, DE
  3015. Christine Pipchick, MS, PA-C Family Medicine Hoboken, NJ
  3016. Elaine Williams, CNA, PASCOHH , Johnstown CO
  3017. Elham Khanafshar, MD, MS; Cytopathology; San Francisco, CA
  3018. Jennifer Lyons, MS, CCC-A; Audiologist, Detroit, MI
  3019. Cheryl Bourgault, PA-C, Dermatology, Eugene, OR
  3020. Catherine Kadera, BSN; Gastroenterology; Bellevue, WA
  3021. Diana Tam, PA; Head and Neck Surgery; Santa Clara, CA
  3022. Leslie Rasmussen RN, OCN Oncology Chico CA
  3023. Li Shien Low, MD; interventional cardiologist; CHICAGO, IL
  3024. Valerie Jones, MSN, CRNA, Anesthesia, HOUSTON, TX
  3025. Nicole Herschenhous, Psychiatry, Massachusetts
  3026. Lori Westrope Gutierrez, RN; Mohs Surgery; Portland, OR
  3027. Alison Cowan MD, MS; OB/GYN; Loveland, CO
  3028. Kathleen Haycraft,Dermatology Nurse Practitioner, Hannibal. PA
  3029. Shelly Roman BSN, RN, Pediatrics, Sealy, Texas
  3030. Amy Bruzek, MD MI
  3031. Margaret Wentzel, RN, WHNP, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Winchester, VA
  3032. Nilay Shah, MD, FAAN, Neurologist, New York,NY
  3033. Susan McClure, RN, Hartford CT
  3034. Kristen Sadana, MD; Psychiatry; Danbury, CT
  3035. Carrie Jung, MD; Urogynecology; San Francisco, CA
  3036. Sophia Goslings, MD, Peds Hospitalist, Mobile, AL
  3037. Courtney McLean, NP, Women’s Health, Nashville, TN
  3038. Daniel Meikle, MD; Colon and Rectal Surgery, Greensburg, PA
  3039. Deepika Malik, MD, Vitreoretina Surgery, Philadelphia, PA
  3040. Craig Chaya, MD; Ophthalmology; Salt Lake City, UT
  3041. Ellen Biggers, MD; ObGyn Hospitalist; Stony Brook, NY
  3042. Amy Zingalis, MD; Pathology; Houston, TX
  3043. Shweta Narang, MD; Anesthesiology, Barrington, IL
  3044. Raymond Carter, MD; Internal Medicine and Pediatrics; Chadds Ford PA
  3045. Sofie De Nardi, MD, Neonatologist, Sacramento, CA
  3046. Elizabeth Rave MD, Nephrology, Columbus Ohio
  3047. Jayme Kasman, RN, MSN, PHN, SNc Public Health Nursing, Zephyr Cove, NV
  3048. Lindsey M. Kirkpatrick, DO, PhD; Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Indianapolis, IN
  3049. Riteesha Reddy, MD; Rheumatology; Dallas, TX
  3050. Lashanda Putman, MSN/FNP-C; Family Practice; Atlanta Georgia
  3051. Devy Setyono, MD; Rheumatology; Reading, PA
  3052. Hani alkhouri,MD syracuse, NY.
  3053. Camille Elkins, MD; Pathology; Ocean Springs, MS
  3054. Susen James RN; Labor & Delivery; Chicago, IL
  3055. Megan Pagan, MD, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Little Rock, AR
  3056. Joyce Castro, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; San Juan PR
  3057. Marvin Buehner, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology;Rapid City, SD
  3058. Nupur Saxena , MD; physical medicine and rehab; Chicago, IL
  3059. Alice Caesar, Psychiatry, White Plains, NY
  3060. Melissa Foner, PAC; Primary Care; Memphis, TN
  3061. Leann Greuel, PA-C. Family Medicine. Madison, WI
  3062. Sara Karpuk, Physician Assistant, Internal Medicine & Pediatrics, Sioux City, Iowa
  3063. Vanessa D’Antonio, RN; Medical Surgical Acute; San Luis Obispo, CA
  3064. Lazar Michaels, FNP, urgent care, Pasadena California
  3065. Brandy Frazao, MCMS, PA-C, Psychiatry, Denver, CO
  3066. Sarah DeKramer, RN, BSN, LN-C, Cardiology Care Sioux Falls, SD
  3067. Nichole Bonacci-Johnson BSN, School Nurse, Omaha, NE
  3068. Catalina Matiz MD, pediatric Dermatology, San Diego CA
  3069. Lauren White, RN, Pediatric Gastroenterology, Tulsa, OK
  3070. Daniel Meikle, MD; Colon and Rectal Surgery, Greensburg, PA
  3071. Raymond H Wong, DO, Internal Medicine, Elmira, NY
  3072. Christopher Coyne, MD, MPH, San Diego, CA
  3073. Stephanie Jallen, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; Bismarck, ND
  3074. Jody Beth Berney, RN retired; Psychiatry; Ann Arbor, Michigan
  3075. Daniel Meikle, MD; Colon and Rectal Surgery, Greensburg, PA
  3076. Benjamin Smith, MD, OBGYN, Dallas TX
  3077. Jennifer Kassir, MD; Internal Medicine; Lisle, IL
  3078. Brittany Gilbert Smith PA-C, Cardiology Pensacola, FL
  3079. Sarah Pletcher, MD; general practice; Hanover, NH
  3080. Kelsey Aeschliman, BSN, Emergency Room, Akron, OH
  3081. Kristin johnsen, APRN Kentucky , family medicine
  3082. Scott Stuempfig MD PM&R WI
  3083. Natalie Mosley, DO; Urology Pueblo, CO
  3084. Amanda Penegar, PA-C, Gastroenterology, Charlotte NC
  3085. Laura Wrenn BSN, Vasular Access RN, Milford CT
  3086. Tina Albertson, MD, PhD; Pediatric oncology; Seattle , Washington
  3087. Daniel Meikle, MD; Colon and Rectal Surgery, Greensburg, PA
  3088. Laura Umana, FNP-C Texas
  3089. Annmarie Graser, RN BSN; PACU; Valhalla,NY
  3090. Christine M Baca MD, Neurology, Aurora, Colorado
  3091. Mishal Abdullah, MD, Rheumatology, Knoxville, TN
  3092. Amy Thomsen, PA-C, MPH; Emergency Medicine; Solano County CA
  3093. Emma Barber, MD; Gynecologic Oncology; Chicago, IL
  3094. Alicia Frink RN, home care/hospice, Billerica MA
  3095. Sheena Rettaliata, MS PA-C, Neurosurgery, Washington DC
  3096. Allison Morande, RN; Emergency Medicine; Hartford, CT
  3097. Betsy Burriss, MD; OBGYN, Gyn Onc Fellow; Augusta, GA
  3098. Ashley Tipper PA-C rheumatology Statesville, NC
  3099. Aubrey Hess, PA-C, Family Medicine, Fargo, ND
  3100. Jaclyn Weston, MS,RD,LDN; Clinical Dietitian, Stoughton, MA
  3101. Gabriel Romero, NRP; Paramedicine; Anaheim, CA
  3102. M Francesca Monn, MD MPH; reconstructive urologist; Norfolk, VA
  3103. Andrew Litchfield, DPM, Podatry, Hartford, CT
  3104. Brittany Behm, D. O. Family Medicine outpatient and inpatient ; Charlotte , NC
  3105. Catherine L’Heureux, APRN, CRNA Anesthesthetist, Portland ME
  3106. Ovidiu Cristea MD, Plastic / Reconstructive Surgery, Shelbyville, Indiana
  3107. Jillian Henry, CPNP, Pediatric Intensive Care, Providence RI
  3108. Sofiya Grottano PA-C ob/gyn ny, ny
  3109. Diane Dadivas, RD,LDN;Niles, IL
  3110. Uyen-Khanh Quang-Dang, MD; Geriatric Psychiatry, Palo Alto, CA
  3111. Michole A. Deesing, MD, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, Irvine, CA
  3112. Alex Faigen ,DMD, Oral Surgery, Augusta GA
  3113. Loren King, MD Family Med. GA
  3114. Nancy L Burleson MD, OB/Gyn, Lancaster,SC
  3115. Liliana Soltero, MD. Nephrology. Houston, TX
  3116. Brett A Miller MD, Orthopedic Surgeon, St. Joseph, MO
  3117. Ashley Piazza, PA-C; geriatrics; Roslyn, NY
  3118. Aliza Narva, JD, MSN, RN, Clinical Ethics, Philadelphia Pa
  3119. Amy Peng, RN, FNP-S, dialysis/ med-surg, Fairfax, VA
  3120. Katherine Nickell, PA-C; Pediatrics; Dallas, TX
  3121. Tara Schroeder, Family Nurse Practitioner, Crestline Ohio
  3122. Jamie Fleischer, CRNP; Family Medicine, Urgent Care; Philadelphia, PA
  3123. Hyeon Choi, MD; Pediatrics, Virginia Beach, VA
  3124. Yvonne Angwenyi, MSPH, RN; Public Health Education; Durham, NC
  3125. Sophia Rahman, MD; Internal Medicine, Plano, TX
  3126. Jill Nadel, ASN, ICU/PACU, FLAGSTAFF, AZ
  3127. Katherine Nickell, PA-C; Pediatrics; Dallas, TX
  3128. Nicholas Brunger, MD; Anesthesiology; Denver, CO
  3129. Erin Hespeler, PA-C, Critical Care, New Haven CT
  3130. Kate Pola, PharmD, inpatient pharmacist, Indianapolis, Indiana
  3131. Tania Shaw MD Emergency Medicine PORTLAND OR
  3132. Parul Agarwal, MD, Medical Oncology, Baltimore, Maryland
  3133. Attiya Noor, NP; Medical Oncology; Houston, TX
  3134. Victoria Dominguez, RN; Pediatric Critical Care; Temple, TX
  3135. Sondra Miles, MD; Internal Medicine and Palliative Care; Loveland, CO
  3136. China Smith, PA-C; Infectious Disease
  3137. Monica Agosta, PsyD; Psychologist behavioral medicine; Houston, TX
  3138. Cynthia Seitz MD Pediatrics. Vancouver, WA
  3139. Lisa Holt, CNA, Clifton Park, NY
  3140. Hannah Kim, Labor and Delivery RNC; Rockville, MD
  3141. Gillian Reichmuth, MS, PA-C; allergy and asthma; Buffalo, NY
  3142. Bryce, BSN, RN, Critical Care, Worcester, MA
  3143. Laura Gibbons, MD; Consultation-Liaison Consult Psychiatrist; Boston, MA
  3144. Katharine Schmid, NP, interventional radiology, Boston MA
  3145. Ana Dias, RN,OCN, Oncology Nurse, Tinton Falls, NJ
  3146. Brett Miller, MD; Orthopedic Surgery; Saint Joseph, MO
  3147. Christa Westholder, Pharm D; Hospital Pharmacist; Edina MN
  3148. Kelsey Wickenhauser, PA-C, family med, Bloomington IL
  3149. Rathna Nuti, MD, Sports Medicine, Frisco, TX
  3150. Yuliya Gatina,DO; Internal Medicine, Hollywood, FL
  3151. Emily Veith, BSN RN; Hospice Nurse; Pittsburgh, PA
  3152. Diane Wilson, MSN. RN; Nurse Educator; Hartford, CT
  3153. Amanda Kaskie, RN; Cardiology; Sioux Falls, SD
  3154. Nisha patel MD Ophthalmology Dallas TX
  3155. Jaci Philippi RN, OB/GYN, Des Moines Iowa
  3156. MITHIL Gajera, MD critical care medicine; Newark,DE
  3157. Emily W. Young, MSN, FNP, College Health, Cazenovia, NY
  3158. Elena Salerno, MD; obstetrics and gynecology; Louisville, KY
  3159. Mackenzie Hogan, RN; Neuro ICU; Mobile, AL
  3160. Dennis Nguyen, Md; Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Internal Medicine; Springfield, VA
  3161. Jessica Graham, RRT; Grosse Ile, MI
  3162. Jaime Worsham, BSN, RN Pediatruc ICU Charleston, SC
  3163. Nadia Norton Anspach, MD; Family Medicine; Whiteriver AZ
  3164. Elisabeth gennis, MD; orthopaedics surgery; Boston, MA
  3165. Sharon Flynn, MD; Internal Medicine; Eugene, OR
  3166. Jennifer Dawson, PA-C; Psychiatry; Austin, TX
  3167. Amanda Martin, PA-C; Spinal Surgery; New York, NY
  3168. Cameron Harris, MSN, RN; Neurosurgery; Kansas City, KS
  3169. Vivek Jayadeva, MD, Psychiatry and Pain Medicine, Washington, DC
  3170. Roopam Shyam,MD Family Medicine, TX
  3171. Rachel Cabaña, BSN, RN, NICU, French Camp, CA
  3172. Jana Brewer, CRNA, Louisville, KY
  3173. Priscilla Meza, RN-BSN, EFM; Obstetrics Emergency Department; Fresno CA
  3174. Katherine Flynn, CPNP-AC, Pediatric Surgery; Denver, CO
  3175. Danielle Neishell PA-C, Pediatric Hospitalist, Scranton PA
  3176. Ksenia Guvakova, MD, Anesthesiology and Critical Care, Philadelphia,PA
  3177. Alice Chuang, MD, Rheumatology, Los Angeles, CA
  3178. Shulamit Neustein, PA-C; Otolaryngology, New York, NY
  3179. Kerry Dwyer Nichols, MT(ASCP); Clinical Laboratory Scientist; Adrian, MI
  3180. Dr. Laura Billingsley, CRNA, Anesthesia, senatobia, MS
  3181. Victoria Powell, MD, internal medicine/palliative medicine, Ann Arbor MI
  3182. Laura Velasquez, RNC-OB, Labor and Delivery, Chicago, IL
  3183. Heather Glose, PA-C, neonatology, Buffalo, NY
  3185. Gabriella Lemerand, CNA, Chicago, IL
  3186. Emily Britton, radiologic technologist; Orange, CA
  3187. J. Breanna Sheffield, RT(R), Diagnostic Radiology LAHC, Fort Rucker, AL
  3188. Taryn McGuire, MSN, CVICU RN, IA
  3189. Kylee Cleveland, RN; Primary Care Outpatient, Rochester, MN
  3190. Catherine Malarkey, MSPT, Geriatric Physical Therapist, Binghamton, NY
  3191. Sara Tisdale, MD; Pediatrics;Colorado Springs, CO
  3192. Aparna Rao, MD, Rady Childrens hospital, San Diego CA
  3193. Paige Kauserud, RN, Pediatric Primary Care, Brighton,MI
  3194. Taylor Ampleford, CRNA, DNP-A; Anesthesia; Tulsa, OK
  3195. Lisa Charvet, Nurse Anesthesiologist, DNP; Anesthesiology Kaiser Permanente
  3196. Jessica Dillard-Wright, MA, MSN, RN, CNM; well-womxn care, critical care nursing; Augusta, GA
  3197. Anne K Reilly MD, Pediatrics Lancaster PA
  3198. Amin Khorsandi MD. Internal Medicine Santa Monica CA
  3199. Julie Wiley, DO; OB/GYN; Oklahoma City, OK
  3200. Suzanne Curtis, Registered Nurse, Infection Control, Grand Blanc, Michigan
  3201. Noah Bryant MD, MSBS Emergency Medicine; Detroit, MI
  3202. Talat Kheshgi, MD ; Rheumatologist; Dallas, Texas
  3203. Niyati Patel,MD,Internal Mediicne , Hobbs , New Mexico
  3204. Carly Yu RN Fresno CA
  3205. Kendra Coonse, MD; Cardiology; Portland, OR
  3206. Brooke Bair, DO; Dermatology; Kingston, NY
  3207. Nicole White, MD; Psychiatry; San Diego, CA
  3208. Staci Drosopoulos, PA-C; Hematology/Oncology; Sterling, IL
  3209. Katelyn Johnson, RN; Progressive Cardiac Care; Louisville, Ky
  3210. Summer Smith, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine, DENVER, CO
  3211. Molly Wright, emergency medicine RN, Milwaukee , Wisconsin
  3212. Tiara Hanson, RN-SURGICAL DEPT. Blue Earth, MN
  3213. Jacqueline Latina, MD, MS; Cardiology, Baltimore, MD
  3214. Brandy Miller, CRNP: long term care and rehab North Alabama
  3215. Laura Bristow, MOTR/L; acute inpatient rehab; Kansas City, KS
  3216. Allison Walsh, RN, labor and delivery, Newton, MA
  3217. Natalie Algis, MD , RN , Ob/Gyn , Ridgewood, NJ
  3218. Olivia Carpinello, MD; Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility; Bethesda, MD
  3219. Corey Sherlock, APN, Newark NJ
  3220. Daman Singh, Internal medicine,Doylestown,PA
  3221. Syeda Ahmed, MD, Hospital Medicine, Pittsburgh, PA
  3222. Danica Case, FHFMA; Past President Kansas Chapter Healthcare Financial Management Association
  3223. Courtney Lemieux, MD; OB/Gyn; Oconomowoc, WI
  3224. Kayla Klie, RPHt; Pharmacy Technician, Grafton, ND
  3225. Julia Rittenhouse, MD; Family Medicine; Calhoun, GA
  3226. Carol Weinrod-Velez, Registered Nurse CCM, NY, NY
  3227. Heather Williams, MD; Gynecologic Oncology; Augusta GA
  3228. Susan Maltser, DO; PM&R; Long Island,NY
  3229. Sarah Kraham Pharm.D Atlanta Georgia
  3230. Saskia Chaskelson, NP; Women’s Health; St. Louis, MO
  3231. Jason M. Lau, MD, Emergency Medicine, Oakland, CA
  3232. Erin Grabowski, PA-C; family medicine; Marshall, MI
  3233. Sara Polley, MD, Child Psychiatry, Minneapolis, MN
  3234. Navara Malayaman, MD; Internal Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  3235. Jennifer LeRoux, RN; Nursing Float Pool; Stony Brook, NY
  3236. Loryn Feinberg, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; Boston, MA
  3237. Katelyn West, PA-C; Family Medicine; Buffalo, NY
  3238. Sharon Noori, MD, Breast surgical oncology, Melbourne Florida
  3239. Courtney Learner, RN; maternal child; NV
  3240. Tanya Olszewski, MD; General Surgery; Pittsburgh, PA
  3241. Stephanie Doss-Robertson, LICSW, Mental Health Congregate Living and Treatment, Framingham, MA
  3242. Candace Meinen, DO; Sleep Medicine; Portland, OR
  3243. Samantha McPherson, FNP; Urgent/Primary Care; San Clemente, CA
  3244. Alissa Brotman O’Neill DO RPVI FACOS Vascular Surgeon
  3245. Amber Neumann, PT, DPT; Pediatric Physical Therapist; Germantown, WI
  3246. Dawn Garner, RN, CPNP; Outpatient services; Chapel Hill, NC
  3247. Morgan Honza, PA-S; Dallas, TX
  3248. Harrison Alter, MD, MS; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3249. Deborah Murphy MD, Family Medicine, Portland OR
  3250. Kimberley Koivu , RN-BSN , Intensive Care, Lawrence Massachusetts
  3251. Krissi Reeber, PA-C, Fairfax, VA
  3252. Elise Talboy DPT inpatient outpatient and rehab, Boise,ID
  3253. Erin Brooks , RN, Pediatric ICU, Temple, TX
  3254. Alisha Benner, MD, Palliative Medicine/Internal Medicine, Durham, NC
  3255. Kristin Menconi, MD; Pediatrics; Allentown, PA
  3256. Mallory Novack, DO; obgyn; Anaconda, MT
  3257. Sean Parker, PA-C; internal medicine; Lake County, CA
  3258. Carolyn Carlson, RN, BSN, RNC-NIC; NICU; Long Beach, CA
  3259. Lusana Ahsan, MD; Cardiology, Albany, NY
  3260. William Winters, DPT; Physical Therapist; Fruitland, ID
  3261. Jocelyn Grazela, MD; Pediatric Hospital Medicine; Newark, DE
  3262. Krista Enns, PA-C; Family Medicine; Wheat Ridge, CO
  3263. Alice Fecko, MD; ophthalmology, Marquette, MI
  3264. Vibha Gupta, MD, Emergency Medicine, Oakland Ca
  3265. Felix Roque, general surgeon, Cayey, PR
  3266. Kara Spooner, PA;Family Medicine, Gardiner, ME
  3267. Ileana Hill, RN, Research, Dallas, TX
  3268. Victoria Keirn, RN; inpatient Psychiatry; New Britain, CT
  3269. Lisa Moeller. PA -C. Family medicine. Eugene OR
  3270. Thi Vo, DO; Family Medicine; Houston, TX
  3271. Christina Silvis, RN; Case Manager; New Mexico
  3272. Ashley Croft RN BSN CWON Rochester, New York
  3273. Chelsea Kranz, PA-C working in the ER in Parker, CO
  3274. Paige Anderson, LMSW; Organ Transplant; Iowa City, IA
  3275. Meghan Fitzpatrick MSN RN; Nursing & Healthcare Administration; Philadelphia, PA
  3276. Jennifer Burnett, CRNP, Bariatrics, Royersford, PA
  3277. Mahe Nadeem, MD Physical Medicine & Rehab, Dallas, TX
  3278. Yesenia Perez, RTR, cath lab tech, longwood, Florida
  3279. Jajaira Overton, LPN; Pediatric and School Nurse; Salem, NH
  3280. Lorry Thornton, D.O.; Family Medicine, Harker Heights, TX
  3281. Jennifer Costanza, DPT; Physical Therapy; Austin, TX
  3282. Jennifer Bodnick MD emergency Berkeley ca
  3283. Amy Patel, MD; Internal Medicine; New Orleans, LA
  3284. Melanie Arora, MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Victorville, CA
  3285. John Olin, DPM, Podiatrist, Boonton, NJ
  3286. Kailey Bystrek, PharmD; Retail pharmacist; Louisville, KY
  3287. Olivia Anderson, RN; Perioperative Nurse; Rancho Mirage, CA
  3288. Adriana Aguilera, DO; Family/urgent care medicine;Huntington Beach CA
  3289. Abigail Stolen, RN; Cardiothoracic Surgery Critical Care; Madison, WI
  3290. Lane Barringer, Nurse Practitioner; Gastroenterology; Oroville, CA
  3291. Amber Wiese, master’s of occupational therapy, inpatient therapy, Kansas City, Missouri
  3292. Nicole Rambke, Registered Dental Hygienist; Denver, CO
  3293. Katie Cherenzia, RN; Hematology and Oncology; Providence, RI
  3294. Kris Chiles, MD, MBA; Emergency Medicine, Oakland, Ca
  3295. Kurt Schwiesow, MD; ophthalmology, Green Bay WI
  3296. Megan Mancinelli, PA-C; Emergency Medicine; Hampton, VA
  3297. Ashley Leker, MSPT; geriatric home health; Boston, MA
  3298. Lauren Boukis, MSPT,; Physical Therapy; Chesterland, OH
  3299. Nina Gaube, FNP; Gastroenterology; Binghamton, NY
  3300. Allison Illsley AGACNP, Critical Care; Worcester, MA
  3301. Tanya Wozniak, MD; Psychiatry; Louisville, KY
  3302. Javier Cifuentes, MD, Emergency Medicine, Anchorage, AK
  3303. Carlos Malvestutto, MD, MPH. infectious Disease. Columbus, OH
  3304. Elizabeth Gomez, Family NP, MA
  3305. Shelese Newmark, MD, Internal Medicine, San Diego, CA
  3306. Milly Mercer, RN, BSN, Piedmont Cancer Institute; Atlanta, GA
  3307. Amanda Viles, FNP-C; Primary Care. Columbus, OH
  3308. Jane Broxterman, MD; internal medicine; Kansas City, KS
  3309. Julie M. Jacobstein, MD; ObGyn; Baltimore, MD
  3310. Julia Barber,MPT: Outpatient Physical Therapist; Towson, Md
  3311. Brittaney Devane, RN CCRN; Medical ICU, Robbinsdale, MN
  3312. Ashton Underbrink, PA-C; Breast Surgical Oncology; Houston, TX
  3313. Jennifer Robblee MD, Neurology; Phoenix, AZ
  3314. Jessica Doherr, LDRP RN; Hickory, NC
  3315. Margaret Landes MD, Pediatrics, Harker Heights TX
  3316. Kim Kim RN, Diabetes Management, Atlanta GA
  3317. Alexsandra Neronha, BSN RN; Medical-Surgical; Fall River, MA
  3318. Andi Clark, SLP; Early Childhood Intervention; Lubbock, TX
  3319. Bethany King, MD., Wichita KS, ENT and Facial Plastic Surger
  3320. Lisa Perez-Grossman, MD; Pediatrician, Miami, FL
  3321. Lydia DeSanti, RN; SICU; San Diego, CA
  3322. Jennifer Raminick, CCC-SLP, BCS (pediatric acute care feeding therapist) — Orange, CA
  3323. Elizabeth Carew, MSN, RN, CPNP-PC, pediatric primary care, Cambridge, MA
  3324. Sara Sandridge, RN-BSN, PCCN, Vascular and Neuro-Interventional Radiology
  3325. Phoebe J Stenberg, MSN, FNP, Cranston, RI
  3326. Leonid Yagudayev, OTR occupational therapist, Ridgewood NJ
  3327. Ashlee Doherty, DNP,FNP-BC;Urgent care/EM;Wallingford, CT
  3328. Julianne Madonna, RDMS; general ultrasound radiology; Media PA
  3329. Gina Cincinelli, PA-C; Ear,Nose, Throat; St Paul, MN
  3330. Ankita shukla, MD, Neonatal Intensivist, Little Rock, Arkansas
  3331. Allison O’Brien, PA-C; Reno, NV
  3332. Caitlin Bisaillon, BSN, RN, Bristol, CT
  3333. Lauren Palmer, Physician Assistant, Emergency Medicine, Norwich, CT
  3334. Syed Ali, MD; Hematology-Oncology; Leesburg, VA
  3335. Claudia Ruiz, MD. Internal Medicine Doctor, Sacramento, CA
  3336. Jeffrey Bolka, MD; Anesthesiology; Portland, OR
  3337. Maria kovaleff LD mission Viejo ca
  3338. Mark Ellestad, MD; psychiatry; Seattle, Wa
  3339. Lauren Conner PA-C, Family Medicine, TX
  3340. Gerin River, MD; ER; Oakland, CA
  3341. Shannon Haury, RN, PNP; Pediatrics; Cincinnati, OH
  3342. Monica Feldman, PA-C, general surgery, Hartford, CT
  3343. Himelda Rivera PA-C, Primary Care, Santa Ana, CA
  3344. Gary Green, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3345. Emilie Lundquist, RN; Complex Pediatrics; Minneapolis, MN
  3346. Emilie Lundquist, RN; Complex Pediatrics; Minneapolis, MN
  3347. Carol Hodgson NP Clinical Care House Calls, Lovettsville, VA
  3348. Lauren Chinn, PA-C, Plastic Surgery, New Rochelle, NY
  3349. Eva Kasbohm, PharmD; Community Pharmacist; Grand Rapids, MI
  3350. Tiffany Katuls, PA-C, Allergy Immunology, Rancho Cucamonga Ca
  3351. Lauren Delgado, CNM, ARNP; Obstetrics; Des Moines, IA
  3352. Harmony Leighton-seiffer, DO; non-invasive cardiology;Emerson, NJ
  3353. Vittoria Contuzzi, PA-S3, Internal Medicine, NJ
  3354. Kirsten Carlson, RN, BSN, Florence, SC
  3355. Allison Brown, RN, IBCLC; Louisville, CO
  3356. Kirsten Jennissen, PA-C, Family Medicine, Cambridge,MN
  3357. Madeline Saffle, PharmD; Hospital pharmacy; Elgin, IL
  3358. Elizabeth Umberfield, RN; Intensive Care Unit; Ann Arbor, MI
  3359. Sandra Kuszewzki CRNP, Cardiology, Baltimore MD
  3360. Allison watson, speech language pathologist; dallas TX
  3361. Joanne Torres, MD; Emergency Medicine; Tacoma, WA
  3362. Kristen Shealy, MD; Internal Medicine; Little Rock, AR
  3363. Brittany Adams, Inpatient certified pharmacy med history technician; Milwaukee, WI
  3364. Laura Boon, APRN; Internal Medicine; Omaha, NE
  3365. Danielle Schultz, RN, BSN, pediatrics, Ann Arbor, Michigan
  3366. Jason Silverston, MD; Endocrinology; Atlanta, GA
  3367. Abbas Kothari, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3368. Cara Kiefer, RN; Neurosurgery; Pittsburgh, PA
  3369. Allison Massey, PA-C; Urgent Care Medicine; Indianapolis, IN
  3370. Erica Magruder, PT DPT; inpatient physical therapy; Kansas City,MO
  3371. Rubina Alvi, MD; Family Practice and Geriatrics, Ellicott City, Maryland
  3372. Eric J. Carr, MD; Internal Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  3373. Kellie Graybosch, MS, PA-C; Advanced Heart Failure; Portland,OR
  3374. Carolyn Newman Naranjo, DO; Internal Medicine; Rochester, MN
  3375. Gita Pensa MD, Emergency Medicine, RI
  3376. Bethany King, MD. ENT/Facial Plastic Surgery. Wichita, KS
  3377. Janet Warrington, DO Family medicine. Lakeland, Florida.
  3378. Ashleigh Geiger, RN, BSN; Women’s Services; Atlanta, GA
  3379. Erica Brown, RN; adult MedSurg, Gastonia, NC
  3380. Suchismita Paul,MD; dermatology; Santa Ana, California
  3381. Stacie Elfrink, MD, OBGYN, Duncan, OK
  3382. Kaitlyn Ruvolo, MD; Pediatrics; Boston, MA
  3383. Roxana Samimi, MD; Infectious Diseases; Washington, DC.
  3384. James Martenson, M.D., Rochester MN
  3385. Kelsey Miller, BSN, RN; Home Health; Flint, MI
  3386. Jose Carrion, PA-C; primary care medicine; Memphis, TN
  3387. Alexsandra Neronha, BSN RN; Medical-Surgical RN; Fall River, MA
  3388. Katie Gregorczyk, RN, Austin, TX
  3389. Lynn Tran, RPA-C; Cardiothoracic Surgery; Flushing, NY
  3390. Jeff Edwards, LMT; Cancer Center, In-Patient and Community care; Lafayette, CO
  3391. Mary Conyers, CPNP-PC general pediatrics, Denver CO
  3392. Theresa Pham, MD. Internal Medicine Austin, TX
  3393. Zehra Jaffery MD Cardiology Chicago
  3394. Jeff Scheihing DO. Anesthesiology. Bozeman, MT
  3395. Pamela Cooper, CST, vascular/liver tx, Madison WI
  3396. Theresa Pham, MD. Internal Medicine Austin, TX
  3397. Ashley Ford, DO, internal medicine, Edmond, Ok
  3398. Kevin Averill, MD, Emergency Medicine, Boise, ID
  3399. Gina Geraci PA; OB/GYN; Rochester, NY
  3400. Emma Quick, RN, ED/PACU, CT
  3401. Leah Marshall, MSN, RN Sacramento, ca
  3402. Brandy Miller, CRNP: long term care and rehab North Alabama
  3403. Ashley Pulcini DO; General Pediatrics; Middletown, NJ
  3404. Ema Urbanski APN,NNP-BC, Neonatology Philadelphia, PA
  3405. Sandra G. Mendel, M.D., IM/PEDS, Ben Lomond, CA
  3406. Yvonne Ting, MD; Family Medicine; Wilmington, DE
  3407. Madalyn Mrosak, RN; Newborn Intensive Care; Minneapolis, MN
  3408. Hailey Curran, RN; Emergency Medicine; Columbus, OH
  3409. Zainab Alnafoosi, MD; Infectious Disease; Middletown, NY
  3410. Breanna Dominguez, MS; 3rd year medical student; Dayton, OH
  3411. Jessica S. Heintz, MD FAAHPM Internal Medicine, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Va
  3412. Erin Raab, RN, BSN; Medicine-Oncology; Wilmington, NC
  3413. Melanie Hancock, RN; OB Antepartum Staff Nurse; Seattle, Wa
  3414. Mary Iovino BSN RN med surg new haven ct
  3415. Mysa Nguyen, MD; Family Medicine; Fort Worth, TX
  3416. Ann Marie Bodi, NNP-BC; Neonatal Medicine, Newark, DE
  3417. Elizabeth Aleo, M.S., CCC-SLP; Speech-Language Pathology; Medford, MA
  3418. Gretchen Colbenson, MD; Internal Medicine; Rochester, MN
  3419. David Strull MD. Emergency Medicine. Carson City, Nevada
  3420. Niurka Mckee CRNA, Worcester MA
  3421. Chelsea Ervin, RN, Central Maine Medical Center, ME
  3422. Molli Caballero, DPT; Physical Therapy; Hollywood,FL
  3423. Florence Chau-Etchepare, MD; Internal Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Sacramento, CA
  3424. Susan De Sordi-Staats, DO; Family Medicine; Scottsdale, AZ
  3425. Zainab Alnafoosi, MD; Infectious Disease; Middletown, NY
  3426. Hannah Huth PA-C Urgent Care/Emergency Medicine
  3427. Kate Grimsrud; Neurology; Colorado Springs, CO
  3428. Cori Arena, APRN, Adolescent Medicine, Lexington, KY
  3429. Emily Rn ob Saginaw mi
  3430. Linnea Meyer, MD; Family Medicine; Boston, MA
  3431. Kathryn Gerrity, PA-C, family practice, Scranton, PA
  3432. Sherry E Courtney MD, Pediatrics, Little Rock, Arkansas
  3433. Sabrina Stout MSN, APN, FNPC, family practice, eldroado IL
  3434. Sung-Yun Pai MD; Pediatric Hematology-Oncology; Boston, MA
  3435. Lauren Brienza, RT(R) ; wilmington , NC
  3436. Ann Granchelli, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Denver, CO
  3437. Dr. Michelle Sandberg, MD, Pediatrics, San Jose, CA
  3438. Allyson Bazarsky, DO; Neurology; Burlington, VT
  3439. Melody Flannery, PA-C; Urgent Care; Sherwood, OR
  3440. Jessica Farrar, MD; Anesthesiology; Bozeman, MT
  3441. Corey Hagler, BSN, RN; ER Nurse & Clinical Professor; DFW, TX
  3442. Amy Streve-Landrum RN, CCM ; Wellstar Health Services
  3443. Raju Ailiani, MD, Cardiology, La Crosse, WI
  3444. Brad Tracy, PT, DPT, OCS, FAAOMPT; Physical Therapist; Sugar Grove IL
  3445. Elizabeth Kaster, RN Omaha, ME
  3446. Haley Polhill MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Nashville, TN
  3447. Christina Perez, RN BSN; OB/Womens Services; Broward County, FL
  3448. Ashley Clark, PA-C; Neurosurgery; Hershey, PA
  3449. Blake Amatangelo; special procedures technologist and radiology; Carmichael, CA
  3450. Angela Morton, PA-C; Family Medicine; Austin, TX
  3451. Kim Kempf, RN; OB/Maternal Child; Iowa City, IA
  3452. Rebecca J Hoffman, RN, Telephone Triage and Advice, Portland, OR
  3453. Christine Weinmeister MSN, CNM; OB/GYN, Vancouver, WA
  3454. Karen Kaskie, RN, Hudson, SD
  3455. Alexandra Carlson, DNP CRNA APRN, Anesthesia, New Haven CT
  3456. Ebinehita Arhebamen, MD, MPH
  3457. Molly Fragale, BSN, RN, SNM, Obstetrics and Women’s Health, Charleston WV
  3458. Katherine Parsley, PA-C, Pulmonary and Critical Care, Newark, DE
  3459. Jessie Lamberty, NP-C; family practice and urgent care; Oconomowoc, WI
  3460. Mary Ann Lov, RN CNOR RN First Assistant; Operating Room; Retired; Manchester, IA
  3461. Jennifer Miller, M.D.; Neurocritical Care Medicine; Newark, DE
  3462. Brooke High, DO; OB/GYN Wynnewood, PA
  3463. Alicia Blair, LPN, Stanwood, washinton
  3464. Jen Gunter, MD; OB/GYN; San Francisco, CA
  3465. Cassandra Kearney, PA-C; Dermatology; San Diego, CA
  3466. Heather Mangino MSN RN, Professor of Nursing, Hartford CT
  3467. Astrid Mondaca, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Tampa, FL
  3468. Monica Turbay, PA-C; urology; Raleigh, NC
  3469. Rebecca N. Wood-Horrall, MD; Emergency Medicine; Austin, TX
  3470. Kristen Maxvill, PharnD, BCCCP, BCPS; Critical Care Medicine; Fort Worth, TX
  3471. Anne P Cameron MD, Urologist, Ann Arbor, MI
  3472. Joi Bowen, RN, Emergency Medicine, Denver, Colorado
  3473. Diana Zara, RN; Medical/Surgical; Dearborn,MI
  3474. Mandy Waters APRN, Internal Med-inpt and outpt, Ada, OK
  3475. Nancy Bernard RN; Critical Care; Omaha, NE
  3476. Deirdre O’Reilly MD, MPH; Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine, Burlington, VT
  3477. Melisa Martínez-Marti, MD; Rheumatology, Carolina, Puerto Rico
  3478. Rabia Cattie, MD: Hematology Oncology, New Orleans, LA
  3479. Antoinette Brown, BSN,Registered Nurse, Ashburn,Va
  3480. Kristin Farwell PT, DPT,CLT; Elmira NY
  3481. Elizabeth Edelstein, MD internal medicine NY, NY
  3482. Judy Melinek, MD; Forensic Pathology; San Francisco, CA
  3483. Lydia Stoffers, RN; Mental Health; Portland, OR
  3484. Lubna qazi, DO; Internal Medicine; Manhasset, NY
  3485. Jessica Flynn, MD; Sports medicine; Boston, MA
  3486. Cassie Gabriel, MD; Anesthesiology; Vancouver, WA
  3487. Kristi Grenda, RN, MSN, ANP-c; Primary Care; Mesa,AZ
  3488. Astrid Lopez Correa, MD; Pediatrics; Kissimme, FL
  3489. Rachel Marcus, MD, Cardiology, Baltimore, MD
  3490. Laura Powell, APRN. primary care, Orlando, FL
  3491. Lydia Wong, MD, Family Practice, Stanford, CA
  3492. Gena Zollman, FNP, Women’s Health Burlington VT
  3493. Margaux Lazarin, DO, MPH, Family Medicine, Redwood City, CA
  3494. Virginia Dwyer, RN emergency medicine, Colorado
  3495. Rebecca Duby, MD; Emergency Medicine, Portland OR
  3496. Katelyn Burris, RN; Pediatric ICU; Fresno, CA
  3497. Siobhan D. Wilson, MD, PhD, Internal Medicine, Madison, WI
  3498. Diane L Jones APRN, ACHPN Palliative Care
  3499. Vasavi Parikh, MD, Pediatrics, Warren, NJ
  3500. Anna Kaltsas MD MS; Infectious Diseases; New York, NY
  3501. Luke W. Van Alstine, MD; Anesthesiology; Bozeman, MT
  3502. Heather Hayes FNP, ACNS neurosurgery San Angelo TEXAS
  3503. Marijan D Gillard MD, Primary Care Family Medicine, San Antonio, TX
  3504. Ran Bill Luo. MD General Surgery, San Diego, CA
  3505. Evelyn Egger, MSN, RN; School Nurse; Merced, CA
  3506. Hannah Nesbeda, NP; Internal Medicine; Boston MA
  3507. Rohini Haar, MD MPH; Emergency Medicine, Oakland CA
  3508. Hafiz G.Hussain, MD; interventional cardiology ; queens, NY
  3509. Jessica Meyers, CPNP; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Denver, CO
  3510. Sara Harris, RN; Critical Care; Fort Collins, CO
  3511. Daniel Summers; Pediatrics; North Andover, MA
  3512. Gloria Murphy,Rn, Retired, Mesa,Az
  3513. Karina Salinas, CMA, Women’s clinic, Vancouver, WA
  3514. A. Lenore Ackerman, MD PHD, Urology and FPMRS, Los Angeles, CA
  3515. Julia Carr, MD; Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  3516. Donnal Walter, MD; Pediatrics and Neonatology; Little Rock, AR
  3517. Shi-Fong George, Pharm D; pediatric ICU pharmacist, Chicago, IL
  3518. Cris G Cowley, MD; Anesthesiologist; Salt Lake City, Utah
  3519. Juliet B. Ugarte Hopkins, MD; Physician Advisor for Case Management, Utilization & Clinical Documentation; Rockton, IL
  3520. James Grant MD Portland OR
  3521. Carolyn J. Mannon, MD- Ob/ Gyn, Menlo Park, California
  3522. Danial Hocson, MD; Family Medicine; Yakima, WA
  3523. Brandy George, FNP; Family Medicine; Bangor, ME
  3524. Ben Weinberg, MD, Medical Oncology, Washington, DC
  3525. Brandy George, FNP; Family Medicine; Bangor, ME
  3526. Melanie DiProfio PA-C DENVER CO
  3527. Mark Stroh, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Denver, CO
  3528. Irene M Piekarski, MD, Retired , Seattle WA
  3529. Wallace Hayasaka, MD; Anesthesiology; Bozeman, MT
  3530. Meredith Reynolds, MD; Anatomic Pathology; Chicago, IL
  3531. Evelyn Rubin, MD; Internal Medicine/Hospital Medicine, Olympia,WA
  3532. Caron Carlson, CNM, APRN; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Lake Mary, FL
  3533. Edward Stettner, MD; Emergency Medicine; Atlanta, GA
  3534. Antonia Davidson, MD; internal medicine; Austin, TX
  3535. Halleh Akbarnia, MD Emergency Medicine, Chicago, IL
  3536. Sumeet Bahl, MD; Interventional Radiology; Brooklyn, NY
  3537. Jonathan Zumwalt, MD; Dermatology and Mohs Surgery, Rancho Cordova, CA
  3538. Anna Woodbury, MD, Anesthesiology, Atlanta, GA
  3539. Benjamin Levy, MD; Gastroenterology; Chicago, IL
  3540. Heather Goldston, AGACNP-BC, Hospital Medicine, Richmond, Va
  3541. Monica Hahn. MD MPH MS; Family and Community Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  3542. Danielle Shpiner MD, Neurology, Miami FL
  3543. Mark W. Wilson, MD, Psychiatry, New York, NY
  3544. Ronald Hirsch, MD, Internal Medicine, Elgin, IL
  3545. Jad Sfeir, MD; Endocrinology and Geriatric Medicine; Rochester, MN
  3546. Justin Bosley, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3547. Monica Ploof CPNP, Pediatric Oncology Nurse Practitioner, Burlington, Vermont
  3548. Joline Macfarlan, MD, Family Medicine, Wakefield, RI
  3549. Suzanne Jager, PA-C; Cardiothoracic surgery; Lansing, MI
  3550. Lakshmi kannan MD, oncology, dallas, tx
  3551. Marzena Kaczmarczyk, PA-C MS ER Indianapolis, IN
  3552. Lauren Dyer FNP-BC, family practice, Anderson SC
  3553. Moacyr Ribeiro de Oliveira, MD, Hematologist -Oncologist, Newport Beach, CA
  3554. Seth M. Davis Ph.D. Neuroscience, Biddeford, Maine
  3555. Christine Staats, MD, Family Medicine, Burlington, VT
  3556. Lavinia Marx RN, BSN retired Portland Oregon
  3557. Sharlisa Hutson MD Brunswick, Georgia
  3558. Cynthia Doran, PharmD, Infectious Disease and Antimicrobial Stewardship, Prairie du Sac, WI
  3559. Mark A. Bell, MD; IM; New Orleans, LA
  3560. Nilanjana Bose, MD MBA Rheumatologist, Houston, TX
  3561. Joyce Elizabeth Mauk, MD, Neurodevelopmental Pediatrics, Fort Worth, Texas
  3562. Geetanjali Chander, MD Baltimore, MD
  3563. Christina Cyriac , PA-C, surgery, Birmingham,AL
  3564. Jesse Yost, MA, General Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI
  3565. Kyle Kraber MS PA-C Urology/ER Indianapolis, IN
  3566. Leonardo Campos, MD: Vascular & Interventional Radiology; Portland, OR
  3567. Sherry Scheib MD. IM. VA
  3568. Jennifer Blair MD, Family Medicine, Broomfield, CO,
  3569. Sarah Goodpastor, MD; Internal Medicine; Durango, CO
  3570. Leah Bressler, PA-C; Orthopedic Surgery; Chicago, IL
  3571. Frank E. Silvestry MD, Cardiovascular Disease, Philadelphia PA
  3572. Heather Brown, MD; Family Medicine; Waukesha, WI
  3573. Joanna Lin, MD; Internal Medicine Hospitalist. Menlo Park, CA
  3574. Jason Karro, MD; General and Pediatric Anesthesiology; Bozeman, MT
  3575. Shannon Grabosch, MD, Gynecologic Oncology, St Louis
  3576. Lindsey Tricinella, DO, Internal Medicine, Tulsa, OK
  3577. Vincent Badali, DDS, dentist, Rochester, NY
  3578. Seena Monjazeb, MD; Dermatology; Galveston, Texas
  3579. Julia Bullick, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  3580. LT Elizabeth Ernst- Signore, MD, USN, MC; OB/GYN; Guam
  3581. Paul Pottinger, MD, Infectious Diseases, Seattle, WA
  3582. Nanna Cross, PhD, retired dietitian and author
  3583. Padmaja Malladi, MD; Emergency Medicine; New York, NY
  3584. Zoe McMillen MD; Family Medicine; Phoenix, Arizona
  3585. Madisen Doty, EMT; Emergency Room Technician; Los Angeles, CA
  3586. Dean Tanner, MD, Emergency Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT
  3587. Farid Moosavy, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Newark, DE
  3588. Kayao Lau, ANP-BC, Medical Hematology/Oncology, Weymouth,MA
  3589. Kathy Huang , MD, Ob/gyn, New York, NY
  3590. Mollie oster, FNP, Wheat Ridge,CO
  3591. Sarah Henry, MD; Pathology; Saint Paul, MN
  3592. Kristina Hetling, MD; Pediatrics; West Caldwell,NJ
  3593. Ryan Marino, MD; Emergency Medicine & Medical Toxicology; Cleveland, OH
  3594. Keith Pereira, MD, Interventional radiology, Saint Louis,Missouri
  3595. Marcia Ciccone, MD; Gynecologic Oncology; Los Angeles, CA
  3596. Kimberly Castillo, APRN, Primary care, Gainesville, Fl
  3597. Holly Shen, MD OB/GYN Lafayette Colorado
  3598. Carolain Peregrino,NP; Psychiatry; Ambulatory Care; Gilroy CA
  3599. Gayle Uyehara, RN; Med/surg; Clackamas, OR
  3600. John Rozehnal, MD; Emergency Medicine; New York, NY
  3601. Emily Lukacz, MD; ObGyn; San Diego, CA
  3602. Adam Brady, MD; Infectious Disease; Corvallis, OR
  3603. Hayley Talboy, DO; obstetrics and gynecology resident; Patterson, NJ
  3604. Sharon Gorman, PT, DSc, Geriatric Clinical Specialist Physical Therapist, Castro Valley, CA
  3605. Toni Canetto, MS, RN; Geriatrics; Guilderland, NY
  3606. Bonny S Olney,DO, Family Practice, Washington
  3607. Whitney Ross, MD; OB-GYN, Hershey, PA
  3608. Alison Rustagi, MD PhD, Internal Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  3609. Jill L. Baldwin, PA-C; Family/Geriatric Medicine; Lidgerwood, ND
  3610. Crystal Koerner, MD General Surgery, Atlanta Ga
  3611. Yusuke F Kimura, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3612. Suzanne Chilton, MD. Emergency Medicine, Englewood, CO
  3613. Devin Tsai, DO Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3614. Daniel Kohut, MD; Anesthesiology; New York, NY
  3615. Kathleen Minichiello, PharmD; Clinical Pharmacist; Saunderstown, RI
  3616. Kristin Knobloch, DNP; hospital medicine, St. Louis, MO
  3617. Sabrina Fernandez, MD; Pediatrics; San Francisco, CA
  3618. Jane Neary, MD, Family Practice, Eugene, OR
  3620. Seleena Rashid, D.O.; Family Medicine, Scranton, PA
  3621. Lindsey VanDyke, D.O., Endocrinology, Mansfield, TX
  3622. Ankur Sinha, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  3623. Helena M. Hernandez, PA-C, Pediatrics, Austin, TX
  3624. Dorienne Planer MD, Pediatrics, Hackensack, NJ
  3625. Helena M. Hernandez, PA-C, Pediatrics, Austin, TX
  3626. Ator Auwinger, MD, Internal Medicine, Sacramento CA
  3627. Rosanne Kho, MD; Cleveland Clinic OH
  3628. Diana Baker, MD; Radiology; San Mateo County, CA
  3629. Lauren McLaughlin, DNP APRN ACNP-BC, VIR NP, STL MO
  3630. Anne Kobbermann, MD, FACS, DABS; Surgical Oncology; Overland Park, KS
  3631. Babak Bozorgnia MD, cardiologist Allentown PA
  3632. Helena M. Hernandez, PA-C, Pediatrics, Austin, TX
  3633. Rachael Coyle, MSN, RN, CCRN, Medical and Surgical Nursing, Philadelphia, PA
  3634. Michelle Bargteil, MSN, RN, CPEN, TCRN; Pedi ED Nurse & Nurse Educator; Providence, RI
  3635. Sara Cahail BSN, RN; Labor and Delivery; Everett, WA
  3636. Brenda M. Roberts, CRNA; Anesthesiologist, Levering MI
  3637. Roseline Cherilus, FNP, Truth or Consequences, NM
  3638. Jamie Lombardo, MD; Pathology; Houston, TX
  3639. Jenny Hobbs, MD; Internal Medicine Hospitalist; Everett, WA
  3640. Samuel Schnittman, MD; Internal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  3641. Mimi Lee, MD, PhD, Anesthesiology, San Francisco, CA
  3642. Patricia Norris MD;Dermatolgist;; Portland, OR
  3643. T.M. Prowell, MD; Oncology; Baltimore, MD
  3644. Jesus Alvarez, MD, MPH; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  3645. Andrea Johnson, RN BSN, Critical Obstetrics, Colorado Springs, CO
  3646. Harlori K. Bains, MD; Pediatric Neurology; Grand Rapids, MI
  3647. Avinash Kudupudi, MD; anesthesiologist; New York, NY
  3648. Aaron Harries, MD; Emergency Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  3649. Vanessa Torrijos, MD; Emergency Medicine; San Antonio, TX
  3650. Lyle Fettig, MD; Hospice and Palliative Medicine; Indianapolis, IN
  3651. Sarah Bagley, MD, MSc, Pediatrics and Internal Medicine, Boston, MA
  3652. Gaganpreet Grewal, MD; Anesthesiology; San Marcos, TX
  3653. Rossella Marmorato-Rivera, MD FACC; Cardiovascular Medicine and Internal Medicine, San Juan, PR
  3654. Blake Rodgers, MD; Family Medicine; Shiloh, IL
  3655. Samuel Neher, MD; Pediatrics; Philadelphia, PA
  3656. Stephanie Hughes, MD; Urology; Metairie, LA
  3657. Charlotte Watts, M.D. Emergency Medicine, Sequim, WA
  3658. Ayo Akinrinlola, MD; Vascular Surgeon; Winchester VA
  3659. Rupa Natarajan, MD; Family Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  3660. Kristine Cieslak, MD Pediatric Emergency Medicine Chicago, IL
  3661. Arpan Patel MD, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Los Angeles, CA
  3662. Leslie Taylor, MPAS, PA-C, urgent care, Colorado
  3663. Christopher Traynor, MD, Orthopedics, Kalamazoo, MI
  3664. Childs Art, MD, Pediatrics, North Adams, MA
  3665. Norma Green, MD Family Physician Kansas
  3666. Peter DeBalli, MD; Anesthesiology; Titusville, FL
  3667. Melinda Muller MD, IM, portland Oregon
  3668. Meredith Gilliam MD MPH, Geriatric Medicine, Chapel Hill, NC
  3669. Alexandra Kejner, MD FACS; Head and Neck Surgical Oncology and Microvascular Reconstruction; Lexington, KY
  3670. James Ellis DO FACEP Emergency Medicine, Mahomet, Illinois
  3671. Laura Yacovone, PA-C; Physician assistant in pediatric Otolaryngology; Boston, MA
  3672. Erin Harrington, MD; Anesthesiology; San Antonio, TX
  3673. Pratheepa Singh, MD; Internal Medicine; Santa Clara, CA
  3674. Jennifer Denk, MD; Critical Care and Emergency Medicine; Chicago, IL
  3675. Hajar Delshad, MS, PA-C; Oncology Urgent Care; Boston, MA
  3676. Colleen Busch FNP-BC, Family Practice Denver, CO
  3677. Teresa D Piles-Horton, MSN, APRN, NP-C, FNP-BC; Clinical Nurse Specialist; CardioPulmonary Clinic; Langley AFB
  3678. Prashant Sinha, MD General Surgery New York, NY
  3679. Meghan Schlitt, MD; Pediatrics; Fair Lawn, NJ
  3680. Christine M Riley,M.D.;obstetrics and gynecology;Evansville,IN
  3681. Stephanie Lewman, FNP-C, Indianapolis, IN
  3682. Jesleen Ahluwalia; dermatology; winter park, Fl
  3683. Stephanie Lewman, FNP-C, Indianapolis, IN
  3684. Beverly Forsyth, MD, Infectious Diseases, New York, NY
  3685. Stephanie Lewman, FNP-C, Indianapolis, IN
  3686. Renee Woodworth BSN Emergency nurse, Arlington VA
  3687. Stephanie Lewman, FNP-C, Indianapolis, IN
  3688. Stephanie Henderson, MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Salt Lake City, UT
  3689. Ryan Kiser, MD, MS; Neurology; Mobile, AL
  3690. Molly Price, MD, Neurology, Severna Park, MD
  3691. Mia Minen, MD, MPH; Neurology and Population Health; New York, NY
  3692. Carol Greenough, Ph.D., psychology, Tualatin OR
  3693. Marketa Rejtar, DNP CPNP-AC/PC, Pediatrics/Inpatient Pediatric Surgery and Faculty, Boston, MA
  3694. Stephanie Graff, MD, FACP; hematology and medical oncology; Leawood KS
  3695. Amy Maselli, MD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Boston, MA
  3696. Tovi Anderson, MD, PhD, Family medicine and hospital medicine, Portland, OR
  3697. Marta Waraksa, CRNA Anesthesia Philadelphia, PA
  3698. Stephanie Emmal, ARNP; Family Nurse Practitioner; Seattle , WA
  3699. Amy Maselli, MD, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Boston, MA
  3700. Erika Drazan, M.D., Pediatrics, Palo Alto, Ca
  3701. Tori Stenmark, MD, MPH; OBGYN; San Francisco, CA
  3702. Kristy Waite, DO; Medical Examiner; Akron, Ohio
  3703. Nina Bagdasarova, CRNA, Anesthesiology and Critical Care; Philadelphia, PA.
  3704. Oleg Grapp, MD; internal Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  3705. Kimberly Perry, D.O., Emergency Medicine, St.Louis, MO
  3706. Leah M. Alexander, MD, Pediatrics, Fair Lawn, NJ
  3707. Benjamin Cohen, MD, Gastroenterology, New York, NY
  3708. Joel Sandberg M.D. Ophthalmology, Hollywood, F.
  3709. Caitlin Reed, MD, MPH; Infectious Diseases; Los Angeles, CA
  3710. Jessi Cottrell BSN, RN; Emergency Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  3711. Katie Scott BSN RN Cardiovascular ICU and also County Commissioner in Washtenaw County Michigan
  3712. Hailey hunter oncology nurse practitioner St. Louis Missouri
  3713. Shahina ali MD. Family medicine Houston Texas.
  3714. Hannah Laimer, DO, Family Medicine, Caruthers, CA
  3715. Nora Pfaff, MD, Pediatrics, San Francisco,CA
  3716. Linda Shiber MD; OB/GYN; Cleveland OH
  3717. Michelle Murphy, Family ARNP, Puyallup, WA
  3718. Nicholas Mulcahy, DO; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  3719. Andres Alegria, DPT; Acute Care, San Francisco, CA
  3720. Caroline Stern, Doctor of Dental Surgery; General Dentist; Denver, CO
  3721. Adam J Burt, PharmD, California
  3722. Yuriko Shichishima, RN, MS, PHN; Critical Care Nursing and Public Health Educator; San Francisco, CA
  3723. Nancy Latimer PhD, RRT Department Chair Respiratory Care Palm Beach State College FL
  3724. Schauren Ferris, FNP, primary care, NC
  3725. Jessica Costalez MD Pediatrics Overland Park, Kansas
  3726. Barbara Greenfield, RN, CCM,CNLCP
  3727. Luz Yee, MD, Family Medicine, SD, CA.
  3728. Mahboob khan MD Nephrology DFW Texas
  3729. Howard Berlin, MD; Cardiology; Hollywood, FL
  3730. Geoffrey F. Hughes FNP-C, Primary Care, Austin Texas
  3731. Jessica Steinhebel, MA, MT-BC; Hospice; Portland, OR
  3732. Maggie Zhang, MD PhD, Radiology, Ann Arbor MI
  3733. Holly Sato MD, Seattle WA
  3734. Alisse Hauspurg, Maternal Fetal Medicine; Pittsburgh, PA
  3735. Mark Schultzel MD, Orthopedic Surgery, San Diego, CA
  3736. Rose Toussaint, APRN, Internal medicine, lake worth, Florida
  3737. Mary Parisi, MD Dermatopathologist/Anatomic Pathologist, NY
  3738. Peter R. Shulman, M.D., Pediatrician, Encino, California
  3739. Nancy Wheeler, RN, BS, CCRN; Critical Care RN; Minneapolis, MN
  3740. Deanna Hansen Burpee RN Retired ,Sunriver,Oregon
  3741. Amy Haberman, MD, Radiology, Dallas, TX
  3742. Pai C Meng, MD. IM/Peds, ann arbor, MI
  3743. Nicole Lee, PA-C; Primary Care; Oklahoma City, OK
  3744. Kathryn Nesbitt, APRN, PMHNP-BC; psychiatry and former critical care nurse, Bowling Green, KY
  3745. Kathryn Farguson DO; cardiology; Stillwater, OK
  3746. Brad Zehr, MD; Pathology resident; Columbus, OH
  3747. Jennifer Rosenthal, MD, MAS, Pediatric Hospitalist, Sacramento, CA
  3748. Camille Buchmiller, PA-C pulmonary and sleep medicine, Nampa Idaho
  3749. Debbie wong, Fnp-BC; family practice; West Zlinn, OR
  3750. Angela D Kelley,DO; Internal Medicine; Dubuque, IA
  3751. Reenal Patel, MD; General Cardiology and Internal Medicine; Newark, NJ
  3752. Kristina Huffaker, Physician Assistant, Meridian Idaho
  3753. Molly Price, MD, Neurology, Severna Park, MD
  3754. Vishal Patel; Internal Medicine, Philadelphia PA
  3755. Jennifer Larson, MD; Emergency Medicine; Hood River, OR
  3756. Melinda White FNP-BC Family Practice Coldwater, MI
  3757. Cynthia Pierson, MD. OB/GYN. Wilmington, NC
  3758. Lynn Howie, MD; Hematology and Oncology; Hendersonville, NC
  3759. Susan M. Schreffler, Registered Nurse,Cheboygan Michigan
  3760. Tijana Tuhy, MD; Internal Medicine; Baltimore, MD
  3761. Christine Pagan, BA, Medical Interpreter, Pediatrics, Omaha NE
  3762. Julie Davis, PA-C. Pediatric emergency medicine. Tulsa, OK
  3763. Anna Binstock, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Pittsburgh, PA
  3764. Michelle Wiese, MD, MPH; Psychiatry; Seattle, WA
  3765. Josh O’Quin, Firefighter/AEMT, Austin, Texas
  3766. Jillian Way, RN; Oncology & Medical-Surgical Nursing. Indianapolis, IN
  3767. Anita Garner, FNP-C, Atlantic City, NJ
  3768. Michelle Kazel, RN; Mother Baby, San Jose, CA
  3769. Anita Garner, FNP-C, Atlantic City, NJ
  3770. Delmari Howell, Student Midwife, Eustis, FL
  3771. Julie Carlson, CNM, MSW Private Home Birth Practice Hamilton, NY
  3772. Jessica DeMay, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine; Richmond, VA
  3773. Roberta Matern MD; Family Medicine; Phoenix, AZ
  3774. Lori Burris, CNP, Family Practice FQHC, Yuma AZ
  3775. MRI technologist RT(R)(T)(MR)
  3776. Joshua SV Goldner, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  3777. Christina Megli; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Pittsburgh PA
  3778. Eric Goodlev, MD; Hospice and Palliative Medicine, Internal Medicine; Wynnewood, Pennsylvania.
  3779. Iqbal Ahmed, M.D: Psychiatry; Honolulu; Hawaii
  3780. B Ishtiaq, MD ; emergency medicine; Scarsdale. NY
  3781. David Nolan, MD, gastroenterology, Lafayette, CO
  3782. Katherine C. White, MD, Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine, Rockville, MD
  3783. Annie Hoang, MD Candidate, San Francisco, CA
  3784. Hien T. Tran, MD; Endocrinology; Round Rock, TX
  3785. Erica Boettcher; Gastroenterology; Denver, CO
  3786. Bruce Addison, DO, Family and Emergency Medicine, McCamey, TX
  3787. Kailey Bystrek, PharmD; Retail pharmacist; Louisville, KY
  3788. Lisa Sanders MD, Internal Medicine, New Haven, CT
  3789. Michael R McClung, MD; Endocrinology, Portland, OR
  3790. Britt Drake, MD; Gastroenterology; Boulder, CO
  3791. Helene Marley, BSN, RN, CRNFA Operatiing Room Philadelphia PA
  3792. Rachel Thelen, NP-C; hematology and oncology; Asheville NC
  3793. Sheri Schouten, RN Oregon State Representative
  3794. Nancy Moore, DO; Internal Medicine; Upland, CA
  3795. Amanda Bahler, APRN; Adult-Geriatric Acute Care; Hartford, CT
  3796. April Daiga, RN, OR, Richmond, VA
  3797. Kayla Hertenstein RN, BSN; Inpatient Cardiology; St. Cloud, MN
  3798. Georgann McBrayer, Certified Nurse Midwife, Fairbanks,AK
  3799. April Hederman, MD; Pediatrics; Jackson, MS
  3800. Jacquelyn Sexton, MSN RN, Philadelphia, PA
  3801. Esther Sampayo MD MPH; Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Houston, Texas
  3802. Michelle Horn, DO; Primary Care Sports Medicine; Doylestown, PA
  3803. Amar R Chadaga, MD; Internal Medicine/Hospitalist; Chicago, IL
  3804. Lindsay Miller, MD MPH, Emergency Medicine, Providence, RI
  3806. Sara Lubitz, MD; Endocrinology, New Brunswick, NJ
  3807. Caryn Baldauf, MD MPH, Hospitalist, Colorado Springs, CO
  3808. Barrie Suskin, MD; OBGYN; Stamford, CT
  3809. Elizabeth Ma, MD, PhD, Psychiatry, Loma Linda, California
  3810. Masooma sheikh DO; internal medicine
  3811. Afroz Hafeez, MD, MBA; Quality; Chicago, IL
  3812. Jennifer Domingo, MD, Psychiatry, Honolulu, HI
  3813. Lauren Beene, MD, Pediatrics, Cleveland, OH
  3814. Dr. Joseph Tiscani, DNP, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, Endocrinology. San Antonio, Texas.
  3815. Henry Goldovsky, RN, VA-BC, vascular access, New York, New York.
  3816. Magdalena Zeglin MD, interventional cardiology, Burlington VT
  3817. Erin Cooper, MD; Family Medicine and Geriatrics; Lexington, KY
  3818. S. Nini Malayaman, MD; Anesthesiology; Philadelphia, PA
  3819. Heather Ressler, RN, BSN; Cardiac Telemetry; Griffith, IN
  3820. Susan Vinci, MD, Anesthesiology, Louisville, KY
  3821. Allison Jones, NP; Pediatric Emergency and Urgent Care, Wakefield, RI
  3822. Chandra J. Vaughan-Pimentel; Licensed Paramedic; San Antonio, TX
  3823. Kathryn Baker, RN, CHPN: Hospice and Palliative Nursing; Ithaca, NY
  3824. Ishak Hossain, MD Candidate; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  3825. Sanjay Patel, RPH, Dallas, TX
  3826. Dana Rohde, RN; Acute Rehabilitation; Sheboygan, WI
  3827. Pamela Robinson, RN Ambulatory Surgery PACU Clackamas, OR
  3828. Kathryn Pettit, MD; Family Medicine ans Urgent Care Medical Director; Cullman, AL
  3829. Lucy Paskus, NP; Pediatric Oncology; Indianapolis, IN
  3830. Gina Song, MD; Radiology; Oakland, CA
  3831. Ana Félix, MD, Neurologist, Chapel Hill , NC
  3832. Wayne Geren RN Psychiatric, Kentfield. Ca
  3833. Jillian Hochfelder, MD; Pediatric Allergy/Immunology; Westchester, NY
  3834. Kelly Quinley MD, Emergency Medicine, Oakland, CA
  3835. Nicole Hudson, RN; Emergency Medicine and Maternity Care, Oregon City, Oregon
  3836. Bangtram Kim, RN-BSN; CCU-ICU; Burlington, NC
  3837. Hayley Teich, MD; Pediatrics; Canton, MI
  3838. Roger Lim, BSN, Registered Nurse, Las Vegas, NV
  3839. Melissa Eckman, FNP; Family Medicine; Warren, PA
  3840. Rosary Kristine Anido, MD; Pediatrician, Fair Lawn NJ
  3841. Elmira Zamanikia, SPT, San Francisco, CA
  3842. Melissa Caraballo, BSN;General Surgery Burlington NC
  3843. Scott Gorenstein MD Emergency Medicine Great Neck NY
  3844. Kathy Daher, RN, BSN PACU Cleveland, OH
  3845. Khadijah Breathett, MD, MS, FACC, FAHA, FHFSA; cardiology; Tucson, AZ
  3846. Alisa Rosen, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; Needham, MA
  3847. Timothy W. Churchill, MD, Cardiology, Boston MA
  3848. Kristin Swedish, MD, MPH, Internal Medicine, New York, NY
  3849. Anne Tita, MD; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Minneapolis, MN
  3850. Matthew Schmitz, MD, Orthopaedic Surgery, San Antonio, Texas
  3851. Miriam Stricklan, FNP-C, MSN; Family Practice; Salem, MO
  3852. Lindsay Thorn, MPAS, PA-C, Dermatology, Orlando, FL
  3853. Ramzia Asheh, PA-C, Plastics, Miami FL
  3854. Adali Martinez, MD, MPH; Internal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  3855. Mark Russo, MD; Otolaryngology-Head Neck Surgery; Washington, DC
  3856. J. Keith Rabon, D.M.D.; General Dentist Sumter SC
  3857. Anna Karp, D.O.; Dermatology; New York, NY
  3858. Pamela Parsons, RN BSN , Critical Care, Greensboro, NC
  3859. ALLEN W LOWDEN EMT,Operational Contral Specialist,ER Technition
  3860. Seema Gupta, MD; Psychiatry; Dallas, TX
  3861. Sheryl Olson, BSN, flight nurse and wilderness medicine educator, Manitou Springs, CO
  3862. Mayra Alicia Overstreet Galeano, MD, Wilmington, NC
  3863. Ayesha Ghazi Edwin, Social Worker (LLMSW), Ann Arbor, Mi
  3864. Heather B. Gunn, MD, Emergency Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia
  3865. Teresa Neprud, FNP Family Practitioner Pasco WA
  3866. Jay Khambhati, MD; Cardiology Fellow, Boston, MA
  3867. Kellie James, NP-C, Urogynecology, Kansas City, MO
  3868. Debra Alter, RN, residential mental health, Portland Oregon
  3869. Joshua Sherman, MD; Emergency Medicine; Chicago, IL
  3870. Tammy Jacobs, MD; allergy/Immunology; Orem, UT
  3871. Belinda Li, MD; Pediatric Urology; Nashville, TN
  3872. Anthony Ralston, MD; Psychiatry; Honolulu HI
  3873. Thelma Peralez, MD; pediatrics; Friendswood, Tx
  3874. Belinda Li, MD; Pediatric Urology; Nashville, TN
  3875. Christopher Perry, MD, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Guttenberg, NJ
  3876. Melissa McNier. Pediatrics. Canton MI
  3877. John Horrall As,LP Paramedic Austin Texas
  3878. Amanda Arlington, DNP, MSN, FNP-C; Family Medicine; Charlotte, NC
  3879. Haley Dezell, EMT-P, Conroe, Texas
  3880. Emily Lau, MD, Cardiology, Boston, MA
  3881. Mary Ann Ruberg, MS, BSN, RN, CHPN (Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurse); Brighton, MI
  3882. Marc Roy, MD, FACEP, FAAEM, Emergency Medicine, Lowell, MA
  3883. Srinivas Banala, MD, Emergency Medicine, Houston, TX
  3884. Sarah Cigna, MD; OBGYN; Washington, DC
  3885. Amy K. Moore, PhD, APRN; Professor of Nursing; Storrs, CT
  3886. Anna-Lia Quinio, MD; Family Medicine; Kaneohe, Hawaii
  3887. Juri Bassuner, MD; Radiology; St Louis, MO
  3888. Benjamin Bonnes, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  3889. Johanna Taniguchi ARNP, Seattle WA
  3890. Christiana Nichols, MD, Pediatrics, New York, NY
  3891. Vinita Chaudhary MD , Family PRACTICE, Lakewood ,Ca
  3892. Kelly Holman, MSN, RN, CCRN Neuro Trauma ICU Tacoma, WA
  3893. Koto Ishida, MD, Vascular Neurology, NYC, NY
  3894. Elissa Deusner, PT, DPT; Outpatient Physio Director; St Petersburg, FL
  3895. Elizabeth Ransom, PA-C, MS, Hospital Medicine, Boston MA
  3896. Sirpa Autio, MD, Family Medicine, Albuquerque, NM.
  3897. Sarah Olejar, BSN, RN; Critical Care; Burlington, NC
  3898. Kia Mitchell; MD Family Medicine; Jacksonville, Florida
  3899. Bess Koenigsberg, MD; Internal Medicine, Chronic Care Management, Hospice and Palliative Care; PHILADELPHIA, PA
  3900. Bani Bajaj, MD; OBGYN; Washington DC
  3901. Becky Muldoon, MD; Internal Medicine and Endocrinology;Honolulu, HI
  3902. Rachael Venn, MD; Cardiology; Boston, MA
  3903. Romit Bhattacharya, MD; Cardiovascular Medicine; Boston, MA
  3904. Daniela Kloos, MD; Internal Medicine, Hospitalist, FL
  3905. Monica L Richardson MD MPH, Urogynecology, Boston, MA
  3906. Denise M. Goodman MD, MS, pediatric critical care, Chicago Illinois
  3907. Marc Conterato, MD; Emergency/EMS Medicine; Minneapolis,MN
  3908. Charlea T Massion, MD; Hospice and Palliative Medicine; Santa Cruz, CA
  3909. Ketki Soin, MD, Ophthalmology, PA
  3910. Kathleen Blanchard, RDN, faculty for student nurses in clinical and classroom settings, Columbus, Ohio
  3911. Ana Velic, MD. Hospitalist medicine, Boise, ID.
  3912. Bella Doshi, MD, Pediatric Hospital Medicine, Oakland, CA
  3913. Kristine Strickland, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine and Critical Care Obstetrics; Green Bay, WI
  3914. Jamie Kitzman, MD, Anesthesiology, Atlanta, GA
  3915. Michelle Lee, MD; Emergency Medicine; Lampasas, TX
  3916. Kasey Drapeau D’Amato, PA-C, Dermatology, Los Angeles, CA
  3917. Patricia Wells, MD. Peds ER Michigan
  3918. Scott Stevenson, MD, Anesthesiology, Elizabethtown, KY
  3919. Adriana Spino, RN, Yale new haven health system , new haven CT
  3920. Patricia Pichilingue-Reto MD; Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Memphis, TN
  3921. Linda Okereke, MD; PMR; Portland, OR
  3922. Nicole Earley, MPAS, Physician Assistant and Hospital Educator in Infection Prevention; Saint Johns, Florida Prevention
  3923. Wesley Kasen, MD; Gastroenterology; Lafayette, CO
  3924. Peter Wong, DO; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Queens, NY
  3925. Lingmin He, MD; Ophthalmologist; Campbell, CA
  3926. Duncan White, MD, Internal Medicine, New Mexico
  3927. Daniel Tseng, MD; Psychiatry; Manhattan, KS
  3928. Maren Fuller, MD; Pathology; Houston, TX
  3929. Rebecca Anderson, APRN NP-C, Critical Care, Omaha, NE
  3930. Tara Coleman, RN, cPNP; Westwood Mansfield Pediatric Associates; Mansfield, MA
  3931. Misty Chappell, FNP-C; Internal Medicine; Mooresville, NC
  3932. Patricia Gill MD; Primary Care, Newberry, MI
  3933. Misty Chappell, FNP-C; Internal Medicine; Mooresville, NC
  3934. Angela Vickroy, ANP-BC; Oncology; St. Louis, MO
  3935. Melanie Hancock, RN; OB Antepartum Staff Nurse; Seattle, Wa
  3936. Stacey W. Kiefer, BS, BSN; Gastroenterology; Lafayette,CO
  3937. Kelly C. Broderick, M.D. Radiology San Mateo, CA
  3938. Quinn Lippmann, MD MPH; Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery; Richmond, VA
  3939. Annie Collins RN, BSN; School Nurse, Olathe, Kansas
  3940. Brian Story, MD; Gastroenterology and Hepatology; Boise, ID
  3941. Irina Jaeger MD urologist ohio
  3942. Shannon Dezell, RN, BSN; Nurse; Porter, Texas
  3943. Lindsey Kahan, BS Med Student Brown University; Providence, RI
  3944. Michaela Ginn, MD ; Internal Medicine ; Houston, TX
  3945. LuAnn Bundrant, MD; Internal Medicine; Austin, TX
  3946. Suzanne Cabral RN, GI, Thornton CO
  3947. Laura Moreno RN OK
  3948. Stacy Syrcle, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Milwaukee, WI
  3949. Laura C. Smith, MSN FNP-C; Family Practice, Colorado
  3950. Bethany Lubenow, MMS, PA-C, OB/GYN, Jasper, IN
  3951. Kathryn Anderson, APRN, FNP-c Family Practice, Crossroads, TX
  3952. Nora Hanna, MD; Child and Adolescent psychiatry; Suwanee, GA
  3953. Jennifer Dykes, RN; Coffee County School Nurse; Manchester, TN
  3954. Radhi Kakarla MD OBGYN Philadelphia,PA
  3955. Stacey Bishop-Yeatman, MD family med Cold Spring, KY
  3956. Nadja N. Jones, MD; Internal Medicine; New Orleans, LA
  3957. Terri Koyanagi, MD FP/geri; Honolulu, HI
  3958. Kimberly Stanford, MD, MPH; Emergency Medicine, Chicago, IL
  3959. Timothy Waxwelier, MD; Radiation Oncology; Colorado Springs, CO
  3960. Olivia Begasse de Dhaem, MD; Neurology; Boston, MA
  3961. Laura C. Smith, MSN FNP-C; Family Practice, Colorado
  3962. Diya Sandhu, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Atlanta, GA
  3963. Jennifer McMillan RN, Care Management, Greensboro,NC
  3964. Laura C. Smith, MSN FNP-C; Family Practice, Colorado
  3965. Heather E Weldon, MD OB/GYN, Salinas CA
  3966. Nicole Albert, GI, Malvern PA
  3967. Lezli Braswell, MD; Family Medicine; Copperas Cove, TX
  3968. Daniel S. Marley, MD; Family Medicine; Bloomington,IL
  3969. Brianne Bean, RN; gastroenterology, Lafayette, Co
  3970. Mary Ann Rodriguez, MD; Internal Medicine; Austin, TX
  3971. Summer James, MD; Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility; San Antonio, TX
  3972. Brian Russom, RRT; Respiratory Care Practitioner; Bakersfield, CA
  3973. Tara Orr, CRNA; Albuquerque, NM
  3974. Julie Doering, MD; Pediatrics; Indianapolis, IN
  3975. Marina Kasen, RN, MSN, Boulder, CO
  3976. Michael Honigberg, MD, MPP; Cardiology; Boston, MA
  3977. Rebecca Conahan, MD, Family Medicine, San Diego, CA
  3978. Kimberly Blackburn, RN-BSN Salem, Oregon
  3979. Lurelle Robbins, EMT_Paramedic: retired. Portland, OR
  3980. Lea Revollido, RN Cardiology unit, Portland Or
  3981. Matthew Andersen, MD; family practice, Salt Lake City, UT
  3982. Carol Coldren, M.D.;Gynecology; Exton, PA
  3983. Jediah Lee MD, Internal Medicine, Panorama CIty, CA
  3984. Lisa Foster, MD PMR, Atlanta, GA
  3985. Abhishek Mehra; psychiatry;Downingtown, PA
  3986. Katherine Ye, MD, MBA. Healthcare Strategy Consulting, Dallas, TX
  3987. Tamara Russell, APRN-C; primary care; Orlando, Fl
  3988. Eric Cohen, MD, Chicago, IL
  3989. Amy Manning, MD, pediatric otolaryngology, Cincinnati OH
  3990. Philip Hernández, CRNA; Anesthesiology; Manchester, NH
  3991. Lauren O’Hanlan, DNP, APN, CRNP-PC; Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Moorestown, NJ
  3992. Reenee Nandi , MD; Internal medicine. Oakland’s.CA
  3993. Sharon K Zoller, RN. Specialty Psychiatry, Portland, OR
  3994. Louise Simon, R.N., New York City, N.Y.
  3995. Connie Ho, MD; Internal Medicine; Chicago, IL
  3996. Helen Cornelius, L & D RN, BSN, Las Vegas Nevada
  3997. Janine Gilarde, RN, Boston, MA
  3998. Jena Morcelle, PA-C; Pediatric Surgery & Trauma; Buffalo, NY
  3999. Linda MacDaniels, BS, RT(R), RDMS, RVT, Portland, OR
  4000. Crystal Marquez, MD, Family Medicine, Brooklyn, NY
  4001. Ida Mazzone, MD Internal Medicine Hospitalist, Naples FL
  4002. Suzanne Pugh, MD; Obstetrics & Gynecology; Paoli, PA
  4003. Connie Cerne, PA-C, Neurosurgery Greenville NC
  4004. Holly Winfree, RN, Critical Care, Adult Medical Surgical, UCSF Medical Center ( retired) CA
  4005. Sarah Daniels, M.D. Internal Medicine, Austin, TX
  4006. Lisa Wilson, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; CHARLOTTE NC
  4007. Christen Weber, MD; Post-Acute and Long Term Care; Savannah, GA
  4008. Obianuju O. Berry, MD, MPH; Child/Adolescent and Perinatal Psychiatry; NYC
  4009. Scott Roberts, MD, Infectious Diseases, Chicago IL
  4010. Tim Zimmerman, national ski patrol 213015
  4011. Anne Deshotels, RN Infectious Disease Clinic; Lafayette La
  4012. Norwyn NewbyMD Bend Oregon Neurosurgerry
  4013. Débora H. Silva Díaz, MD; Pediatric Hospital Medicine; San Juan, PR
  4014. Lindsey Hatcher, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; St Petersburg, FL
  4015. Diana Rodriguez MD MPH FACOG, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Newton, MA
  4016. Tammily Carpenter, MD; Anesthesiology; Portland, OR
  4017. BRADLEY Meltzer, OD, FCOVD; Optometrist; Nesconset, NY
  4018. C. Lyn Dyles, M.D.; Psychiatry; Anchorage, AK
  4019. Barbara Deindorfer,MD, Emergency Medicine; Norwich, CT
  4020. Elena Velazquez, CRNA; Bakersfield, Ca
  4021. Christos Kasapis,MD; Interventional Cardiology; McComb, MS
  4022. Rebecca Freer, MD; General Surgeon (retired); Austin, TX
  4023. Melissa McHugh, RN, Critical Care, Portland, OR.
  4024. Maitte Ozambela, agree, postpartum & oncology RN, Miami, FL
  4025. Margaret Rowell,RN. CNOR. Morrisville VT
  4026. Ali Sharpe, DO; Gastroenterology, Louisville, KY
  4027. Kaavya Paruchuri, MD; Cardiology; Boston, MA
  4028. Leslie Meyer RN; Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine; Mcminnville,OR
  4029. Laura Elaine Kennedy, MD; Internal Medicine; Lawrence, KS
  4030. Andrew Goldstein, MD; Internal Medicine Primary Care; New York, NY
  4031. Margaret Verret, RN, MA Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Slidell, LA
  4032. Carl Friedrichs III, MD; Family Medicine, Santa Fe, NM
  4033. Josh Gordon, M.D; Pediatric Anesthesiologists; San Diego, Ca
  4034. Rex Villanueva, DO; Emergency Medicine; Seattle, WA
  4035. Deborah Dunaway, PA-C; Critical Care Medicine; Phoenix, AZ
  4036. Amy Baruch, MD; Pathology; Spartanburg, SC
  4037. Tarris Webber, DO Internal Medicine, Las Vegas, NV
  4038. Sandra A. Springer,MD, Infectious Disease, New Haven , CT
  4039. Christine Alexander, MPAS, PA-C; Dermatology; Allen, Texas
  4040. Joel Mamon, FNP; Pediatric Surgery and Trauma; Buffalo, NY
  4041. Harry Hwang, MD, Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery, Santa Clara, CA
  4042. K. Meghan Kendall, DO, Pediatric Critical Care, Omaha, NE
  4043. Ellen Kristin Cales, MD; Emergency Medicine, Minneapolis MN
  4044. Alaa Shalaby , MD Cardiology Pittsburgh PA
  4045. Andrew Hughes, MD, Psychiatry, Portland, OR
  4046. Gregory Young, MD; Emergency Medicine; Norwich, CT
  4047. Monalisa Tailor, MD Internal Medicine Louisville, KY
  4048. Samit Ghia, MD; Anesthesiology; New York, NY
  4049. Kim Lim, Pharm.D., IT Application Analyst Pharmacist; Lisle, IL
  4050. Christine Horstmeyer, MD, Family Medicine, Flower Mound, TX
  4051. Natalie Coburn, MD, MPH, General Surgery, Rhode Island
  4052. Edward Chafizadeh MD , Cardiology , Austin TX
  4053. Alena Goldman, MD; Cardiac Electrophysiology; Boston, MA
  4054. Andrey Frolov PA-C, EM Bradenton, FL
  4055. Carol Ann Diachun, MD, Anesthesiology, Jacksonville, FL
  4056. Shital Kumar, DO; Family Medicine; Austin, TX
  4057. Rachel Miller, PT, Outpatient orthopedics, Rockville, MD
  4058. Diane Palmer, BSN, RN, UC Saratoga Springs, NY
  4059. Jon E Higgins VMD veterinary surgeon Belle Mead NJ
  4060. Allison Munn, MD; Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  4061. Emily Miller, MD, MS, Pediatrics/Neonatology, Louisville, KY
  4062. Natalie Henderson, MD PICU/CVICU Louisville, KY
  4063. Paul Maitland-McKinley, MD, MPH; Psychiatry; Portland, OR
  4064. Jessica Reid, MD; Ob/Gyn; Portland, OR
  4065. Susan Scriven. CRNP. OBGYN ERIE PA
  4066. Ritesh Bhandari, MD — Emergency Medicine, Oakland, CA
  4067. Nandini Govil, MD, MPH; Otolaryngology; Atlanta, GA
  4068. Christain Fox, RN BSN, GI, Lafayette, Colorado
  4069. Lisa Weinshenker, Bsn Rn, nursery, Las Vegas nv
  4070. Roman Krol, MD,Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Cherry Hill, NJ
  4071. Marsel Matka, MD; Cardiology; Bethlehem, PA
  4072. Samir Shah, MD, General Practice, Point Pleasant, WV
  4073. Christine Kim, MD; Med-Peds Hospitalist; Honolulu, Hi
  4074. Sonya Zarkhin, DO, Dermatology, Queens, New York
  4075. Amarillys Rodriguez MD, MPH. Board Certified Family Physicals, Norwich CT
  4076. Robert Abbott, MD; Emergency Medicine, Saint Louis, MO
  4077. Corey Hanrahan, DO; Interventional Radiology; Philadelphia, PA
  4078. Kinsey Shultz Piatz, MD; Family Medicine; Rapid City, SD
  4079. Lisa R. Klein, MD; Pediatric Cardiology; Louisville, KY
  4080. Shannon Neville Westin, MD, MPH; Gynecologic Oncology; Houston, TX
  4081. Maureen Slattery, MD OB/GYN; Rochester, NY
  4082. Heather George, PA-C; General Surgery and Urgent Care; Salt Lake City, UT
  4083. Jan Grimm, Radiology, New York, NY
  4084. Elizabeth Ristagno, MD; Pediatric Infectious Diseases; Rochester, MN
  4085. Jason Crossley, MD; Otolaryngology PGY-1; Washington, DC
  4086. Deepika Goyal, Nurse Practitioner, OB/GYN, San Jose CA.
  4087. A.M., RN, BSN; Hospice; Pittsburgh, PA
  4088. Stephanie Williams, RN; Critical Care; Centralia, WA
  4089. Deepika Solomon, MD; Anesthesiology; Fort Worth, TX
  4090. Priscila Goncalves, MD, Med Onc, NY
  4091. Jennifer Coleman, MD; obstetrics and gynecology; Louisville, Ky
  4092. Klimenko Tetyana,APRN-CNP Tulsa, OK
  4093. Alana Bunnag, MD; Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry; New York, NY
  4094. Matthew Fellin, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  4095. David Milbradt, LAc, Acupuncturist, Beaver Dam, WI
  4096. Michael Do, MD; Pediatrics; Phoenix, AZ
  4097. Stephanie Eden, MD, Emergency Medicine, Roseville, CA
  4098. Camila Bomtempo, MD; OBGYN; Milwaukee WI
  4099. Jessica Silvia, RN MSN-Ed; School Nurse/Pediatrics; Mascoutah IL
  4100. Katherine Hobbs, MS, 4th yr Medical Student, New Orleans, LA
  4101. Alice Race, MD General Surgery Resident Detroit MI
  4102. Gay Lynn Butler, APRN, FNP-C, Internal Medicine and Gerontology, Las Vegas, NV
  4103. Adam Janicki, MD; Emergency Medicine; Pittsburgh, PA
  4104. Hannah Gordon, MD,MPH, Emergency Medicine, Miami Beach, FL
  4105. Lindsey Craig, PA-C; Occ Med and Urgent Care; Norcross, GA
  4106. Deborah L Toaltoan RNC obstetrics Parkesburg PA
  4107. Eric Meier, MD; Allergy & Immunology; Anchorage, AK
  4108. Rohini Sarin O’Neil, MD; OB/GYN; Philadelphia, PA
  4109. Simi Sandhu, MD, psychiatry. Dallas, TX
  4110. Erin E Zamzow, DVM, Ellensburg, Wa
  4111. Josephine Roen, MD ; Pediatric Hospital Medicine; Bay Area, CA
  4112. Maria Weller, MD; Pediatrics; Fargo, nd
  4113. Sandra Richard,CRNA MSNA, Portland, ME
  4114. Samantha J. Dial, MD; Neurology; Springfield, IL
  4115. Stephanie LynchMD. Pediatrics Louisville, Ky
  4116. Nelson Winkler, MD; Ophthalmology; Marquette, MI
  4117. Meenakshi Bewtra MD, MPH, PHD; Gastroenterology and Epidemiology; Philadelphia, PA
  4118. Anna Paulsson, MD; Radiation Oncology; Petaluma, CA
  4119. Terry Adirim, MD, MPH, MBA; Pediatric Emergency Physician; Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs, FAU College of Medicine, Boca Raton, FL
  4120. Sarah Brodhead, MD; internal medicine; Denver, CO
  4121. Chase Anderson, MD, MS; Psychiatry; Boston, MA
  4122. Katharine Chiu, MD; Internal Medicine; Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  4123. Lekshmi Santhosh, MD, MAEd; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine & Hospital Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  4124. Natalie Nichols, RN; Emergency Department; Memphis, TN
  4125. Mary Ernest RN,Pediatrics, Crystal Lake, IL
  4126. Amir Naqvi, DO; Cardiovascular Diseases; Novi, MI
  4127. Lalita Abhyankar, MD, Family Medicine, New York, New York
  4128. Anna Costakis, MD, Psychiatry, Queens, NY
  4129. Amy L. Hansen, RN; CDI; Portland, OR
  4130. Jennifer K. Chen, MD; Pediatrician; San Diego, CA
  4131. Lauren O’Connell, MD MSc; Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician; Flint, MI
  4132. Julie Hanna, MD Neurology, St. Paul MN
  4133. Maurice Sholas, MD, PhD, Peds PMR, LA
  4134. Sofia Warner, MD, Internal Medicine, Boston, MA
  4135. Cynthia Teerlinck MD;Family Medicine;Canandaigua NY
  4136. Anne Jackson BS, RN Pediatric Specialty Clinic, Ann Arbor MI
  4137. Keya Patel, MD; emergency medicine; Chicago, IL
  4138. Catherine Nelson, MD, MPH, Pediatrics, Sunnyvale, CA
  4139. Alice Sato, MD PhD; Pediatric Infectious Disease; Omaha NE
  4140. Cen Zhang, MD; Neurology, NY, NY
  4141. Roxanne B Sukol MD MS; Internal Medicine; Cleveland, OH
  4142. Emilie Davis NP-C Detroit, MI
  4143. Amy Goorman, NP-C Urology
  4144. david gerling, MD; hospitalist; Rochester NY
  4145. Sophie Wells, MD, Cardiolology, Boston, MA
  4146. Daniel Runde, MD, MME; Emergency Medicine; Iowa City, IA
  4147. Robert Darling, MD, ENT, Galveston, TX
  4148. Amy Kelley, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Sioux Falls, SD
  4149. Jerry Slepack, MD, Infectious Diseases, Portland, OR
  4150. Ariane Lewis, MD; Neurocritical Care; NY, NY
  4151. Vanessa Thompson, MD; General Internal Medicine; California
  4152. Chuan-Jay Jeffrey Chen, MD; Emergency Medicine; Boston, MA
  4153. Sarah Moore, MD; Internal Medicine; New York, NY
  4154. Pallavi Iyer, MD; Pediatric Endocrinology, Birmingham, AL
  4155. Jennifer Wisdom-Behounek,MD; Family Medicine; MO
  4156. Taylor Goodnough, DO, Geriatrics, Holly Springs, NC
  4157. Sarah Stevens, APRN, FNP-C; Family and Critical Care Medicine; Palm Beach Gardens, FL
  4158. Madhu Kulkarni , MD, Neonatologist, Houston, TX
  4159. Natalie Beaven Miller, MD; Allergy and Immunology; Louisville KY
  4160. Zhaohui Hu, MD; Anesthesiology; Omaha, NE
  4161. Elizabeth Samuels, MD, MPH, MHS, Emergency Medicine, Providence, RI
  4162. Shaeequa Dasnadi Neonatology Houston TX
  4163. Megan Slack, RN, BSN, PEL-CSN, Certified School Nurse, Edwardsville, Illinois
  4164. Pamela Gallagher RN Neonatal Intensive Care
  4165. Punita Shah,MD;Pediatrician , Pediatrics With A MIssion, Plano, TX
  4166. Joann Bolton MD Anesthesiology in Jacksonville florida
  4167. Sara Mcintire MD Pediatric Hospital Medicine. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
  4168. Ryan Childress, PT, DPT, OCS; Rehabilitation Specialist; Knoxville, TN
  4169. Paul Tuite MD, Neurology, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minnesota
  4170. Mahealani Lum, DO; Family and Geriatric Medicine; Honolulu, HI
  4171. Kimberly Citarrella, DO; Emergency Medicine; Bay Shore, NY
  4172. Jennifer Doorey, MD MS; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Charlottesville, VA
  4173. Natalie Yaquab, BSN, RN; Operating Room; Portland, OR
  4174. SarahBeth Hartlage, MD; Anesthesiology; Louisville, KY
  4175. Tori Martin BSN, RN, MSN-S, Knoxville, TN
  4176. Jennie Foster, MD, Pediatric Oncology, Houston, TX
  4177. Anirudh Kumar, MD, MPH; Internal Medicine; New York, NY
  4178. Gina Eichenbaum-Pikser, LM, CNM; Midwifery; Brooklyn, NY
  4179. Ayn Morato, MD; Internal Medicine/ Hospitalist; Monroe, Louisiana
  4180. Christine Lasich, ACNP, Cardiothoracic Surgery, Portland, OR
  4181. Cara Joyce, PhD; Biostatistician; Chicago, IL
  4182. Ana María Fernandez, Masters of Science in Nursing, Pediatrics, Raleigh, NC
  4183. Stacey Pejsa, RN, BSN, Pea Ridge, Arkansas
  4184. Karen Huang, MD; Pediatric Endocrinology; Santa Clara CA
  4185. Carolyn Phillips MD; emergency medicine; Washington DC
  4186. Tiffany Quach, DNP, FNP-BC, Family Practice, Portland, OR
  4187. Michelle Lin, MD, MPH; Emergency Medicine; New York, NY
  4188. Corey Irons, PA-C, Emergency Medicine, Lakewood, NJ
  4189. Cecilia Torres. MD houston Texas
  4190. Daphna Stroumsa, MD, MPH, MSc; Obstetrics and Gynecology, Health Services Research; Ann Arbor, MI
  4191. Mihir Shah, MD; Urology Fellow at USC, LA, CA
  4192. James O’Brien, MD; Emergency Medicine; Chicago, IL
  4193. Huma Siddiqui MD; Pediatric Medicine; Bellevue, WA
  4194. Karen Wang, MD; General Internal Medicine, New Haven, CT
  4195. Gladys Velarde MD Cardiologist Jacksonville Florida
  4196. Angela Ortega-Bermudez, D. O. Internal Medicine, Henderson, NV
  4197. Angela Adams, BSN, RN, CCM Case Management Director Crystal River, Florida
  4198. Emily Stern Gatof, MD; internal medicine; Boston, MA
  4199. Brian Shaw, DO; Interventional Cardiology; Marlton, NJ
  4200. Kendra J. Carter, EMT-B; Portland, OR
  4201. Mary Jane Glade DNP, APRN; OBGYN Lincoln, NE
  4202. Brenna Reichman, MSN, RN, AGNP-C, Correctional Healthcare, Ann Arbor, MI
  4203. Christina Neal, PA-C; Internal Medicine; Glenn Dale, MD
  4204. Megan Christensen, LMT; Massage Therapist, Louisville, CO
  4205. Emilia Samuel, MD, OBGYN, Portland, OR
  4206. Theresa Schwartz, NP; Colorectal Surgery; Rochester, NY
  4207. Thomas Quinn, MD; Internal Medicine; Boston, MA
  4208. Victoria Cheung, MD; Internal Medicine; Madison, WI
  4209. Leslie Thomas MD; Anesthesiologist: New Orleans,LA
  4210. Katren Tyler, MD; emergency medicine; Sacramento Ca
  4211. Barbara Newman, MD: Director of Maternal/Chikld Services, Bend Oregon
  4212. Jodi F Abbott MD MHCM, Maternal Fetal Medicine Boston MA
  4213. Andrew Walker, MD, GI, Madison, WI
  4214. Kathleen Thompson, PA-C, Family Medicine, Lakeview, Oregon
  4215. Shweta Bhatt, MD; Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility; CLEVELAND, OH
  4216. Shannon Berry, MD, Emergency Medicine, Astoria, Oregon
  4217. Anna Pfenniger, MD PhD; Cardiology; Chicago, IL
  4218. Larissa Thomas, MD, MPH; Internal Medicine Hospitalist, San Francisco, CA
  4219. Dhruv Rajpurohit, DO, Internal Medicine, Longview, Texas
  4220. Liesl Nottingham, MD; Otolaryngology; Silver Spring, MD
  4221. Andrea Thelen, physician assistant, urgent care, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  4222. Elaine Chien, MD; OB/GYN, Palo Alto CA
  4223. Jennifer Pizzuti, NP; Palliative Care; Portland, OR
  4224. Laurie N. Rice, M.D.; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Madison, WI
  4225. Gerald M . Kufner, MD neurologist in Rhinebeck, NY
  4226. Shari Meyerson MD, Thoracic Surgery, Lexington KY
  4227. Denise Siwinski, MD Urgent Care/Family Medicine, Moorestown, NJ
  4228. David E. Gurvis, DPM Podiatry, Avon, Indiana
  4229. Katherine Roza, MD; Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine; New Hyde Park, New York
  4230. Ginger Bloomer, MD, Family Practice; Austin, Texas
  4231. Grace Chan MD PhD, Boston MA
  4232. Kourtney King, MD; Internal Medicine Resident; Pittsburgh, PA
  4233. Daisy Nieto, MD; Cardiology; El Paso, TX
  4234. Ivan Borissow, MMS, PA-C, Critical Care, Baltimore, MD
  4235. Thuydung Trinh, MD, anesthesiologist, Tacoma, WA
  4236. Puneet Singh, MD; Breast Surgical Oncology; Houston, TX
  4237. Fran Levine, BS, Occupational Therapy, Kamiah, ID
  4238. Nicole Piché, NCMA, Panel Manager, Ambulatory Care Management; Portland, OR
  4239. Tori Sutton, PA-C, Critical Care Medicine, St. Louis, MO
  4240. Gordon Korby DO ,DC;PM&R(retired);Elizabethtown KY
  4241. Saira Munir, PA urgent care, New York
  4242. Chelsea Hughes, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Houston, TX
  4243. Angelina R. Skokan, CNM, WHNP; Women’s Health; Portland, OR
  4244. Robert T. Fairman, MPH, CHES, Epidemiologist, Atlanta, GA
  4245. Laura Robison, BSN/RN; Director of Health Services; Rolla, MO
  4246. Lauren Lopera, PA family medicine Ronkonkoma NY
  4247. Joan Chen, MD, MS; Gastroenterology, Ann Arbor, MI
  4248. Sneha Rao Kaggal, MD; Internal Medicine- Primary care; Rochester, MN
  4249. Christina Menor, MD Anesthesiology, Los Angeles CA
  4250. Megan Hormazdi, FNP, CA
  4251. Tiondrae Pier, MS, New York, NY
  4252. Hannah Russell, DO, Neuroradiology, Goodyear, AZ
  4253. Shannon Hill, DO Family Medicine, Broomfield, CO
  4254. Manel Silva, MD, MPH; Adolescent and Internal Medicine; Los Angeles, CA
  4255. Samantha Wagner, PharmD; Emergency & Critical Care Medicine; Omaha, NE
  4256. Amy Taylor APRN, FNP; Urgent care and Family Medicine;Beaufort, SC
  4257. Rebecca Hart, MD, Pediatric Emergency Medicine, Louisville, KY
  4258. Stephanie Gibson, MD OBGYN, AL
  4259. Sūra Edmond, MD; Ob/Gyn and Research Scientist; Washington, DC
  4260. Sonia Savani, MD, Rheumatology, Charleston, SC
  4261. Hilda Kriel, MD; Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon; Temple, TX
  4262. Sean C. Lucan, MD, MPH, MS; Family and Social Medicine; Bronx, NY
  4263. J Pedro Teixeira, MD; Nephrology and Critical Care Medicine; Albuquerque, NM
  4264. Thara Basavaiah MD, Hospitalist;MA
  4265. Valerie Asher, MD; Otolaryngology; Silver Spring MD
  4266. Natalie Moore; MD Family Medicine/Urgent Care; MD
  4267. Iris Wingrove, MD; Neurology; Austin, TX
  4268. Deborah Davenport, RN, PHD, Critical Care Nursing, Canyon, Texas
  4269. Manindr kaur, AGNP, Interventional pain management, Arlington, TX
  4270. Maaya Wilton, MD; Pathology & Lab Medicine; Sacramento, CA
  4271. Catherine Nelson, MD, MPH, Pediatrics, Sunnyvale, CA
  4272. Leslie Beavin MD Infectious disease KY
  4273. Allison Platt, MD; Pediatrics; Mount Kisco, NY
  4274. Judith Mitrano, RN,BSN, Neurology Ambulatory Care, McLean, Va
  4275. Premila Mathews, MD, Family Medicine, New York, NY
  4276. Jan Larkins BSN,RNC Portland OR
  4277. Kris Camelio, MS, CSCS, SPT; Indianapolis, IN
  4278. Caryn Clippert PA-C, Emergency Medicine, Everett, WA
  4279. Jamie Krzmarzick, FNP; Internal Medicine; Boston, MA
  4280. Jameson Heinzman, APRN-CNP, Urology, Zanesville OH
  4281. Sandra Shavers, RN; Montgomery, AL.
  4282. Elizabeth Thiel, CPNP, APRN Tulsa, Ok
  4283. Katelyn Dowling, PA-C, Family Medicine, Pennsylvania
  4284. Viktoriya Monroe, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, Oregon
  4285. Jennifer Doyle, MD; neuro-ophthalmology; Little Rock, AR
  4286. David Shander MD Cardiology Denver Colorado
  4287. Annie Kelly, MD, Cardiovascular Medicine, Madison, WI
  4288. Feona Udai, FNP-C, Weight Management; Atlanta, GA
  4289. Jennifer Zweig, Family Medicine, Long Beach, CA
  4290. Naveeda Farooqi, Pediatrics PA, Frisco, TX
  4291. Majid Afshar, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care; Chicago, IL
  4292. Robin Leader-Landau D.O. Pediatric Medicine, Miami, FL
  4293. Klint Peebles, MD FAAD, Dermatology; Washington, DC
  4294. Agnieszka Witkowski, MD. Internal Medicine, Vallejo, CA.
  4295. Allison Clarke RN, Tulane Medical Center, Metairie Louisiana
  4296. Nasreen Ghazi, MD; Family Medicine; Miami, Florida
  4297. Dzeneta Krndzija, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Family Nurse Practitioner, Roswell, GA
  4298. Cindy Kalina RN,BSN,NASN, School Nurse, Schulenburg Tx
  4299. Joan Le, PA-C, Urgent Care, Plano, TX
  4300. María del Carmen Fleites CRNA nurse anesthetist Manasquan, New Jersey
  4301. Kevin Breger, MD PhD; Hospital Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  4302. Caroline Vitale, MD; Geriatrics; Ann Arbor, MI
  4303. Megan Suwara FNP-BC, internal medicine, Coachella Valley California
  4304. Gary Wenick,MD,pediatrics,Brewster,NY
  4305. Pranali Sheth, MD; Emergency Medicine; Newark, NJ
  4306. Jillian White, DNP; Primary Care, Charleston, SC
  4307. Jamie Owens, APRN; Family Practice and Outpatient Care; Omaha, NE
  4308. Jessica E Mitchell, MD, MSc, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Libertyville, IL
  4309. Johnny A. Negusse,MD, Emergency Physician, Los Angels,CA
  4310. Kevin J. Chang, MD FSAR; Radiology; Boston, MA
  4311. Damion Blair, RN BSN; Psychiatric Nursing; Salem, OR
  4312. Megan Maurer, D.O.; Family Medicine; Altoona, PA
  4313. Heather Fishel, MD; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Columbia, SC
  4314. Jade de Guzman, MD; Diagnostic Radiology; San Diego, CA
  4315. Katherine Gartin MD; Pediatrics; Atlanta, GA
  4316. Shawna Reed, NP-C Valparaiso, IN
  4317. Carly Fabrizio DO, cardiology, Newark, DE
  4318. Nicole Lang, NP, Urology, Concord NH
  4319. Cary Ganz DDS Prosthodontist Garden City NY
  4320. Stephanie Blank, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist, New York, NU
  4321. Jessica Malachowski, MD MSPH; Emergency Medicine; Jackson, TN
  4322. Joseph A Asaro, DO, Neonatology, Manhassett, NY
  4323. Grace Shannon BSN RN, Denver, CO- Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
  4324. Mikhail Petrov, MD, Hospitalist, Erie PA
  4325. Eileen Minnock, RN, Pittsburgh PA
  4326. Brenda Chesley, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Texas
  4327. Christina Mitchell, DNP, pediatric primary care, mansfield, ma
  4328. Audrey Panza, CPNP, pediatric primary care, Milford, MA
  4329. Gwendolyn Williams, MD; Hospital Medicine; Hampton, VA
  4330. Amanda Dilger, MD, Otolaryngology, Sacramento, CA
  4331. Shaul Saddick, PhD, Neuropsychology, San Diego, CA
  4332. Heather Slaven, MD; Pediatrics, Fishers, IN
  4333. Devi Sampat, MD, heme-onc, Birmingham, AL
  4334. Muhammad A. Saleem; Pediatrics; Orlando. FL
  4335. Suzanne Keller, DMD; General Dentistry, Private Practice; Deerfield, MA
  4336. Jessica Thueringer, MD; Rheumatology; St. Paul, MN
  4337. Patricia Casimir, MD; Internal Medicine; Yorktown Heights, NY
  4338. A. John McSweeny, Ph.D., Clinical Neuropsychologist, Toledo, Ohio
  4339. Cherie Raub, RN MSN, Nurse-Family Partnership, Reading, Pa.
  4340. Jason Silverston, MD; Endocrinology; Atlanta, GA
  4341. Sarah Bauer BSN RN, School Nurse, North Webster, IN
  4342. Kavitha Rajaram, MD Pediatrics, Hayward, CA
  4343. Matthew Schwartz, MD, Radiation Oncology, Henderson, NV
  4344. Jose Carrion, PA-C; primary care medicine; Memphis, TN
  4345. Manjusha Gupte, MD Hospitalist Boise, ID
  4346. Mary A. D’Amore, BSN RN NCSN Boston, MA
  4347. Tawnia Richardson RN Hospice, Smithville Tx
  4348. Sandeep Pangarkar, DO Hospitalist Boise, ID
  4349. Amy Matheny, MD, MPH; Family Medicine, Missoula, MT
  4350. Oksana A Shlobin, Pulm/Critical Care, Falls Church, VA
  4351. Sue Nelson LCSW; Behavioral Health; Milwaukee WI
  4352. Steve Dong, MD urologic surgery, San Bernardino Ca
  4353. Lauren Brandariz, RN; Acute geriatric care; Brooklyn, NY
  4354. Shari Laufer RN BSN Retired Holyoke, MA
  4355. Jessica Meisner, MD, MS, MSHP; infectious diseases; Dallas, TX
  4356. LuAnn Greiner, NP; Interventional Radiology; Madison, WI
  4357. Anne Whitney Brown, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care: Fairfax, VA
  4358. Ellen Leng, MD; Emergency Medicine and EMS; Walnut Creek, CA
  4359. Richard G Wirtz, Psy.D., Psychologist, Chestertown, MD
  4360. Natalie Loops, MSN, RN, CNL, Chicago, IL
  4361. Whitney Nall, MD; Child & Adolescent Psychiatry; Oklahoma City, OK
  4362. Amy N Mandeville, MD; Family Medicine with OB; Portland, OR
  4363. Hardeek Patel, DDS, Dentist, Woodbridge, NJ
  4364. Steven Nathan, MD; Pulmonary, Critical Care and lung transplant, Falls Church, VA
  4365. Kristi Poehlmann, RN; APRN student University of Connecticut
  4366. Justin Heizer, MD; Internal Medicine, Richmond, VA
  4367. Yamini Levitzky, MD, MPH; Cardiology; Newton, MA
  4368. Taylor Bernstein, RN, MSN, FNP; Primary Care; Fort Worth, TX
  4369. Priya Nagarjan, DO; Family Medicine/Sports Medicine; Chicago, IL
  4370. Megan Prilutski, MD; Primary Care Pediatrics; Marlton, NJ
  4371. Fariborz lalezarzadeh, DO; general surgeon ; Redlands, CA
  4372. Mary Fisher OD, Optometry; Goodyear, AZ
  4373. Diana Wohler, MD; Family Medicine; Johnston, RI
  4374. William A Kilgo, MD; Neuroimmunology; Mobile, AL
  4375. Lana Melendres-Groves MD pulmonary and critical care; ABQ, NM
  4376. Meghan Schaefer, MD, Milwaukee, WI
  4377. Jordan Phillips, MD; Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine; Nashville, TN
  4378. Piyush Gupta MD, internal Medicine, Phoenix AZ
  4379. Benjamin Motz, M.D., General Surgery, Charlotte, NC
  4380. David Williams CRNA Anesthesia , New Milford Ct
  4381. Sarah Lewis, DO Family Medicine Charlottesville, VA
  4382. Shannon Post, PTA, Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Anchorage, AK
  4383. Tina Yu, MD, Baldwin Park, CA
  4384. Tony Bellsmith, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  4385. Nancy Backus, MD; Internal Medicine; Savannah, GA
  4386. Patricia Hale MD PhD, Internal Medicine, Saratoga Springs, NY
  4387. Laura Galbraith BSN RN-BC, Psychiatry, Portland Or
  4388. Amber McCutcheon RN Emergency Room, Cornelius, NC
  4389. Elyce Sheehan, MD; pulmonary and critical care medicine; Albuquerque, NM
  4390. Midori Seppa,MD,PhD; Pediatrics; Pengrove, CA
  4391. Cassandra Gray, ASN, clinical manager of dialysis center, Springfield, mo
  4392. Vas Devan, MD. Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep. Leesburg, VA. .
  4393. Sheetal Kircher, MD; Medical Oncology; Chicago, IL
  4394. Gail Hurley-Goodson PA-C; Otolaryngology; Boston, MA
  4395. Alicia Kane, DNP, Women’s Health, Greenville, SC
  4396. Danny R Sessler, MD; Internal Medicine
  4397. Terilea A Cairns, RMA; FQHC Clinic, Retired; Cassopolis, Mi
  4398. David Dildine, MD; Family Medicine; Norwood, MA
  4399. Adam Levy, MD; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; New York, NY
  4400. Kelly Nast, MD; Urologist; Austin, TX
  4401. Jesse Joshua Smith, MD, PhD, FACS (Surgical Oncologist, New York,NY)
  4402. Shar Su, M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Stanford, CA
  4403. Lindsay Holtz, MD; Rheumatology; Richmond, Va
  4404. John Suder, MD; Internal Medicine; Austin, TX
  4405. Christy Kim, MD; Pediatric Pulmonology; Valhalla, NY
  4406. Erin Meyer, DO; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics; Grandville, MI
  4407. I Agree. Parul R Shah, DO , Internal Med, Sugarland , Texas
  4408. Krystle Mecham, MD; Pediatrics; Provo, UT
  4409. Pat Damico, CNRN, NeuroSurgical ICU (Retired), Port St. Lucie, FL
  4410. Jennifer Walker-Kinde DO, emergency medicine Portland OR
  4411. George Feldman, M.D. Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
  4412. Nadeen Soedeebaum, MD Family Medicine, Mansfield, Texas
  4413. Nidhi Kavi, DO; Critical Care Medicine; New York, NY
  4414. Amanda Kosack, MD, Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA
  4415. Walter Chang, MD; Family Medicine; Long Beach, CA
  4416. Chaitanya Konda; Pediatric Pain; Cincinnati, OH
  4417. David Dildine, MD; Family Medicine; Norwood, MA
  4418. Adam Levy, MD; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; New York, NY
  4419. Kelly Nast, MD; Urologist; Austin, TX
  4420. Jesse Joshua Smith, MD, PhD, FACS (Surgical Oncologist, New York,NY)
  4421. Shar Su, M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Stanford, CA
  4422. Lindsay Holtz, MD; Rheumatology; Richmond, Va
  4423. John Suder, MD; Internal Medicine; Austin, TX
  4424. Christy Kim, MD; Pediatric Pulmonology; Valhalla, NY
  4425. Erin Meyer, DO; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics; Grandville, MI
  4426. I Agree. Parul R Shah, DO , Internal Med, Sugarland , Texas
  4427. Krystle Mecham, MD; Pediatrics; Provo, UT
  4428. Pat Damico, CNRN, NeuroSurgical ICU (Retired), Port St. Lucie, FL
  4429. Jennifer Walker-Kinde DO, emergency medicine Portland OR
  4430. George Feldman, M.D. Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
  4431. Nadeen Soedeebaum, MD Family Medicine, Mansfield, Texas
  4432. Nidhi Kavi, DO; Critical Care Medicine; New York, NY
  4433. Amanda Kosack, MD, Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA
  4434. Walter Chang, MD; Family Medicine; Long Beach, CA
  4435. Chaitanya Konda; Pediatric Pain; Cincinnati, OH
  4436. David Dildine, MD; Family Medicine; Norwood, MA
  4437. Adam Levy, MD; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; New York, NY
  4438. Kelly Nast, MD; Urologist; Austin, TX
  4439. Jesse Joshua Smith, MD, PhD, FACS (Surgical Oncologist, New York,NY)
  4440. Shar Su, M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Stanford, CA
  4441. Lindsay Holtz, MD; Rheumatology; Richmond, Va
  4442. John Suder, MD; Internal Medicine; Austin, TX
  4443. Christy Kim, MD; Pediatric Pulmonology; Valhalla, NY
  4444. Erin Meyer, DO; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics; Grandville, MI
  4445. I Agree. Parul R Shah, DO , Internal Med, Sugarland , Texas
  4446. Krystle Mecham, MD; Pediatrics; Provo, UT
  4447. Pat Damico, CNRN, NeuroSurgical ICU (Retired), Port St. Lucie, FL
  4448. Jennifer Walker-Kinde DO, emergency medicine Portland OR
  4449. George Feldman, M.D. Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
  4450. Nadeen Soedeebaum, MD Family Medicine, Mansfield, Texas
  4451. Nidhi Kavi, DO; Critical Care Medicine; New York, NY
  4452. Amanda Kosack, MD, Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA
  4453. Walter Chang, MD; Family Medicine; Long Beach, CA
  4454. Chaitanya Konda; Pediatric Pain; Cincinnati, OH
  4455. Ivan Ip, MD MS MPH; Internal Medicine; Boston, MA
  4456. Debra Van Horn, Pharm.D., Home Infusion Pharmacist, Oakland, CA
  4457. Mitesh Shah, DO; Nephrology; Clinton, MD
  4458. Courtney Cloud, PA-C; trauma and General surgery; Fort Worth Texas
  4459. Jordan Alger, MD; Urology; Washington D.C.
  4460. David Dildine, MD; Family Medicine; Norwood, MA
  4461. Adam Levy, MD; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; New York, NY
  4462. Kelly Nast, MD; Urologist; Austin, TX
  4463. Jesse Joshua Smith, MD, PhD, FACS (Surgical Oncologist, New York,NY)
  4464. Shar Su, M.D., Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Stanford, CA
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  4466. John Suder, MD; Internal Medicine; Austin, TX
  4467. Christy Kim, MD; Pediatric Pulmonology; Valhalla, NY
  4468. Erin Meyer, DO; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics; Grandville, MI
  4469. I Agree. Parul R Shah, DO , Internal Med, Sugarland , Texas
  4470. Krystle Mecham, MD; Pediatrics; Provo, UT
  4471. Pat Damico, CNRN, NeuroSurgical ICU (Retired), Port St. Lucie, FL
  4472. Jennifer Walker-Kinde DO, emergency medicine Portland OR
  4473. George Feldman, M.D. Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
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  4478. Chaitanya Konda; Pediatric Pain; Cincinnati, OH
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  4482. Courtney Cloud, PA-C; trauma and General surgery; Fort Worth Texas
  4483. Jordan Alger, MD; Urology; Washington D.C.
  4484. David Dildine, MD; Family Medicine; Norwood, MA
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  4493. I Agree. Parul R Shah, DO , Internal Med, Sugarland , Texas
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  4502. Chaitanya Konda; Pediatric Pain; Cincinnati, OH
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  4520. George Feldman, M.D. Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
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  4525. Chaitanya Konda; Pediatric Pain; Cincinnati, OH
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  4529. Courtney Cloud, PA-C; trauma and General surgery; Fort Worth Texas
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  4534. Lauren Snyder, DO; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  4535. Daniel Guzman, MD; Internal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  4536. Kristen Morroni, APRN; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, Jacksonville, FL
  4537. Kelli Kilgo, RRT; Daphne, AL
  4538. Eileen Ciccia, MD; Pediatric Nephrology; St. Louis, MO
  4539. Jill Walsh, RN, Labor & Delivery, Portland, OR
  4540. Kai-Yin See, MD; Radiology, Los Angeles, CA
  4541. Jennifer Bretan, MSN RN, Critical Care, Portland, OR
  4542. Leticia Ramirez, RN BSN, Operating Room, Palos Hills, IL
  4543. Hillary Nicholson, MD, PhD; Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine; Portland, OR
  4544. Leanne Jackson, MD, Palliative Care, Houston TX
  4545. Caroline Rogi, MD; Internal Medicine; St. Louis, MO
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  4547. Katherine Thomas, MD; PM&R; Santa Clara, CA
  4548. Denise Palke, MD, Family Medicine, Portland, Oregon
  4549. Jayashree Vasa, Pediatric Hospitalist, MI, OR
  4550. Rachel Bernstein, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Fort Lauderdale, FL
  4551. Marsha Nunley MD, Internal Medicine, San Francisco CA
  4552. Adam Levy, MD; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; New York, NY
  4553. Amar Kelkar, MD; Hematology & Oncology; Gainesville, FL
  4554. Denise Moss Patient Services Coordinator American Childhood Cancer Organization inland Northwest
  4555. Laura J. Zimmermann; Internal Medicine; Chicago, IL
  4556. Jashica Desai, PA-C; Pediatrics; McKinney, TX
  4557. Jacquelyn Knapp, MD; Psychiatry; Portland,OR
  4558. Alyssa Tilhou, MD, PhD; Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine; Madison, WI
  4559. Alice B Salter, MD; Pediatrics; Charleston, SC
  4560. William C Mostertz, III; IM (Cardiology); Charleston, SC
  4561. Glen Weiss, MD, MBA; Medical Oncology; Boston, Ma
  4562. Anita Mannancheril, MD; Family and Urgent Care Medicine; Randolph, Nj
  4563. Kelley M Cerasuolo, MSN, PNP, Webster, TX
  4564. Christin Baird, RN; Critical Care; Springfield, MO
  4565. Lisa Shane MD, Pathologist, Long Beach Memorial Medical Center/Miller Children’s Hospital
  4566. Scott Glenzer, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Mobile, AL
  4567. Jeffrey Collins, 4th year medical student, Family Medicine, Rochester, NY
  4568. Robert Lobis, MD, Child Psychiatry, Bath Maine
  4569. Ryann Milne-Price, MD,MPH; Family medicine; Boise, ID
  4570. Maya Maxym, MD. Pediatric Hospitalist, Honolulu, HI
  4571. Lara Jirmanus, MD MPH, Family Medicine, Cambridge, MA
  4572. Obi Ugwonali, MD, Orthopedic Surgery, Atlanta, GA
  4573. Sofia Shapiro, MD, Pediatric Endocrinologist, Katonah, NY
  4574. Neil S. Patel, MD. Ophthalmolohu, NY, NY
  4575. Rebecca Starr, DO; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Louisville, KY
  4576. Susan Cho, MD. Pulmonary/Critical Care , Corvallis , OR
  4577. Mary Wilborn, ADN, RN, ER, Palmer, AK
  4578. Marissa Brown MD, OBGYN, San Diego, CA
  4579. Catherine York, NP. Mercy general and specialty surgery Springfield MO
  4580. Armin Nowroozpoor, MD, Emergency Medicine, New Haven, CT
  4581. Paula Amato, MD; OB/GYN; Portland, OR
  4582. Rhonda Witmer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbal medicine, Northfield, MN
  4583. Mahmuda Begum ,MD-Hospitalist/IM,Austin ,Texas
  4584. Paige Elliott, PA-C, orthopaedic surgery, Reno, NV
  4585. Christopher Fee, MD, FACEP; Emergency Medicine; San Francisco,CA
  4586. Rami Arrouk M.D, peds GI, Augusta, GA
  4587. Suzanne Rosen, MD;Family Medicine, Salinas, CA
  4588. Denise Dwyer, NP- Family Medicine; Beverly, MA
  4589. James Corby, MD, PsyD , Psychiatry, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
  4590. Meredith Clement, MD; Infectious Diseases; New Orleans, LA
  4591. Jashica Desai, PA-C; Pediatrics; McKinney, TX
  4592. Dawn McKinney, MSN, IL (xLCDR,USN)
  4593. Kathleen Yip, MD, Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  4594. Katie Porter, PA-C; Orthopedics; Artesia, NM
  4595. Crystal Wiley Cené, MD, MPH, FAHA; General Internal Medicine; Chapel Hill NC
  4596. Kendra Nguyen, MD; pediatrics, Portland OR
  4597. Nyra Khetarpal, MD, Internal Medicine, Apple Valley, CA
  4598. Adam Berliner, MD, Nephrology, Baltimore, MD
  4599. Susanne Bobenrieth, MD; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  4600. Hina Patel, DO; Emergency Medicine; Bronx, NY
  4601. Bettina Haerer MD, Psychiatry, Makawao, Hawaii
  4602. Ashley Guy, PA-C Emergency Medicine & Urology; Fairhope, AL
  4603. Joshua Axman, DO, Family Medicine, Denver, Colorado
  4604. Sujan Joshi,MD; Family Medicine; Tulsa,OK
  4605. Vikas Goyal, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Fort Worth, TX
  4606. Peter Fay, MD; Internal Medicine, Los Altos, CA
  4607. Cindy Chang, MD; Emergency Medicine; CA
  4608. Taryn Abrams, MD; Psychiatry; Atlanta, GA
  4609. Casandra Butler, MD Internal Medicine hospitalist, Andover, KS
  4610. Rosana Millos, MD, Internal Medicine,, Suffern, NY
  4611. Cindy Bacich , RT(R)(MR), MRI radiology , San Diego , Ca
  4612. Carmen Carazo Gonzalez, MD; Pediatrician, Sacramento, CA
  4613. Theresa Heynekamp, MD;Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, Las Cruces NM
  4614. Vibitha Mani, MD; Pediatrics; Oklahoma City, OK
  4615. Dr. Robert Carey, Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  4616. Surita Persaud, CRNA; Anesthesiology; Portland, OR
  4617. Carrie Ware MD Internal Medicine Oregon
  4618. Fernando Carlo, MD; Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  4619. Shelene Stine, MD, Internal Medicine, Berkeley, CA
  4620. Vera Anderson ARNP Orlando Florida
  4621. Christina S. Dawson, DDS, Lewisville Texas
  4622. Benjamin A. Howell, MD, MPH, MHS; Internal Medicine; New Haven, CT
  4623. Kristin Brownell MD, MPH; Family Medicine, San Diego, CA
  4624. Kendall Helton, Masters of Education; friends and family in medical field, Ashburn, VA
  4625. Brian Park, MD MPH; Family Medicine; Portland, OR
  4626. Stefani Anderson. MPH, BSN, RN, CIC
  4627. Alexa Golden, MD; Emergency Medicine; Los Angeles, CA
  4628. Erin Zacharkiw, RN; Medical-Surgical Nurse; Clackamas, OR
  4629. Colleen Golden, Pharm. D., San Diego and Joshua Golden, MD, Psychiatric Medicine
  4630. Cathy Ramsay, RN BSN; Primary Care; Portland Oregon
  4631. Jelisa Jones, orthodontic assistant, Denver, CO
  4632. Diana Racusin, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology; Houston, TX
  4633. Lindsey Kneubuhler, RN;Emergency Medicine; San Jose, CA
  4634. Kelly Boyle, MD; General Surgery; Milwaukee, WI
  4635. Sunflower Kaste, FNP-C; Pediatrics and Family Medicine; Cheyenne, WY
  4636. David Burns, MD, General Surgery, Rochester, NY
  4637. Sreelata Maddipati, MD Anesthesiologist SF, CA
  4638. Allison Calhoun, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology; Pensacola, FL
  4639. Adam Bailey, BSN, CRNA student; Anesthesia; Tulsa, OK
  4640. Leann Greiner Pharm.D; Mental Health Institute/Civil Committment Unit for Sexual Offenders; Cherokee,IA
  4641. Gina Croft, RN, BSN, CCRN. Critical Care Nursing; Portland, OR
  4642. Sarah Jamerson, Nationally Registered Paramedic; High volume county 911; Lubbock, TX
  4643. Brian Povolny DDS, PhD, orthodontist, Seattle, WA
  4644. Weera Chainakul, MD; General Surgery; Tulsa, OK
  4645. Lucy McKinney RN OSHU PORTLAND OR
  4646. Annika Dragovich, RN, BAN, Seattle, WA (home health and psych)
  4647. Megan Masser, RDMS, RVT, RDCS, Sonographer, Aurora CO
  4648. Cassie Whitfield, CRNA, Outpatient, San Diego, CA
  4649. Lisa A. Seaman, RN/BSN; Periop/PACU Medford, OR
  4650. Savita Persaud, SICU/NSICU, New York, NY
  4651. Nancy Salisbury MD Gynecological Surgeon Portland Oregon
  4652. Thomas Folan, MD, Radiology, San Diego, Ca
  4653. Elizabeth Ngo, DO; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation; Visalia, CA
  4654. Marilyn Lopez-Longoria, PA-C, Texas
  4655. Jaime Kibler-McCormick, DO; Family Medicine; Jacksonville, FL
  4656. Lisa Mowery, BSN, RN, PHN; Intensive Care; Templeton, CA
  4657. Jaclyn Jones, FNP in primary care FQHC; Portland, OR
  4658. Anette Mnabhi, DO; Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine; Montgomery, Illinois
  4659. Debra Weins, ARNP, Family Medicine, Kent, WA
  4660. Joyce Ciberey, Pt Access Diagnostics Scheduler/Registrar, Trenton, NJ
  4661. Maria Serpas, PharmD; Hospital Pharmacy; New Orleans, LA
  4662. Cristina Hinojosa MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Emergency Medicine, El Paso, TX
  4663. Dustin Mark, MD, Emergency and Critical Care Medicine, Oakland, CA
  4664. Kevin Sorce BSN, RN, CCRN , Pulmonary Critical Care & Perianesthesia, Philadelphia PA
  4665. Kelly Redfield, MD; Internal Medicine; Kalispell, MT
  4666. Nicole Broder, BSN, RN, former emergency nurse, Portland, OR
  4667. Corey Long, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  4668. Monica Hogan RN, SCHOOL NURSE, Wichita, ks
  4669. Megan Guy, MD, Emergency Medicine, Los Angeles, CA
  4670. Erin Jones, RN; Gardner, MA
  4671. Daniel Patino-Calle, MD; Emergency Medicine; Hartford, CT
  4672. Shankar LeVine, MD; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  4673. Jennifer Brasiel, PharmD, San Ramon, CA
  4674. Matthew Huskey, FNP-C, Family Practice, Hot Springs, AR
  4675. Mihaela Bazalakova, MD, PhD; Neurology; Madison, WI
  4676. Jennifer Cason, FNP; Pediatrics; Valdosta, GA
  4677. Andrew Chuang, MD, Intl Med, marina del Rey, ca
  4678. Laura Ruhland, MD; Emergency Medicine; Hilo, HI
  4679. Heather Mahoney, MD, Emergency Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  4680. Mehreen Iqbal, MD, Pediatrics, Palo Alto, CA
  4681. Richard A. Ambrozic, MD; Regenerative Medicine; Atlanta, GA
  4682. Scott Bomann, DO, Emergency Medicine, New York
  4683. Mary Gimness, D.O. Internal Medicibe; San Diego, CA
  4684. Josh Rubin, MD; anesthesiology, Freehold, NJ
  4685. Julia Whittington, RN; ICU; Harker Heights, TX
  4686. Mary OTTOLINI MD Pediatric Hospitalist Portland ME
  4687. Ramsey Champagne, LMHC; Trauma & Interpersonal Violence/Harm Counseling; Cambridge, MA
  4688. Maj Eisinger MD Internal Medicine Burlington Vermont
  4689. Kathleen Christian, APRN, Indian Harbour Beach, FL
  4690. Violina Frenkel, MD; Adult and Adolescent Psychiatry; Summit, NJ
  4691. Elizabeth Broderick, Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, Yorktown Va
  4692. Laura Sudarsky,MD, FACS plasticsurgery Fort Lauderdale,FL
  4693. Ruth O’Hearn, RN, ED, North Adams, MA
  4694. Keturah Bandas, FNP ; Correctional services (federal bureau of prisons), Seagoville Texas
  4695. Sue A Leuschke MD, Psychiatry, Plainfield, IN
  4696. Dan Squires, PhD, MPH, Clinical Psychology/Public Health, Providence, RI
  4697. Jennifer Aguiar, RN, BSN, NICU, Portland, OR
  4698. Andrea Gero, MD, Pediatrics; Rochester, NY
  4699. Jenny Hinson, MD Hospitalist Albemarle, NC
  4700. Muhammad A Mirza, M.D., Pediatrics, Carrollton, Texas
  4701. Bonnie M. Lees, RN(inactive)PACU, Missouri
  4702. Karen leitner MD Internal Medicine Newton, MA
  4703. Stephanie Ortiz Page, DO Family Medicine, Diabetologist
  4704. Jose Gilbert Torrijos, MD, Internal Medicine, San Antonio, TX
  4705. Karen Zemel; Pediatrics; Norwell, MA
  4706. Bonnie Tesch MD, FACP; Internal Medicine; Milwaukee, WI
  4707. Pamela Ferry, MD, Conroe, Texzs
  4708. Jennifer Uxer, DO; OB GYN; Round Rock, TX
  4709. Jane Kelly, MD, Internal Medicine, Charleston SC
  4710. Michelle Klaus, MD, Hospital Medicime, Denver CO
  4711. Myriah Hanno, MD, OB./GYN, St. Paul, MN
  4712. Lisa Cioffari, CNP; Family Medicine; Framingham, MA
  4713. Stephen Lieberman MD; Urology, Portland, OR
  4714. Nicole Grossenburg OBGYN Sioux Falls, SD
  4715. John Fehrenbacher APRN FNP C; Emergency Department; Beaumont, Texas
  4716. Bonnie Newman, RN, San Antonio, TX
  4717. Nicole Albertson, PA-C; New Grad; Fairfax, VA
  4718. Ashley Quaresma certified medical assistant, El Mirage Arizona
  4719. Lila Rosenthal, MD; Family Medicine; Boulder, CO
  4720. Dolores Voorhees, OTR; Retired; St. Paul, MN
  4721. Nidhi Khanna, DO; general surgeon, riverdale, ga
  4722. David Nagel, MD, PhD; Pulmonary and Critical Care; Rochester NY
  4723. Alexis de Lucca, MD, Family Medicine, Portland, OR
  4724. Janie Dalrymple, RN, Nurse Educator & Patient Advocate; Phoenix, AZ
  4725. Sharon Bord, MD Emergency Medicine, Baltimore, MD
  4726. Melinda Turner, MD; Emergency Medicine; Nashville, TN
  4727. Anne Maguire, RN retired, Eugene, OR
  4728. Donald P. Lookingbill, M.D., Dermatology, Jacksonville, FL
  4729. Richard Cheung, MD; Hospital Medicine; Lebanon, NH
  4730. Suzanne Gauen, RPh; Portland, OR
  4731. Caroline Martz, NREMT-P; South Bend, IN
  4732. Katharine Secunda, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Chicago, IL
  4733. Erin Reigh, MD; Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Lebanon, NH
  4734. Jennifer Fagel, DO; Internal Medicine; West Orange NJ
  4735. Emily Clarke, RN BSN, Oak Park, IL
  4736. Kayleen Shiiba, MD, Emergency Medicine, Portland, OR
  4737. Jennifer Medina, BA of nursing , postpartum Registered Nurse, Miami , Florida
  4738. Abhay Dandekar MD; Pediatrics ; CA
  4739. Lauren Batchelor, RN; Adult Emergency Medicine; New Haven, CT
  4740. Jill Cook, PA-C; Emergency Medicine; Denver, CO
  4741. Donna Pleus, MSN, RN, NCSN, school nurse, Dumont, NJ
  4742. Ellen Greffenius FNP Urgent Care NY
  4743. Jamie M. Brewer, RN. Bedford, IN
  4744. William Hammond, MD; Hematology/Oncology; Jacksonville, FL
  4745. Alicia Liang, MD; Pathologist; Portland OR
  4746. Phyllis Nsiah-Kumi, MD, MPH; Internal Medicine; Cleveland, OH
  4747. Jake Chanin, MD MS, Cardiology, Denver, CO
  4748. Jessica Chow, MD; Emergency Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  4749. Diane Bellard, Retired RN, Cincinnati, OH
  4750. Jacqueline Fortino RN BSN Critical Care University of MI
  4751. Rasmey Long, MD; internal medicine; cedar park, Texas
  4752. Sarah Soltman, MD; endocrinology; portland, OR
  4753. Lori Raihl, RN Pensacola, FL
  4754. Dorinda Miller, COTA/L, Acute Inpatient Rehab, Sacramento, CA
  4755. Catherine Mittelstadt RN ICU NY
  4756. Evelyn Duvivier, MD MPH; Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine; Philadelphia, PA
  4757. Trisha Hall LPN Erie,Pennsylvania
  4758. Barbara Alpert, MD PhD; Internal Medicine; Mount Kisco, NY( Westchester County)
  4759. Susan Bograd M.D.; General Adult and Forensic Psychiatry; Denver, CO
  4760. Tianna Gaudioso, LPN; Geriatrics; Rochester,NY
  4761. Jonathan Tesch, PT; Milwaukee, WI
  4762. Elizabeth Vizentin DMD; DENTIST, Northampton, MA
  4763. Caitlin Joyce RN portland or
  4764. Sharon Byun, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Gainesville, FL
  4765. Doug Schwartzentruber, MD; Surgical Oncology, Indianapolis, IN
  4766. Winston Vuong, MD; Internal Medicine; Waterbury, CT
  4767. Bailey N, Float Registered Nurse, Walla Walls WA
  4768. Bonnie Robb, RN, Nurse Case Manager, Lake Oswego, OR
  4769. Kristen Capito, DO; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Annapolis, MD
  4770. Flora Ziliak, nurse practitioner, women’s health, Chattanooga, TN
  4771. Andrew Little, DO; Emergency Medicine; Columbus, OH
  4772. Daivati Bharadvaj, ND Alive and Well Healing Arts, Portland OR
  4773. Waleed Shindy MD. MPH Gastroenterologist Pasadena, Ca.
  4774. Alexander Simao, DO; Family Medicine; Schenectady, NY
  4775. Cynthia Morris, RN; CVICU staff nurse; Tacoma, WA
  4776. Margaret J Woodfield RT (R) (MR)
  4777. Jennifer Morse, MD, MPH, FAAFP, Public Health and Family Medicine, Mt. Pleasant, MI
  4778. Briana DeCuir, MD — Emergency Medicine IL
  4779. Jessica Goldman, CNM, Midwife, OBGYN, Brooklyn, NY
  4780. Peter Fay, MD; Internal Medicine, Los Altos, CA
  4781. Dena Holstrom, RN; OBGYN; Portland, Oregon
  4782. C.B.Dehlin D.O.Internal Medicine,Lansing Mi.
  4783. Jennifer Francyk, PA-C; family medicine; Phoenix, AZ
  4784. Breanna Pownall, BSN, RN, Cartersville, GA
  4785. Brandilyn Rolfe, DNP, FNP-C; Family Practice; Park City, UT
  4786. Amy Heithoff, MSA, BSN, Catastrophic Nurse Case Management, Kansas City, MO
  4787. Suzanne Lippert, MD, MS; Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  4788. Shreya Madhavaram, MD; Internal medicine resident; Framingham, MA
  4789. Aparajita Sohoni MD, Emergency Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  4790. Jill Shaw, DO; Gynecology; Portland, OR
  4791. Bruce R. Troen, MD, Geriatrics and Internal Medicine, Buffalo, NY
  4792. Em Ketterer, MD; Family Medicine & Psychiatry; Pittsburgh, PA
  4793. Brandon Tullis, MD; Hospitalist; Portland, OR
  4794. Matt DiStefano, MD; Emergency Medicine, Ontario
  4795. David M. Shepherd MD; Ophthalmology
  4796. Jessica Geddes, Medical Student; Lexington, KY
  4797. Andrea Wagner, FNP; Family Practice FQHC, Salem, OR
  4798. Keith Whiteman, DO; Family Medicine; Clyde, NC
  4799. Mary Gimness, D.O. Internal Medicibe; San Diego, CA
  4800. Gloria J Phillips, RN, BSN, Bishop, California
  4801. Yasmeen Jaber, MD; Urology, Houston, TX
  4802. Carol Conrad, MD, Pediatric Pulmonary, Palo Alto, CA
  4803. Karissa Dougherty, NP; Pain and Addiction Medicine; Woodbury, MN
  4804. Katherine Hu, MD; General Surgery; Milwaukee, WI
  4805. Lisa Shaw, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Atlanta, GA
  4806. Linn Lung, MD, Emergency Medicine, San Francisco, CA
  4807. Stephen Newdell, DC, retired, editor:
  4808. Róisín McKeithan, MD; Family Medicine; Outer Banks, NC
  4809. Sharon Hunt RN BSN Critical Care Portland, Oregon
  4810. Luke Messac, MD, PhD, Warwick, RI
  4811. Erskine James, MD., Cardiology/Heart Failure, Macon, GA
  4812. Joseph Stenger MD; Palliative Care; Portland OR
  4813. Richard Jenkins MD, Primary Care Internal Medicine, Portland OR
  4814. Ashley Stiles, RN, EMergency, Clackamas Oregon
  4815. Carl Gonzales, MD; Vascular Surgery; Atlanta, GA
  4816. Stephen Martin, MD; Family and Addiction Medicine; Worcester, MA
  4817. Jodi Danielson RN, Operating room, Portland, OR
  4818. Alan Johnson, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Oakland, CA
  4819. Victoria Cristiná C. RN, BA, Nurse Educators, NY, NY
  4820. Nicole Bichir, MD; Pediatrics; Louisville, KY
  4821. Joy Peskin, MD, FAAP General Pediatrics, Tucson Arizona
  4822. Arjun T, MD, Cardiology, NJ, USA
  4823. Haley Riggs-Gilman, FNP; Women’s Health; Portland, OR
  4824. Sophia Buck, BSN ED RN, Clackamas, OR
  4825. Susan Wilson RN, APN,C; Hematology& Oncology; Ventnor, NJ
  4826. Priti Joshi-Guske, MD; Gastroenterology; Gainesville, FL
  4827. Regina R Nolting, DNP, APRN-BC, Primary Care Medicine, Jacksonville, Florida
  4828. Aly Barland, MD, dermatology, Longmont, CO
  4829. Jean Leverich, LMSW, Clinical Social Work, Ann Arbor, MO
  4830. Michelle Levy, MD; Hematology/Oncology; Denver, CO
  4831. Beth Zeeman MD Urgent Care Waltham, MA
  4832. Lisa K Bunch MSN, NP-C; Geriatrics; Indianapolis, IN
  4833. Crystal Haenggi RN; OBGYN; Portland, OR
  4834. Sally Sobon Wilson, DNP, MSN, AGNP-C,RNC-OB; Primary Care Adult/Gerontology Nurse Practitioner; Ocean City, NJ
  4835. Kristin Sandau, PhD, RN; Professor of Nursing; St. Paul, MN
  4836. Brianna Welch, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Portland, OR
  4837. Wayna Worley, EMT, Brookston, In
  4838. Jarred Silvia, PCT; Trauma/Neuro ICU, St.Louis, MO
  4839. Sarah Ross, DO, Geriatrics, Fort Worth, TX
  4840. Deirdre Golani, RN. ED, San Francisco. California
  4841. Sarang Baman, MD, Family Medicine, WI
  4842. Fely Jane Ong, APRN, FNP-C, CLNC, pain management specialist, Plano, Texas
  4843. Julie Winter, NP, Family Practice; Redding, CA
  4844. Sandra Krussel, DO; Psychiatry; Portland OR
  4845. Tamar Rubinstein, MD; Pediatric Rheumatology; Bronx, NY
  4846. Josh Rubin, MD; Anesthesiology; Freehold, NJ
  4847. Valerie Schoess, RN, BSN, PHN; Minneapolis, MN
  4848. Joshua Morof, MS3, Detroit, MI
  4849. Irene Mynatt, DO; Emergency Medicine; Columbus, OH
  4850. Lucas Elijovich, MD; Neurocritical Care; Memphis TN
  4851. James Brasiel, MD, MHA, Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, Educational Practice, Concord, California
  4852. Heather Mahoney, MD; Emergency Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  4853. James Brasiel, MD, MHA, Wilderness and Environmental Medicine, Educational Practice, Concord, California
  4854. Brandon Hidaka, MD, PhD; Family Medicine; Seattle, WA
  4855. Dara Saghafi, MD, Internal Medicine, Santa Ana, California
  4856. Lauren Smith, MD, Emergency Medicine, Chicago. IL
  4857. Wendell Harry, MD; Family Medicine; Salinas, CA
  4858. Sangeet Dhillon-Jhattu, MD; Nephrology; Munster, IN
  4859. Stephanie Vergara-Bermudez, LPN, migraines and neurology, surprise, az
  4860. Amy Roberts, RN; Newborn Intensive Care; Boise, ID
  4861. Linda Chermak, MD, Family Medicine, Charlotte, MI
  4862. Jayshree ailor, MD Internal Medicine Primary Care, Wilmington, DE
  4863. Moushumi Dutta, MD; Geriatric Medicine, Ann Arbor, MI
  4864. A. Hurliman, BSN, RN; General Surgery; Portland, OR
  4865. Deborah Perry, DPT, Home Health, Tucson, AZ
  4866. Gary R. Vandekerckhove, MD, Internal Medicine, Auburn Hills, MI
  4867. Julia Durrant, MD; Neurocritical care; Portland, OR
  4868. Bonnie Huber MD psychiatry Vancouver, WA
  4869. Rosario Nieves Salarzon, MD; Family Medicine; Vancouver, WA
  4870. Florencia Beleniski,MD, pediatric surgery, Oakland, CA
  4871. Jennifer Yu, MD; ophthalmology: Seattle, WA
  4872. Shanna Woods, RPh, Hospital Pharmacist, Portland, OR
  4873. Juliette Perzhinsky, MD, Internal Medicine, Saginaw, MI
  4874. Leslie Drapiza, MD; Family Medicine/Obstetrics; Salem, OR
  4875. Patricia Annetts RN NP-C Gerontology
  4876. Barbara Young. RN ADN, Home Health, Winston-Salem, NC
  4877. Romeo Papica MD, Family Practice, Midland, Texas
  4878. Katherine Hill, MD; Pediatrics; Jacksonville, FL
  4879. Sandy Jones, BSN, PACU, Clackamas, Oregon
  4880. Laura McIntyre, Medical Technologist, Highland Village, TX
  4881. Shannon Brigman, MD; Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  4882. Carol Smith RN,BSN NICU Salem, Oregon
  4883. Young-Sam Win, PharmD, oncology pharmacy, Dallas, TX
  4884. Matt McCauley, MD; Emergency Medicine; Chicago, IL
  4885. Lorena Bonilla, MD Hospitalist; Miami, Florida
  4886. Heather Huxol, MD; Pediatrics; Louisville, KY
  4887. Alla Khavasova RN BSN, OB GYN, New York NY
  4888. Rachel Guest, MD, Pediatrician, San Diego, CA
  4889. Juliana L’Heureux, B.S., M.H.S.A., R.N. health policy liaison Topsham ME
  4890. Anne Aldrich, PA, Infectious Disease, Ellsworth, ME
  4891. Jennifer Rice, MD; Energency Medicine; Washington, DC
  4892. Rachel Bezdek, MD; OBGYN, Metairie, LA
  4894. Teresa Angel-Sherk RN, BSN, CCRN; Critical Care; Lebanon, PA
  4895. Ezekiel Richardson, MD, Emergency Medicine, Chicago, IIllinois
  4896. Erika Gisel, Ph.D., OTR,erg.,feeding expert, Montreal, QC
  4897. Karen Willatt, BSN, RN; Neurosurgical ICU; Houston, TX
  4898. Sara Bushong, PharmD; Pharmacy; Portland, OR
  4899. Tammy Martínez, PA-C, Urgent Care, Jacksonville, FL
  4900. Awet Abraha, MD; Emergency Medicine; Maryland
  4901. Chanelle Yoder, DPT; Physical Therapy; St Petersburg, FL
  4902. Catherine Crute, MD, Family Medicine, Portland, Maine
  4903. Andrea Shioleno, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care; Boston, MA
  4904. Radha Chaddah, MD, Internal Medicine, Princeton, NJ
  4905. Kelly Sennholz MD, Emergency Medicine, Denver, CO
  4906. Navjyot Vidwan MD MPH, Peds ID, Louisville
  4907. Rachel Guild, MD, Ob/Gyn, Oregon
  4908. Sarah Berghoff DO; Emergency Medicine, Washington D.C.
  4909. Kerry Proctor, MD; Pathologist, The Dalles, OR
  4910. Sarah Fitzpatrick, BS; MD-PhD Student; New Haven, CT
  4911. Dorothy Chen, MD, MPH; Pediatrics, East Boston, MA
  4912. Kim LaFourche NP Women’s Health; Chico CA
  4913. Rebecca Hunt, MD; Obstetrician Gynecologist; Portland Maine
  4914. Sam Zager, MD, M.Phil, FAAFP, Portland, ME
  4915. Catherine Najem, MD MSCE FACR; Rheumatology; Philadelphia, PA
  4916. Robin Drucker, MD, Pediatrics, Palo Alto, CA
  4917. Mary Dudzik, MD; Family Practice; Bar Harbor, Maine
  4918. Lynn Hendrickson, RN, PHN, NY
  4919. Shannon Aymes, MD, MPH; Preventive Medicine; Chapel Hill, NC
  4920. Irene Czyszczon, DO; Pathology; Bend, OR
  4921. Lisa Saunders, BAS, RRT, Pulmonary Care Specialist, Kalamazoo, MI
  4922. Chamisa MacKenzie, MSW, MPH; Psychotherapist; Ann Arbor, MI
  4923. Gwendolyn OGuin,DO; Family Medicine, Scarborough , ME
  4924. Kristine Sarles, Lead Medical Technologist, Vancouver, WA
  4925. Jennifer Olges, MD, Internal Medicine, Louisville, KY
  4926. Laurie Caton-Lemos, FNP, RN, MS, Portland, Maine
  4927. Andrea Larson, DO; Family Medicine; St. Paul, MN
  4928. Stephen Lesche, MD; Ophthalmology; Washington, DC
  4929. Barbara sutton, primary care nurse practitioner for home bound people, Portland , Oregon
  4930. Rebecca Tamas, MD; Psychiatry; Louisville, KY
  4931. Billie Keith, RT(R)(M), Radiology, Mason City, Iowa
  4932. Adam Glaser, MD; Internal Medicine Primary Care Physician and Hospice Medical Director; Tualatin, OR
  4933. Donna Sigouin RN geriatrics Milwaukee Wisconsin
  4934. L. Cinnamon Morris, ACNP; Hematology/Bone Marrow Transplant; Lexington, KY
  4935. Victoriya Abramova MD Internal medicine Downingtown, PA
  4936. James Mooney, MD, Anesthesiology, Atlanta, GA
  4937. Tracy Peck, MD, Pediatrics, Clackamas, OR
  4938. Daniel Spencer, MD; Pediatrics; La Mesa, CA
  4939. Damian Ng, MD; Pediatrics; San Diego, CA
  4940. Kirthika Balakrishnan MD Hospital medicine,Portland OR
  4941. Renee Crichlow MD, FAAFP Family Medicine Minnesota
  4942. Keith Quinlan, RN; Emergency Medicine; Keizer, OR
  4944. Sam Showalter, M.D. General practice, Harman, WV
  4945. Lauren Piper, MD, MSC; Pediatric Critical Care Medicine; Charlotte, NC
  4946. Jenny Shown, PharmD; Independent Community Pharmacy; Cadiz, KY
  4947. Naomi Light, MD; OB/GYN; Milwaukee, WI
  4948. Mohamed Jahangir MD, hospitalist medicine, Elkhart, Indiana
  4949. Cynthia Davies, RN, BSN, IBCLC; Maternity; Portland,
  4950. Leilani Garica, MD, Internal Medicine/Hospital medicine, Watertown, NY
  4951. Meagan Mangus, RN; Clinical Informatics; Portland, OR
  4952. Stephanie Yellin-Mednick, MA, BSN, RN, PHN, credentialed School Nurse, LOS Angeles California
  4953. Dee Mahuika RNC IBCLC Kona Hawaii
  4954. Tiffany Lahr, MD, Pediatrician, Phoenix, AZ
  4955. Shefali Pilar, DDS; Dentist; Nutley, NJ
  4956. Courtney Bhat, MD; Gastroenterology; Denver, CO
  4957. Jennifer Beachey, MD; Hospital Internal Medicine; San Francisco, CA
  4958. Emily Tan, MD, Pediatric hospitalist, Louisville KY
  4959. Stefani Ashby, MD; Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Jacksonville, FL
  4960. Megan Mudrick, MD, Family Medicine, Portland, OR
  4961. Richard Wise MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  4962. Emily Houchen-Wise, MD; Pediatrics; Portland, OR
  4963. Jan McGonagle, MD; Developmental Pediatrician; Manchester, NH
  4964. JOHN T. WOO MD, Internal Medicine, Tacoma, WA.
  4965. Jessica Finley, MD, Internal Medicine, Portland, OR
  4966. Tenley Cronan RNC, Obstetrics Portland, Oregon
  4967. Huong Nguyen, MD; Internal Medicine; Fresno, CA
  4968. Sabina Sheikh, MD; Pediatrics; Lantana, FL
  4969. Julie Kim, MD;Gastroenterology, Portland, OR
  4970. Graham Kuberski, RN-BSN, Hospice, Salem, Oregon
  4971. Megan Kelly RN, BSN; PACU; Thomas Jefferson Hospital; Philadelphia, PA
  4972. Elinor Tatham, MD, MPHTM; Family Medicine, Corvallis, OR
  4973. David English MD, family medicine. San Francisco CA
  4974. Geeta Maker-Clark, MD; Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine; Evanston, IL
  4975. Susan Foster, FNP-BC; Family Practice Nurse Practitioner; Redding, CA
  4977. Jordan Chanler-Berat, MD, Emergency Medicine, Northampton, Massachusetts
  4978. Laura H. DiPaolo, M.D. Family Medicine, Redding, California
  4979. Kevin Ewanchyna, MD; Family Medicine; Corvallis, OR
  4980. Amy Mann, MSN, NP-C; Urgent Care; Astoria, OR
  4981. Christina M. Grassi MD, Ophthalmology Boston, MA
  4982. Jorge Magallon, MD; Interventional Cardiology; San Antonio, Tx
  4983. Nancy Latimer PhD, RRT Department Chair Respiratory Care Palm Beach State College
  4984. Amber Billet, MD; emergency medicine; York, PA
  4985. Sherry Chou MD. Critical Care Medicine. Pittsburgh PA
  4986. Lisa Johnson, FNP; Public Health, Washington, DC
  4987. Veronica Engle, PhD, RN, GNP-retired; Geriatrics; Memphis, TN
  4988. Amy Serrano, RN, BSN; Emergency Department, Springfield, OR
  4989. Amy Hurliman BA; Laboratory Assistant II; Portland Oregon
  4990. Heather Heatlie L.Ac. Acupuncturist Portland Oregon
  4991. Eli Tsou, MD; Family Medicine; Los Angeles, CA
  4992. Lori Lucas FNP, Family Medicine and Pediatrics, Maryland
  4993. Morgan Luke ADN RN PACU Clackamas, OR
  4994. Lindi Bjornson. RN. Patient Relations/Risk Specialist. Detroit Lakes MN
  4995. Brian Greenberg, NP, Emergency Medicine, Worcester, MA
  4996. Melissa Bomar , NCMA , Anesthesia Clinic at peacehealth Riverbend. Springfield, Oregon
  4997. Kathryn Salerno, FNP-BC, Family Medicine, Home Health and Hospice, League City, Texas
  4998. Richard Woods, MD, Internal Medicine, Salem, OR
  4999. Nicole Lang, NP, Urology, Concord NH
  5000. Callan Fockele, MD, MS; Emergency Medicine; Seattle, WA
  5001. Nichole Michaeli, MD MPH, Emergency Medicine, Providence, RI
  5002. Susan Hingle, MD; Internal Medicine , Springfield, IL
  5003. Brett Johnson MD, Emergency Medicine, Corvallis, OR
  5004. Julianna Linn, PA-C; OB/GYN; Newport Beach, CA
  5005. Kye Evans, DO: Emergency Medicine, Lawrence KS
  5006. Erica Stellish, RN; Oncology/Hematology; Denver, CO
  5007. Diane Scanzaroli Physician Assistant, Acute Care/Family and Refugee Medicine Aurora Colorado
  5008. Elizabeth Johnson BSN RN. Retired
  5009. Kamalika Roy MD, Psychiatry, Portland, OR
  5010. Marcie Schmiesing, APRN, CNP Family Practice Montevideo , MN
  5011. Adrienne Vought, RN; Critical Care Registered Nurse; Portland OR
  5012. Emily Skeeters PA-C; OBGYN; Indianapolis, IN
  5013. Barbara Crisafulli, MS CRNA, Anesthesiology, Thornton, PA
  5014. Shehla siddiqui MD FAAP Neonatology CNBC PA
  5015. Harold Gomez Acevedo, MD; Emergency Medicine; Detroit, MI
  5016. Chris Unander BSN, MSN,RNC. Women’s and Children’s Health. Camden NJ
  5017. Duncan Hodge, MD; Orthopedic Surgery; Portland, OR
  5018. Liliya Kraynov, MD; Emergency Medicine; Portland, OR
  5019. Aylin Lopez Alonso, FNP, internal Medicine, Miami, Florida
  5020. Albert Oh, MD; Internal Medicine; Portland, OR
  5021. Lorna Im, MD; Anesthesiologist; Arlington Heights, IL
  5022. Michelle Rivera, MD Pediatric Endocrinologist Houston, TX
  5023. Melissa Koci, MD, Surgery, Houston, TX
  5024. Almaz Dessie, MD, Emergency Medicine, New York, NY
  5025. Shala Weaver, RN ;ER, L&D, LTC; Amory, MS
  5026. Karen Ogle, MD; Palliative Medicine; Grand Rapids MI
  5027. Mary King, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC, CNRN, Neurosciences, WI
  5028. Jan Foster, PhD, APRN, CNS; Houston, Texas
  5029. Aneta Kular, MD, Internal Medicine, Altoona, PA
  5030. Alyssa Colwill, MD, MCR; Ob/Gyn; Portland, OR

Dr. Maxine Dexter and Dr. Smitha Chadaga

Written by

Maxine Dexter, MD is a pulmonary and critical care physician. Smitha R. Chadaga, MD is a hospital-based internist.

Medical Professionals for a better COVID-19 Response

Medical Professionals for a better COVID-19 Response

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